Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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ISIS-besieged Dier Ezzor is liberated by Syrian army, beating US proxy forces to the prize. Syria's most productive oilfield is nearby.
Only in January the city and its 100,000 inhabitants left was on the verge of falling into the hands of ISIS. A massive U.S. air attack on the most important Syrian military position of Deir Ezzor in September 2016 directly enabled the ISIS move. But surprisingly the garrison, with 4-5,000 soldiers, held out...  Will the SAA cross the Euphrates at Deir Ezzor to retake the valuable oilfields east of it? Or will it stay south of the river and leave those oil fields to the Kurdish U.S. proxies in the north?

What the media is not telling you about North Korea's missile tests. Mike Whitney (North Korea is behaving rationally. We have had the circumstances misrepresented to us.)

Suki Kim moved from South Korea to the US at 13, and spent most of a year teaching English to the young adult offspring of the North Korean elite, in 2011. She secretly stored notes and data in tiny memory devices, got out undiscovered, and has written a book on her journalistic investigation. She sees the entire country as an effectively isolated and devout cult. The view from her vantage is that North Koreans are totally dedicated, blind believers. (limited viewpoint, but a rare view for us, here in our different cult)

China (rationally) practices defense along the long-quiet Korean border. The last enemy they had to defend against was us. Why don't we end the Korean War?

(Very smart) rat jumps ship, as Federal Reserve Vice Chair, Stanley Fischer, unexpectedly resigns for "personal reasons". 

Mish Shedlock presents the ironclad evidenc that none of the DNC computers or servers were hacked at all to get the troves of emails (Ignore what's in them! Ignore! Ignore!), which the Russians did not hack, but which clearly were fake-fingerprinted by "Guccifer" after being copied and pasted. All of this is determined by step-by-step forensic analysis of time stamps, and the fact that the down load was an order of magnitude faster than theoretically possible via internet. It was a direct download to a memory device. There is panic in the investigation now, a desperate attempt to get something, anything incriminating. The planted evidence of the Russian "fingerprint" was amateurish. There needs to be a better
throw-down" this time. The real criminals clustered around Hillary Clinton. Is there the political will to take them down? Different ball-game, if so...

Comey was point-man, but Obama made the call to exonerate Hillary Clinton, long before any of the show got put on, taking testimony, examining a few, limited bits of evidence, stuff like that.

Google-World 2030: One mind rules everything, controls everything, makes things convenient for everyone...

So if "Harvey could bankrupt the federal flood insurance program" and Irma is already Category-5, and headed for Miami, what if there is a third hurricane that hits the US coast this year?

Irma is most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever. That's a partial answer to the above question.

Irma, with 185 MPH winds, is tearing buildings to shreds, hitting Puerto Rico, and my friend Manuel, about now. He's providing medical care. This will be a long work week.

Tropical Storm Jose is building up behind Irma, expected to become a hurricane in a few more days.
“Our landlords say we have to pay rent and late fees and every day it is going up,” Fuentes said. “We are paying rent for somewhere we can’t live in. They said ‘you aren’t the only ones in this situation’, but what are we supposed to do? We don’t have any money. We don’t have anything.”... Under Texas law, rent must still be paid on damaged dwellings, unless they are deemed completely uninhabitable. (Such "deeming" could take months.)

Bug spraying causes birth defects. This is no news to migrant farm-workers. They have known this curse for generations. It's official now... Neighbors affected, too.

Weird; low gravity causes immune suppression and other bad-health stuff. I don't want to go to Mars. Somebody else can have my seat.
Last year research from the US also found that astronauts who travelled into deep space on lunar missions were five times more likely to have died from cardiovascular disease than those who went into low orbit, or never left Earth.

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