Saturday, October 21, 2017

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I've been vegetable gardening all day, first at the garden I've put in at People's Community Clinic, Then here at home. I have a lot of stories saved up, but my friend Jada sent this, and I really think it stands on it's own as one huge dollop of reality. I've seen a lot of these stories, and sent some out over the years. You may get the message by just scanning the headings with the links. Word is that the big oil shock is coming between 2018 and 2020. The majors have quite exploring.

New Oil discoveries by scientists have been declining since 1965 and last year was the lowest in history –IEA

We have been draining our oil reserves by consuming more oil than we discover since the 1980’s – ASPO

Aging giant oil fields produce more than half of global oil supply and are declining (Hook, 2009)

Saudi Arabian oil reserves are overstated by 40% – Wikileaks

BP 1.7 Trillion barrels proven oil reserves NOT so proven

IEA Chief warns of world oil shortages by 2020 as discoveries fall to record lows

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Warns of World Oil Shortages Ahead

UAE warns of world oil shortages ahead by 2020 due to industry spending cuts

Halliburton CEO says oil will spike due to oil shortages by 2020 after Industry Cuts

Total CEO warns we are going to have oil shortages around 2020 due to lack of investment & new discoveries

Chevron CEO warns US shale oil alone cannot meet the world’s growing demand for crude

HSBC Global Bank warns 80% of the worlds conventional fields are declining and world oil shortages ahead

Wood Mackenzie warns of oil supply crunch and world oil shortages around 2020

Energy watchdog warns oil and electricity shortages could develop as investment falls

Why investors’ should brace for a devastating oil shortage ahead around 2020

People are almost completely ignoring a looming crisis for oil

IEA Says Price Spike Coming In 2020 due to oil shortage caused by oil depletion

World Oil Shortages To Lead To Oil Price Spike By 2020s, warns VP Goldman Sachs

China Government Study: Says its Oil Production About to Peak in 2018 & Coal in 2020 (Wang, 2017)

Saudi Arabia may be out of oil to export by 2030 – Citibank

Edinburgh Study: Only 10 years of UK’S North Sea Oil and Gas Remaining (Thompson, 2017)

The Mighty U.S. Shale Oil Industry to Lose Another $20 Billion In 2017

MIT Technology Review: Shale Oil Will Boost U.S. Production, But It Won’t Bring Energy Independence

Long-term estimates of the (EROI) of coal, oil, and gas global productions (Court, & Fizanie, 2017)

EROI of different fuels and the implications for society, Energy, EROI and quality of life. (Lambert, & Hall, 2014)

Cornell University: Energy Studies in the College of Engineering. The Challenges of Peak Oil

The End of Peak Oil? Why this topic is still relevant despite recent denials (Chapman, 2014)

The Global Oil & Gas Industry Is Cannibalizing Itself To Stay Alive

WORLD’S LARGEST OIL COMPANIES: Deep Trouble As Profits Vaporize While Debts Skyrocket


USA GAO Study: Uncertainty about Future Oil Supply. Addressing a Peak and Decline in Oil Production

German Government (leaked) Peak Oil study concludes: oil is used directly or indirectly in the production of 90% of all manufactured products, so a shortage of oil would collapse the world economy & world governments

UC Davis Study: It Will Take 131 Years to Replace Oil with Alternatives (Malyshkina, 2010)

University of Chicago Study: predicts world economy unlikely to stop relying on fossil fuels (Covert, 2016)

‘WORSE THAN 2007’: Top banker warns of looming wave of worldwide bankruptcies

Perching Tree: Return of the Global Depression 2.0

Perfect Storm: Energy, Finance and the End of Growth -Dr Tim Morgan Global Head of Research

Causes and Consequences of the Oil Shock of 2007-08 (Hamilton, 2009)

World Scientists “Warning to Humanity” signed by 1,700 scientists including the majority of all Nobel Prize Winners

NASA Study: Industrial Civilization is headed for Irreversible Collapse (Motesharrei, 2012)

UK Royal Society Study: Now, for the First Time, a Global Collapse Appears Likely (Ehrlich, 2013)

Study: Limits to Growth was Right. Research shows we’re nearing Global Collapse (Turner, 2014)

Study: Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: in Global Systemic Collapse (Korowicz, 2012)

The End of the Human Race will be that it will Eventually Die of Civilization –Ralph W Emerson



  1. Oil is one of the most sought after commodities in the world and is the cause behind so many internation disputes and environmental issues. I hope we can discover a better substitute.

    1. Using less is the only substitute that works so far.