Saturday, June 10, 2017

Seeking Liberation

Boxed In,

Hong Kong's "cage homes" or "coffin cubicles", Zoo cage living at it's most blatant. This is sick and tragic. You have to look through these pictures yourself. I can't pick one.

Without Glass-Steagall, America will fail, Paul Craig Roberts (Easy call. America keeps having financial crises when the gamblers get access to the savings accounts, every time.)

Breaking-up the Banks is Easier than you might think, Nomi Prins, who has worked at the top of a couple of banks that broke up, and knows.

This financial deregulation bill, with a kill switch for consumer protection bureau, has already passed the House. It's the anti-Glass Steagall, though Republicans and Democrats all praised Glass Steagall last year.

Single-Payer health care, Medicare-for-All has a fairly wide nominal support among Democrats, so why do only 8 state their support on their websites? How real?

Jeremy Corbyn's victory for the Labour Party is the largest increase in votes since Clement Atlee pulled the rug out from under Winston Chrchill in 1945, yes, more impressive than Tony Blair's 1997 sell-out to Murdoch and Money (which could not be repeated once voters saw their betrayal.)

Scottish Tory leader, lesbian, Ruth Davidson, gained 12 seats in Tories in Scotland, as Theresa May lost 12 seats overall. Davidson won seats by disobeying direct orders to campaign for hard-Brexit. Scots had voted overwhelmingly to "stay" in the EU. The Northern Ireland (Protestant-right) Democratic Unionist Party, which Theresa May has to take as an ally, is openly opposed to homosexuality, and has opposed legalizing it, and so on. She is far more inclined to create a schism in Tory ranks, an open power struggle, than to humble herself enough to lick that boot. Other Tories seem disinclined to lead a charge right now.

"The Democratic Unionist Party is not OK" (There is a lot of upper class shock at having to stoop this {creationism!} low. Republicans in the US got used to it decades ago.)

Turkish President (Sultan) Erdogan vows to stand by "Qatari Brothers", and urges Saudi Arabia to comport itself as the "Custodian of the Two Holy Places".

BBC has this news, as do other outlets, that Tillerson and Trump are "at odds" as Tillerson urges Gulf States to ease blockade, and Trump scolds Qatar, demanding an end to "funding terrorists". Good-cop and bad-cop, right? It's all part of the art-of-the-deal...

Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov meets Qatari Foreign Minister Al Thani, and urges respectful dialogue by all of the neighbors to resolve contradictions. (Al Thani looks rattled in most of the pictures I see.)

When Will the Israeli Left accept that The Occupation Began in 1948? ("The Nakba" was old-testament genocide, man-woman-and-child slaughter and wholesale land theft.)

Vladimir Putin opines that nobody would survive nuclear war between the US and Russia. (It should not need saying, but it appears unusually sincere, doesn't it?)

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