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Sustaining Impossible Beliefs

 Examining Facts,

  Vanessa Beeley ,  NATO's dirty war in Ukraine.
  Are Ukraine's neo-Nazi divisions deploying NATO-supplied chemical weapons? A recent report published by the Russian Federal News Agency suggests that NATO is preparing wide scale use of chemical weapons against civilians in Donbass and in ongoing military campaigns..
   According to the article during the defence of Artemovsk (Bakhmut) Ukraine used drone-delivered ammunition containing toxic substances. The neo-Nazi ‘Birds of Madyar’ air reconnaissance team were identified as deploying these weapons. Since April 2023, Ukrainian-manufactured Teren 6 gas grenades have also been delivered by UAVs...
..Flechette darts kill and maim indiscriminately as do the “petal” mines that are often trodden on by unsuspecting children causing terrible mutilation...
..We must understand that Ukraine in this war has no limiters at all, no “ stops ”. Great Britain supplied depleted uranium shells. And what did it lead to? To the mass flight of citizens from those areas where warehouses with these ammunition were destroyed. And this is not we measuring the radiation background in Ukraine, it is the citizens themselves who measure it and see that the level has risen.

  Ukraine claims Russia planning ‘massive’ incident at nuclear site  
  Ukraine’s defence intelligence directorate warns Russia will simulate an attack at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.
(Huh?)  Ukraine’s defence ministry has warned that Russia plans to simulate a major accident at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station, which is under the control of Russian forces, in a bid to thwart the expected counteroffensive by Ukraine to retake its territory captured by Moscow.

  The predominant average hourly wind direction in Zaporizhia varies throughout the year.
  The wind is most often from the east for 4.4 months, from January 28 to June 9 and for 3.4 months, from September 3 to December 16, with a peak percentage of 35% on March 22. The wind is most often from the north for 2.8 months, from June 9 to September 3, with a peak percentage of 39% on August 5. The wind is most often from the west for 1.4 months, from December 16 to January 28, with a peak percentage of 29% on January 1.

 Believing Impossible Things, Alastair Crooke
The endless bitter antagonism to Putin and to Russia has allowed a self-imagined reality to detach, ultimately becoming a delusion.
The recent G7 summit should be understood as firstly, the shaping of a battlespace in the ‘War of Narratives’ whose principal ‘front’ today is the Team Biden insistence that only one ‘reality’ — the US-led ‘Rules’ ideology (and it alone) – can predominate. And, secondly to underline pointedly that the West is ‘not losing’ in this war against the other ‘reality’. This other reality is the multivalent ‘otherness’ that self-evidently is attracting more and more support around the world.
  Many in the West are simply unaware of how fast the geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting: The original plate bifurcation (the failed financial war declared on Russia), already has led to a building wave. Anger is growing. People now no longer feel alone in rejecting western hegemony – they “no longer care”.
  In just the week that preceded the G7 summit, the Arab League literally ‘went multi-polar’; It quit its former pro-US automaticity. The embrace of President Assad and the Syrian government was both the logical consequence to the secondary tectonic-plate shift set in motion by China with its Saudi-Iranian diplomacy...
..For the West, it is ontologically impossible to tolerate their reality being disassembled: to see their society and the world split in two. The narrative reality is so embedded via the well-honed effectiveness of MSM messaging however, that politicians have become lazy. They do not have to argue their case, and have no incentive to hold back on untruths either.
  The dynamics are exorable: an over-hyped ‘monolithic reality’ evolves into a Manichaean fight to the death. Any backsliding by ‘principals’ could result in the collapse of the Media narrative ‘house of cards’.  (This notion of a monolithic reality is not one shared by most other societies who see reality as multi-faceted).
  Denial becomes endemic. So, we witness a hawkish G7, diverting from the narrative setback (of Bakhmut falling) by the casual embrace of a ploy to supply F-16s to Ukraine; chastising China for not making President Putin ‘back off’ in Ukraine; and using the meeting to set a narrative framework for the coming confrontation with China on trade issues and Taiwan...
..China angrily responded to the G7 summit allegation that it had become a workshop for “smearing” and slandering China.
  This extensive narrative-shaping for China confrontation is seen to be necessary by the G7 as the rest of the world does not view China as a  genuine ‘threat’ to the US:  Rather, they understand that the true ‘threats’ to the US derive from its internal divisions, and not from external sources.
  The G7 salience lies not so much with the anti-China narratives launched, but, plainly said, because the entire episode expresses a western hubristic denial, which portends extreme danger in respect to Ukraine. It speaks to the reality that the West — in its present mental mode — will be unable to put forward any credible political initiative to end the Ukraine conflict...
..The G7 language abjures all serious diplomacy, and signals that the imperative remains to stick with the ‘not losing’ mantra: The fall of Bakhmut is no defeat for Kiev, but a Pyrrhic loss for Putin; Ukraine is winning, Putin is losing, was the G7 messaging...
..That President Xi could – or would – pressure Putin ‘to back-off’ in Ukraine, and accept a ceasefire on EU terms — which are the ‘Zelensky terms’ — is delusional.  Yet some key EU leaders genuinely seem to think Putin can be arm-twisted by Xi or Modi into exiting Ukraine on terms wholly favourable to Kiev.  These European leaders simply are dangerously hostage to the psychological processes fuelling their denialism.
  Russia is ‘winning’ on the financial war front, and on the global diplomatic front. It has the overwhelming advantage in force numbers; it has the advantage in weaponry; it has the advantage in the skies and in the Electro-magnetic sphere. Whereas Ukraine is in disarray, its forces decimated and the Kiev entity is crumbling fast.
  Don’t they ‘get it’?  No...
..What next?  Russia likely will wait to see whether Kiev is able to mount an offensive — or not. If Kiev does launch an offensive, it would make sense for Russia to let the Ukrainian forces throw themselves upon the Russian defensive lines, and expend their forces further, in a new ‘meat grinder’.  Moscow will test whether Kiev’s patrons are then ready to acknowledge ‘facts on the ground’, rather than some imagined reality, by acquiescing to Moscow’s terms...
..Col Davis says “there is little likelihood the [the F-16] fighters will see combat over the skies of Ukraine this year”.  So, Biden just casually extended the war well beyond September.
  If Europe wants an early end to the war, it must hope for the Kiev ‘project’ to implode soon.  (And it might do just that, F-16s notwithstanding.)

Taiwan Says It’s in Talks on Being Brought Under US Nuclear Umbrella , Taiwan's foreign minister declined to share details about the talks

​  ​US Building New Base in Northern Syria , The construction demonstrates that the US has no plans to leave Syria
  The US-led anti-ISIS coalition is building a new military base in Syria’s northern province of Raqqa, The New Arab reported, citing a source close to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
  The US backs the SDF and keeps about 900 troops in eastern Syria, allowing the US to control about one-third of Syria’s territory
. The report said there are currently about 24 US-led military sites spread throughout eastern Syria.
  While the US says it’s in Syria to fight ISIS, the presence is part of Washington’s economic war against Damascus, which includes crippling economic sanctions. ISIS also holds no significant territory, and the Syrian government and its allies would continue to fight the remnants of the terror group if the US withdrew.
  But the construction of a new base demonstrates the US plans to continue the occupation indefinitely
  In March, the House voted down a resolution introduced by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) that would have ordered President Biden to withdraw from Syria.

Among 25,000 likely voters, Robert F.Kennedy polling 26.6% against "Joe Biden's" 50%. (Why can't I find this poll anywhere, Google?)

  Those vaccinated against COVID-19 have a 26 percent higher mortality rate on average compared to those who declined the jab – and the death toll is even more staggering for vaccinated people under 50 years old, where mortality is 49 percent higher than for those unvaccinated..
..“Worst of all – the people who only took one dose of the vaccine have an approximately 145 percent worse mortality rate,” Stirling said and explained that this even higher death rate applies to those who took the first shot and then had adverse reactions, making them stop the planned vaccination schedule.

  A Washington state appeals court has granted an emergency injunction to a retired doctor facing disciplinary action from the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) over articles he wrote against the official COVID-19 narrative in 2021.
  Dr. Richard J. Eggleston, a retired ophthalmologist in Clarkston, Washington, faces disciplinary action over articles published in the Lewiston Tribune he wrote challenged the prevailing information and guidance regarding the pandemic.
  During the pandemic, doctors could be accused of spreading misinformation if they provided advice contrary to the official information. This included, for example, advocating or prescribing treatments such as ivermectin or disagreeing with the effectiveness of face masks and vaccines...
..The WMC filed charges against Dr. Eggleston, accusing him of unprofessional conduct, including spreading false information and misinformation about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its treatments. They assert that his actions violated state laws related to moral turpitude, misrepresentation, and interference with an investigation.
  In response to the charges, Dr. Eggleston has maintained his innocence and has argued that his articles are protected under the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech. He sought to have the disciplinary proceedings dismissed on the grounds that the statutes applied by the WMC infringed upon his constitutional rights...
..[Judge] Landrus favored the retired doctor’s argument, saying public dialogue by professionals receives strong First Amendment protection, and the mere fact of prosecution can have a “chilling effect” on the exercise of these rights for Dr. Eggleston and other medical professionals.

Steve Kirsch, COVID vaccines have likely caused over 25,000 new cases of multiple sclerosis (MS)
​ ​A paper abstract that appeared on the WHO website created quite a stir because it showed the biological mechanism for how COVID vaccines can induce multiple sclerosis...What the paper didn’t say is how common this is or whether it is causal. It certainly looks causal, but causality requires more than just biological plausibility...​ [The mechanism is explained in the next ​link. Spike protein has some antigenic areas that resemble  myelin sheath constituents.]
​..​This also shows the CDC is corrupt that they are hiding this information. They could have easily done the same research I did and verified all five causality requirements were satisfied. Are you surprised they didn’t do this?
​  ​The observations (in VAERS and in the papers cited below) cannot be explained any other way.
​  ​If someone has a more plausible explanation for the 28X increase in reporting rates in VAERS, I’m all ears (for symptoms unrelated to the vaccine, reporting rates in the queries are comparable).
​  ​Multiple papers support the hypothesis that COVID vaccines cause MS

​  Nursing Educator, Dr.John Campbell explains the WHO paper mentioned above (which he could still find)​, so he won't be censored for explaining how COVID mRNA "vaccines" can cause an autoimmune response against Myelin Basic Protein and Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein, which are necessary for normal nerve conduction. Damage tothe myelin sheaths in the nervous system is the proximalcause of Multiple Sclerosis.

​  ​The US COVID mitigation measures resulted in 23X higher COVID deaths , Steve Kirsch​
​  ​The unvaccinated Amish were the control group. Their infection fatality rate from COVID was 23X lower than the surrounding community. 
Their secret? They ignored ALL the CDC's recommendations.

​  Steve Kirsch, Parent survey results: vaccines increase the risk of autism, autoimmune disorders, etc.
  Preliminary analysis of the results of my 10,000 child survey show that Andrew Wakefield was right: vaccines cause autism. There is simply no other way to explain these results.
  Nobody could find a Bradford Hill criteria that is NOT satisfied. Some people said that there are autistic kids who weren’t vaccinated, but I never claimed it was the only cause of autism, but it is, by far, the major cause of autism.
  Parents were right about vaccines causing autism...

​..​How do you know it is the vaccines and not office visits?​
In this 1998 paper in Pediatrics, you can see that in this study, only the measles vaccine caused autism cases, not the mumps or rubella vaccines.
So it is vaccine-type dependent.
How do you explain that? The paper has been out for 25 years and never been retracted. Uh oh!
They can’t explain it. It’s been in public view for 25 years and NOBODY can explain it.

​  More Steve Kirsch, ​ Key paper showing "no link between vaccines and autism" is fatally flawed
​  ​Study of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccination and Autism in 2002 in NEJM that has been widely cited by others (over 1,000 other papers) as strong evidence that vaccines don’t cause autism.
​  ​Hviid and his colleagues chose a study design that was designed to look credible but obscure any signal. So when they found no signal they could claim victory, that there was “no association.”
​ But the real meaning of what they found is that “the study design we choose is unable to find a signal.” That can either mean:
​  ​The methodology was inappropriate to find a signal
​  ​The data was corrupted
​  ​There were confounding factors such as a change in reporting requirements that obscured a signal
​  ​There is no signal
In Hviid’s case, the first three were true.

​  ​Covid and Marburg Weapons Systems​  , Sasha Latypova   Tomahawk missile systems are not tomahawks.
  ​I received a number of questions about “Marburg virus”. I will try to summarize everything I was able to find on it, and also provide some current working theories.​  [Marburg Virus is like Ebola.Itmakesa personvery sick and beed everywhere.]​
​  ​Three years of non-stop propaganda of “covid” everything, but few people realize that in fact, we have had 2 “scary scary virus” epidemics since 2020: covid AND Marburg! Did you know that? ...​  ​
​..Yet, as the Federal register shows, we have had a Marburg epidemic in the US since December 2020. The PREP act declarations and EUAs remain in place for both Covid and Marburg. To keep the money and weapons and psy-op cycles flowing.
​  ​I read a Department of Homeland Security memo on Marburg, basically stating we don't really know anything about it, but it’s definitely a scary scary virus, and here are some numbers that we made up just to generate some official sounding text. Statistics on lethality are all over the place.  Some sources claim 90%+, ​  ​WHO says 88%, but calculating from the 25 primary cases/7 deaths - 28%, some other sources claim 50%.    
​​Whatever that Marburg thing is - it needs to be injected to “work”.  Highly lethal = it doesn’t really spread.

​A Midwestern Doctor, ​Emotional Health in the Age of Disconnection , Perspectives on emotional integration and holistic psychiatry.

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