Saturday, August 8, 2020

Accidents Happen


​  ​On Tuesday 4th of August, an explosion at the Lebanese harbour in the heart of the capital Beirut caused devastating human casualties and material destruction. Over 140 people died instantly, 80 are still missing under the rubble, and over 5000 were wounded. More than 300,000 homes were destroyed and many more were damaged. 2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) (an equivalent of 1,000 tons of TNT) somehow ignited and registered the largest explosion since the end of World War II. Many theories, accusing Israel or Hezbollah or the CIA, are circulating like wildfire in the Lebanese capital. Where is the truth? Cui bono? ...
​  ​Ammonium Nitrate has many properties, notably as a component of explosive mixtures (Mellor, 1922; Elvers 1989, Suslick 1992). Pure AN is very stable and should meet specified quality requirements to be used in the production of industrial explosives. According to the European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association, AN is especially difficult to detonate and does indeed need a substantial stimulus for this to happen. But it must be stored in a dry, well-ventilated and sealed storage area. Moreover, any electrical installation in the storage area must be resistant to ammonia vapour...
​  ​For over six years, the 2,750 tons of AN remained in the Lebanese warehouse without any plans to relocate or re-sell it. Moreover, the storage area chosen is subject to the changing weather of the Lebanese climatic seasons, which include suffocating heat in the summer. The storage area was of metal construction with no proper ventilation.​..​
​  ​Last year, Captain Naddaf who works at the harbour under the National Security Service, called his superior to inform him about the presence of a “dangerous cargo at warehouse no. 12.” His superior officer, General A. instructed the young officer to provide a written report and take pictures of the warehouse and the contents. The warehouse construction had a breach big enough for the passage of a man, which would facilitate entry or even theft.​..
 ​ ​On the 4th of August, at 15:00 local time, a blacksmith was asked to close the holes in the warehouse to prevent potential smuggling of the content. The blacksmith was not informed about the hazardous content of the warehouse, nor he was told to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of metal particles that produce fragments and can trigger fire. He was working at a distance no more than a few centimetres from the AN bags that were lying on the floor, from which a clear substance was leaking. Once the job was done, between 16:30 and 17:00, smoke was seen coming from the warehouse.

​Moon Of Alabama has videos, and what appears to be the final update as to the causal sequence, which fits well with about 10 videos from various angles and distances. The impounded fireworks were in the same warehouse with impounded ammonium nitrate, a high explosive, when detonated by another explosion. The first fireworks explosion blew off the roof, and the compartments were not much separated, as fireworks continued to detonate.​
​  ​There is a short video of firefighters at the initial fire. Reportedly none survived when the fireworks fire set off the ammonium nitrate. Another video shows the initial fire caused by welding. It burns a while and then sets off fireworks in a first explosion. This takes the roof off the warehouse. A few minutes later the fireworks cause the huge explosion of the ammonium nitrate.  
"Leave, You Are All Killers!" Protesters Storm Multiple Government Ministries In Beirut
​ ​The expected protests and riots have broken out in Beirut at the end of a week in which families mourned the over 150 killed in Tuesday's blast centered on the port, which it's now been revealed was the result of years of negligence by authorities who allowed 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate to be unsafely stored right alongside a large stash of impounded fireworks.​..
​  Like the years-long banking crisis, the government is seen as directly responsible for this week's epic tragedy, also given the lengthy paper trail showing multiple officials and entities begged the government to do something about the explosive substance stored so near a densely populated area.​..
​  ​It appears that going into the night the ministries now "taken over" the protesters include the Foreign Affairs, Environment, and Energy ministry buildings, as well as the Ministry of Economy.
​  ​Chants of “the people want the fall of the regime” as well as the burning of portraits of top Lebanese leaders and politicians, such as of President Michel Aoun could be observed during mass demonstrations at Martyr's Square.
​ ​Lebanon's national grain stockpile was completely destroyed, though the once massive silos shielded the Western part of the city from vast damage.

​Libyan General Haftar, backed by Egypt, Russia and France appears to have advanced anti-aircraft defenses from either Russia (S-300) or the capable Iranian copy.. This puts pressure on Turkey to avoid risking aircraft, pilots and national prestige in an attempt to take the oilfields and port of Ras Lanuf, used for export​ of the oil. Standoff.

Tom Luongo opines that "The DNC Convention Is The Election", because Trump wins if they put up the empty shell of Joe Biden. What trick cards does the DNC have to play? They won't nominate Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard, will they? Elizabeth Warren? They can't even allow a debate, let alone an election. What will they pull?
How can they possibly run Joe Biden?
It’s not that Biden hasn’t been a good soldier for the empire, he has. It is that he is unpresentable as a candidate in public. The evidence of his cognitive decline, which has accelerated in recent months, mounts every time he fails to even read a teleprompter correctly.

(All those little clots sludge up all those little arterioles that supply all our vital organs with oxygen and vital nutrients.)
​ ​While lung scarring, heart and kidney damage may result from COVID-19, doctors and researchers are starting to clock the potential long-term impact of the virus on the brain also.
​ ​Younger COVID-19 patients who were otherwise healthy are suffering blood clots and strokes.
​ ​And many “long-haulers,” or COVID-19 patients who have continued showing symptoms for months after the initial infection passed, report neurological problems such as confusion and difficulty concentrating (or brain fog), as well as headaches, extreme fatigue, mood changes, insomnia and loss of taste and/or smell.
​ ​Indeed, the CDC recently warned that it takes longer to recover from COVID-19 than the 10- to 14-day quarantine window that has been touted throughout the pandemic. In fact, one in five young adults under 34 was not back to their usual health up to three weeks after testing positive. And 35% of surveyed U.S. adults overall had not returned to their normal state of health when interviewed two to three weeks after testing.
​ ​Now a study of 60 COVID-19 patients published in Lancet this week finds that 55% of them were still displaying such neurological symptoms during follow-up visits three months later. And when doctors compared brain scans of these 60 COVID patients with those of a control group who had not been infected, they found that the brains of the COVID patients showed structural changes that correlated with memory loss and smell loss.

​  There is a move by Fox News to get Julian Assange to testify in US court, in defense of a Fox news story, which implied that Seth Rich was murdered for downloading and providing to Wikileaks, the DNC emails. (I believe that was the case, myself.) His family has brought the suit for defamation, and the pain it caused them. The family are recipients of money from the Democratic Party, and might much rather believe that Seth was killed in a botched robbery on his way home from a DNC office party at a bar.​ 
What is in this for political prisoner #1, Julian Assange?
​  ​Netburn said that "evidence regarding the source of the leaked DNC emails and the communications (if any) between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks will be highly material to Fox’s contentions."
​  ​"Mr. Assange, as founder of WikiLeaks, is exceptionally suited to provide testimony that will be highly relevant to these issues," Netburn wrote. "Therefore, Fox News, by and through this letter of request issued by the District Court, is formally requesting the testimony of Mr. Assange for use at trial."

It's been a bad 30 years for polar ice caps, as the ice tries to cool off the rest of the world, as it absorbs more heat. Like a drink, Earth doesn't get much warmer until the last of the ice melts.
Canada's last fully intact Arctic ice shelf collapses

My first pick of most important movie ever, Koyaanisqatsi (Life Out Of Balance) is explained here in 2 minutes, by Producer/Director, Godfrey Reggio. Thanks Cat.



  1. From a Quopra article:

    Why do some people think the COVID 19 lockdown was unnecessary?
    History gives us the answer.

    On Sunday, September 2, 1666, a fire began in London in a street called Pudding Lane. By the end of the day, 300 houses had burned. The fire could have been stopped then if those in charge had begun tearing down houses and businesses to make firebreaks. But when the mayor of London attempted to do this, he was stopped by people’s fear for their livelihoods.

    They said London had survived many fires, and this one would be no worse.
    They pleaded that the fire was still far off, and would burn itself out before it got to them.
    They pointed to the cost, and asked who would pay for their losses.
    They refused to let their houses and businesses be sacrificed. And the mayor, who was weak, failed to simply order the demolition. It fell to the King to give the order, but because the mayor had not acted boldly at first, they refused again. The mayor said “What can I do. The people will not obey me.”

    And the fire grew. At the end of the second day, the area of devastation was 10 times larger and still the fire was growing. By the time a serious demolition effort was made, the fire was moving so fast it overtook the demolishers before they could finish their work. The fire kept on spreading.

    On Tuesday, September 4, the King ordered houses to be blown up with gunpowder to make firebreaks. And the fire burned all the way to the river, which stopped it in that direction. On September 6th, when the fire was out and city officials totaled up the damage, 13,000 houses and 90 churches had burned to the ground. 70,000 of the city’s 80,000 residents were homeless. The old city of London was gone.

    Nothing changes. If the leadership is weak in a disaster, the essential measures to control it will be fought by those with an economic stake in the outcome. Which is totally understandable. You can’t run a healthy economy with social distancing and people wearing masks and sheltering in place.

    Because of our failure of leadership, the lockdown was not complete and did not last long enough. Covid-19 is surging again now. More cases. More hospitalizations. More deaths.

    People think that lockdowns and masks and school closures are not necessary. They think that because our leaders have failed to explain it to us. And they have failed to act. And because it’s human nature to think everything will be OK, that the fire will never get to my house, and who will pay for my losses?

    The Great Fire of London 1666 collection | Museum of London

    Dramatis Personae:

    Mayor of London, Sir Thomas Bloodworth (1620-1682).

    The King, Charles II.

    The storyteller and diarist, Samuel Pepys (1633-1703).

    1. We are not primarily creatures guided by abstract reason, but more by urges, fears and desires. It is really hard for us to change path.
      We are now, mostly in camps of fearing loss of possessions/livelihood, vs fearing loss of life. Each side sees it's fear as ten times the magnitude of the opposing fear.
      There is political impasse, largely because that is the stage of breakdown we had already reached.
      More people are finding themselves feeling less in-crisis, seeking to live their lives and deal with something which has already touched them, their friends or family members. That group is growing, but many still have deep fear, after being ill themselves, or losing a family member or friend.
      Paralysis is where we are as American society. Individuals and small groups need not be paralyzed. Discerning what is proper-action is difficult, though...

  2. Hi John, I saw a video which had captured the feint dark image of something, possibly a supersonic missile, descending at a 30 degree angle and reaching the storage facilities when the mushroom cloud exploded. Another video from closer up also captured what was apparently a missile. This second video had filtered coloring which an editor had reversed light and dark shades to reveal the shape and projectile of the missile. People are debunking these videos but it seems quite convincing to find two independent observers who captured the same mysterious object in 3 or 4 successive snapshots in continuously recorded video footage. Please look into this matter, review the videos and tell us what you think of this.

  3. SOTN was sent an email yesterday, Monday, August 3 — the day before this terrorist bombing — by an experienced Russian investigator and Israel research historian which stated the following: “Attention: An Israeli citizen journalist recently
    explained that Israel is ready to start a war with
    two countries [Lebanon & Iran]. The Israeli military
    is moving soldiers, tanks, etc. Prime Minister Benjamin
    Netanyahu is currently charged with three crimes,
    and he can be jailed soon if found guilty. He wants
    to start a new war, and instead of going to prison he
    has hopes of becoming an Israeli hero messiah who
    would exterminate Hezbollah and other ‘enemies’
    of Israel.” read more here

    1. That is the sort of scenario that should jump immediately into every mind. Of course Israel has an interest in collapsing Lebanon deeper, and dragging Syria and Iran further down, thereby.
      That being said. I saw some convincing video that showed the original video, then the one with the missile added.
      Pepe Escobar has unrelated circumstantial evidence to consider, which I intend to put in the next post, when I can get to it.

  4. Hi John, How can we tell which video had a missile added and which deleted a missile? Forensic experts in photography can detect hoaxes but then official investigators like the Twin Towers destruction usually do NOT include honest forensic experts in their investigations.

  5. Elite globalists and their banksters cronies who instigate and finance Wars in the middle-east will only allow us to see the tip of the iceberg. These wars are much worse on the ground than meets the eye.

  6. All it takes is for some worker to be paid to leave a welding fire in the wrong place. The warehouse was a bomb just needing a fuse. Only missiles I worry about are ICBMs with nuclear noses.