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Secret Powers

Peeping Through Keyholes,

A closer look at what is going wrong in Europe. Power and secrecy corrupt, as usual. Thanks Eleni.
“Moreover, the Eurogroup, where all the important economic decisions are taken, is a body that does not even exist in European law, that operates on the basis that the ‘strong do as they please while the weak suffer what they must’, that keeps no minutes of its proceedings, and whose only rule is that its deliberations are confidential – that is, not to be shared with Europe’s citizenry. It is a set-up designed to preclude any sovereignty traceable back to the people of Europe.”  So there are no rules, no records, no democratic process and no democratic accountability…and this is what is in charge of the world’s largest economic engine... The Eurogroup is not an EU institution and cannot declare any legally-binding decisions. It can never be blamed for a bad decision, nor held accountable, because it is not answerable to any parliament or body politic whatsoever. In short: it is the perfect cabal...
Iceland – which we all looked at with horror in 2009, assuming they would be in debt for generations... has just been declared the “3rd happiest country” according to the UN... Iceland has one thing which Marx valued perhaps above all: the right to determine their own destiny in order to fulfill their potential: “‘Surely there is no room for small sovereign countries in this globalized world,’ I was told by another finance minister during a break in a Eurogroup meeting. ‘Iceland can never truly be sovereign,’ he concluded….However limited these choices might be, Iceland’s body politic retains absolutely authority to hold its elected officials accountable for the decisions they have reached within the nation’s exogenous constraints and to strike down every piece of legislation that it has decided upon in the past. In this sense, small, powerless Iceland continues to enjoy full sovereignty while the comparatively omnipotent European Union has been stripped of all forms of sovereignty.”... What is clear is that the Eurogroup operates with even more power than the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan because there is absolutely zero citizen accountability... Should we be surprised that the banker cabal that is the Eurogroup has concocted a “recovery” which has only targeted the needs of bankers? ... These are our masters, and it is the IMF, ECB, and banker-loving, ex-banker finance ministers who pull the strings. All of us in the Eurozone must dance, even if these mobsters have already broken so many legs and backs.

Switzerland has a federal form of government, modeled after that of ancient Greece, where the power of the local democratic processes is carried up the federal government in steps, avoiding the concentration of power at the top, and the tyranny which invariably results.

33% of Americans believe Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone (with magic bullets) Killed President John F Kennedy 54 years ago in Dallas. 61% of Americans believe there were more people involved than that, a "conspiracy", if you would be willing to speak that forbidden word. So, ok, I'm waiting for what's left of all those documents. Today is supposed to be the day. I'm one of the youngest people to clearly remember that day when dad came home early, and he and Mom stayed inside and listened to the radio all afternoon. Something was wrong. I asked questions. I could tell it was a big deal. Dad explained the new president "wasn't as good".

The Independent U.K. promises live updates as the Kennedy files are released. (Maybe WW-3 will break out instead.)

Justice Department clears a key witness to testify in Clinton-Russia-uranium-kickback case. The "other Russian interference".

DNC denies knowledge of "Trump Dossier" funding, says it was all the Clinton's doing. Even Wasserman Schultz "isn't with HER"

NSA document unearthed from leaked intelligence files provided by Edward Snowden which reveals in stunning clarity that the armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments from the early years of the war which has now claimed half a million lives. The US intelligence memo - marked "Top Secret" - is arguably the most damning piece of evidence to date which gives internal US government confirmation of the direct role that both the Saudi and US governments played in fueling an armed insurgency which launched massive and well-coordinated attacks on civilians, civilian infrastructure, as well as military targets in pursuit of regime change.

If an online service is free, you're not the customer. You're the product. Charles Hugh Smith looks at the hidden costs of suffering and social discord, arising from the "free" electronic social media. We have all seen studies that people are increasingly unhappy and depressed as they spend more time online, which is time not spent with actual people or physical life activities, like bicycling and gardening.

Smartphones are Killing Americans, but Nobody's Counting. (I remember when I was working in Kohala, Hawaii, a teenage girl killed a bicyclist on a rural road. She told the police she fell asleep. She told her friends she was texting. It was not investigated further. White bike memorial sits by side of road...)

If, like an ever-growing majority of people in the U.S., you own a smartphone, you might have the sense that apps in the age of the pocket-sized computer are designed to keep your attention as long as possible. You might not have the sense that they’re manipulating you one tap, swipe, or notification at a time. (Opposite to Swiss government, this is power reaching directly into your mind to control your thoughts, and your actions.)

The nerve cells in our brains create photons, within the visible range, red to violet, which raises the question of whether we have a form of optical connection between neurons in our brains, not merely electrochemical engagements. Thanks Cat. (This gets me back into musing about the links between brain and spirit, like knowing what is happening far away to a loved one, or premonitions of the future, or experiencing universal-love/universal-mind/God.)

Brad sends this. (I believe this is our best role in the world, stewards of life on Earth, but I have been unable to come up with a mechanism, other than all of us opening ourselves to the divine guidance of universal love and compassion.)
“Healing Biotopes Plan." This is the thought that our world can be healed in a relatively short time if we bring it into coherence with the fundamental order of life of which all beings are part. This plan was developed after several decades of community experience and political work. During this time many unusual things happened, without which we would hardly have survived. We discovered that there is another reality behind the dark reality of our time. This reality is the foundation of all life: a world of unity, love and healing, which we called the "sacred matrix." Would it be possible to base a new kind of human society on this level of reality?

The Healing Biotopes overview:
Specifically, the solution lies in the implementation of decentralized, regionally self-sufficient, water-rich and sustainable centres where up to several thousand people can live. With the help of Water Retention Landscapes, permaculture and peace gardens, and new energy technologies working according to the laws of life, in appropriate numbers these centres will be able within a few decades to supply all of humanity with sufficient food, energy and fresh drinking water. At the same time they heal all of nature's ecosystems and living beings. The contradiction between economic growth and the protection of nature is overcome... The social basis of life in all societies has been destroyed. Human beings have lost the ability to live together in peace. Fear, alienation and mistrust lead to irresolvable conflicts in all systems, from the smallest systems of marriage and family all the way to the global crisis areas and wars... The human beings in these new communities support  and help each other and their fellow creatures not because they follow an external moral commandment, but because they have recognized that all that lives is part of the great family of life, to which they themselves also belong. Central to building trust is the reconciliation of the sexes. There can be no peace on Earth as long as there is war in love... In 1995, the first Healing Biotope was established Tamera in Portugal. 
(It seems to me that it would be ok to do this kind of thing with friends and family without permission or franchise arrangements.)

Gardening Without Permission

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