Sunday, September 17, 2017

Lies Are True

Expecting Something,

The proposed timeline for 4 year transition into Medicare for all is presented here:

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher presents a potential deal to the White House, after seeing Wikileaks proof that Russians did not hack the DNC emails. White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, tells him to just go talk to the NSA about getting that evidence for "free", without a budget-breakingly expensive pardon for Julian Assange.

Former CIA Director Michael Morell quits his Harvard fellowship in protest of Harvard deciding to invite Chelsae Manning to speak as a visiting-fellow. Former-Corporal Manning is a brave, principled and tortured American hero(ine), who showed us the horrors carried out in our name. ("Traitor, convicted criminal..." etc.)

Harvard apologizes for inadvertently giving the mistaken impression that they were approving of Chelsae Manning's actions. They just meant to present a diversity of views they DON'T AT ALL agree with, and stuff. 
All-clarified now. Fellowship offer revoked, but Manning can still come talk once with no honorific...

Syrian update. The oilfields east and northeast of Dier ez Zor are the most productive in Syria. The American proxy-force, "Free Syrian Army", oops, changed to "Syrian Democratic Forces", anyway, same ting, couldn't get to the oilfields fast enough, so the US seems to have paid some of the ISIS guys who were still there to re-brand as SDF, and go for the oilfields under US Special Forces command. A Russian jet fired some live "warning shots" and wounded 6 of these guys, and none of the Americans. They had already been warned that the Russians and Syrian Army would be working this side of the theater. (Those guys can hopefully get out of the war alive, now.) It's all mop-up operations until the end of the year for the Syrians and Russians. The Americans can declare victory and get out (HINT, guys...)

(occupied) Germany launches probe after Pentagon's Syrian arms smuggling story goes viral... (Gotta' save some face with the German voters, with elections coming up.)

Spanish President Rajoy congratulates police on seizing lots of referendum-posters, as well as the printing plates for them, in a raid against deeply anti-democratic forces in Catalonia, trying to have an illegal vote among Catalans, about whether they want to be an independent country again. They should be satisfied to still have their own language.
It's anti-democratic and felonious to even mention separatism in public. Buncha' criminals. Gotta' support freedom and democracy! The oppressive ballot boxes remain in hiding, but they and anyone approaching them on October 1 will certainly be apprehended and brought to justice.

Chris Martenson says that (hot or trade) war between the US and China will change the slow transition away from the $US as global reserve currency to a fast transition away from it, and collapse the derivatives markets, the "financial weapons of mass destruction" we keep hearing about. (Other bad things could happen, too.)

Atlantic Storms are not over yet...

Pension storms are a certainty for my generation, the "me" generation.

Expecting Nothing

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