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Flesh Eating Deep State

Fed Like Mushrooms,

Beginning the month of September, and approaching "Patriot Day" 9/11, it is as relevant as ever to look at the events that happened in New York 9/11/01, and consider the laws of physics, vs the official account of what  befell some tall buildings with asbestos that were too expensive to refurbish or demolish for their new owner, who had just taken out some very special insurance on them. 
This story does not do that, but Russia is now distinguishing, in official speech, between the elected and official government of the United States, and the other pole of political power, which we commonly call "the deep state". 
Eleni sends this.
In the space of two days, the Federation of Russia called into question the coherence of the United Nations and that of the United States.
At the beginning of the Cold War, the United States thought about how they would be able to survive a Soviet atomic attack which would have killed their President and parliamentarians outright. President Eisenhower therefore nominated a phantom government tasked with ensuring continuity in case such an attack should occur. This secret entity was renewed periodically by his successors and still exists today.
For eighteen years, I have been defending the thesis according to which the United States are no longer governed by their President and Congress, but by this replacement entity. Basing my work on official US documents, I interpreted the attacks of 11 September 2001 as a coup d’etat operated by this unelected authority. Fearing that I am contesting the democratic ideal, my critics have rejected my work in its entirety, without really discussing it nor even reading it.

​Pepe Escobar again looks at the Great-Game of geopolitics. It's starting to boil...
Both Eurasianist Russia and civilization-state China are already on post-Westphalian mode. The redesign goes deep. It includes a key treaty signed in 2001, only a few weeks before 9/11, stressing that both nations renounce any territorial designs on one another’s territory. This happens to concern, crucially, the Primorsky Territory in the Russian Far East along the Amur River, which was ruled by the Ming and Qing empires.
Moreover, Russia and China commit never to do deals with any third party, or allow a third country to use its territory to harm the other’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.
So much for turning Russia against China. Instead, what will develop 24/7 are variations of U.S. military and economic containment against Russia, China and Iran – the key nodes of Eurasia integration.

The (deep state) empire will not be able to keep Afghanistan as an area of turmoil in the Eruasian heartland forever. China has been ploddingly making moves and building relationships there.
China will build a brigade-size military training facility in the strategic Wakhan Corridor, the land bridge between Tajikistan and Pakistan, which is located in Afghanistan’s northeast Badakhshan province and borders China...
China is already Afghanistan’s biggest investor. In 2007 it took a $3 billion, 30-year lease for the Aynak copper mine. China and Pakistan have offered to extend the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to Afghanistan. Some have concluded that the CPEC invitation is a prelude to positioning China as a mediator to end the Afghan conflict.

In the media we get a very different portrayal of what Trump and Kim agreed for Korea, which was to declare peace, and then begin the road to complete denuclearization of a peaceful (not militarily occupied) Korea. This is because the machine that runs the empire is not in agreement with negotiator-in-chief Trump.
The North Koreans are wondering if Trump can deliver – and if he’ll even be in the Oval Office much longer. “Fragmented and messed-up US politics” is synonymous with the possibility that the President may be impeached by a Democratic-controlled Congress, depending on which way the midterm elections go.
“President Trump has a ‘dream,’ which is about achieving the epochal cause of improving North Korea-US relations and establishing world peace, but he has too many enemies.
“His administration and even his advisors are sleeping in the same bed with the president but dreaming different dreams. They are speaking and acting in a way that is inconsistent with the president’s wish, and they are misleading facts to blur the president’s eyes and ears and steering him toward making unintended decisions."

Trump's promise to end the Korean War would remove the automatic justification for massive US military presence in Asia, and the continuing pretext that keeps open the option of undebated military attacks upon North Korea. 

The US blocks preparation for a train to run the tracks from South Korea to North Korea this year to check out the route. NO!

The deep state was so powerful, and self-assured, that it allowed a whole lot of sloppiness. Hillary Clinton's "private" email server, when she was Secretary of State, selling American Uranium to Russia for cheap-and-a-bribe, was sending "courtesy updates" to a Chinese company every time Mrs. Clinton emailed. We can't see that. It's private. The FBI said "careless, but harmless". Trump says it's a big breach of security and needs criminal investigation. 
This does appear to be an instance of Trump against at least one branch of the deep state. 
(Sorry, I can't find anything more mainstream than Fox and Sputnik on this one.)

According to three Iranian officials, two Iraqi intelligence sources and two Western intelligence sources, Iran has transferred short-range ballistic missiles to allies in Iraq over the last few months. Five of the officials said it was helping those groups to start making their own.
“The logic was to have a backup plan if Iran was attacked,” one senior Iranian official told Reuters. “The number of missiles is not high, just a couple of dozen, but it can be increased if necessary.”
Reuters identifies the Zelzal, Fateh-110 and Zolfaqar missile systems as among those transferred — with ranges of between 200 and 700km, which puts "Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh or the Israeli city of Tel Aviv within striking distance if the weapons were deployed in southern or western Iraq".
The Iraqi official continued, “Iran will definitely use the missiles it handed over to Iraqi militia it supports to send a strong message to its foes in the region and the United States that it has the ability to use Iraqi territories as a launch pad for its missiles to strike anywhere and anytime it decides.”

Israel declares (again) that some buildings in Syria are Iranian missile emplacements, directly threatening Israeli  "freedom" to bomb Syria. 
You know what this leads to...

Eleni sends this article, proposing that since Syrian regime change is not hppening, the next target is Hezbollah. (Hezbollah is almost impossible to "target".)

​Saudi Arabia condemns UN report on war Crimes in Yemen (of course). "They ignore our good reasons!"

Trump's off-the-record gloating about privately humiliating Canada in trade negotiations was leaked. He wanted to avoid public humiliation and the loss of national honor, which Canadian negotiators would be unable to accept. Bloomberg is in trouble for whispering the off-the-record blockbuster to the Toronto Star. Was this intentional? Why did he say stuff like that to reporters if he did not want it to get out? He's not denying it. Odd face-slapping game...
Trump took to Twitter on Friday, saying that the "powerful understanding" between Bloomberg and him was "blatantly violated" by the leak of his comments that weren't intended for public dissemination. He said that it was yet another example of "dishonest reporting," which he already got used to since moving into the White House.
"At least Canada knows where I stand," Trump added, thus confirming the authenticity of the leak.

Italian Minister of Economic Affairs, Paolo Savona says that The Euro is Germany's 1940 Reichsbank Plan and Italy should withdraw. Thanks Eleni.
Paolo Savona, the new Italian Minister of Economic Affairs, believes that Germany is executing the 1940 Walther Funk plan.
​ ​
Walther Funk was Director of the Bank of International Settlements and, in 1939, Hitler appointed him as the President of the Reichsbank. Mr Savona laid down his views in a 2012 letter to his German and Italian friends. “The Funk Plan, provided for national currencies to converge into the German mark’s area and this is what you would like and have partially achieved,” Paolo Savona wrote. “It also envisaged,” he continued, “that industrial development only pertained to yourselves and that you would only be accompanied by France, your ‘historical’ ally, a solution now caused by the common European market and the single currency. The Plan wanted other countries to devote themselves to agriculture and tourist services, something that will happen out of necessity or because of a natural ‘calling’ and they will lend skilled labour to your leadership project.”

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​Chowing Down​

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