Saturday, April 29, 2017

False Gods

Not Alone,

ABC News/Washington Post poll finds:
"Nearly half of Americans think there’s a “deep state” in this country, just more than half think the mainstream media regularly report false stories and six in 10 say the Trump administration regularly makes false claims." It's the most-held view.

War on a Lake of Death will Prove that Men Are Gods, Yoichi Shimatsu, a Hiroshima baby who investigates nuclear sites, and has a lot of detailed insight into all of the military and trip wires surrounding the Sea of Japan.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just made the formal case for war against North Korea to the UN , and for sanctions against any nation which supports them.

UN Special Reporter finds that the Russian economy has grown into the context of western sanctions, and is doing well, growing, despite them, "immune to western sanctions".

"If you take East Syria, I'll take that Yemeni port." 
Yes, actually, this is really a plausible scenario for Russia to have a naval station at the Port of Aden. It seems that all parties trust Russia to shephard peace negotiations, too, not our negotiator-in-chief...

Dr Ron Paul interviews Julian Assange about the War on Truth:

"Scribbles" is the latest Wikileaks release from Vault-7, the massive CIA file leaked to them. "Scribbles" is a Trojan-horse homing beacon attached to files which are expected to be stolen, and which then allows the files and thief to be found. Hacking is another program, also detailed on this page. All releases by Wikileaks from Vault-7 are detailed on this page.

Never Alone

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