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First The Bad News

Genetically Targeted,

The Wuhan coronavirus, 2019-nCov, has been completely genetically mapped, and that data is published, openly shared.
Many other coronaviruses, like all of those common colds, SARS MeRS, Bat doronaviruses, have also been genetically mapped, and the genetic sequences published. This allows comparison of similarities and differences between viruses and helps to understand specifics of their function, including their shapes, and how they might attach to receptor proteins in a human body, for instance.
The Wuhan coronavirus is a lot like all the other coronaviruses, and especially a lot like a bat coronavirus it was compared to, but it has 4 unique and fairly long genetic sequences, not found in ANY of the other coronavirus. Where did they come from? stuff like that is supposed to evolve by individual replication-defect mutations over millions of viral generations, and a lot of other things should have shifted, and intermediate shifty things should be found in other viruses of the same family.
No, it's like those 4 gene sequences were cut and pasted from somewhere else.
OK, lets compare them to the wide world of RNA virus databases and see if they line up with anything that's published.
BINGO! Oh-Shit!
They are all found in the same exact place, the virus described in the mid 1980s as Human T-cell Lymphocyte Virus #3. HTLV3. 
They changed the name around 1990 to HIV, the most studied and best understood human viral pathogen ever. It's really well understood now. As declared by it's original name, it attacks the T-lymphocytes, immune system cells which destroy invading foreign stuff like bacteria and viruses. It wipes them out.
One of the big clinical features of people sick with this Wuhan coronavirus is Low Lymphocyte Counts
Tom and I both found this article on Zero Hedge, which has just been deplatformed from Facebook for "breaking rules" 

This just in: Facebook and Twitter vow to CENSOR (er, "fact check") "misinformation" about Wuhan coronavirus/

I was able to access the pre-print Coronavirus-HIV-homology paper this morning..

Here's an analysis saying "I don't think it's military", but explaining what's going on.
​ ​The new paper’s authors took 28 sequences of the 2019-nCoV genome isolated from 28 different patient samples, and aligned them with the bat coronavirus genome which is 2019-nCoV’s closest known relative. Although the two viral genomes are 96% identical, this leaves about 1200 DNA bases, and a smaller number of protein residues, where they differ.
​ ​Among the differences, the Indian team identifies four insertions, where the 2019-nCoV genome contains a small extra sequence corresponding to a few additional amino acids in an otherwise similar protein. These insertions are as short as 6 residues.
​ ​All four insertions were located in the “spike protein” of 2019-nCoV, the projecting protein on the virus’s round envelope which recognizes the ACE2 receptor and enables the virus to penetrate mucous membrane cells, and also gives the coronavirus its name. The variable sequences of these recognition regions enable viruses to penetrate different types of cells in the human body.
​ ​The authors took the 2019-nCoV version of the spike protein sequence, and performed homology modeling to generate a likely 3D structure of the spike protein, using known 3D structure of the spike protein from the SARS virus as a starting point. They found that although the four sequences are distant in the 1D chain of the protein, the folding of the spike protein brings three of them together in 3D space, and that they are on the “tip” of the spike, at the ACE2 recognition site...

 The virus has a close 96% sequence overlap to a naturally occurring bat coronavirus, and coronaviruses have been known to jump from bats to humans by way of intermediates before, like the SARS coronavirus. The differences between the genome sequences, including the ones identified by the Indian study, are in variable regions of the genome that we’d expect to differ, and the 4% difference in the genomes is hard to call as “high” or “low,” given that we don’t know exactly which bats the 2019-nCoV strain came from or when it diverged from its closest known ancestor.

Read up on the clinical features of this virus again in this Lancet article. "Lymphopenia" means low lymphocyte counts. 

​ ​Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas dismantled a claim from China’s communist regime Thursday that pinned the coronavirus outbreak on a market selling dead and live animals.
​ ​“China claimed — for almost two months — that coronavirus had originated in a Wuhan seafood market,” Cotton wrote on Twitter. “That is not the case.”  

Highly consider buying vitamin D3 over the counter in the 5000 unit (largest) dose and taking 2 per day for a month or two, until you see how well the quarantines are going, and whether it seems to be excluded from your planetary region or not. Then take 1 per day forever, unless you live in the tropics and spend a lot of time outside nearly naked when the sun is shining. 

 While riding my bike to work Thursday around noon, I formulated an engaging Unified 2019-nCov Conspiracy Theory hypothesis, which plausibly combines the information we have to create a tale explaining how things could have come to appear as they do with Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.
Let’s look at the article about Wuhan’s Institute of Virology, which we saw​ Wednesday​
This institute was advertising on November 18 for a couple of hard working grad level research slaves, sleep​-​under​-​desk kinda; guys. 
The implication of this ZH article is that the​ ​fruit- bats-carry-deadly-coronavirus program was ramping up, but what if they just had to ​replace a couple of guys they recently fired in ​early​ November? ​(It's also possible that somebody just got real sick and couldn't work, of course.)​
Have you ever worked in animal research? I have, and sometimes people have to be fired for violating animal treatment protocols. It’s actually really important, and can go on a long time before anybody at the boss level finds out. (I’m thinking of somebody. Hi Larry. I presume you are not reading this.)
Lab animals are typically docile, raised and fed well by humans in captivity their whole lives, then “sacrificed” at the end of the study. Nobody paid much attention to the rat corpses I had to create in college and med school, but they were not infected with ​human pathogens​, either.
Imagine you are a hard working Chinese grad student guy, taking really good care of these lovely fat, pleasant fruit bats every day, and there are lots of them that you are just supposed to euthanize at the end of each project run, then cremate.
What a waste! These are prime dining, and no hassle at all to slaughter, and there is this guy at the exotic meat market who gives good money for each and every one, no questions asked.
It’s arguably un-Chinese to persistently ignore such an obviously efficient and virtuous business arrangement. It could be a real steady thing.
(Larry seemed to have mistreated monkeys and chimps for years, and lab primates are a sensitive issue.)
So for months there is an intermittent supply of live fruit bats delivered to the Wuhan ​wet​ market, variously infected with viral strains that have been tested in previous months. It’s a regular thing. Goes on for at least months, maybe years, until a researcher finds out one day. Unfortunately, it’s something like a month after the virus is already doing human-to-human spread at the ​wet​ market (RNA mutation regression analysis placed case-1 in October)
Case-temporarily-closed. Hire new qualified workers and let them know why the other guys got fired, so they don’t try it.
Event 201​ ​​ ,​making the world safe for coronavirus pandemics, was held October 18, which is about the time the virus started it’s journey of spreading and mutating in human hosts, one month before the job postings.
Well, what if you had ​spied upon​ the Chinese​ virology​ lab, and wanted to hoist it upon it’s own​ ​petard, while unleashing a ​refined ​bioweapon on the Chinese economy? Just askin’.
​ Imagine​ you are a deep-state-economic-hit-man spook with flair, a boss who likes your style, plenty of budget, and you know these guys who take care of the infected fruit bats at the virology lab would really like to have girlfriends and money, and you know some guys who can show them a way to help make that happen, with ​"​nobody hurt​"​, and ​"​nobody the wiser​"​?
The sort of weakness with this simply scenario is that the world is ​not very well ​protected from whatever weaponized virus ​gets out and​ spread​s in humans. There has been no real picking and choosing, unless your ​spy​ was so good that you actually knew the details of each ongoing experiment, and COULD pick and choose which bats went to market​.
Anyway the public health guys got together at event 201 to figure out how to quarantine entire continents when this kind of thing happens.

4 days ago Gail Tverberg, a professional  actuary, looked at the global economic impact which will develop with a quarantine of China, and any city with this virus. She thought it was just a naturally occurring virus.​ What if it's a bioweapon-of-trade-war? China gets hurt worst and blamed.
​ ​Unfortunately, there aren’t easy answers. We can easily see the likely outcome of under reaction. More people might die of the disease. More people might find themselves out of work for a couple of weeks or more with the illness. We tend to be especially concerned about ourselves and our own relatives.
​ ​The thing that is harder to see is that reacting too vigorously can have a hugely detrimental impact on the world economy. The world economy depends on international trade and tourism. China plays a key role in the world economy. Quarantines of whole regions that last for weeks and months can have a very detrimental impact on the wages of people in the area and profits of local companies. Problems with debt can be expected to spike. The greater the reaction to the coronavirus, the more likely the world economy will be pushed toward recession and job loss.

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