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 Chance Witnesses,

​  ​Russian MP suggests swapping WSJ reporter for Assange
​  ​The Wall Street Journal’s Evan Gershkovich and the WikiLeaks publisher are both facing espionage charges.
If Moscow decides on a prisoner swap involving Evan Gershkovich, it should ask for Julian Assange’s release from a British dungeon, Russian State Duma Deputy Sergey Obuhkov said on Friday.​..Russian authorities detained Gershkovich in Ekaterinburg on March 30, saying they caught him “red-handed” in an act of espionage. A Lefortovo court has ordered the Moscow bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal to remain in custody for two months. He is appealing the decision and will face the judges again on April 18.

​  ​A Russian military vessel docks in Saudi Arabia for the first time
​ ​The frigate Admiral Gorshkov stopped off at Jeddah Islamic Port for two days of ‘crew rest and refueling’
Gorshkov, equipped with Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles, was scheduled to depart Saudi Arabia after two days and head to Tartus, Syria, for maintenance

​  Yesterday I posted this from Gilbert Doctorow, about the Macron-von der Leyen visit to China, but I focused on the Kinzhal bunker destruction note at the end.
If you picked up yesterday’s leading French newspapers Le Monde or Figaro, you might be excused for thinking that the sole purpose of President Emmanuel Macron’s three day visit to Beijing in the company of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is to lecture the Chinese leadership on its obligations as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to denounce the Russian military operation in Ukraine and to end all support for the Kremlin. There was no hint that Macron brought with him 50 CEOs of France’s leading corporations who were looking forward to signing business contracts that were prepared ahead of the visit.​ [​N​on-dollar deals?]

​  China treated Macron, as a representative of France, and an implied representative of his recent employer, Rothschild Bank, with great respect. on this official State Visit. Thanks Dr D Rich.   However...
​  ​In order to give power to their position, the brilliant NATO minds decided that President Macron should take European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, as a way to express the united ‘western alliance’ message that Macron was intended to leverage in his efforts.​.. ​Macron “was given the full red-carpet treatment this week in Beijing, fêted at a state banquet, and greeted by military parades and firing cannons on Tiananmen Square. When Macron’s plane touched down, China’s foreign minister personally welcomed him.”  However, “when European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen arrived, she got the ecology minister — at the regular passenger exit.”​ ...While Macron’s schedule was overflowing, von der Leyen’s was bare-bones. While Macron was attending a lavish state banquet Thursday night with Chinese President Xi Jinping, von der Leyen was giving a sober press conference at the EU delegation’s own headquarters. While state media trumpeted the Sino-French relationship, Chinese social media demonized von der Leyen as an American puppet.​..The strategy was on full display Thursday, as Xi descended the outsized steps of the Great Hall of the People to greet the French president with smiles and a handshake. Below a line of flapping red flags, the two leaders exchanged greetings with a gathering that included some of Macron’s advisers.
Not present: von der Leyen. She would join later for the meetings, walking up the Great Hall stairs in solitude.

​  ​The Chinese authorities are ready together with the French government to call on the international community to settle the Ukrainian conflict by diplomatic means, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron in Beijing.
​  ​"Regarding the Ukrainian crisis, China will be firmly committed to promoting peaceful dialogue and a political settlement," he said, "We are ready, together with France, to appeal to the international community to maintain restraint, to avoid actions that will further escalate the crisis or cause it to spiral out of control."

​  Tom Luongo (who is not well organized or easy to follow this time, but I excerpt this):
  Saudi Arabia is making very big moves to alter its allegiances — away from the West and towards the RIC Alliance (Russia, Iran, China). This is the core of the much wider BRIICSS alliance — which now includes India and Saudi Arabia.
  These are permanent moves, making a massive oil refinery deal with China, normalizing relations and becoming a ‘dialogue partner’ with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), just to name a few.
  And since the Saudis are not a ‘democracy’ their government cannot be gamed through electioneering. The diplomatic moves they make today will stick and alter the landscape of global trade for the next generation or two.
  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is pretty pissed with “Biden” which underscores his regional foreign policy moves...
​..​Davos declared war on oil the second Russian tanks crossed the border into Ukraine last February. They attempted to bully OPEC into isolating Russia, kicking them out of OPEC+.
​  ​They failed spectacularly.
​  ​The defection of the Saudis is the biggest strategic defeat of this entire war.  Without a compliant KSA there is no controlling oil prices and, by extension, the ability to control asset prices worldwide through currency trading.​..
​..What this does now is ensure that any war the neocons have planned for the future will be fought with much higher interest rates, much weaker currencies and much higher effective oil prices.​..
​..And the neocons, at that point, can only whimper and try one last time to engineer a false flag that no one will believe, because they’ve cried ‘Russian bear’ too many times. The recession on the horizon Powell has purposefully engendered to wipe out the dumb collectivism subsidized by Yellen’s ZIRP bucks should drive political instability in Europe that far dwarfs the carnival barker sideshow of Trump’s indictment.

​  Texas traditional wisdom: "Nobody is safe when the legislature is in session."​
​  ​Texas Bill Would Create State-Issued Gold-Backed Digital Currency
​  ​A​s I read it, this would be a 100% gold reserve backed digital currency, legal for payment of debts. 
If people would purchase this currency, the state would purchase more gold to back it. 
Gold would be kept in the Texas gold depository, north of Austin. This would compete with the $US.
One effect of this would be to monetize gold, at least the way I keep hearing it. Gold would not be a commodity, subject to capital gains taxation when sold at a higher $US price than it was purchased for. Gold would just be a straight store-of-value, its traditional role.​

  Is the Netanyahu government opting for more war to pull the disparate Israeli body-politic back together? Can that work this time?
​  ​The Israel-Lebanon border area witnessed its most intense hostilities since 2006 on Thursday and Friday, with Israeli fighter jets attacking targets in southern Lebanon in retaliation for a rocket attack on northern Israel. Gaza also saw an exchange of fire.
​  “Israel’s reaction, tonight and in the future, will exact a significant price from our enemies,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

​  Damage done will not be undone.​
​  ​More than five centuries after it was formulated in a series of papal decrees, the Vatican issued a formal announcement on March 30 repudiating the Euro-supremacist “Doctrine of Discovery.” In essence, the “doctrine” said that all lands not occupied by “Christians” passed into the hands of the European conquerors as soon as they were “discovered,” and their inhabitants enslaved.
​  ​Composed of decrees issued between 1452 and 1497, it served as the quasi-legal justification for the expropriation of entire continents in the name of spreading the Catholic faith. The repudiation by the Pope is the culmination of decades of struggle by Indigenous peoples in the United States, Canada and around the world demanding its withdrawal.
​   ​But while the Pope has now renounced it, the U.S. Supreme Court has not. The high court continues to treat the “doctrine” as an integral basis of U.S. law, particularly in regard to the rights — or lack thereof — of Native peoples.
​  ​Most notable in recent times was a 2005 decision authored by the late liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg which invoked the “Doctrine of Discovery” in her majority ruling against the Oneida Indian Nation. The Oneidas were seeking to recover lands and rights in central New York State guaranteed to them under the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua treaty with the U.S., signed by George Washington, then president.

​   Professor Anthony Hall:  ​9/11 and the COVID-19 Hoax in the Transition to Governance by “Emergency Measures”
  In the US Congress Senator Rand Paul proposed an amendment to drop the Emergency Measures provision that became law a week after the events of Sept. 11, 2001. 86 of the 100 Senators in the US Congress voted down Paul’s initiative to discontinue Public Law 107-40 22 years after it was invoked. The post-9/11 law “authorized the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.”
  The blank check given by Congress in 2001 to the US Armed Forces and its Commander-In-Chief helped push along the agenda that put in 2019 the Department of Defence in charge of a biowar against humanity that is still underway.
  The main weapon so far in this war is a military device still speciously presented to the public as pharmaceutical vaccines promoted as remedies for COVID-19.
  Public Law 107-40 was pushed on the public in September of 2001 without any systematic investigation whatsoever of the crime scene and the range of possible culprits that might have had a hand in the debacle. The leap to take action in 2001 before proper investigations could take place was re-enacted in the COVID-19 Hoax.
  Within less than a month following 9/11, the US Armed Forces touched down in Afghanistan, where it went to war primarily to implement regime change.
  Then in 2020-21 a supposed remedy was rushed into production and then jabbed into the arms of  several billion humans...
..The official story providing cover for the false flag operation known as 9/11 is composed of outrageous lies and deceptions every bit as obvious to genuine truth-seekers as the complex of COVID scams facilitating the massive power grab presently underway.
  The misrepresented events of the 9/11 fiasco ushered in an elaborate continuing complex of “emergency measures” designed to concentrate arbitrary executive authority while sidelining the rule of law, constitutional protections, checks and balances etc etc etc. Hence the 9/11 scam has a huge part in laying the psychological and pseudo-law foundations of our current dilemma in the Everything Crisis emerging from the manufactured COVID crisis...
​..​These transitions include the near-instant US invasion of Afghanistan, the fast release and ratification of the massive Patriot Act, and the speedy re-engineering of airports to advertise the transformation of rights-bearing citizens into terror suspects.
​  ​All these examples are highly suggestive of insider preparation for the events of 9/11 before they actually took place. The evidence points to prior knowledge and preparation by the real instigators of 9/11 in much the same fashion that Event 201 in October of 2019 signalled the identity of the pivotal organizers responsible for the false flag pandemic to come.
​  ​The fact that the US Senate is still unwilling to suspend the first Emergency Measure of 9/11 is instructive. Beginning in early 2020, the resort to the pseudo-laws enacted by Emergency Measures is still operative in many countries and at the different levels of jurisdiction these countries contain. Especially with the mandating of the military countermeasures disguised as vaccines, the Emergency Measures approach was absorbed into the governance of, for instance, hospitals, schools, corporations, trade unions, professional associations, and such.
​  ​The pharmaceutical industry claimed the indemnifications flowing from the Emergency Use Authorizations adopted by the governments of most of the world’s countries.​..
In his celebrated book, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presents a powerful case that the fraud and abuse swirling around the role of Anthony Fauci in the HIV/AIDS/AZT fiasco during the final years of the twentieth century offers a key to understanding the current COVID-19 Hoax. ​  ​  While Dick Cheney was the key hands-on operative in the false flag saga on the day of 9/11, Anthony Fauci performed a similar function in the medical false flag initiating the Everything Crisis currently engulfing us...
..Fauci’s role as a covert agent of the USA’s military bioterrorism establishment leads back to the operations directed by Dick Cheney following the misrepresented events of 9/11. This history must be further unpacked as a key facet in the phenomena that many of the world’s countries have become homes for bioterrorist governments that conduct biowarfare on their own people.
​  ​The failure so far of conscientious citizens to obtain some accountability for the COVID-19 Hoax has significant roots in our failure to come to some sort of societal reckoning with the audacious lies and crimes of 9/11.​  

  ​Spike protein from COVID "vaccine products" produces cellular and genetic damage similar to radiation injury. 
​  Chernobyl and the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein . Walter M. Chesnut
The Parallel Effects of Ionizing Radiation and a Viral Protein on Mutagenesis and Evolution

True since June 2021, by my recollection.
COVID-19 Vaccines Becoming More Dangerous Than Beneficial

​  I was  ordered to stop prescribing Ivermectin in September 2021, before being fired for "vaccine" refusal in October. Ivermectin is effective.
These are fine, brilliant and exemplary physicians. They were interfering with mass murder plans. 
​  ​A group of doctors is urging a U.S. court to block the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from issuing guidance on using ivermectin, in an appeal lodged after a district court judge rejected their bid.
​  ​Ivermectin is approved for several uses, including treating parasites. It is not approved for COVID-19, but prescribing drugs for a different purpose from which they were approved is common and known as off-label use.
​  ​Apter, Bowden, and Marik have all prescribed patients ivermectin but got into trouble with various organizations, who cited the FDA’s warning not to treat COVID-19 with ivermectin.
​ ​The FDA in 2021, for instance, told people on social media to “stop” using ivermectin against COVID-19.
​ ​That guidance violated the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), which says the FDA is not authorized to “limit or interfere” with the practice of medicine, the doctors alleged in their lawsuit.
​  ​U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown, a Trump appointee, rejected the suit in late 2022, finding that the law only applies to medical devices, not drugs, and that the FDA had authority to act because it is charged with Congress to protect public health.

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  1. Concerning 9/11, I tell Americans that I don't care how or even why it happened. That is completely irrelevant What is relevant, however, was the failure of the American military to protect US citizens on that day. “Why do you thank them for their service when on the day it most counted they failed to protect you?” I also point out to them that, no one in the US military or the Secretary of Defense himself was ever punished for this failure and, in fact, key military officers were promoted after 9/11.

    1. The US military, NORAD parrticularly, was prevented and prevented and prevented from doing its job that day, elaborately pre-planned, then enforced with order after order to stand down from the skies. There were Operation Northern Defender and Operation Vigilant Guardian being carrried out, war gaming attaacks on the US. "Is this real or war-game" was the frequently asked question in control-towers that day. It DOES matter who did that.