Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mixed Terrain

Considering Alternatives,

The Saker, who has a background in Swiss military intelligence, says that Korea, especially North Korea, is composed of "mixed terrain", like Switzerland has. That means steep mountains, narrow gorges, rushing rivers, and rice paddies.  That means infantry, grunts in mud with guns have to invade North Korea. Volunteers? 
The North Koreans have been preparing for WW-3 on their own turf for 63 years. They have artillery pieces, lovingly dug into mountainsides and hidden, which can rain 10,000 rounds per minute on Seoul, for an extended period of time. Targeting these emplacements works badly, due to the ruggedness of the terrain and all the radar bounce. 
There are thousands of miles of deeply dug in underground bases and ammunition dumps, with hidden entrances and exits. The North Koreans taught the Vietnamese how to make them, recall? 
Japan is a big high value target, not just the American bases there. Japan cannot be defended from Korean missiles, with or without nukes. 
China has stated that it will be neutral if North Korea attacks first, but will stand with North Korea, if they are attacked. The Chinese army is huge and well equipped, and China could open a second front on the US. Russia would need to support China. Instantly a whole lot of nuclear powers are in this FUBAR War. Do WW-1 alliances come to mind? 
The US cannot rationally attack North Korea in a beheading strike, without bringing down 10.000 rounds per minute upon Seoul as the first response, whether ICBMs with EMP nukes are dispatched to the American east and west coasts or not. American regime change would result, along with lots of death and chaos that our elites would avoid themselves.

Everyday life in Puerto Rico is a low budget smartphone camera tour of the devastation in the part of America that isn't a state. The news moved on. Puerto Rico didn't. The Organic Prepper looked up some people, contacted them and compiled and edited their ongoing dail experiences here in this short video. No bombs went off in Puerto Rico, but lots of logistical dead ends got discovered.

Th Virtual Economy is the End of Freedom, A lot of this is about how the NSA/DARPA set up the code and overall strategy of Bitcoin, and the internet, so it's not anonymous (they have traced transactions/people), and it is not how to be a rebel and outsmart the global banking establishment from the war-room of your iPhone. (kinda'heavy...)

One in four people working (they all work, even if car-camping) in Silicon Valley has food insecurity, misses meals and doesn't know where their food is going to come from.
Because poverty is often shrouded in shame, their clients’ situations can come as a surprise. “Often we think of somebody visibly hungry, the traditional homeless person,” Brennan said. “But this study is putting light on the non-traditional homeless: people living in their car or a garage, working people who have to choose between rent and food, people without access to a kitchen.”

Dark Money Runs the World, Nomi Prinz (These people never go hungry.)
"When I moved abroad to create and run the analytics department at Bear Stearns London as senior managing director, I got my first look at how dark money flows and its effects cross borders."

Britain has to buy liquified natural gas from Russia, despite already enforcing sanctions against Russian natural gas. (It's cold, and that's just how the free-market works sometimes, and the North sea pipeline got some bad cracking last week.)

The "Russiagate" investigation keeps turning up collusion within the top levels of the FBI to take words out of Hillary Clinton's State Dept. investigation report and change them to words that don't mean "criminal". There is more, much more. This destruction of evidence against Clinton, and changing the conclusion from "indict", to "finger-wag", is clearly shown by evidence that does remain. There is a vague "insurance policy" against a Trump win, that we may or may not learn more about. One elite camp assaulted the other elite camp, and it is backfiring on them. (The article below projects that there will be a truce, not a Clinton in prison.) There's still no appearance of Russia in "Russiagate".

Moscow senses Trump's travails could be ending. He may actually be able to do business if the opposing political camp has to sue for peace, as above. They have no facts to support their allegations, but a whole lot of damning facts against Clinton and their political machine are now documented.

A weather station in Alaska has under reported Arctic warming for the last 2 years, because it was too much, and the software said "that can't be real", and didn't send it. The weather station is located in Utqiaġvik, the most northerly town in the US. It was giving funny high numbers because the sea ice had gone away, and wasn't stabilizing the temperatures any more.


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