Sunday, June 11, 2017

Suspicious Circumstances

Suffering Consequences,

Seth Rich (almost certainly the leaker of DNC emails to Wikileaks) walked away from the "bungled robbery" near his apartment, according to his neighbor, who saw and identified him and talked to police at the scene. 
This video interview from last year has been brought to light. It implies strongly that Seth Rich was murdered at the hospital, after he had been placed in protective-custody by a special police detail, and the hospital staff who attended him when he arrived were all denied access to him, strictly denied access. Thanks Colleen.

This report by an anonymous Surgery Resident who was on call when Seth Rich came in, circulated last month:
  • Seth Rich was shot twice in the back.
  • He sustained a “small injury” to his liver and “several small bowel injuries” — none of which was fatal.
  • He was taken to the operating room, where his injuries were treated.
  • He was then moved to ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where he received blood transfusion. He was stable, his blood pressure normal.
  • 8 hours after Rich arrived at the hospital, the place “swarmed” with law enforcement officers. Everyone, except the attending physician and a few nurses, was kicked out of the ICU. There were no visiting hours, which is abnormal for ICU.
  • That morning, Anonymous and the other doctors were instructed not to make rounds (visits) on “the VIP that came in last night” (Seth Rich).
  • When Rich died, no one other than the attending physician was allowed to see him. There was no code alert or call for a cardiopulmonaryresuscitation team. Although Anonymous was with a patient in the next room, he/she was blocked from attending to Rich.
  • At the time, Anonymous couldn’t understand why the patient Rich was treated that way and thought the whole thing to be “fishy”. Later, when he found out that the patient was Seth Rich, Anonymous “was terrified”.
"The Syrian army, in cooperation with its allies, have taken control of a vast territory in southeastern Syria, reaching the border "with friendly Iraq," Syrian military officials have announced." (US/Israel thwarted?)

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov "strongly disagrees" with American military killing Syrian military in Syria. ("Invading", you, might say...)
"On June 6, the Pentagon announced the coalition conducted a new strike on Syrian government forces."

These two stories are about the "standoff at Al-Tanf, where the US wants to control a critical position for multi-national transit through Syria, Irac and Jordan, but nobody else except America's moderate-terrorists (still in training) seems to like the idea. "Leave these boys alone, or we'll kill you some more, you Syrian Nazis!" 
What's plan-B, guys? Rex, talk to Sergei some more!
American-backed forces, Iran-backed forces and ISIS are all headed for a military confrontation in Deir az-Zour (Debka)

Lavrov and Tillerson do agree that the threatened war between Saudi Arabia and Qatar should be resolved through diplomacy.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has been released from prison in Libya, after being captured by militia in 2011, after his father had been sodomized to death with a bayonet (amusing Hillary Clinton, as you'll recall). Saif al-Islam is the eldest and was the most visible, vocal and politically active of Gaddafi's sons. He was convicted and sentenced to death by a kangaroo-court in 2015, using torture-confessions only. That's over. He's in Libya somewhere, they say.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has a plan for political settlement in Libya, which will reunite the country, says his lawyer. (Probably has a real plan, which is probably why he's not dead.)

Senator Rand Paul has some level-headed advice for dealing with Iran:
“If you really want to get rid of their ballistic-missile program, we should look at who else in the region they perceive as a threat. I do not think they really perceive us as a threat. We have thousands of ballistic missiles, yes, but I think they are primarily concerned with Saudi Arabia and the other [Persian] Gulf sheikhdoms, who already have hundreds of missiles. They also see Israel’s nuclear weapons as a threat. So, if you wanted to influence the behavior of Iran, you might consider sanctioning Saudi Arabia in equal fashion. Another way of doing it would be to withhold the $350 billion worth of new weapons and missiles to Saudi Arabia until both sides come together to discuss an arms control treaty. Perhaps you could say we are going to withhold that offer until Saudi Arabia agrees to negotiate with Iran.”

Gilad Atzmon, an accomplished Jewish musician, at odds with the aggressive policies of Israel (and possibly depressed enough to shoot himself 3 times in the head) comments on the venomous hate expressed for Jeremy Corbyn in the British press by those who have so strongly advocated for the UK to support America, fighting Israel's wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria. (Corbyn and his voters "scare" these liberal gentlemen.)

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