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The Way Of The Tao Is Reversal

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Moon of Alabama (12/2/17) Yemen: Saudis Throw in the Towel, Saleh is Baaack, Russia Wins

Moon of Alabama update 12/4/17:  It is yet a mystery why not more of Saleh's supporters came to his help. Sanaa is his home turf and whenever he had called for demonstrations in the city, hundreds of thousands attended. For much of his 34 years of rule as president and even after his forced resignation Saleh could call on the seven "collar tribes" who's territory surround the capital. This time they did not come to his aid. Saleh also continued to command significant parts of the former Yemeni army. These currently hold positions far outside of Sanaa against Saudi proxy forces who try to conquer the mountainous territory of northwest Yemen. One wonders why he had not called them back in time... It may be that his unexpected turn-on-a-dime towards a new alliance with the eternal enemies of Yemen, the Saudis, has alienated his followers... The Saudis had recently bet on Saleh to end the stalemate in their war on Yemen. Had he won out, it could have meant a pause in the war and probably its end. With the Houthi now having the upper hand in Sanaa, the war, the permanent Saudi bombing and the blockade of Yemen are likely to continue. The Houthi will continue to attack within Saudi Arabia and the fight against the Saudi proxy forces on the ground will go on.

The Hwasong-15 test fired on November 29 is not a modified version of the Hwasong-14, as initially assessed here based solely on flight data. The Hwasong-15 is considerably larger than the Hwasong-14, and initial calculations indicate the new missile could deliver a moderately-sized nuclear weapon to any city on the US mainland. The Hwasong-15 is also large and powerful enough to carry simple decoys or other countermeasures designed to challenge America’s existing national missile defense (NMD) system... applying conservative assumptions about the second-stage propulsion system, it now appears that the Hwasong-15 can deliver a 1,000-kg payload to any point on the US mainland. North Korea has almost certainly developed a nuclear warhead that weighs less than 700 kg, if not one considerably lighter. [A few more tests are needed for operational certainty.}

At an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday, the US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, warned that “if war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed.” The “utter destruction” of the regime can only mean a genocidal war against the country of 25 million people... The war threats against North Korea intersect with an unprecedented political crisis in the United States involving ferocious conflicts within the ruling class as it oversees a country riven by social tensions... Trump’s ruling-class critics have sharp differences with the administration over foreign policy... In the final analysis, the divisions within the ruling class are of a tactical character. All are united on the basic strategy of using the military power of the United States to maintain its global hegemonic position... A quarter-century of unending war has reached a critical juncture. The danger of nuclear war, involving the major powers, is real and present. 

I don't think the Trump administration is stupid, or missing anything so simple. I think this is their scary and unpredictable game. t's not a good style for this particular confrontation.
"Most of the administration’s other errors flow from this basic misunderstanding of the North Korean government’s motives. If self-preservation is North Korea’s main concern, their regime can be deterred in the future just as it has been over the last six decades. If they have acquired nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to protect themselves against attack, they aren’t going to use them unless they believe they are about to be attacked, so the worst thing the U.S. can do is telegraph its willingness to launch the attack they fear."

It should not have to be said that China is not greatly threatened by North Korea, but is fundamentally threatened by the US. This says it.

China has not paused at all in investing in Iranian infrastructure of transport and oil/gas/pipeline projects. Other countries that rely upon western banking are having trouble getting assurances for loans, and are falling behind their plans.

US Puppet and former Georgian PM, Saakashvili seems to have been running the slaughter of civilians that made the excuse to carry out a coup d'etat against the elected president of Ukraine. Your tax dollars at (Victoria Nuland's) work.
The documentary features Alexander RevazishviliKoba Nergadze and Zalogi Kvaratskhelia, Georgian military officers  who were recruited to carry out a “special mission” in Kiev by Mamuka Mamulashvili, a close aid of Mikhail Saakashvili’s former defense minister Bacho Akhalaia. They claim that on Jan 15, 2014 they landed in Kiev equipped with fake documents and were transferred to Maidan. Having received 1000 USD each one and being promised to  be paid 5000 USD after the “job is done”, they were tasked to prepare sniper positions inside the buildings of Hotel Ukraine and Conservatory, dominant over the Maidan Square.

Israel increases it's overt hot-war against Syria, as the last of it's favored mercenary "rebels" within remaining Damascus enclaves, come under direct attack from government forces. Israeli jets fired 7 missiles at a Syrian research base near Damascus, from positions over Lebanon, to avoid air defenses, which shot down 4 of those missiles. Desperados...

Yesterday, the Irish border issue, blocking Brexit progress, was solved. Today it is not solved. Ireland and the UK were members of the EU when they finally settled on an open border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, but political separation. Northern Ireland is part of the UK until the people there vote to rejoin the Republic of Ireland (if ever).
What had been agreed between Irish and UK PMs was that Northern Ireland would have parallel regulations to those of Ireland and the EU, which would allow the border to remain open and synchronized. The cost of this would seemingly fall upon Northern Ireland, having to synchronize with both the rest of the UK and with the Republic of Ireland. Theresa May got a phone call at lunch thet Northern Ireland would not bear that burden, but demands identical status to every other member of the UK. Also, Scotland and The City of London had wanted to do that same thing, synchronize all regulations with the EU. The patch needed more and bigger patches. The one patch that remains, is what many said should be done all along. Denmark is a member of the common market, but not of the political union. That has costs, and it limits some British autonomy, but it is workable, and has always been workable. Theresa May will have a fight in her party if it comes down to that. It looks like everybody has to fight their way through the Brexit process.

Stock Market 2018: The Tao vs Central Banks, Charles Hugh Smith

Self-defeating Opponent 

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