Monday, June 12, 2017

Common Good

Good Neighbors,

Research finds no evidence that NGOs are colluding with refugee-smugglers in the Mediterranean. The increase of refugees is steady on routes that are patrolled by rescuers and those that are not. The refugees and smugglers are not apparently preferring the routes where they may be rescued. There is a tremendous pressure to get out of war and starvation in Africa, the Mideast and Afghanistan. (Stopping funding for "humanitarian wars" would be a start.)

Ghelsea Manning gives her first interview since release from solitary confinement in military prison. 
She stopped seeing victims of America's humanitarian wars as statistics. 
They became humans to her. Her heart compelled her to act on their behalf.

Why Governments have Abandoned Voters and True Economic Recovery, by Claire Connelly 
(It's the cancerous, insatiable, parasitic, mind-controlling paradigm of neoliberalism. Scroll down to "The Actual Lizard People", if you want to cut to the chase.)

Charles Hugh Smith: "We have completely lost any sense of a Common Good. All we have now is a cut-throat competition between entrenched special interests for a fatter slice of the pie while the bottom 95% have essentially no political voice and a rapidly diminishing say in the economy."

An Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn (This is good, but reaches farther than it looks possible to grasp. The EU is a neoliberal machine, which is desperate for something to eat these days.)

100,000 civilians are trapped in the Syrian city of Raqqa, human shields for ISIS occupiers, and the US is dropping flesh(and lung)-eating white phosphorous bombs on them. This is a war crime, recognized as such in US army manuals.

What is next for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi? (And where is he really? And is he really "free"?)

Puerto Ricans vote for US Statehood:
Results showed that 97.2 percent of those who voted wanted statehood, 1.5 percent supported independence and 1.3 percent backed no change.... But Sunday's results showed only 23 percent of the island's almost 2.2 million voters took part in the referendum... because of the boycott by opposition parties. 

Joe Brewer: There is Life After Civilization Collapse (at least there was the last few times) "Climate Doomsday" already happened, he adds.

The US pays farmers Billions to Save the Soil, but It's Blowing Away (Some years they make a lot more growing soybeans or corn. Gotta' take the best offer. This is grossly disorganized, though popular.)

Kitchen-garden and handyman, morning of June 11, 2017
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