Sunday, December 3, 2017

Artificially Intelligent

Corporate Property,

Artificial Intelligence has already taken over,; It's called "The Corporation" 
Corporations, just like a potential runaway AI, have no intrinsic interest in human welfare. They are legal constructions: abstract entities designed with the ultimate goal of maximizing financial returns for their investors above all else. If corporations were in fact real persons, they would be sociopaths, completely lacking the ability for empathy that is a crucial element of normal human behavior. Unlike humans, however, corporations are theoretically immortal, cannot be put in prison, and the larger multinationals are not constrained by the laws of any individual country. With the incalculable advantage of their superhuman powers, corporations have literally taken over the world. They have grown so massive that an astonishing sixty-nine of the largest hundred economies in the world are not nation states but corporate entities... Around the world, worker-owned cooperatives have demonstrated that they can be as effective as corporations—or more so—without pursuing shareholder wealth as their primary consideration. (Who will bell that cat? Be a cooperative worker, I guess.)

It now seems evident that the Neoliberal Camp of the U.S. Deep State is highly vulnerable on an individual basis. I tend to notice things like a year-old blog entry suddenly getting thousands of page views. The essay that received a surge of recent interest: Is the Deep State at War--With Itself? (December 13, 2016). Charles Hugh Smith

Why we can't have nice things; Dockless Bikes and the tragedy of the Commons (Corporation takes over idea of Yellow Bike Project, for profit, and...) Thanks Charles.
A Chinese mechanic from bike share company Ofo stands amongst a pile of thousands of damaged bicycles in need of repair.

Why Did We Start Farming? This is a non-elitist interpretation of archaeological findings, which makes a lot of sense. Life was better for hunter-gatherers, who were freer and healthier. What happened? Why did cities have walls, again?

A husband and wife have turned 1/4 acres in Normandy into France's showcase small permaculture farm. He is no longer a sailor and she is no longer an investment banker, but they have lots of use for the psychotherapy training they share. 13 years of hard work, so far...
"You have to take the time to train yourself. You have to take the time to convince yourself or to test yourself in the profession, to dirty your hands in the soil and to really see what it’s all about. There is a lot of fantasy around these projects but there’s also a reality which is difficult. It can be absolutely incredible, but it can be a nightmare if it’s done without preparation, without a good human design, without a good design for the site. Take the time to make the transition. To teach yourself. You have to give yourself the time to be sure that it’s something you feel in your stomach and not just in the head and the heart!"

South Korea fired a lot of American munitions into a spot in the water, 6 minutes after North Korea fired off that ICBM. That will show them!

North Korea says it is ready for nuclear war with the US. (What else can they do, but get ready?)

John Kerry says that prior to 2015 nuclear deal to limit Iranian nuclear projects to strictly civilian uses, Israel and Saudi Arabia were pushing hard for the US to attack Iran militarily.

"The Honolulu Police Department has sent a series of letters to local medical marijuana patients that directly orders them to surrender their firearms or, presumably, face state sanctioned violence to remove them." (That's Honolulu, not the Puna. This is some kind of experiment, right?)

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