Sunday, May 6, 2018

Human Family

Family Members,

How many mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers have been killed in America's post-9/11 "wars on terror"? There has been a great effort to prevent any collection of information about any of these deaths, and a successful effort to mention smallish numbers in passing, the same smallish numbers year after year.
The most likely answer is that between 3-4 million humans have been killed, who would not have been killed without "the new Pearl Harbor" of 9/11. None of them were responsible for it. None.
Look once at the first picture in this article, please. Thanks Eleni.

There are massacres and assassinations in Yemen. Frustration is apparent among the Saudi, American and Israeli rulers. Why won't these people give up? How much misery does it take? Why isn't this over, yet?

Yes, US special forces troops are killing Yemenis, as well as helping Saudis kill Yemenis, and those unfortunate and unpaid Sudanese soldiers kill Yemenis. Why are we being told now, by the New York Times? Is it going to be openly increased? Is Yemen now a threat to America?

Nikki Haley's latest reasoning for the US forces in Syria is that Iran is nearby. Caitlin Johnstone looks at that a bit. Of course it's contingent upon "American exceptionalism".

Economist , James Galbraith looks at the proposal for a Federal Jobs guaranty fairly closely, and from a variety of directions, including how it would be implemented, and how it would affect policies and programs already in place.

Economist, L. Randall Wray presents here the proposal from the Levy Institute, which Jamie Galbraith refers to, and to which many are now referring. This is the general blueprint. None of this is "wacky-Bernie-Sanders". Bernie Sanders is merely advocating a well devised economic policy.

"Externalities" and "Subsidies" are two factors that concentrate profits for the few, while dumping financial and environmental costs on everybody and the living planet. Economics does not work like we were taught, because the concentration of profit leads to more mechanisms to concentrate profit, while laying waste to the ecosystem and "little people" everywhere.

The damage to your personal system , which comes from the blue light emanating from your computer and TV screens. Sleep loss, weight gain, and more.

I looked for plastic sheets you can use to block the blue light from your screens at night. You might put a piece of tape across to use as a hinge, to flip it on or off the screen. These look kind of pricey, but all the same pricey for different sizes. It looks like getting a big sheet and cutting 2 or more from it would be the thing to do. I suspect these are cheaper under other headings, if you know exactly what you need.

South American army worms are taking over African corn fast. This does not seem like it can be stopped, but it also looks like a lot of pesticide-aid might be sent, which will be good for pesticide companies in the US.

On May 5, "Cinco de Mayo", my sons, Steve and Jim and I set out to ride our bikes 100 miles from Austin to Shiner, Texas, starting at 7:00 AM. The day was ideal, having rained the day before and stopped, with a little north wind giving us a gentle push as we rode south. The temperature got to the upper 80s, beginning in the mid 60s, cool for this time of year. We started off very well, until around mile 28, which Jim reached first, in his quest to finish the ride first out of 2000. A spoke on his rear wheel broke, finishing his attempt. Jenny, driving support, came to get him, and they were called by Steve, who had gotten a flat, and did not have a pump and inner tube. That was Steve's first flat, and he had tire defects, so tubes alone were not enough. Water on the road makes it much easier for sharp things to cut bike tires. Jim swapped a tire from his broken-spoke wheel onto Steve's wheel and put a patch under the small cut in Steve's other tire, so Steve was ready to... get cramps when he ran short on hydration. Jenny and Jim got Steve his hydration, but the cramps kept on, slowing him greatly. Steve declined a ride at 70 miles and soldiered to the finish, doing-it-the-hard-way, and having a long day, but completing his first century ride. (My story is mundane. I had trained adequately, and had the best ride to Shiner that I could have on a "fixie" at age 60. I never expect to have one this good again.)
We are pictured here at 6:50 AM about to line up for the start. "Team Day Los Muertos".

Grateful Dad

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