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​Day Laborers,​

​From the same friendly folks who brought you the Vietnam War, Afghanistan, Iraq 1&2, Libya, and are STILL bringing you the Korean War...​

Plans for a nuclear war devised by the US Army in the 1960s considered decimating the Soviet Union and China by destroying their industrial potential and wiping out the bulk of their populations, newly declassified documents show.
A review of the US general nuclear war plan by the Joint Staff in 1964, which was recently published by George Washington University’s National Security Archive project, shows how the Pentagon studied options “to destroy the USSR and China as viable societies.”
The review, conducted two years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, devises the destruction of the Soviet Union “as a viable society” by annihilating 70 percent of its industrial floor space during pre-emptive and retaliatory nuclear strikes.
A similar goal is tweaked for China, given its more agrarian-based economy at the time. According to the plan, the US would wipe out 30 major Chinese cities, killing off 30 percent of the nation’s urban population and halving its industrial capabilities. The successful execution of the large-scale nuclear assault would ensure that China “would no longer be a viable nation,” the review reads.
The Joint Staff had proposed to use the “population loss as the primary yardstick for effectiveness in destroying the enemy society with only collateral attention to industrial damage.” This “alarming” idea meant that, as long as urban workers and managers were killed, the actual damage to industrial targets “might not be as important

Thierry Meyssan is a French investigative reporter who happened to be filming in New York on 9/11/01 and put forth the first significant documentary pointing out the obvious impossibilities and falsehoods contained within the official government and media "narrative". Eleni sends the stories from Voltaire Network today, including this open letter to President Trump. 
Notably, Real Estate Tycoon Trump immediately pointed out the impossibility of the planes bringing down the towers on New York TV. He had previously been to examine the (minimal) damage after the first WTC truck-bombing in the parking garage, along with one of the architects who worked for him. That architect  had also helped design and build the WTC.
Mister President, not only are you and your compatriots suffering from the diarchy which has sneaked into power in your country since the coup d’état of 11 September 2001, but the whole world is a victim.
Mister President, 9/11 is not ancient history. It is the triumph of transnational interests which are crushing not only your people, but all of humanity which aspires to freedom.

Tom Luongo says "Trump doesn't want peace with the EU": 
Donald Trump is on a mission.  His goal? Destroy the post-WWII institutional order that has outlived its usefulness.

​After Facebook got rid of Alex Jones (who went through hell under Bush for opposing the post 9/11 wars, whether you like him or not) it got rid of an anti-globalist-empire voice from South America. This is just the start. "Fake news" is whatever those former CIA Directors say is fake. Got it?
​ TeleSur also produces information in English that Mark Zuckerberg intends to eliminate from the web. It is indeed essential for the US command of Latin America (US SouthCom) to prevent the Venezuelan authorities from communicating their vision of the crisis which crosses their country to the American citizens.

According to the (UN) Charter, the purpose of the Organization is to peacefully settle differences between nations. However, since July 2012, the real power is no longer held by the Secretary General, but by his "number 2": the Director of Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman...
It turns out that in October 2017, Jeffrey Feltman issued a secret directive to all agencies and departments of the Organization prohibiting them from participating in any action that could help lift the Syrian economy. The Security Council has not been informed of this initiative.
Former US ambassador to Beirut, then Hillary Clinton’s deputy for the wider Middle East, Jeffrey Felman had already written, when he took office in New York in July 2012, a plan for total and unconditional surrender of the Syrian Arab Republic [2]. On this basis, he foiled all peace negotiations, led by Kofi Annan, Lakhdar Brahimi or Stefan de Mistura.

The U.S. is not fighting ISIS in Syria. It is building semi-permanent bases, trains a large proxy force, and controls Syria's oilfields. Its aim is still regime change, the same aim it had when it launched the war on Syria seven and a half years ago. To achieve that it will continue to sow as much chaos as possible.

In 2013, top Obama Administration officials described their policy in the Syrian War as one of keeping the war going. The administration wanted a big seat at the table for a political settlement, which officials clarified meant ensuring that the war kept going so that there was never a clear victor.
The Trump Administration seems to be slipping into that same destructive set of priorities in Syria. TheWashington Post this week quoted an unnamed Administration official as saying that “right now, our job is to help create quagmires [for Russia and the Syrian regime] until we get what we want.”
It is this desire that has the US repeatedly threatening Syria and warning them not to attack Idlib. It is this desire that is sparking almost daily US threats to intervene militarily if the Idlib offensive involves chemical weapons. Most importantly, it is this desire that has Russia very much believing media reports that the rebels could “stage” a fake chemical attack just to suck the US into the war, and be fairly confident it would work.

Due to unfavorable advance publicity the chemical weapon false flag attack, needed to justify American missile and air attacks against Syrian soldiers, is being rescheduled. Details to follow later.

The US military and intelligence have already compiled a list of preliminary targets they would strike in response to another chemical-weapons incident in Syria, CNN reported, citing US administration officials.
The military are ready to “respond very quickly”

On September 1, two Tu-142MK maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft of the Russian Naval Aviation arrived in the Hmeimim airbase in western Syria
​. ​
The Tu-142MK has a combat radius of 6,500km and can fly as high as 12km. The maritime reconnaissance and ASW aircraft can be also armed with different types of torpedoes, bombs and anti-ship missiles, such as the advance Kh-35. The two aircraft are expected to participate in the ongoing massive drills of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Syria, which will end on September 8. According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Russia has deployed its largest naval armada since the Syrian war amid mutual allegations of an imminent chemical attack, and includes 25 warships led by the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser and 30 aircraft, including the strategic Tu-160 missile-carrying bombers are participating in the drills.

No wonder 18,000 Ughurs are working as "rebels" in Syria; there's nothing but detention centers back home.
The United Nations has called on China to end the detention of what it has cited as "tens of thousands to upwards of a million Uighurs" in the far western Xinjiang province.
The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Thursday urged China to "halt the practice of detaining individuals who have not been lawfully charged, tried, and convicted for a criminal offense in any extra-legal detention center."

John McCain and the Uniparty's Funeral for Itself:
Yesterday the country was forced to endure an extravagant display of the Uniparty’s self-regard, and of the media’s boundless dishonesty, when everyone who represents everything that is wrong with America gathered in the National Cathedral for the funeral service of John McCain.

"Hothouse Earth" is the beginning of the end. This is another moment to reflect on how we will change our lives: proactively, or as herded beasts (or both).

Curt Cobb points out that the tools we rely upon to solve problems will have already been undermined by climate change, when we are finally prepared to use them to adapt.
In the United States, we are starting with an infrastructure that has been very badly neglected—so badly that the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the country a D+ on its latest infrastructure report card. The organization estimated that the country needs to spend $4.5 trillion by 2025 just to bring its infrastructure up to good conditio

​Chris Martenson: Our precious ecosphere is disintegrating. The fossil fuels bonanza we are hopelessly addicted to is ending. But there is no Plan B to deal with these existential challenges (beyond the elites' private plans to bunker down and ride out the trouble when it begins).
The message to take from this is: You are on your own.  There’s no benevolent government preparing to step in and sort things out for you if/when collapse arrives.  Your pensions are already gone -- the math is cruelly certain on that. Self-interested corporations set the rules. Power will never be fairly redistributed due to elections.
Were a future of unlimited growth possible, these worries wouldn't really matter.  But it isn’t. So none of this is fine.  Now that the pie is no longer growing, the obvious truth is that the rigged system is handing over a larger and larger portion of that stagnant pie to fewer and fewer people.

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