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Dammage Done

 Potentially Affected,

  I have been studying-up on Post COVID-19 Vaccine Syndrome, which Pierre Kory MD discusses here with Jimmy Dore, who has a form of it.

  What  is going on with Post COVID-19 Vaccine  Syndrome? 
  There are acute anaphylactic responses right after injection, which account foremost of the same day and next day fatalities.
  There are sudden cardiac deaths within the first week or two following an injection which are likely due to fatal arrhythmias, brought on by induced-inflammation within the heart muscle,and triggered by exercise stress and adrenaline,which would normally be well tolerated. 
  There are the people who "die suddenly" within half a  year of the last injection. There is widespread governmental denial of the existence of this syndrome,soit is not funded for study. Production of spike-protein, induced by mRNA gene-therapy-products, may often persist for 6 months or more, since the mRNA is chemically-modified to prevent normal enzymatic breakdown in the cells. These spike-protein fragments are caustic to blood vessel linings, predisposing to clot formation, the root cause of heart attacks and strokes.
  The people who most often see doctors for Post-Vaccine Syndrome are not in these high-fatality  groups, but are typically deeply fatigued, brain-fogged, and may get very tired and hurt all over from normal exercise. They may have a broad range of autoimmune and allergic responses, neurological disorders and re-activation of viruses such as Herpes-family, including shingles, Epstein Barr Virus and Cytomegalovirus. These viruses are typically kept suppressed by a normally functioning immune system. 
  Is there free-circulating spike-protein? Is there autoimmune disease brought on by the similarity of parts of the spike protein to normal proteins in the body? 
Is there suppression of normal immune system function, including cancer-surveillance? 
Pick one or more. 
Here is 39 pages of Post COVID-19 Vaccine Syndrome information from FLCCC, which is contributed to by Dr.Kory, Dr.Marik and others.

  Most doctors in the US will not engage COVID-Vaccine-Injury as a possibility. They don't know. 
At this point, they are choosing to keep not knowing. It's easier and they don't have to admit wrongdoing.
  This diagnosis-group is complicated, perplexing, goes against the business model of treating one problem per visit with 5-10 minutes of face-time. 
These diagnoses are  frowned upon by payers. Taking care of vaccine-injured patients is bad for business. 
  Dr. Kory and Dr. Marik have been expelled from their hospital and teaching positions for treating patients with COVID-19 with ivermectin and other effective therapies not approved by the government.  They have accepted their rejection by the  hierarchy-of-payment, in favor of following their consciences. 
This is what you are looking for in a doctor if you have post vaccine syndrome. 
  You can look here:  You can enter your zip code and search.
There are a lot more providers than there were in 2021 when I was still treating patients for COVID.

  Walter M.Chesnut explains how spike-protein infiltrating the blood vessel lining in the brain leads to inflammation of neuronal structures in the brain.
  A Lethal Beacon: Spike Protein Endothelial Disease is also Spike Protein Neuron Disease
The Spike Protein acts as a “Flare” causing infiltration of leukocytes via complement activation to attack infected tissue.
  I am now able to present a hypothesis which unites the Spike Protein’s attack on the endothelium (which I have called Spike Protein Endothelial Disease) with its neurodegenerative effects. I will show how they are one and the same...
..I will research this further, but I believe this is a significant breakthrough.
Is what we are observing just Autoimmune? Or, is it the Spike telling the body to attack itself? Or, is it both?

Jessica Rose Ph.D.   "IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein"
  Please refer to the newly published paper entitled: “IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein”  published in Vaccines on May 17, 2023. 
The paper has remarkable findings and concludes that:
  Increased IgG4 synthesis due to repeated mRNA vaccination with high antigen concentrations may also cause autoimmune diseases, and promote cancer growth and autoimmune myocarditis in susceptible individuals.
  Promote cancer growth eh? Hmm. Didn’t someone write this up recently and get a lot a flack for it? ...
  Oh yeah! That was Unacceptable Jessica.
  This newest paper provides even more evidence to support the claim that the shift to the IgG4 subtype seen in the context of the COVID mRNA shots promotes cancer by immune evasion techniques.

Kiev Rocked as New Satellite Photos Prove Patriot Destruction 
  Russia launched a massive drone attack on all regions of Ukraine. It has been called by at least one source as the single largest drone attack of the entire SMO thus far, causing many people to speculate that Russia must now be producing Geran-2 drones at exponential rates as they have been using them at tremendous volumes of late. Every region has been hit and something very anomalous occurred in the capital city of Kiev.
  A huge explosion shook homes in the region, that at least one source says registered as a magnitude 3.4 on the Richter scale, and some experts estimated to be equivalent to at least a 100 ton ammo explosion...

Moon of Alabama has more, including this, another deep underground command center destroyed by hypersonic Kinzhal missile:
President Putin seemed to confirm that today's attack on a 'central decision-making points' hit the headquarter of military intelligence in Kiev:
Mark Sleboda @MarkSleboda1 - 13:28 UTC · May 30, 2023
Putin confirms recent Russian missile strike on Kiev regime military intelligence, under Budanov, which had claimed credit for several recent assassinations & terrorist bombings of civilians in Russia.

The next global pandemic? 
Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with Lethality Rate up to 40% in Humans at US Biolab in Ukraine

"Obstructionist And Unacceptable": House GOP To Hold FBI Director In Contempt Of Congress

  The EU's Ministry of Truth Threatens Google, Twitter, and Facebook , Mish Shedlock
  The EU's Thierry Breton tells US Big Tech corporations that he's "The Enforcer" against disinformation.
  "It's a voluntary basis, so we don't force anyone" to join the code of practice on disinformation, Breton said. "I just reminded (Musk and Twitter) that by August 25, it will become a legal obligation to fight disinformation."

  Meryl Nass MD,  EU Issues Warning After Elon Musk Pulls Twitter Out of Anti-‘Disinformation’ Agreement
  What is disinformation? It used to be true information that the DHS claimed was misleading. Now it has been redefined to encompass misinformation (false information) too. But it is a slippery concept, because we have a First Amendment right to free speech: we can say whatever we want to say. It does not have to be 100% accurate. And if that speech is occurring in Washington, DC you can be sure it is never 100% accurate.
  Because of that First Amendment, the DHS’ Disinformation Governance Board headed by Mary Poppins-wannabe Nina Jankowicz was shut down last year.
  It turned out that the USG was helming a massive censorship operation on the US (and world) involving at least 12 federal agencies and dozens of nonprofits, universities, for-profit companies, for many billions a year.

  WTF Happened in 1971? Thanks Christine. 76 graphs pivot around 1971 in various ways. Worker's wages suddenly stagnated, never to rise in synch with productivity again. US (conventional) oil production peaked (as predicted). Nixon was forced to default on gold-backing of the $US, and soon after, in 1973, he and Kissinger negotiated the Petro-Dollar arrangement with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. 
  I remember 1971 as the year that everything started getting worse.

Historical Witness (pictured with flowering red onions in wheelbarrow)

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