Thursday, September 21, 2017

Important Decisions

Vested Interests,

Look, it's the Spanish Armada! 16,000 Spanish riot police board a cruise ship for a trip to Catalonia, to prevent the independence vote. It's no vacation.

South Korea announces sending $8 million in nutritional and medical aid for young children and pregnant women, to North Korea, as North Korean Foreign Minister describes Trump's UN speech, threatening to "totally destroy" North Korea if they attack US or allies, as "the sound of a dog barking". Trump's ideas for relations on the Korean Peninsula are described as "dog dreams". This all seems good. Now there is a "good cop" in South Korean President Moon. Good-cop + bad-cop is a negotiation format.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said on CNN that "the president will make an important announcement today about the continuation of our efforts to resolve this problem with North Korea short of war."

Jose Escobar discusses the Trump Doctrine, elucidated in his UN speech. 
Venezuela, with largest proven oil reserves in the world is choking to death under a dictator and needs to be helped back to democracy, soon. Venezuela is the target of choice for the next war of empire. The gauntlet has been cast. Venezuela is in America's back yard, weakened by almost 2 decades of economic covert-war, and shooting America the finger. Russia and China must have plans to support Venezuela, but that can only go so far. what other threats do they hold in secret? What would be enough for America to step back from what has always been a red line, selling oil for not-dollars? 
Iran and North Korea are rhetorical-battlefields against the Belt-And-Road Eurasian integration policy of Russia and China. If attacked, they would suck a lot of life force out of Russia and China (but also the US and vassal-allies). Crimea, Ukraine and Syria don't get a lot of mention, or Cuba. Prospects  for gains are low, and costs high.

Financialization, and the Destruction of the Real Economy, Charles Hugh Smith. Maximizing profits requires killing whatever provides them. It works for the few, until they are finally successful. almost there, now...

Puerto Rico got ravaged. Infrastructure of all kinds is destroyed. I hope Manuel and his hospital have weathered the storm.
"The San Juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there," Yulín said, adding: "We're looking at four to six months without electricity" in Puerto Rico, home to nearly 3.5 million people.

Sixth mass extinction starting by 2100? It looks on track for that, based on carbon absorption capacity of oceans, as correlated with the 5 past mass extinction events, or 4 of them, anyway. Occasionally everything dies with normalish CO2.

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