Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Rented To Death

Alive on Earth,

Some nice pictures of North Koreans in-situ, and a bit of factual commentary. 
They don't want genocide to rain down on them again. More bombs were dropped on Pyongyang by the US than there were people in the city at the beginning of the bombing. 428,000 bombs for 400,000 humans. Thanks Cat.
Inside the child-care center of the Jangchon Cooperative Farm. The cooperative also includes a cultural center for meetings and events, and rows of greenhouses.

Socialism, Land and Banking: 2017 Compared to 1917, Michel Hudson (Really excellent analysis of how industrial capitalism got swallowed by rentier capitalism, instead of stamping it out on the way to a "free society", free of rentier parasites, which were the bane of classical economics, and are now our smirking owners.) Thanks Eleni!

The Mathematics of Inequality: "Seven years ago, the combined wealth of 388 billionaires equaled that of the poorest half of humanity, according to Oxfam International. This past January the equation was even more unbalanced: it took only eight billionaires, marking an unmistakable march toward increased concentration of wealth. Today that number has been reduced to five billionaires."

Google can run everything in your city for you, and collect all the rent. No need for votes and government, because Google knows just what we want and what is best. It will be very efficient. Google will let you have a place to stay, places to shop, work to do, and you can get robocabs when you need to go somewhere. The perfectly efficient world! 
Profits to the shareholders will be optimized, too!  :-)

Jeremy Corbyn says Chancellor, Phillip Hammond is correct to say that "Labour threatens the whole economic system". The economic model creates poverty among workers, and homelessness, apartment fires, and so on. (Clement Atlee was the postwar Labour Prime Minister, who did just that between 1945 and 1951.)

The West ("AFRICOM" et al.) Eyes Recolonization of Africa through Policy of "Endless War": Removing Gaddafi was just the first step... Thanks Eleni.

The Kennedy Files, It's been 54 years. Let's see it all, now... "In one set of recently declassified CIA documents, the American people learned that JFK's assassination led to the CIA creating the highly derogatory term "conspiracy theory" and "conspiracy theorists”. This was the beginning of Deep State psychological operations used to malign, slander, discredit, and undermine the credibility of anyone who dared to voice dissent towards the government. The CIA called this branch the Clandestine Services unit and its aim was to ruin anyone who wanted to take on the establishment and the military industrial complex."

The mass annihilation of insects is almost finished. 
We have about 25% of the insect mass on the planet that we had 27 years ago. Who knows about 50 years ago? Nobody was measuring systematically. We're probably down 90%, based on windshield collections on country drives. It turns out bugs are critical to the web life on earth. We're not...

The oceans are dying from all that CO2, because they are absorbing it as carbonic acid... "Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the average pH of global ocean surface waters have fallen from pH 8.2 to 8.1. This represents an increase in acidity of about 26%."

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