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The Next Big Thing

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  We all maintain contextual filters for the information which comes into our consciousness. We categorize it, then decide how much attention it gets, then how highly it is valued in the stack of its information category. Sometimes there is something different,  out of context, or which would change our baseline view of the world.
  In early 1974, when I was in 10th grade inYokohama Japan, our Sociology teacher devoted a class period to explaining the book The Limits To Growth to us.
The Arab Oil Embargo had commenced in the US after the Yom Kippur war the previous fall. It seemed self-evident that oil was going to run out someday, and these guys had calculated when that would be, and other big-picture things like how bad pollution would get, and how many people there would be before the food supply fell short, and when all of those things might happen. Some of us hung around and talked about it after school. 2023 was a distant future back then.
  The proposition that the earth undergoes cyclic catastrophes, about every 12,000 years, due to orderly waves of a galactic magnetic and current sheet passing across our solar system, is that kind of a proposition, but more-so. I became aware of and interested in "Electric Universe" models around 2007. Ben Davidson is the most visible proponent of this field to the lay public, and he works hard at it. Ben is sharply opinionated in defense of his positions, not a bland intellectual. I allow for this, myself, because what he presents is coherent as a theory, as far as I can tell. I have a good scientific education, including 4 semesters of college physics, which I enjoyed.
  Our solar system is magnetically coupled, including the sun and the planets. Our planetary magnetic fields have been weakening since 1850, and weakening at an accelerating rate. NASA has withheld that field strength data since 2010. The poles are wandering more rapidly, undergoing "polar excursion".  This model posits that the wave of the galactic current sheet passes across solar systems and induces changes in the stars and planets. Observationally, the systems near to us have recently and sequentially undergone these changes. This is not a shock wave with sudden onset, but a more gradual wave. By this model the earth should undergo a 90 degree polar shift somewhere around 2030 or 2042, based upon the interaction with our sun's 12 year cycles of solar maximum and minimum. We are currently in a solar maximum. These dramatic rotational shifts are modeled to occur at a minimum. Our zenith of this peak should be next year, so the highest risk for polar reversal or flip would be 6 years or 18 years later. In this model, the increased current flow through our planet causes resistive heating of the mantle layer, making it more fluid beneath the tectonic plates, which are then freer to move. The magnetic polar excursion already underway may not reverse pole for pole, and the rotation of the earth may also flip 90 degrees, with one new pole in the Bay of Bengal and one off the coast of South America. That is catastrophic, and causes flooding of many areas, echoing ancient tales of Genesis and Atlantis...
  Here, in a well organized 16 minutes and 45 seconds, Ben Davidson presents his model of this cyclic catastrophe for your consideration.

Tucker Carlson will move his show to Twitter. There may be repercussions and legal challenges. We shall see.

  RFK Jr. interviews Colonel (US Army Ret.) Douglas Macgregor about the US involvement in the Ukraine war and the difficulty in getting truthful information about it. Bobby Jr. is a good interviewer, brings focus to several points, but mostly lets Colonel Macgregor explain the big picture. (33 min.) Thanks Cat.

  China is not selling weapons to Russia. China is a sovereign nation. The EU is running out of its own feet to shoot. The EU is not acting in European interests.
​  ​China threatens EU with countermeasures over possible sanctions against its companies
According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Wang Wenbin, "the European side should not make a mistake, otherwise Beijing will be forced to resolutely protect its rationally justified legal rights"

​  ​Türkiye won't toe Western line on Russia sanctions – FM​   [Turkish elections are May 14. This reflects the national mood.]
​  ​Ankara is putting its own economic interests first, the country’s top diplomat has explained
​  ​Last year, Türkiye and Russia signed a roadmap for economic cooperation that envisages bringing bilateral trade turnover to $100 billion a year. The two have also agreed to introduce the Russian ruble as a settlement currency for bilateral trade, including for Russian natural-gas supply.

​  ​The conflict between Moscow and Kiev is effectively a conflict between Russia and the collective West and so it can be resolved only by reaching a “strategic agreement,” Ibrahim Kalin, a top Turkish presidential adviser on foreign policy, believes.
“This war will not end with positional gains, but with a new security agreement between the two global blocs,” Kalin said during an interview with Haberturk TV on Sunday. The official said he discussed the issue and Moscow’s stance on it with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his recent visit to the country...
..“The great powers want this war to continue,” he added, without naming the purported pro-war actors...
​..​“This war is not between Russia and Ukraine, but between Russia and the Western bloc. Cold War 2.0,” he stressed.

​Steve Kirsch: ​The COVID vaccines have an estimated death rate >1,000 higher than the acceptable safe limit
But nobody at the FDA or the CDC cares about that. The real story is that an estimated 80% or more of the vaccines examined in this study are too deadly to be used. Here's the data showing that

​Meryl Nass MD posts slides from her recent COVID-Conference presentation. Here is the first one.


​Jim Kunstler has a paradigm-shifting epiphany.
    Now that the charm has worn off the transsexual craze — the idea that a person’s emotional distress can be cured by identifying as the opposite sex — we await the next ploy out of the Woke Transhumanist game-plan to destabilize the human project on earth. People-of-color, brown, indigenous, Pacific Islander, gay, lesbian, plus-size, differently-abled, all women (of course), have taken their turn in the batting order of intersectional oppressed minority groups, and each has walked off with a participation trophy. Who’s left now? ....
..Don’t despair, a great grooming is underway. The next new thing will be for most of us to transition into the dead. Do you think it’s an accident that Hollywood has churned out zombie movies by the morgue-full in recent years? Obviously, more and more Americans have come to identify as the walking dead. (And, judging by the behavior in our land, a lot of people’s brains have been eaten.) Even our businesses and banks have a walking dead kind of look to them...
..As the people go, so goes the nation. The USA is transitioning from a dynamic system of economic liberty, endeavor, and law into an entropic dystopia of chaos, corruption, and inertia. As suits a country of the walking dead, nothing works: telephone calls go dead, the bank won’t give you any money, your duties on-the-job have been eliminated, your food store has closed down, there are no parts available for your broken things, your flights are cancelled, your Facebook archive has been erased, your opinion is not wanted, your vote is meaningless, your children no longer need your permission to do anything, and, final insult, a martini now costs fifteen dollars.
 Death is everywhere in America now, hovering over everything we do. Don’t fight it — celebrate it! Foster it wherever you go, among all you consort with! Welcome it as you slough off all the annoyances of being here and rise to your blessed platform in the perfect gnostic Elysium promised by the theurgists of Wokery. Become the dead you long to be!

Living Fully (still mowing the grass in flip flops as the sun sets)

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