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Core Hypothesis

 Star Seeds,

  I spent about 4 hours yesterday afternoon carefully reading and considering this extensively researched and annotated hypothesis by The Ethical Skeptic. He observes that the amount of oceanic heating taking place is more than the atmospheric heating, and his physics-based thermal analysis indicates that it is not physically possible that the air heated the oceans that much. Additionally, the oceans have hot spots at the deepest trenches, volcanic trenches, and flows of hot water through the cold depths, to the surface, conveying heat to the surface, and speeding up the thermohaline flows, like the Gulf stream. Additionally, a couple of these hot spots, deep heat transfer areas, are under polar ice sheets, and cause local melting from the bottom of the ice, which has been hard to explain.
  The heat rising from the mantle, through conductive zones in the crust, also heats deep deposits of oil and other hydrocarbons, releasing CO2 and methane. This adds to the greenhouse gasses created by humans, and caused the CO2 to peak during the (northern) fall equinox, during COVID lockdowns in 2020, a time when human burning of fossil fuels was at a minimum. 
  The Ethical Skeptic summarizes that most greenhouse gasses are coming from this process and China, and that the planetary surface-heat accumulation, mainly in the oceans, is more than can be explained from the gain and loss from the solar energy entering and leaving the Earth's atmosphere, which he als analyzes in detail.
  He describes a mechanism for transfer of heat from the nickel-iron core of the earth, through the molten-lava mantle layer, and through the more-conductive zones of the crust. This process also concurs with changes in the Earth's magnetic field, which is lessening, and with slowing of the rate of rotation, as the more dense and massive metal conveys outward away from the rotational center.  This is a reversible process over time. The directional-driver of this process in forward or reverse is not described here. This appears to be a fleshing out or fleshing in of processes within the earth which have been black-boxes until now.
  From my viewpoint this does not contradict anthropogenic global warming or the space-weather analysis and catastrophic cycle, which Ben Davidson propounds. I am not able to build that particular theoretical bridge, but I am not the first to see that link, either. The Skeptic is somewhat aware of Davidson's hypotheses, but has not explored them in any detail. I am interested to see if these analytical models might find common-ground over time. 
​  ​The Climate Change Alternative We Ignore (to Our Peril), The Ethical Skeptic​
​  ​Recent climate change may originate from structural and exothermic phase changes in the nickel-iron core of the Earth, and not primarily from man’s activity alone. Lattice structure (phase) changes in sloughed (shed) core material releases latent kinetic energy (heat) which flows to the asthenosphere and abyssal ocean depths, thereby becoming genesis of the majority of observed climate change and its long-associated geomagnetic dipole phenomena.

Trump Vows To Release All JFK Assassination Files If Re-Elected​   “I released a lot, as you know. And I will release everything else.”

RFK Jr. getting great mainstream press. a) Media follow the public. b) Media think he will win. c) Media have started telling the truth. d) People crave authenticity and truthtelling​  , Meryl Nass MD​

​  ​IRS Abruptly Removes Investigative Team from Hunter Biden Probe: Whistleblower Claim​  [kill the messenger]
​  ​In an alarming move that has raised eyebrows and suspicions about the integrity of federal agencies, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) abruptly removed the entire team working on the high-profile tax fraud investigation of Hunter Biden, first son of President Joe Biden.

New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place ‘Caps on Meat’ Served by Public Institutions​ , Meryl Nass MD ​ ​(​G​ot your food needs secured?)

  Russia Says It Took Out US-Supplied Patriot Missile In Hypersonic Strike On Kiev
  Russia's military may have taken out a US-supplied Patriot anti-air battery in Ukraine
, which if true would be a very significant first since the advanced Raytheon-made defense weapon was deployed there.
  This came as Ukrainian officials have cited an exceptionally dense attack on Kyiv overnight, which included cruise missiles and drones, and even allegedly Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. Ukraine was hit by at least 18 missiles and nine drones were sent, with media reports saying some six ballistic missiles (including Kinzhal) were launched.

​Moon of Alabama (Germany) has this story also, with confirmatory details, but this comment is more detailed.​ Thanks Zerosum.
​  ​The main target was the US Patriot anti-aircraft missile system itself. As well as some military-industrial facilities and command posts, ammunition depots and fuel bases.
​  ​The main thing is that the "Patriot" could not shoot down our Kinzhal, which eventually destroyed the American battery. As for our other means of attack, the Ukrainian air defense system managed to shoot down only about 10% of our Kalibr missiles and Geran drones. 90% of them reached the goal.
​  ​So far, there is information that the sky over Kiev was covered by 1 Patriot battery with 16 missiles. Other batteries are only put into combat by the Americans. It is expected that there will be at least 4 such batteries.
​  ​It took one "Kinzhal". The auxiliary vehicles and units included in the American battery finished off by Calibers.
​  ​This tactic was "prompted" to us by the Americans themselves. First wave were Geranium drones. They were spotted by American radars and thus gave away their positions. Next came anti-radar missiles that destroyed enemy radars. And after that, Caliber and Dagger flew over the already blind Patriot and other objects.
​  ​About the cost of the Kinzhal - there is information that it can cost from 30 to 70 million rubles, depending on the modification. But one Patriot missile is estimated at about $ 4 million - 4-8 times more expensive than our hypersonic ammunition. And the Ukrainians (or Americans?) fired from 16 to 30 missiles at targets. Well, the destroyed Patriot battery itself costs from $ 0.5 to 1 billion - this also depends on its modification.
​  ​Yes, our air defense specialists did not immediately manage to find an antidote for the British Storm Shadow, which in recent days have been hitting Lugansk. As is the case with the American Himars. Now, on some days, we shoot dozens of Himars from the sky. The same thing happened with Storm Shadow. We hit these 7 missiles with the help of Buk-3M, Tor, Pantsir-S and an electronic warfare system that forced foreign missiles to go far from the target.
​  ​By the way, Storm Shadow is a very expensive ammunition. The cost of 1 rocket - Storm $ 1.3 million.

​  ​Hungary outraged by leaked Ukrainian plans to blow up vital oil pipeline​  (​NATO i​s a great big exclusive club and you might not want to be in it.)
​  ​The Washington Post revealed that Ukraine was planning to blow up the Druzhba oil pipeline that transports crude from Russia to Hungary.
​  ​According to the leaked documents, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky proposed at a February meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Yuliya Svyrydenko that Ukraine should blow up the pipeline in order to incapacitate the part of the Hungarian energy infrastructure reliant on Russian oil.
​  ​Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács reacted in a tweet with a short question: “How is it possible that Ukraine is plotting against a NATO country??”

​  ​Erdogan accuses Biden of attempt to topple him
​  ​Turkish government officials and journalists have accused the Biden administration of meddling in the Turkish election to defeat Erdogan after 20 years of his holding power

​  US regime-changed Pakistani populist-nationalist (former) Prime Minister Imran Khan is not dead yet, accused of 100 "crimes", illegally arrested by the military when he showed up for court​, says that the military chief (traditionally the "real power" in Pakistan, under the CIA/MI-6) is ordering the attacks upon him.
​  ​Imran Khan’s arrest and Pakistan’s struggle for stability
​  ​The brief arrest of the former PM has again unleashed political turmoil in Pakistan, amid speculation that powerful military opponents may have orchestrated the unrest for their own interests.

​  Geoff Lawton presents "Greening The Desert" about this Permaculture project in the Dead Sea Valley of Jordan, dealing with sand, dust and salt, to create an oasis with actual soil in 3 years. This is a 20 year overview.

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