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Russian Ambassador Tulku

Enlightened Actors,

There is a video here of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with a kindness and twinkling in his eyes as he presents the Russian Passport to Russia's new goodwill ambassador to the United States. This man has been recognized as a "Tulku", a reincarnation of Tibetan Lama, Chungdrag Dorje, a bodhisattva, by  Penoir Rinpoche, leader of the Tibetan Nyingma tradition of Buddhism.   This Bodhisattva has returned to human incarnation for the good of all sentient beings, and will do so until all sentient beings in this earth-realm come to know the truth. What are the implications of this for Russian-Chinese relations? This is a subtle gesture. This man is an American, who has worked for goodwill between the US and Russia for a decade. That is being recognized. Most Americans will not see the subtlety here. 
Do Not get a big drink of coffee in your mouth before you look at who this is!

This gentleman is recognized as a reincrnation Tulku, but is not a lama, not having undergone that long and rigorous training...
Seagal has seven children from four relationships, and two grandchildren by his eldest son, Kentaro.[55] In addition to his biological offspring, Seagal is the guardian of Yabshi Pan Rinzinwangmo,[56] the only child of the 10th Panchen Lama of Tibet. When she studied in the United States, Seagal was her minder and bodyguard.[57]
In May 1991 (during the filming of Out for Justice), Warner Bros. employees Raenne Malone, Nicole Selinger, and Christine Keeve accused Seagal of sexual harassment.[58] In return for remaining silent, Malone and another woman received around $50,000 each in an out of court settlement.[58][59] Around the same time, at least four actresses claimed that Seagal had made sexual advances, typically during late-night "casting sessions".[60]

The EU just blocked European companies from complying with unilateral American sanctions against Iran. Whew! Just in time...

"The Trump Administration intends to fully enforce the sanctions reimposed against Iran, and those who fail to wind down activities with Iran risk severe consequences."

Iran learned the lessons of Hezbollah’s ongoing conflict with Israel, and in particular that of the 2006 war, all too well. To win the war, Hezbollah did not need to defeat Israel; it had only to make sure Israel did not defeat it. This is an ambition Iran readily aspires to—it can shut down the Strait of Hormuz, cripple the global economy and ride out any American military response. In the end, the United States will succumb to international pressure and search for a negotiated settlement, and Iran will emerge victorious simply because it survived.

The Saker looks at the western imperial drives to bomb-Iran-into-the-stone-age, and what the costs would be:
The real problem of Iran is very simple.  Iran is the only country in the world which is:
Islamic and leads the struggle against the Saudi/Daesh/ISIS/al-Qaeda/etc. ideology of takfirism and the terrorism they promote
Openly anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist and combines conservative religious values with progressive social policies
Successful politically, economically and militarily and thereby threatens the monopoly of power of Israel in the region

Former Mossad head Meir Dagan was fully correct when he stated that a military attack on Iran was “the stupidest thing I have ever heard”.  Alas, the Neocons have never been too bright, and stupid stuff is what they mostly do.  All we can hope for is that somebody in the USA will find a way to stop them and avert another immoral, bloody, useless and potentially very dangerous war.

About the Israeli atmospheric nuclear test, off the coastof South Africa, in 1979:  
In 1979, neither India nor Pakistan nor South Africa had nuclear development and logistics capabilities at a stage where a nuclear test of that kind in that area was feasible for them. Israel was the only country that had the technical ability and policy motivation to carry out such a clandestine test, which, according to some sources, was the last of several and was detected by the Vela satellite because of a sudden change in cloud cover...  While a comprehensive nuclear test ban is yet to be achieved, the nations of the world did manage to put in place an extremely important arms control, non-proliferation, and environmental protection measure called The Limited Test Ban Treaty (LTBT). This treaty, which went into force in 1963, bans nuclear explosions in the atmosphere, in outer space, and under water, thus rendering legal only those nuclear tests performed underground. Israel signed the treaty in 1963 and ratified it in 1964. The Israeli nuclear test puts Israel in violation of the LTBT, which has been signed by 108 countries, including all the officially recognized nuclear weapon states plus India, Pakistan, and Iran. Israel would also be in violation of the Glenn Amendment to the Arms Export Control Act, a US law passed in 1977, requiring the cutoff of military assistance to any country setting off a nuclear explosion.

Who did finally get rid of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, a man with long dealings with Qatar, from his years as CEO of Exxon?
The Intercept has learned of a previously unreported episode that stoked the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s anger at Tillerson and that may have played a key role in his removal. In the summer of 2017, several months before the Gulf allies started pushing for his ouster, Tillerson intervened to stop a secret Saudi-led, UAE-backed plan to invade and essentially conquer Qatar, according to one current member of the U.S. intelligence community and two former State Department officials, all of whom declined to be named, citing the sensitivity of the matter.

Yemen: The Saudi-US-Al-Qaeda Alliance is now Official News, Moon of Alabama:
The U.S. has allied with the Saudi created al-Qaeda since 1979. It was used to further U.S. interests against the Soviets in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, Bosnia, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.
Why is this involvement of al-Qaeda in the war on Yemen now official news? For years it was an open secret. This blog covered it in about each of its dozens of posts about Yemen. But it was only rarely reported on in mainstream news. When such 'conspiracy theories' become official 'news' it is often only because it is useful to the powers that be. So why is AP publishing this now?
Is someone in the U.S. Defense Department upset with the U.S.-Saudi war on Yemen? Is this supposed to stop the attack on Hodeidah? Or is the White House miffed about Clown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, who is in charge of the war? Is this meant as a warning to 'behave'?

Tom sends this article by Ellen Brown, about the positive and negative aspects of President Trump directing the actions of the Independent (to serve Goldman Sachs) Federal Reserve. There are mechanisms to actually nationalize the Fed under the Secretary of the Treasury. It was set up with that option, long ago. Of great interest to me is what Richard Nixon was working on before he got deposed. It bears resemblance to what JFK was working on before his accident in Dallas.
Willing says Nixon was preparing the Federal Home Loan Bank Board to change the traditional role of American savings and loan associations, giving them money creation powers like the big Wall Street banks had, providing a full-service nationwide banking system. The national money supply would thus be regulated according to needs at the local level rather than dictated from the top by the central bank. The proposed legislation provided for a separate central bank to backstop local credit unions and a much greater degree of competition for a wide array of financial services.
But Nixon’s plan for national finance, along with his plan for healthcare and a guaranteed income, alarmed the Wall Street/Federal Reserve power block, which willing says was about to be challenged like never before. Nixon was obviously not blameless in the Watergate scandal, but Willing contends it was pushed by “the Wall Street Great Merchants as owners of the Senate,” who “were making certain that the money dreams of ‘Tricky Dick’ and his vision for the Republic protected with a network of converted Savings and Loan associations was doomed.”        

American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media, according to a new study by market-research group Nielsen.

Sleep deprivation is an increasing problem in many developed countries, which can result in impaired cognition and a number of serious individual and societal consequences. Lack of sleep has been linked to billions of dollars in lost revenue, up to one sixth of all traffic accidents in the US, and increased risk of chronic disease. The reason for this chronic sleep shortage is due to a combination of factors. Longer work hours, stress, and interpersonal relationships have all been blamed for the widespread insomnia. Now a new study claims that high speed internet access is at least partly at fault.

Matt Taibbi says to "Beware the Slippery Slope of Facebook Censorship", even though he detests Alex Jones. He's worried about what is driving this, that it has no constitutional controls, and that Facebook and Google are where most Americans get most of their information.

Update: According to Bloomberg, the Alex Jones Channel Page, the Alex Jones Page, the InfoWars Page and the Infowars Nightly News Page “have been unpublished for repeated violations of community standards and accumulating too many strikes,” Facebook says in statement.

Bitcoin uses as much electricity as Austria (more by next week), which is all coming from the cheapest rural communities with hydroelectric, and Iceland's geothermal. This is really messing with the rural folks who live there, raising their bills a lot, and contributing nothing to their local economies. Adjustments have begun. This trend is being reined-in, and will probably be curtailed. Bitcoin mining only makes money where rates are very cheap. 
Don't buy Bitcoin, y'all.  

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