Sunday, December 31, 2017

Peace On Earth

Never Consulted,

There was a high level coordination meeting earlier this month between Israeli and US government and military planners to coordinate policy against Iran. Now, jihadis have blown up an Iranian pipeline and there are riots in some cities, with burning of Iranian flags (an odd thing for Iranians to do) and police cars (fun for any crowd). Moon of Alabama has the outline. (I think this is mainly a sand-in-the-face kind of fight-move. What is the big attack to follow? Will there be bombs, or just more sanctions, which will split Russia, China and likely Turkey further away from the current global finance system?)

The Times of Israel writes, "Assad may have retaken the Syrian Golan, but Iran is pulling the strings". 
This is Israeli pretext for attacking Iran. Israel apparently had to evacuate their moderate ISIS terrorists out of the Golan Heights in the past few days. They say Iran and Hamas are at their gates and they can't allow it.

Some peaceful protesters chanting "Death to Rouhani" and throwing Molotov cocktails are documanted here. (This is an anniversary of "Green Revolution" in 2009, a failed color revolution by western security services. in 2009 the coordinating smartphones were traced to British intelligence. It's a flash in the pan, at most.)

The actual protests began against high food prices. That's real. That's the actual discontent of Iranians, according to my friend who recently returned from a 4 month trip home, traveling that country. This open wound can be salted by Israel/US with illegal sanctions, of course. The pro-Rouhani voices are more in Iran, as noted here, but not mentioned much in western press.

Donald Trump tweets about the Iranian people he knows so well from his many years there. (Oh, no such knowledge?)  
"The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism," the president wrote on Twitter. "Looks like they will not take it any longer." "The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!"
(This could all apply to the American people. Maybe he just got mixed up.)

Charles Hugh Smith on systemic control fraud in American finance/political-power, two sides of the same coin. In 1980, the top 0.01% were not getting a lot of financial gain, less than all the workers. Now they get it all. That's what makes things break, sez history. This is the open robbery.["Clawing back assets" , "wealth re-distribution" will be necessary. Millions of Americans will die before that happens (I want to be proven wrong.) Our owners throw us into war when things get like this, so we will obey.]

Jada sends this article by Ellen Brown, about Student Debt Slavery. This is the ideal form of low-cost slavery for the elite owner-class. This is straightforward and concise. With some documents from the elite debates about the benefits of chattel-slavery vs debt slavery from the mid 19th century, when communication across the seas was in printed word.
The advantages of slavery by debt over “chattel” slavery – ownership of humans as a property right – were set out in an infamous document called the Hazard Circular, reportedly circulated by British banking interests among their American banking counterparts during the American Civil War. It read in part: "Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattel slavery destroyed. This, I and my European friends are glad of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led by England, is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages."

David Stockman explains "The Greatest Bubble of All Time", which is our current financial situation. When the bubble crashes, who will own the "real assets"? Who will have debts reduced? Who will have to be paid forever, even if you can't. What for those who can't? What for those who have nothing to live for at all?

From Snowden to Russia-Gate, The CIA and the media. Moon of Alabama lays out this particular piece of timeline of our owners exerting more complete and detailed control of all of our information inputs of all kinds. Facilitated by "complete information awareness" of the deep state. (You will not get this news from me or anywhere else forever.)

The Anthony-Weiner/Huma-Abadeen loose laptop reveals collusion between the US State Dept and Swedish government to arrest Edward Snowden for mutual benefit of vested interests in both both governments.

Where was Lee Oswald when John Kennedy was shot? 
Look, right here, in front of the school book depository building. That's Lee. He was hanging out drinking a Coke when the cops questioned him and moved on, and not on the 6th floor, but down on the second floor with his coworkers. Thanks Eleni. (CIA/Deep-State blast-from-the-past!)


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