Thursday, February 27, 2020

Run On Chloroquine

Thinking Prophylactically,

A post on The Automatic Earth yesterday included this link, which is incomplete information about the treatment of novel coronavirus 2019 with chloroquine phosphate, failing to reveal the dose.

That's OK. Let's wing it with the highest standard sustained dose in general use, the dose for amebiasis. 
That is 500 mg twice per day for 2 days, then once per day for 2-3 weeks. It looks about right for the job.

Both local pharmacies I called here in Austin this morning say the wholesaler expects to have some on March 3 
("I should gladly repay you Tuesday"). This online pharmacy says they have it, according to the online chat lady. 
It costs about $15/tablet and you need a prescription to send in with the printed form.

I'm awaiting a call back from a human supervisor about getting a supply for the clinic. 
I'd find it useful to have around, for sure.

Do take 5000 units per day of vitamin-D3, available over the counter and cheap. 
Take 2 per day for a month if you have not been taking it, to try to get up into the normal range.

Here is the latest story about how to tell that this virus was created in a lab. There are more and more specific fingerprints of genetic engineering. Nope, the pangolin didn't get it from the bat and mutate it to infect humans.

Do you think Japan will host the olympics this summer? I don't.
Saudi Arabia just quarantined Mecca. No Hajj.

Iran's Ambassador to the Vatican just died of n-CoV-2019 disease, and their Vice President for Women & Families has it.

UK National Health Service says what must obviously be true. In case of shortage of life support equipment, healthy young people will be prioritized over sick old people. Each hospital will have committee of "3 wise men" to decide priority.

Yesterday's news was that Japan, then Germany gave up on containment of cases and switched to damage control, since new cases were untraceable. Japan is closing schools, too. First "community acquired" case announced in US.

A Japanese tour guide, treated for the virus, recovered and tested negative, has become symptomatic again. It looks like this virus may go dormant, "play possum", as well as have a long and variable latency, and be spread by those who don't feel sick.

In June 2017 the World Bank sold about $450 million of pandemic bonds, that pay if there is no pandemic, but poor sick countries get the money if there is a pandemic. There are 3 tranches of these. No pandemic by this July means big money to big investors. Declaration (unavoidable soon) of pandemic triggers means poor, devastated countries get some of the money that is left after fees and coupon payments, already disbursed.

Seeking Chloroquine

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