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Eventually Feeding Retrosuburbia


Israel Shamir believes that the Koreans have a brief and dangerous opportunity to seize the initiative and unify as an unoccupied and nuclear free country.
There is no doubt that the people of Korea, of the North and the South, want peaceful reunification and the prosperity of their country. But so far the US has prevented it. The US deep state preferred to have its military bases in South Korea with its nuclear weapons aimed not only at Pyongyang, but also at Beijing and Vladivostok...  The Americans outlined the goal of the talks as they see it – the nuclear disarmament of North Korea. This is all that interests them. A North Korea without nuclear weapons is always vulnerable to a volley of Tomahawks, as in Syria. But Kim is not that simple. Instead of “nuclear disarmament of North Korea,” he proposed “the liberation of the Korean peninsula from nuclear weapons” – and, importantly, these words were repeated by the president of the South. 

Something is brewing in Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh, and it is aimed at Iran and Syria, and Sheldon Adelson's boys, Donald, Bibi and Avigdor are all working hard to pull it off for the old moneybags this time.
Last week General Joseph Votel, commander of CENTCOM - the U.S. military command for the Middle East, was in Israel. It was the first ever visit of a CENTCOM commander to Israel which usually works with the European command EUCOM. Yesterday former CIA director and now Secretary of State Pompeo visited Israel. A few hours later Israel bombed two ammunition depots in Syria which are supposedly related to Iran. This was a clear attempt to provoke Iran into some reaction. The Israeli defense minister Lieberman just visited Washington DC and only today came back to Israel. 

Saudi Crown Prince, Bin Salman, said something unusually revealing to a closed meeting of powerful Jewish financiers and political organizers in New York. Word got out:  "In the last several decades the Palestinian leadership has missed one opportunity after the other and rejected all the peace proposals it was given. It is about time the Palestinians take the proposals and agree to come to the negotiations table or shut up and stop complaining."

Phillipine President Duterte has some insights about the injustices his people suffer daily, notably in Kuwait. Thanks Colleen.
The Duterte government has been from the very beginning, implementing a grand plan to bring all overseas Filipino workers [OFWs] home. This idea is brought about by a first-hand experience in rescuing distressed workers in the Middle East, among others, of the then-lawmaker president. He was told by his lawmaker counterpart that all household workers are treated as sex slaves by default in certain Arab tribes. 

Here are a couple of more articles about the "jobs guaranty" that Bernie Sanders advocates. It's optional now, but it was necessary in the Great Depression.
Sean McElwee, an activist at the progressive polling and analysis firm Data for Progress, said 52 percent of the country supports a job guarantee, with just 29 percent opposed. The issue enjoys unusually high support from members of both parties, according to McElwee. 

Ellen Brown: Fox in the Henhouse, Why Interest Rates are Rising

The rest of the world is still taking their gold out of "safe holding" in the US. Turkey now. Germany already. More. (Bitcoin needs a global internet. Not gold.)

The future is not yet made. Jim Kunstler has his own projections, as do we all, but...
I had a fellow on my latest podcast, released Sunday, who insists that the world population will crash 90-plus percent from the current 7.6 billion to 600 million by the end of this century. Jack Alpert heads an outfit called the Stanford Knowledge Integration Lab (SKIL) which he started at Stanford University in 1978 and now runs as a private research foundation. Alpert is primarily an engineer. At 600 million, the living standard in the USA would be on a level with the post-Roman peasantry of Fifth century Europe, but without the charm, since many of the planet’s linked systems — soils, oceans, climate, mineral resources — will be in much greater disarray than was the case 1,500 years ago. Anyway, that state-of-life may be a way-station to something more dire.  

David Holmgren, one of the originators of "Permaculture", has a book out, a magnum opus, "Retrosuburbia, The Downshifter's Guide to a Resilient Future", which is reviewed here by Transition founder, Rob Hopkins. 
Please note 3 things. The brief trailer gives a good feel. 
The quick flip through the pages of this book takes more than 5 minutes, and is fascinating, and with a good soundtrack playing. 
There is a free 32 page ebook, "Feeding Retrosuburbia", that you can sign up for and download, and a newsletter sign-up, here at the main site.  https://www.retrosuburbia.com/  
I have ordered the paper book, about $US 100.

Tom sends this. We noticed this story the same day. Further important context for our world...
My father was a great admirer of the Trappiest monk Thomas Merton and read his autobiography, The Seven Story Mountain. I myself read my father’s copy of the book once I began to associate with Buddhist monks. If I am not mistaken many young Catholic veterans of WW II found solace in Merton’s autobiography which was published in that infamous year 1948.
Though being a contemplative, Merton was a prolific writer of letters and had dialogs with many important people, including members of the Kennedy family. While he was not overtly political, until the Vietnam War, people in positions of political and cultural power found his spiritual guidance helpful, while others at that level found him to be dangerous, precisely for their spiritual and moral guidance he provided to so many.
After JFK’s assassination, Merton began to become increasingly outspoken against the war in Vietnam and at the end of the murderous year of 1968, Merton “died funny” along with the assassinations that year of fellow peace makers MLK and RFK. He died while attending an interfaith conference in Thailand, it is said, by being accidentally electrocuted from being wet from a shower while touching an electric fan with a short in it.
Over the years I have increasingly looked on this story as probably being a coverup and now there is a book that comes to that conclusion after amassing a mountain of research. The conclusion of the book “The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation” makes it now look like the classic intelligence services assassination with all the planted cover stories and people in important places not doing their jobs and keeping their mouths shut about it. Another proof of his murder is that, like JFK, MLK and RFK, the world became much worse off without them.
Speaking the Unspeakable: The Assassination and Martyrdom of Thomas Merton
A Quasi-Review of The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton by Hugh Turley & David Martin
[the book] …proves that in the long run the pen is mightier than the sword, and the spiritually powerful poetic words of a God-entranced man living in seclusion can rattle the cages of men who embrace the void of violence while rejecting the spiritual essence of all religions – that non-violence and love are the laws of existence.  Merton may be dead for his killers, but not for those who hear his voice whispering on every page:
“The very thoughts of a person like me are crimes against the state.  All I have to do is think: and immediately I become guilty,” Merton wrote in “A Signed Confession of Crimes Against the State.” Merton saw clearly that devotion to truth could not help but bring a person into conflict with sinister special interests.  The effectiveness of the truth-seeker would, of course, be greater to the extent he could rally others to his cause, but ultimately, he said, the truth seeker’s strength lay in trust in God. The Thai doctor’s cause-of-death certificate and the official death certificate said Merton died of sudden cardiac failure, but failed to mention the bleeding rear head wound seen by witnesses. Most importantly, when (Fathers) Say and Donovan first saw Merton lying on the floor on his back, his legs straight, and his arms straight down by his side with palms to the floor as if placed in a coffin, with a floor fan lying across a thigh to the opposite lower waist, Donovan urged Say to take photographs of Merton before the crime scene was subsequently disturbed.  They were very suspicious.  Through great detective work, Turley and Martin (authors of the book) have acquired a copy of these two photos, *but they have been prohibited by the current abbot of Gethsemane (Merton’s home monastery) from publishing them or even an artist’s rendering of them*.  [my emphasis] The authors say: The photographs taken by Say are the best available evidence of the actual scene of Merton’s death….The reason the monks took the photographs, as we have emphasized, was to document exactly how they found the body.  As we have seen, people whom they would hardly have ever suspected, have consistently done their best to suppress those images.  The photographs are an essential resource to anyone interested in knowing the truth about how Merton was killed.
Tom also sends this. Many of us are interested in reincarnation, though it is really hard to figure out what it means and how it works. There is scientific study of it in the US, and has been since the 1950s... (Yes, it finally gets to the rest of Ryan's story at the end.)
When Ryan Hammons was 4 years old, he began directing imaginary movies. Shouts of “Action!” often echoed from his room.  But the play became a concern for Ryan’s parents when he began waking up in the middle of the night screaming and clutching his chest, saying he dreamed his heart exploded when he was in Hollywood. His mother, Cyndi, asked his doctor about the episodes. Night terrors, the doctor said. He’ll outgrow them. Then one night, as Cyndi tucked Ryan into bed, Ryan suddenly took hold of Cyndi’s hand. “Mama,” he said. “I think I used to be someone else.” 

Wading Into The Future

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