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Facing Transformation,

Change comes through mechanisms. The steam engine was a means to facilitate many changes, which have overwhelmingly shaped the world we inhabit. It's running out of steam, but we don't know what mechanisms we might employ to live with less burning of fuel, and mining of ore, and plastic packaging. 
Wide ranging global quarantines for 3 years would sure change things .
What would I do at home for 3 months? In about a month, the flow of Chinese manufactured items to US ports will start to reflect manufacturing disruptions now taking place. What if the car or airplane you make requires 7 Chinese parts?
Will you burn less gas sitting at home? Do you need a new car or iPhone? Do you have vegetables to go with those beans and rice? Do you have fuel, water, electricity, phone, internet? Can you trust knocks on the door?
Really consider what your community will be during and after 3 months of lock-down, and with that lock-down moving around the world, too. It will be martial-law, but how functional? How dysfunctional? What kinds of dysfunction?

Beijing is locked down. War footing.
As the novel coronavirus spreads from Wuhan, China has been implementing “closed management” by putting 80 cities under lockdown. Today, Beijing authorities also issued a “Strict Closed Management of Residential Communities” in an epidemic prevention and control announcement. It is an official declaration that Beijing, the country’s capital city of China, is now under lockdown.  

From Zero Hedge: (There is a political power struggle in the US and the world. Whose viral weapon?)
White House Asks Scientists To Investigate Whether 2019-nCoV Was Bio-Engineered 
​ ​A week ago, we published details that raised questions about the source of the Wuhan novel coronavirus, specifically questioning the official theory for the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, namely because someone ate bat soup at a Wuhan seafood and animal market as a fabricated farce.
 The real reason behind the viral spread, we suggested, was that a weaponized version of the coronavirus (one which may have originally been obtained from Canada), was released by Wuhan's Institute of Virology (presumably accidentally ), China's only top, level-4 biohazard lab, which was studying "the world's most dangerous pathogens."  ...
 Of course, that is all ancient history and Zero Hedge was permanently banned from Twitter for raising such a conspiracy theory about a publicly-searchable person working a publicly-searchable place.
 But, bygones being bygones, we moved on... until today when no lesser entity than The White House began asking questions about the origin of the deadly coronavirus.

​The Epoch Times is a voice of the banned-in-China​ Falun Gong meditation group, which is no friend of the Chinese Communist Party (maybe plays footsies with CIA, of necessity.). Falun Gong is also a source of high quality human organs for sale on global markets, which does benefit some party members. 
Anyway, they have an agonizingly long look into the origins of the Wuhan coronavirus, if you like that. It gets somewhat interesting in the paragraphs that have "Bat" in the header, and subsequently, but it's still a tease. They don't know.
I'll give you the short version. There is a very high correlation with known bat viruses, including several at the Wuhan lab. Wuhan has the technology to transfer any of these to other animals (like rats) and to humans (but so do US and Canada), and there is a last gap in the evolution of this virus that happened somewhere... Yeah, Where?

Mish Shedlock has the story of a Wuhan coronavirus "super spreader" who presented with atypical symptoms, abdominal symptoms, was admitted to a surgical ward, and infected approximately 57 people, before it was figured out. ACE2 receptors exist in lungs, and also in the gut. This was an atypical presentation, so guards were down, but it is still a very impressive dissemination.

This interview with a physician who was instrumental in getting authorities and his hospital to grapple with the Wuhan coronavirus is good and informative. He seems open and factual.
Peng: The biggest assault the virus launches is on a patient's immune system. It causes a fall in the count of lymphocytes, the damage in the lungs and shortness of breath. Many serious patients died of choking. Others died of the failure of multiple organs following complications in their organs resulting from a collapse of the immune system.  

Back to that gap. Wuhan coronavirus may have evolved in a lab. But wait, look here!
 Chinese scientists claimed they may have found the animal source of the outbreak, based on genetic analysis, though their results have yet to be published. The coronavirus is thought to have originated in bats but passed through an intermediate host before infecting humans. The researchers have identified a coronavirus in pangolins that is 99% similar to the one causing the current outbreak.
 The only scaly mammal, the long-snouted, ant-eating pangolin is endangered but often hunted for meat or use in Chinese medicine.  

North Korea’s coronavirus border shutdown: “Nobody is to come into contact with Chinese people”
North Korea is as serious as a heart attack about this, and they really need Chinese stuff and revenues, but it's all blocked. Even the smugglers are docking their boats and leaving them sit.​ Wartime footing...​

​Watch this space for better information. Advertised as: "your home away from home".
Testing aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan has found 66 more confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, the health ministry said on Monday.
That brings total cases on the ship docked in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, to 136. Officials said they are double checking the results and could not immediately release the exact figure but that would increase Japan’s total number of infections to 162 cases.
Japanese authorities have so far tested about 280 people on board the Diamond Princess, which was placed on a two-week quarantine after a former passenger, who disembarked in Hong Kong last month, was diagnosed with the coronavirus.
About 3,700 people are on board the vessel, which usually has a crew of 1,100 and a passenger capacity of 2,670.

​I know for a fact that Barcelona is in Spain, and that's nowhere close to China. Wassup? 
​ Sony and Amazon are the latest major companies to pull out of one of the world's largest tech shows because of risks posed by coronavirus.
 Sony said it would no longer take part in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona after "monitoring the evolving situation" after the coronavirus outbreak.
 The organiser has said the event, which attracts 100,000 people, will go ahead.
​ ​South Korea's LG Electronics, Ericsson, the Swedish telecoms equipment-maker, and US chip company NVIDIA have all withdrawn from the conference, which runs between 24 and 27 February.  

​Charles Hugh Smith:
​ ​It's clear that the narrative about the coronavirus is being carefully managed globally to minimize the impact on global sentiment and markets. Authorities are well aware of the global economy's extreme fragility, and so Job One for authorities everywhere is to scrub the news flow of anything that doesn't support the implicit official narrative:
1. The coronavirus is only an issue in China; it's contained outside China.
2. The coronavirus will soon be contained in China, and global business will quickly return to normal.
​ ​In pushing this narrative, authorities around the world share the same goal: limit the damage to consumer confidence and markets, as the legitimacy of every regime from Beijing to Washington D.C. to Nairobi is based on maintaining these economic fictions​.

​US quarantine sites seem to be military bases. Lackland in San Antonio gets a bunch of people who were pulled out of China with the clothes on their backs and now get to sit real still for at least 2 weeks while undergoing studies, and probably a lot of debriefing, with military rigor. Austin news yesterday had a family of 6 getting sent to be the quarantine.
Look, no cases in Africa, despite so many big ​C​hinese road, airport and railway project completed and underway, most staffed by Chinese. Lots of air traffic to and from China, too.​ Oh, no testing kits in Africa before February 7?​

​The Sate OF American Debt Slaves. Wolf Richter.
(You are free to vote for which elite group you want to lash you while you work)

Well you are free to vote, but we control your information feeds, and the counting of votes.
Silicon Valley billionaire Reid Hoffman funded the creation of ACRONYM, the group that sabotaged the Iowa caucus results, after bankrolling voter manipulation campaigns including the notorious online “false flag operation” in Alabama’s 2017 senate race.​ ​By Max Blumenthal

​Matt Taibbi figures the Democratic Party just defeated itself. It looks like either the big money and power jump ship, or everybody else may. Big money and power would rather be sure they keep Sanders and Gabbard off the ticket before they go.
​ ​When historians pore over the Great Iowa Catastrophe of 2020, much of the blame will be focused on Acronym and Shadow, the two firms associated with the balky app that was supposed to count caucus results. For the conspiratorial-minded, the various political connections will be key: Acronym co-founder Tara McGowan is married to Buttigieg strategist Michael Halle, while former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe sits on Acronym’s board. Shadow had also been a client of both the Buttigieg and Biden campaigns in 2019.
​ ​But garden variety disorganization and stupidity were the major storylines underneath the terrible optics. From the first moment the caucus proceedings were delayed Monday night due to what the Iowa Democratic Party called “inconsistencies in the reporting,” Sanders supporters in particular felt in déjà vu territory.

​It has a name, The Clinton Machine, and it would much rather have Trump in office than Sanders, with or without Gabbard, who is suing Hillary for $50,000,000.
“[Bill and Hillary Clinton] set up a machine that was really a juggernaut with all this corporate money they brought in through the Democratic Leadership Committee,” says Blumenthal. “It was a very different structure than we’d seen with previous Democratic candidates who relied heavily on unions and the civil rights coalition.
“And that machine never went away,” the journalist goes on.

 Welcome comic relief from Jokin' Joe:
​ ​What's the first thing a Democratic presidential candidate should do after suffering a monumental defeat in the first caucus of the season?
​ ​If you're Joe Biden, call a woman who introduced herself as "Madison" a "lying dog-faced pony soldier" after she says she's attended a caucus.


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