Sunday, June 25, 2017

Divided And Conquered

Taken for a Ride,

Jim Kunstler looks at the very-expensive medical-care bubble in the US.
(The funniest claim about ObamaCare in today’s New York Times is the statement that 20 million citizens got access to health care under the so-called Affordable Care Act. Really? You mean they got health insurance policies with $8000-deductables, when they don’t even have $500 in savings to pay for car repairs? What planet do The New York Times editorial writers live on?)
Spare yourself the angst of even worrying about the outcome of the current healthcare debate. It’s not going to get “fixed.” The medical system as we know it is going to blow up, and soon, just like the pension systems across the country, and the treasuries of the fifty states themselves, and the rest of the Potemkin US economy.

A United Nations report has shed light on the world’s burgeoning crisis of displaced peoples, finding that a record 65.6 million were forced to vacate their homes in 2016 alone. More than half of them were minors. The top countries have one thing in common. They were all targets of US intervention.
Senator Rand Paul takes a clear stand: Some people, Paul noted, say that “you got all the Article II, and it would just be nice to have an AUMF [Authorization of Use of Military Force]. “No, it wouldn't be nice. That's the Constitution. There's supposed to be no war without an AUMF. We have been illegally at war for a long time now. This is illegal war, at this point,” he said. Thanks Eleni.

The situation in Syria is not complicated. Here's what you need to know. From April 10, still right on. Just look at the bullet-points... (OK, the US government and media-for-profit are lying to us, the US is supporting terrorists and paying them to keep changing their names, and the US and Israel specialize in false-flag attacks. Payoff is control of gas-pipeline-to-Europe, a big rent-extraction scheme.)

Here is an update on the war in Syria, where US proxy-bad-guys are falling too fast to Syrian Army, Iranian and Lebanese forces, before the US can get in there and root them out, and take control of what they control. Also, Iranian ballistic missiles, fired from Iran, are impressively accurate against ISIS targets far away in Syria.

Moon of Alabama has the maps and details, which I really found useful. The speed at which the Syrian and Russian forces are advancing on ISIS strongholds is making US claims of needing to help fight ISIS fall flat. The plane shot down by the US last week was a poor decision. The pilot is reported rescued behind ISIS lines here. I expect US drones to get shot down, but we may not be told.

It looks like the US is having to give up on training Arab mercenaries in al-Tanf, Syria, near the Jordanian border, an important crossroad. American-proxy SE Syria invasion is in-retreat.

Israel has been providing artillery and other supporting fire against the Syrian Government, to aid al-Qaeda mercenaries which it supports, for 3 years.
The person familiar with Israel’s assistance confirmed that cash moves across the border but said it goes for humanitarian purposes. However, rebels interviewed said they use the cash to pay fighters’ salaries and to buy weapons and ammunition—something the Israeli military wouldn’t comment on.

America supervises it's Persian Gulf Allies, like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as they torture Yemeni prisoners off shore, and things like that. Yes, our friends in the region support certain armed factions, and so do we, and no, we don't call them that name, or that other name any more.

The Saudi/Qatar Spat, An Offer to be Refused: Moon of Alabama likens this to the start of WW-1, but it may not progress. 
(What I keep seeing is that the House of Saud is trying to cut out the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkey is a Muslim Brotherhood State, and Qatar has a small Turkish garrison, which Saudi Arabia demands they expel. Huh? The Turkish army sucks after Erdogan culled all the disloyal officers, but it's still a lot better than the Saudi military. Political support for the Saudi regime is a mile wide and an inch deep. It will support whoever delivers the oil. The US and Israel can switch sides. They really can... Give them a chance to support Turkey.)

Saudi Hypocrisy, Golem XIV:
The Great Gas War is gathering towards a major escalation. The Northern Front in Ukraine has gone quiet. Or at least unreported. But its Southern Front from Syria to Yemen, Turkey to Iran is hotting up.

Mohammad Bin Salman is the new Saudi Crown Prince, suddenly installed. He has been in charge of the military and running the war against Yemen for the past couple of years. He got a performance-raise. They say this 31 year old was raised spoiled, and doesn't listen to advice, but he seems to hold all the reins of power. What could go wrong?

Israel deployed 18 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia to prevent a coup when Bin Salman's incipient-despothood was announced. Other members of the Saudi family seethe. It's a big family, and everybody wants to be king, or have his (full) brother be king. (The House of Saud used to care what other Arab nations thought, but now openly consorts with Israel.)

73% of Americans think the "Russia Probes" are a distraction, and 64% believe they are harmful to the US.

Tired of the Lies

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