Thursday, September 6, 2018

Choosing One


Is VP Mike Pence the "coward" who wrote the NYT resisting-Trump-from-inside-the-White-House op-ed? The writer used the word "lodestar" which Pence, and only Pence uses. To me, that may be like a throw-down-gun at a crime scene where the cop killed somebody. Everybody knows about speech analysis to identify people, these days. This could be an editorial false-flag. Is there really an insider who wrote the article? If so, did that insider use "lodestar" to create a false lead? Pence says he didn't write it. Makes sense. He'd lose too much.
Bookies are taking odds on who it is. Pence and Sessions are front-runners. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchen, "globalist-but-I-like-him" per Trump, is at 4:1 odds. He's the kind of Decepticon who could arrange this, but he would have covered all his trails and used speech patterns unlike his own.

Eleni sends "How People Become Easily Controlled by Tyrants", by Brandon Smith. This is a good psychological profiling of how sociopaths with narcissisitic features (and talent) manipulate perceptions in individuals and crowds, turning populations to zealotry, at which point they can be told to do anything (for the higher cause), having given up individual judgement of morality.

The Jerusalem Post has confirmed it was told to remove a story on Israel providing weapons and supplies to anti-Assad factions fighting in Syria by the Israeli army's military censor.
In a written statement to RT News, the Jerusalem Post said, “We were told by the army’s military censor to remove that part of the story.”

Eleni also sends: What Lies Beneath: The US-Israeli Plot to "Save" Gaza
Maximum strangulation has been applied for years, with repeated Israeli bombing, bombardment and shooting of civilians of all ages. Now, humanitarian aid is being cut off by the US, creating acute crisis on chronic crisis, desperation for the isolated families of prisoners in Gaza, represented by Hamas. Hamas and Fatah have long since been divided. This is another push to allow a little air, food and water, for agreeing to a settlement on Israeli terms, giving up all that is recognized by UN resolutions. No right of return, nothing but some food and water now. (It's like that Jewish story of Jacob giving up his birthright to Esau for some soup.)

Late Wednesday evening North Korea announced it would pursue denuclearization by the end of President Trump's first term, or by early 2021. The announcement came via South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his national security advisor Chung Eui-yong, who met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un the day prior.
Kim has reportedly set down a timeline for denuclearization, the first step of which is a meeting summit between himself and the South Korean president in Pyongyang on Sept. 18-20, during which the two have pledged to discuss "practical measures" toward denuclearization.
This included a personal "good faith" message reportedly sent from Kim to President Trump via the South Korean envoy, to which the president has already responded early Thursday morning via Twitter: Kim Jong Un of North Korea proclaims “unwavering faith in President Trump.” Thank you to Chairman Kim. We will get it done together! - Trump stated.
In his remarks on the planned timeline, Chung further said that Kim showed “frustration over the doubt raised by some parts of the international community about his willingness to denuclearize, and asked us to convey his message to the United States”.
“He said he would appreciate that such good faith is accepted with good faith,” Chung said. “He expressed his strong will to carry out more proactive measures toward denuclearization if action is taken in response to the North’s preemptive steps.”

(psst... midterm elections. Looks like the Koreans will do the work to make this happen, There has to be a peace treaty to get this started, then US leaves.)

Tom Luongo looks at the steady resurgence of nationalism in Europe. Globalists are losing their grasp, and the finances for their usual short term bribes.
This looks at Italy, Germany, Hungary and Spain, where politics are very much in transition.

Italy is growing hemp again. It is so useful, and easier on the soil than monocrop wheat and Round-Up. Thanks Eleni.

It's either hemp or...
We explore the risk that self-reinforcing feedbacks could push the Earth System toward a planetary threshold that, if crossed, could prevent stabilization of the climate at intermediate temperature rises and cause continued warming on a “Hothouse Earth” pathway even as human emissions are reduced. Crossing the threshold would lead to a much higher global average temperature than any interglacial in the past 1.2 million years and to sea levels significantly higher than at any time in the Holocene. We examine the evidence that such a threshold might exist and where it might be.

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