Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Brief Opportunity Window

Seizing the Day,

I work in public health, garden 3 vegetable gardens, and bike commute. I’m outta’ bandwidth.
This morning I have to go get beans, rice, oil, salt, Thai red curry in little jars, bar soap, shampoo... 
Jenny scored toilet paper and mixed nuts at Costco yesterday, and I ordered $1300 of things that I would be ordering soon for the family homestead in Yoakum. A Pioneer heat pump and 5 stainless steel shelving units seem to be available, so I put them on the credit card.
I tended the vegetable garden there at People’s Community Clinic for an hour and a half yesterday afternoon, after finishing all my patient care work, then rode the hour home. 
2 people really almost hit me on the way home. Distracted and in a hurry, I guess. 
It makes me ready to fight.
I’m glad I’m not on a Chinese or American nuclear sub with one infected mate. 
I have made suggestions for a mobile viral assessment unit in the parking lot at People's Clinic, and how to run it, weekend before last. Haven’t heard bac 
I also said I anticipated we’d need to work out home visits for our patients. No reply yet. 
I volunteered. I’m a fatalist. 
We have no test kits, but we can report suspicious people who traveled to Wuhan, I guess. 
Who makes the test kits?
Jenny listened to NPR on her way home from work last evening. The CDC was advising Americans to hoard, er, “stock up for a quarantine at home”.  
  Get stuff you’ll need now. Window of opportunity.   
This morning after coffee, Jenny wished me a good day as she headed to work. 
“I love you”, I said. “I hope you don’t die of coronavirus”.

I think everybody will get exposed within a few years.
Harvard Professor Says 40-70 Per Cent of People Worldwide Will Be Infected With Coronavirus
Says asymptomatic nature of virus means it “will ultimately not be containable.”

​Japan has about 171 confirmed cases and 1 death, but they have done the analysis. They can't tell where the new cases are coming from. It's in the community and invisible.
"We Can't Stop This": Japan Rolls Out New 'Harm Reduction' Policy Aimed At Limiting Virus-Related Deaths
"We shouldn’t have illusions," said Shigeru Omi, a senior government adviser. "We can’t stop this, but we can try to reduce the speed of expansion and reduce mortality."
In keeping with this maxim, hospital space will be reserved for patients with the most serious symptoms, while those with simple colds and fevers have been asked to rest at home. They're only to contact health authorities if a fever persists for four days. Or two for the elderly, people with chronic diseases or pregnant women .

​"Rage, rage against the dying of the light!"
Coronavirus: Xi Jinping rings alarm on China economy as country shifts priority to maintaining growth
President Xi Jinping has acknowledged the ‘unavoidable’ impact of the coronavirus epidemic on China, but implored local officials to resume production where possible
Xi’s comments come as concern grows that the economy could be dragged into a deep slowdown, threatening the country’s 2020 development goals

I don't think we have good healthcare infrastructure at all. What a delusion! 
Sure you can get a coronary bypass if you have good insurance, but a hundred million cases of a sometimes-fatal cold virus? Wake Up!
 "I've been saying that it's all about health care infrastructure, that China doesn't have it, we have it, other Western countries have it. Well, guess what, South Korea has a fantastic health care system. They tested over 20,000 people and ended up with over 800 positive cases. That's showing that this is a highly contagious virus that is spreading despite the best efforts of top health systems to contain it," he said.
​We can presume that it is getting bad in North Korea, probably Libya. Remind me who is in "The Axis of Evil".
How Iran’s coronavirus death toll came to be the highest behind only China
Iran’s health minister says the infections are believed to be linked to a merchant who bypassed travel restrictions by making indirect flights to China
Qom, south of the capital Tehran, has been identified as the centre of contagion, but authorities have warned it is possible the virus is present in all cities

​Italy was the European adopter of China's New Silk Road, remember? They must regret that now...
European borders remain open, as Italian coronavirus outbreak kills 11 & infects HUNDREDS

What? This can't be serious. Certainly risk-investors stand prepared to take their losses in the face of a global pandemic. The truth is the truth. Nobody would try to hide that for another 6 weeks, just for hundreds of billions of dollars.
Here Are The 425 Billion Reasons Why WHO Refuses To Call The Covid-19 Outbreak A "Pandemic"

This just in​, and a US soldier in South Korea is infected, too​:
Secretive Cult Linked To Coronavirus Outbreak In South Korea Held Meetings In Wuhan
Following reports that a strange Christian cult might be behind the outbreak in Daegu that kickstarted South Korea's COVID-19 crisis, readers around the world have been curious to learn more details about the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the small but surprisingly extensive church that follows a man named Lee Man-hee who claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ.  

Craig Murray​ managed to get one of 16 public seats at the first day of Julian Assange's extradition hearing yesterday, a very long and intimidating ordeal out in the cold and dark for hours before it opened. There were lies aplenty from the prosecution, not detected from the distant and isolated press room, linked by a video feed just for them, and us.
This is really heavy. The press was fed exactly the wrong "facts" and reported them as FACTS.

​They moved him to 3 different prison cells in the night, too. No sleep for tortured Julian.​
Julian Assange was handcuffed 11 times, stripped naked twice and had his case files confiscated after the first day of his extradition hearing, according to his lawyers, who complained of interference in his ability to take part.  

​How would RT know this, and why should we believe it?
Assange lawyer brings up claim US mulled ‘kidnapping and poisoning’ of publisher

Congresswoman US Army Reserve Major, and  Iraq War  Veteran Tulsi Gabbard is excluded from the Democratic Debates, still, in perpetuity, because that's the easiest way to avoid letting people hear what she says. 
She says what she thinks, and that's off-the-reservation, for sure.
​ ​So not only is Tulsi Gabbard in good company when she expresses doubt about the official JFK story, but she is also talking about an issue that will confront the next president.
​ ​In October 2017, Trump broke a promise to release all the JFK files. Instead, he quietly issued a White House order saying he had “no choice” but to permit the CIA and FBI to keep secret thousands of JFK documents until at least 2021. According to the latest figures from the National Archives, 15,834 JFK files remain wholly or partially classified. In other words, it would be a crime to disclose their contents or talk about these JFK files on the presidential campaign trail in 2020 for reasons of “national security.”
​ ​And why, you might ask, are the government’s JFK assassination secrets still unspeakable today? That’s a very good question. Tulsi Gabbard has offended conventional wisdom by seeking the answer.

​The Syrian army, with Russian air support and diplomacy, is re-taking the part of Syria that Turkey wants, and pretty fast.
The U.S. has made clear that it will not support Erdogan's Syria adventure except by words. This was evident last week when the spokesperson of the U.S. anti-ISIS campaign said that Idleb governorate is a "magnet" for terrorist groups who are a "nuisance, a menace and a threat" to the hundreds of thousands of civilians in Syria.
 Erdogan's threat to attack with his whole army should Syria not withdraw to the previous lines by March 1 is obviously empty. The Russian airforce would pulverize the Turkish forces before they could reach the front lines.
 Erdogan is in a challenging position. If he orders his army to attack in full force he will have to justify the likely very high losses in an unwinnable war. If he retreats from his harsh rhetoric and accepts the Russian points those nationalists who still support him will have further doubts about his leadership.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov won't budge at all on freeing Syria. No more negotiating with terrorists/mercenaries, while they are being routed from Syria. (Get 'em out, before the virus gets in.)
US proposals to start dialogue with terrorists in Idlib are unacceptable – Russian FM

​Going For Supplies Now​


  1. Bunch of random thoughts here. Living in west central Mexico at the moment. Hot and humid and lots of sun. Sposed to be unfriendly to virus. Nevertheless, about the middle of January I picked up the flu, as did a bunch of other people on our town of 3000. We live in a valley with one road going through and mountains to cross on either end so not a lot of traffic. Still, all it takes is one person with the virus. People here go to church a lot so that's a good place to go and cough. And easter is coming up. 2 million pilgrims will converge on Talpa during easter week. Maybe the virgin Mary will do some miracles.
    Come to think of it Munich's Oktoberfest is dedicated to Mary for saving the city from some sort of plague i think, or was it Turks?
    Either way, when corona comes to Mexico, the virgin will be playing a role.
    On a lighter note, think it was an article by an Italian on veterans today that tried to find a common thread between korea, iran, Italy and China. Supposedly, they all pissed off the US and now they're getting theirs.
    Somebody else suggested that China knows the US introduced the virus, but won't let on. Is that true for Iran as well?
    Anyway, gotta go down to the mercado for some rice and beans and canned goods. In the afternoon, maybe sit in the sun with my shirt off and generate some vitaminas. Salud from the other estados unidos.

  2. Speaking of supplies, two stories from friends:
    1. Friends visiting Canada were invited for dinner by immigrants from eastern Europe. Their house was heated to 80 degrees and they had a whole room full of canned goods. The couple had endured prolonged hunger and cold during WW2 and never wanted to repeat that experience again.
    2. A friend's aunt had spent WW2 in a small town in France. She was able to get bread when others couldn't because she had befriended the baker. Whenever she moved to a new place after the war, she always made sure there was a bakery and grocery store nearby where she could get to know the owner.

    1. Gruss Gott, Wolfgang!
      It's nice to get a comment from a human. Mostly I get spam-bots with nonsense compliments and a link to some business.
      It's probably good that you are in a sunny place, and certainly good that you eat local vegetables. I hope you don't smoke tobacco. Do take 5000 Units per day vitamin-D, the simplest step to supporting your immune system. Daily activity and friendly relations are good for the immune system. Stress is bad.
      I don't have inside information about whether this novel coronavirus was released in Wuhan by accident or as an act of war by "the west". I presume that if Canada has it, then the US does, too.
      I also presume that global elites are non-state actors. They have their own interests, which may be linked positively and negatively to various states. George Soros and the Rothschilds are examples.
      I sometimes look at Veterans Today. They have opened up some good stories over the years. The accidental discovery of live nuclear cruise missiles under the wings of a B-52, refueling at Barksdale AFB, hailing from Minot AFB, and headed for Iran, Syria or both in 2008, comes to mind. Some airmen on the runway sounded the alert and refused to stand down for that. There was some pretext at the time that Syria was working on nuclear weapons. It was false, of course.
      I'm not sure what sites you frequent, but I have been posting on The Automatic Earth for quite some time, and on Caitlin Johnstone's site also, recently.
      Chuss bis Spater!

  3. John, don't worry about the replies I read your blog often. I also hang out for your contributions at TAE - oxymoron here, and in fact it was your early advice re - vitamin D3 etc on the site that saw me stocked up of essentials well ahead of time. Keep up the writing and Oh the time involved in veggies and fruit is epic. Off-grid here in Australia so got more to worry about with climate change than system failure.

  4. Good-on-Ya, Mate! Look at TAE blog for advice on getting a stock of 500 mg chloroquine phosphate to take if you get exposed to novel coronavirus 2019. It is flying off the shelves, as far as i can tell. Word is out that it helped in the clinical trial.

  5. Dr. Day! You scared me by describing your trek home on bike. The very first time we met, the first thing you ever said to me, was "Don't be afraid", because you had got hit on your bike by a distracted driver and your face had been pummeled. Years later, distracted driving is much worse. Do be careful. We need you.

    I hope the powers that be at People's implement your ideas. The mobile unit (and testing kits) needs to happen now. Here, here. It's common sense.

    Take 500 mg chloroquine phosphate if you get exposed and Vitamin D3 for immunity. Duly noted. LL

  6. Oh, it's Linda your patient. My Google account needs my attn. It's showing me as unknown with a different email address. LL

    1. Hi Linda, Thanks for telling me your 1975 Swine Flu vaccine story. I had never heard the story from somebody who got so sick. I had only heard about that happening. I was in high school in Yokohama at that time, myself. I'm careful, as careful and alert as I can be as an urban bicyclist.