Friday, August 10, 2018

The Life Of Michael


Michael Hudson is probably the most brilliant economist of our era. I like reading his work in small doses. When you read a whole book of his, he makes every sentece and every paragraph, and every chapter be a whole, self-standing, quotable unit. Redundant redundancy is the result. Still, you get a lot of repitition leading to a lot of retention for your persistence. Here in an interview, Michael Hudson tells his whole economic life and experiences in one hour, without repitition. Oh, man, was he in the middle of so much history. Why did he live to be old? Accident? Guardian angel?
I break somewhat with my pattern. Here is one link, with transcript, but I actually watched Michael Hudson tell it for an hour. He was only slightly slower than my reading, and conveyed more in speech than is conveyed in the transcript. [Jada, especially. Watch and enjoy!]

Satoshi Nakamoto

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