Thursday, May 17, 2018


Apprehending Threat,

Skidmore... and Catherine Austin Fitts … conducted a search of government websites and found similar reports dating back to 1998. While the documents are incomplete, original government sources indicate $21 trillion in unsupported adjustments have been reported for the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015.” 
(That is bigger than the American GDP. that money went into a parallel Universe controlled by Dick Cheney. We don't know where. We don't know how much more. What are the self interested motives of the people Dick works for? How do we stack up in that equation?)

Preventing an AI Apocalypse. This is a real threat. Vladimir Putin said it out loud recently, that it is the big threat in the next 20 years. AI is already weaponized. What it the remaining threat? AI can already teach itself to beat the best humans at anything, but not yet at EVERYTHING. 
What is difficult to create is General Artificial Intelligence. The human mind still has a vast advantage in that category, which it is being directed to use to obsolete itself. (The big leap forward would be to deeply integrate a superior human general intelligence (some genius) with all of the vast computing power on planet earth. The Borg would have a bigger advantage than Gene Roddenberry grokked.)

Thanks for this story, Ray: " The United States has not yet, as a nation, systematically explored its full scope, studied its implications, or begun the process of ultimate learning. This should be given a high national priority, above all, from the point of view of relating AI to humanistic traditions.  AI developers, as inexperienced in politics and philosophy as I am in technology, should ask themselves some of the questions I have raised here in order to build answers into their engineering efforts. The U.S. government should consider a presidential commission of eminent thinkers to help develop a national vision. This much is certain: If we do not start this effort soon, before long we shall discover that we started too late." 
This is the concluding suggestion of a very reasonable sounding article about safeguarding AI developments, in The Atlantic. We can assume that an interested party has some plans to hatch in such a "presidential commission of eminent thinkers". I personally wonder if the $16 trillion we can't locate in this "New American Century" would have anything to do with this presidential-level guidance of Artificial Intelligence in our newish-millennium. I also wonder about the big leap forward of linking a brilliant human brain to the vast computer intelligence of the world, maybe with permanent life support for that precious brain. The brain would have to have very broad reasoning capability, as well as decisiveness in taking action. Who would volunteer? Who could do it? Oh, the author of this piece might do ok. He's really smart, and pretty old, anyway. What would he have to lose. Henry Kissinger will always have his Nobel Peace Prize, after all...

Can Humans Live Well Without Pillaging The Planet? Scientific American says it is technically possible, and to live well. What would that take? Universal honesty and cooperation?

The Ozone Hole is BAACK! Somebody, somewhere is bootlegging a Whole Lot of Freon. This is massive. Nobody seems to know who or where, like finding that $16 trillion. Weird...

Eurocrats rebel against President Trump's plan to sanction Europe in 6 months if it does $US business with Iran. The Eu illegalizes any European compliance with this US law by European companies. The trade will be worked out in Euros, to sidestep any dollar-based sanctions. This seems like it would end the $US as the global trade and reserve currency. What a field-day for global banking to run currency arbitrage and strip assets everywhere! "America First!"

The bridge from Russia to Crimea is finished. Vladimir Putin drove a truck across it. Ukraine is advised to uphold national honor by bombing it. We'll see how that works out... (Sly Putin, looking "reasonable".)

The Golan is the new Mideast battlefield. Israel claims it, but it is Syria. It has oil, and supplies about 1/3 of the fresh water which Israel uses. Did Israel bomb Syria one too many times?

Unforeseen Consequence

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