Thursday, October 12, 2017

Under Our Noses

Saving for Volcanic Winter,

Mobilizing 1000 cubic kilometers of magma since 2007, the Yellowstone Volcanic Caldera is ready for prime time. 
Wow, this is a lot different from what we have all been thinking! 
This looks pre-ejaculatory.

The Neolithic Revolution is when humans came out of the last ice age, full of life and energy, then got whacked a thousand years later by about 1200 years of another ice age, and were forced to do intensive farming and move and adapt, and breed the crops that were most responsive to breeding, and also produced a lot of calories that could be stored. The extended comment by helga Vierich provides an excellent fleshing out from a complimentary perspective, after the main article.

Jesse Ventura interviews Dennis Kuchinich on Ron Paul's website, about the duopoly that rules us with such murderous efficiency, Republicrats and Demoblicans and so on. (Can they survive the baptism of lava? Can we?)

The Las Vegas shooting. I don't know what happened. "The Mystery Deepens", by Paul Craig Roberts. Thanks Eleni. (This is like 900 pieces of three 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles poured out of a big box where they were mixed together.)

Russia says the US is not really fighting ISIS, more herding it and supporting it as it moves to keep Syrian armed forces out of Syria's best oilfields, and things like that.
North Korean hackers get a hold of US/South-Korean attack plans to decapitate and castrate North Korea. (This transcends Trumpian threats, and he may be stacking his threats on the knowledge of what the North Koreans are holding, just to scare them worse. To what degree was this hack allowed? Was it South Korea's initiative to curry brotherhood with the North, while holding back the US hand? Lots of possibilities...)

Dear Catalans, A Message from the Chairman (We control the EU. The EU owns Spain. Spain owns Catalonia. I'm not really supposed to have to tell you this.)

What's next for Catalan independence (a NATO-centric view of some possibilities for a new Mediterranean warfare-state.) Thanks Eleni

Blockchain is a New Model, that Makes the Existing Model Obsolete (Good explanatory article that assumes global internet functionality and supervolcano not exploding this century. Gold and silver are verifiable at low cost, and don't need the internet, so more viable in post-volcanic-apocalyptic-scenario) the ridiculous, Eminem is Rachel Maddow in a hoodie.


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