Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trump's Katrina

Logistically Hampered,

“There are plenty of ships and plenty of cargo to come into the island,” said Mark Miller, a spokesman for Crowley, based in Jacksonville, Florida. “From there, that’s where the supply chain breaks down -- getting the goods from the port to the people on the island who need them.”

It is such a logistical logjam that Washington will need at least 3 weeks to even assess what is needed in Puerto Rico, even in broad terms, let alone talk about paying for it.
(I suspect Goldman and Citi will have had ample time to help Washington get a handle on priorities and approaches to action by then.)

Having taken long to speak at all, then blabbing about paying back debts, while saying people were doing fine, Donald Trump belatedly sends military rescue effort to Puerto Rico, as it is rumored to become "Trump's Katrina". (Manuel, my MD friend got 2 minutes to tell his wife he was alive on a military telephone Monday.)

Wall Street got a bailout, why not Puerto Rico? (Only Wall Street gets bailouts, and nobody gets debt reductions. Do you hear! That's the system! Now, let's talk about helping the banks help those poor people who can't get out of Puerto Rico, and improving the economy so that they can tighten their belts and pay what they owe.)

"As a result of this tortured history, pressuring China to exercise political influence over North Korea means the United States is asking Beijing to do precisely what Pyongyang has most resented over the years. This will only antagonize North Korea even more... Moreover, carrying Washington’s water is also not in Beijing’s interests."  [This brief history of Chinese/Korean relations since WW-2, and the historical vassal-master relationship of their states before that, is very useful context.]

The US remains "offended" by South Korean President Moon's offer of military de-escalation talks with North Korea. (Vassal, know thy place!)

The Illusion of Prosperity: We have borrowed to keep up with our bills since 1990, at an accelerating pace, and it is soon to collapse.

All those decades of borrowing show u as "assets" in the hands of the 0.1%.

Economic Sanctions against Russia did not harm Russia, but mostly harmed EU economies. (It's official.)

The US has carried out covert war against the government of Venezuela since the democratic election of Hugo Chavez in 1999. Now the EU is pressured to enforce more sanctions on Venezuela. The history lesson here is quite good. The EU really needs to do the Russia thing with Venezuela.

Spanish police are ordered to pre-occupy all polling places and arrest anyone who tries to come in and participate in the crime against democracy this Sunday, October 1. They resent themselves as targets in place. They must also have mobile reinforcement forces. They will be vulnerable to massive surge attacks. Other voting arrangements are certainly being arranged, like mobile ballot collection teams.

The EU has tried to battle the huge financial backing of Monsanto and friends, and regulate endocrine disrupting chemicals in our food chain, and farms. Every step, or even the pre-steps have been heavily fought with delaying and obscuring tactics, and bribes and political assassination techniques. (The capitalist system must grow unfettered until it kills all of it's hosts.)

Invisibly Threatened

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