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Burdens Of Declining Empire

   Unfunded Entitlements,

  Christine sends this from Russian analyst , Gilbert Doctorow
​  ​Faits divers, or, if you will, straws in the wind as WWIII blows in
  Russian news ... in the past couple of days has included an assortment of separate items, or faits divers as the French would have it, which are frankly ominous when taken all together. Why ominous?  Because they fit the description of WWIII that the most recent Russian talk shows say has already begun and is about to transition from hybrid war to hot war....
..A couple of days ago Russian news showed images of six Yars ICBMs rolling into Moscow on their self-propelled launchers. Yars, to those who are not familiar with the Russian missile families, are the backbone of the present ground-based Russian strategic nuclear strike force...
[Russia is moving strategic nuclear missiles into Moscow in broad daylight. Moscow has had fortified ABM defenses recently. This speaks to an all-eggs-in-this-basket level of commitment. Any strike on Moscow would get total Russian ICBM nuclear response, of course. "Don't touch THIS BUTTON!"] ...
..Russian news informed us that a United States “Doomsday Plane,” as it is known on the street, officially a Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborn Command Post capable of supervising military operations in case of nuclear war, has landed earlier today in Iceland on its way to Europe.  To Europe? Why is a Doomsday Plane going to be stationed here unless a nuclear scenario is being worked out by the US and Allied forces?...However, the Russian military yesterday and today came forward with information about far more serious provocations that the Ukrainians have been planning in the Donbas and Transdnistrie  (Russian patrolled territory in Moldova).  The Russian military gave details of the delivery by train into Kramatorsk of cases of poisonous chemicals which, they say, the Ukrainians have planned to release into the atmosphere to poison the population of this city in the Ukrainian occupied portion of the Donetsk Oblast, intending to put the blame for the chemical attack on Russia, just as US and British forces had done in Syria three years ago when they staged and filmed a supposed attack on civilians by the Assad government forces... The Russian military also issued a detailed statement today on cases of radioactive materials which the Ukrainians have just now delivered by train to Moldova to stage a similar provocation that could be blamed on the Russians...

  Wagner forces have surrounded Bakhmut on 3 sides and allow Ukrainian troops one road to exit the city, from the positions they still hold. Ukrainians have blown bridges and are reportedly retreating. Head of Wagner Group politely asks Zelensky to allow the young and old conscripts to leave with their lives. 2 young and one old Ukrainian POWs in the video seem to agree with that. (Google translate).

  Maybe "win" is too strong of a verb here? I hear China is "accelerating the reunification process". Howzat all gonna work out?
  US Army Secretary Says US Preparing to Win a War With China Over Taiwan
  US Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said this week that the US must prepare to win a future war with China over Taiwan by beefing up its military deployments in the region.
  “I personally am not of the view that an amphibious invasion of Taiwan is imminent,” Wormuth said at an American Enterprise Institute event, according to Voice of America. “But we obviously have to prepare, to be prepared to fight and win that war.”
  Wormuth’s plan would involve sending more troops and advanced weapons into the region, including hypersonic missiles. She said the buildup would be an effort to deter war with China, although Beijing has been increasing its military activity in the region in response to US actions.
  Wormuth laid out three ways the US Army would work to build up forces in the region. First, by increasing cooperation with allies, which she said would “complicate” Beijing’s decision-making. Second, the Army will establish “theater distribution centers” to pre-position weapons and other supplies in the region.
  She listed Australia and Japan as two places where weapons could be staged and said non-lethal equipment might be stored in the Philippines and Singapore. The third aspect of the plan would be to place more visible combat forces in the region. “Our goal is to have Army forces in the Indo-Pacific seven to eight months out of the year,” Wormuth said.

  Thanks for these articles, Doc Robinson.
  Thursday evening, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it had ordered Norfolk Southern to test for dioxins in the aftermath of its train crash in East Palestine, Ohio one month ago.
  But the wording of the press release indicates that there is plenty of wiggle room for the railroad to get out of a major cleanup, or having to evacuate the town. The dioxin testing game is a well-established routine played by state and federal authorities. But only one side knows the rules and understands the technology involved...
..In sum: they are testing in the wrong places, where they are least likely to find dioxins. Further, I have not seen the words “furans” or “dibenzofurans” anywhere but one of my own articles. They are dioxins with one oxygen rather than two.
Dioxin is regarded as the most toxic of all chemicals, and has the capacity to cause cancers, promote cancers, wreck the immune system, interfere with the hormone system (causing a diversity of illnesses), and cause severe liver damage. The acne associated with dioxin, called chloracne, has been known since the 1930s to be direct result of liver necrosis and systemic poisoning.
..But no proposed testing protocol that I have seen will give an accurate picture of what actually happened in those fires.
  For that, there must be wipe samples taken from rooftops and bulk soot samples collected from below where the burn pit was filled in. It would also be good to have wipe samples from the interior and exterior of the vinyl chloride tankers.
  Without samples from the burn pit and nearby rooftops, testing is a work of fiction comparable to using the PCR to ‘diagnose’ a virus. Dioxin is lipophilic. It sticks to fat. They must test greasy substances, such as soot. If they don’t need hexane solvent to take the sample, they are looking in the wrong place — where it will not be.

  A lot of this waste is already in the landfill, already accepted. Will that be tested? It was not "hazardous" when originally accepted. Is the stuff now coming in less likely to have dioxins and related compounds?
Gov. Holcomb orders third-party testing of Ohio train wreck waste coming to Indiana landfill

  A pain in the Buttigieg...Workers Cleaning Up Toxic Ohio Train Derailment Are Getting Sick, Rail Union Leader Warns
  A top union leader penned a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about a number of rail workers at the Norfolk Southern derailment site in East Palestine, Ohio, who have become sick, likely from the toxic chemical spill. CNBC obtained the letter on Wednesday.
  Jonathan Long, a union representative for the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, titled the letter "Norfolk Southern Is Dangerous to America" and said about 40 workers were ordered by the railway to clean up the wreckage.
  Long said workers weren't given proper personal protection equipment to clean up the toxic wreckage. He said many workers weren't supplied respirators, protective clothing, or eye protection.
  As a result of the chemical exposure, many rail workers "reported that they continue to experience migraines and nausea, days after the derailment, and they all suspect that they were willingly exposed to these chemicals at the direction of [Norfolk Southern]."

Animals Dying Across Ohio State Parks After East Palestine Train Derailment

Another Spartacus podcast with transcript:
  The people in power view you as expendable. Bill Gates thinks you’re a tumorous growth. A bit of excess meat on the surface of this planet that ought to be scoured off with a flamethrower to make room for his forthcoming genetically modified slave harem. He’d do it himself if he wasn’t a cowardly chickenshit in a purple sweater. Is that vitriolic enough? Does that get the point across?
  I think the other part, the part that really gets to me, is how many people are going along with this. Not the people who chose to get vaccinated; that’s a separate issue. I mean the ones who are running cover for the institutions responsible for all of this. Consider how many scientists, how many doctors, how many regulators, how many policymakers went along with this murderous agenda. Even now, there are groups of psychoanalysts that are being paid vast sums to determine the underlying cognitive characteristics of vaccine refusers, and to come up with strategies to short-circuit their cognition and force them to comply.
  The technocratic system doesn’t try to persuade people of its correctness, because the people behind it know full well that it’s a repugnant and inhuman system that arouses visceral disgust when described in any detail. They’re not interested in persuading you and obtaining your consent, because they know that they cannot formulate a persuasive argument that will make you comply. Instead, they want to “nudge” you towards compliance, by reshaping your environment, the media you’re exposed to, your education, and your belief systems, until your mindset aligns with a predetermined outcome.
  This technocratic system wears the skin of liberal democracy, and pretends to be an unchanged, undiluted form of it, but it is strikingly illiberal and undemocratic in its basic formulation. John Locke is rolling in his grave at the notion of being associated with these people. They’ve taken the scientific method and replaced it with scientism, or science-worship. They’ve replaced rational discourse with critical theory, which elevates irrationality, superstition, and folk wisdom over logical thought. They’ve enforced an academic orthodoxy so rigid it would make a fifteenth-century Catholic bishop blush. All the social, technological, and political advancements of the past few centuries are being slowly dismantled and sold off to money-grubbing, resource-hungry, utterly amoral psychopaths, who are using military-grade psywar tactics to keep you from seeing it.
  Open a browser tab with a search engine, and type in “cognitive warfare”. Read all of the links until you understand. You are being targeted. There is no longer any distinction between civilians and uniformed combatants.

  The House has not yet taken this up, but should also vote to declassify. What do they mean by "All" here? I suspect Ft. Detricks MD still gets to keep secrets about the "breach" in 2019 that made them close up shop that summer. Thanks Luc.
  BREAKING: Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Declassify All Docs Related to the Origins of COVID

  Some unanswered questions and circumstantial evidence I dug up 2 years ago, which points to Fort Detrick Maryland as a likely site of the initial leak of SARS-CoV2 in the spring of 2019, leading to a local outbreak in a retirement community, with mysterious deaths from "common cold".

Thanks Luc:   Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Linked To Vaccine Roll Out

Forests draw rain patterns. Cut down forests and rain decreases in the area.
Tropical deforestation causes large reductions in observed precipitation

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