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Taking Initiative

 Sovereign Humans,

  Japan has taken an independent energy policy pathway, though reservedly so, since last summer. Japan cannot accept the order to fall upon her sword.
Anti-Russia Alliance Splinters As Japan Buys Russian Oil At Price Above Cap; Others To Follow

​  50,000 North Korean Special Forces troops are reportedly staged to leave for Ukraine, to bolster Russian forces there. (Google translate from Greek)​

​  Gilbert Doctorow  has part 2 of his assessment of the implications of Russia's new foreign policy position paper. He discusses a lot of subtleties and implications, though it clearly reflects what Russians have been saying for 15 years. This paper looks at the implications for russian domestic politics, which he sees as pulling together and consolidating power in this strong wave of conservative populist Russian nationalism.​ Thanks Christine.

  Andrew Korybko also assesses the Russian foreign policy paper, specifically as it regards Latin America. Korybko looks at Russia's reliable relationships with the traditional left in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia. Brazil, under Lula, is more new-left, with identity politics, and good relations between Lula, Biden and Soros, as per Korybko's recent piece in Yesterday's post. Still, Russian policy does not require ideological alignment, but just the respect of sovereign equals.
​  ​Multipolar conservative-sovereigntists (MCS) respect every country’s sovereign right to develop according to whichever models they’d like while unipolar liberal-globalists (ULG) want to force everyone to apply Western models. For the most part, the Sino-Russo Entente and the Global South embrace MCS while the US-led West’s Golden Billion and its vassals promote ULG. There are a few notable exceptions, but this insight represents the simplified geopolitical-ideational fault lines of the New Cold War.

  Alastair Crooke, The Crucial Ideological Transformation of Our Time , Thanks F.S.
  The White House is angry, ostensibly at the ‘threat to liberal democracy’, but more tellingly, because Team Biden fears Israel is tilting towards Russia, thus rupturing western ‘unity’ versus Russia. Team Biden fears that Netanyahu’s Israel will triangulate, pitting the U.S. against Russia. This anxiety, in its backhanded way, reveals the fear of the ‘Rules-Order’ and dollar hegemony fragmentation to the thrall of the Russian and Chinese vision of sovereign societies structured around legacy moral precepts.
  To be very plain, the western liberal cultural revolution’s shift from being merely adversarial to a project not aimed just at rejecting previous cultural forms, but in erasing them altogether is what is being globally rejected and collapsing. A new moral-cultural sensibility is rising, even as formal institutions of religion have ebbed. It is that which is articulated by Presidents Xi and Putin.
  Again simply put, Russia’s quiet, background revival of Orthodoxy and China’s of Taoist and Confucian values as the possible framework against which the regulation of modern technological society can be set – in no small part – has opened the path to metamorphosis and the inflection gripping much of the world.
  Sunni Islam in the late 19th century tried to merge Islam and modernity, but with little success. What the Russo-Sino model seems to offer is a way to bring traditional meanings back into an otherwise hollow modernity, but without creating a separate, stand alone, religious regulatory structure.
  Again, this shift is happening in the U.S.; it is happening in Israel; so why not across the Middle East?
  The transformative effect of the Chinese-Russian entente on global politics affirms this crucial ideological transformation of our time. It brings to an end a long cycle of (sometimes enforced) westernisation of non-western societies dating back to Peter the Great’s founding of St Petersburg in 1703. A new cycle of cultural consciousness is in the process of forming.
  This month, China struck an accord for a new regional security architecture by bringing together Saudi Arabia and Iran. Also in March, President Assad – long a pariah for the West – could be seen making a State Visit to Moscow – with full honours; and days later, was visiting the UAE. At the same time, Iraq and Iran signed a security co-operation agreement designed to end the U.S.-inspired Kurdish insurgency strikes into Iran. And President Raisi has been invited to Riyadh by King Salman, after Eid.
 Could we have entertained such a concatenation of events, even one year ago? No!
  Israel today is displaying what a society looks like when it is so riven that it hovers at the cusp of breakdown. The scope for any resolution is fleetingly small; the contradictions are too great. And to be clear, Israel is not alone in this plight whence the normal means of defusing conflicts are gone. France, Germany and the UK are mired in country-wide protests. More European states may follow.

​  ​P​atrick Lawrence, French Streets and American Sofas   (Not mentioned are the guys in black who break and burn stuff, government agents again?)
​  ​Direct action. Loud and unruly direct action. A popular mandate. Bringing down a government: What is it about the French that they are ready to take to the streets in behalf of the society they stand for when the society they stand for is challenged by an imperious figure such as Emmanuel Macron? If you think this a good question, here is another: What is it about Americans that, as the sad record indicates, nothing rouses them from their quite amazing stupor such that they get off their sofas and.. and act, act in behalf of… of anything?
​  ​To take these questions in order, the French retain an idea of themselves as members of a community. However frayed this community and however fractured their idea of shared interests, this still has the power to motivate them. Related to this, their civic selves remain alive. The French treasure their private lives, certainly: One way to consider these demonstrations is as a defense of private life. But whether you are a schoolteacher or a steamfitter or a shopkeeper,  if you are French, you also have a public self that extends beyond the private self.
​  ​Not least and maybe most of all, the French share an idea of the present as a passage in history and of themselves as forces in history. I am not at all surprised the French Revolution is so often mentioned in the better media coverage of events these days. The Revolution was an attack on the vestiges of divine right, the notion that a monarch’s authority was God-given. It was about humanity, not the heavens, as the agent of its destiny. And it was class-conscious. There were no illusions in 1789 as to the nature of power. The fate of the French is in the hands of the French: This was the core thought then and it is the core thought now.

​  Diana Johnstone looks at Kafkaesque interpretation of German postwar law, whereby a position for peace, against German involvement in war, becomes the crime of "aiding the enemy". Protest for peace, go to jail.
  Anti-War Views Criminalized in Germany
​  ​Article 5 of the Basic Law grants individuals the right to express opinions, but there are numerous limitations in the Criminal Code, with punishment for “inciting hatred,” racism, anti-Semitism and prison terms for Holocaust denial.  Also prohibited are propaganda or symbols of “unconstitutional” organizations, disparagement of the State and its symbols, blasphemy against established religions and especially failure to respect “human dignity.”
  ​Of course, what matters in all these laws is how they are interpreted.  The ban on “rewarding and approving crimes” (Section 140), that was originally intended to apply to convictions for violent civil crimes, has now been extended to the geopolitical sphere, namely, outlawing “approval or support” of what it terms “aggressive war.”
​  ​Antiwar activist Heinrich Bücker’s speech in Berlin last June 22 calling for good relations with Russia on the anniversary of the 1941 Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union was condemned by a Berlin court for “approving Russia’s crime of invasion.” In practice, any effort to clarify the Russian position by referring to NATO expansion and Kiev regime attacks on Donbass since 2014 can be interpreted as such “approval or support.”

​Threats and retribution for embarrassing US intel by publishing CIA files, released by Ed Snowden, without first consulting MI-5/MI-6 and self-censoring.​
​  ​The UK security services targeted The Guardian after the newspaper started publishing the contents of secret US government documents leaked by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden in June 2013.
​  ​Snowden’s bombshell revelations continued for months and were the largest-ever leak of classified material covering the NSA and its UK equivalent, the Government Communications Headquarters. They revealed programmes of mass surveillance operated by both agencies.
​  ​According to minutes of meetings of the UK’s Defence and Security Media Advisory Committee, the revelations caused alarm in the British security services and Ministry of Defence.
​  ​“This event was very concerning because at the outset The Guardian avoided engaging with the [committee] before publishing the first tranche of information,” state minutes of a 7 November 2013 meeting at the MOD.

  I really only knew a little bit of this, and I did much more research than most doctors.
How the FDA Buried the Dangers of Antidepressants , A Midwestern Doctor, guest posted by Pierre Kory MD

  The Judge says this was all DoD "Other Transaction Authority" purchase of "bioweapon countermeasure prototypes", so the FDA had no standing, and neither does the whistleblower against Pfizer's clinical-trial fraud and misrepresentation. It is irrelevant for these military contracts.
​  ​Brook Jackson's case dismissed by Judge Truncale.​​
Judge sides with Pfizer's lawyers and DOJ, as expected

​  More on that court decision that it's not fraud if the government is ok with it:​

​  The Harvest of Deception (AI, smartphones, GMOs, your "food", weight gain and poor healt​h. Next up, Great Reset sells tranches of human-commodities.)
​  ​We are living in a game that we did not realize had been designed for us. Our non-fitness standards (mind, body, spirit) have become our new fitness standards. We are being profiled in a way that has never been achieved before, and much of the data mining and analysis being done on a personal level is a new frontier. Our food consumption in the United States is killing us, and it's being done with world-class marketing and the power of the fiat dollar, with expert data mining and analysis. Our government, global corporations, and investment firms are designing this form of game theory. We are being profiled by our food consumption and our desire for taste, convenience, and comfort.
​  ​As we try to survive, the new survival guide relies on mass consumption of processed and nutrient-weak food, operating together with a pharmaceutical industry that keeps designing and pumping out medicines and pills that create dependency and addiction, rather than a cure that leads to better health. With this data-driven preference form of living, our health industry has become reactive rather than proactive.
​  ​We have moved into the digital and virtual world, and willingly inserted a form of surveillance into our personal property. We carry smartphones that are transmitting who we are every second of every day, creating a profile about us that knows us better than we know ourselves. Our homes have become broadcast networks of our personal lives. This type of lifestyle has allowed us to drown out our suffering and gives us a false sense of empowerment and luxury, all in the name of convenience and comfort.As we create data with every step we take, we are being profiled in a way that is not fully understood and has never been achieved before. Most of the Al algorithms being used are front- running any decision-making abilities of the engineers and scientists that created them. The smart grid we are participating in has created an information cloud around us that is then monitized and weaponized to create tools that shape our environment, thoughts and emotions.
​  ​But now we as a society are not allowed to say anything. There is no angle available to use to try to inform others that there is an issue- all information has become controlled and weaponized. You are a game character in a game you didn't choose to play, but were snatched out of your current reality and formulated to be led down a path in which has created a false reality.

​Harvesting an Onion​

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