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Everybody Wants To Rule The World

 Kings For A Day,

Pretend To The End, James Kunstler
    The creatures of the underworld running our country must think the public is awfully stupid. You are expected to take at face value the claim that “Joe Biden” is actually up for re-election. Could it be more obvious that he’s pretending? (Just as he’s been pretending to serve as CEO of our government.) Meanwhile, we are not supposed to notice that the entities behind him are scrambling to dismantle, demolish, and asset-strip what remains of the USA in body and spirit. But enough of us are noticing to make it a problem for them.
     First, who are these entities? They are exactly who you think they are. What you see around you is not just a complex system (Western Civ) unwinding and breaking apart — though that is part of the story. It is also the appearance of a controlled demolition by desperate, frightened, and crazy people who want to be the ones left standing when the demolition is complete. The catch is, they are pretending, too. They are control-freaks who cannot keep things under control.
    This power underworld is a coalition of large public and private organizations, here and out there in the world, and the folks in charge of them, and they are all out of control, too, pretending that their operations are coherent and efficacious.​..
​.. ​There is also the matrix of banking, including the international regulatory agencies such as the IMF, the World Bank, the Fed, the European Central Bank, and the banks themselves. And the bankers — Powell, LeGarde, Dimon, et. al — and the money managers, Fink, Soros, and their nefarious activities. They are all pretending to be in charge of a money system so burdened with fakery and legerdemain that it’s in the process of flying up the cosmic wazoo and vanishing, leaving Western Civ, functionally, broke.
    My guess is that the nominal leader of this underworld in the USA — more like a master-of-ceremonies than an actual director — is Barack Obama. He has been running “Joe Biden” since the 2020 coup against Mr. Trump...
​..​For now, they’ll just try ignoring RFK, Jr., since he wants to turn the Democratic Party upside-down and inside-out while rinsing it with Drano.
​  ​Who will they slot in when “Joe B” gets the hook? Michelle Obama, of course. Seems ridiculous, I know. (Actually, it’s completely ridiculous.) But our country has become so marinated in recycled products, celebrities, and narratives that Mr. Barack Obama (and cohorts) might just be bold enough to try it.

​Tears For Fears, Everybody Wants To Rule The World​

​  ​Red and Christine linked to some organizational charts that make it clear who the global financial institutional players are, and who the globalist players in US Government have been, at varius levels, including presidents. This is easy to peruse, and you wil probably not be too surprised, but it is remarkably tidy and well organized.
​  ​Who Runs the World? - Organized Crime’s Front Groups & Secret Societies
​  ​Who Are the World Economic Forum, The Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Freemasonry, Bohemian Club, Skull & Bones and the Bilderberg Group

  I hope to make the point here that the power relationships in the world are not primarily between "nations" as we conceive of them, though some nations such as Russia, China, Iran, Turke(i)y, etc. can be seen to behave as such internationally. The glbally powerful financial fiefdoms are transnational. They typically corrupt national-government officials to varying degrees, to facilitate the corporate wealth-extraction from those countries, at the expense of citizens, the environment, and local manufacturers and productive enterprises. This weakens the economies and the social-contracts of all of the parasitized nations. 
  The US became a center of the western empire during WW-1, and at Bretton-Woods in 1945, became the primary global financial center. Since then, American gold, oil, other resources and manufacturing have been extracted to feed  international financial interests, and to support the $US-based global financial system, the medium for extraction of wealth from anywhere, into the global banking system, which is nowhere, yet everywhere. 
  The actual wealth of nations has been diminished, not just in numbers, but in social cohesion, quality of life, and especially resilience capacity to shocks and disruptions. In being diminished and abstracted, the financialized "wealth" of the world has come to represent both real-potential for construction of factories and roads, canals and electrical generators, but also a predominance of false promises, which can never be kept in the physical world. Those who "own" the financial wealth seek to secure it in real-assets, such as productive farms, railways or fleets of ships, while still playing the global wealth game until the music stops.
  Global financial crises are typically managed with wars, which excuse any emergency measures. The COVID-Pandemic was used in that way, under the auspiices of a global health emergency, especially within the $US-centric global financial system.
  I often see presentations of national-interests which arouse emotions and frustrations, but which seem to be false and manipulative portrayals of the processes actually playing out. Globalist finance has gutted countries, economies, and notably the French retirement system, recently turned-over to BlackRock, a huge, global hungry-ghost financial entity, which has very little in the way of owned-reserves, but manages vast trillions of $US across the world.
  There are going to be losers among the giants of global finance, because the notional wealth is some multiple of real wealth, and real wealth has begun a long contraction, while notional wealth continues growing exponentially. 
  The time of "imposing losses" has begun. The Fed raising interest rates and arranging buyouts, bailouts and shotgun-weddings of regional banks is the beginning of that. It stresses the system which has been maintained by negative real interest rates, and central bank purchase of junk assets for nominal-value, to keep the fake financial expansion going.
  Tom Luongo has a view of the power-centers which differs from what you will hear from NPR and other mainstream financial media. Luongo sees nationalist interests and globalist interests facing-off on the chessboard. "The Davos Crowd" is his name for European globalist interests, which he sees diverging from American commercial banking interests. The globalists are extracting Europe in a colonialist manner, and are moving to destabilize and extract the US economy along the same lines by creating chaos, crashing the values of real assets, like productive factories, farms, roads and railways, and gobbling them up, leaving debt levels undiminished, but greatly increasing extraction from the population. Globalists control the current administration and Treasury Secretary Yellen.
  US national banking interests seem intent on keeping the economy operating within the US, even if they have to retreat some from global financial extraction.
Luongo has described this power contest between New York banking and the Federal Reserve, and "The Davos Crowd" and ECB for a couple of years now.
  In this essay he posits that JP Morgan and J.Powell at the Fed have been moving to deny BlackRock the purchase of First Republic Bank, for which it bid, in order to keep it from being declared a "SIFI" Systemically Important Financial Institution in the US, by Treasury Secretary Yellen, which would shift its risks onto American taxpayers (not just French pensioners). He sees BlackRock failing as a non-bank to be easily managed, despite its vast size and scope, because all of those asset portfolios can be "managed" elsewhere, and those managenment fees collected elsewhere in banking/finance.
  Luongo sees this debt ceiling showdown as being different from others, because of the great stress in western finance, and the hidden stress between the competing EU banking system and US banking system. He sees the Biden-admin position of "no spending cuts or we will veto" as threatening US banking interests, as the "Davos crowd" want unlimited US deficit spending to maintain European finance, which he argues is more stressed than US finance/banking.
Luongo argues that any spending cuts which are agreed will be seen as a positional victory for US national banking interests and a weakened position for BlackRock and the ECB. Luongo's thesis has been holding together pretty well in my opinion.
This Debt Ceiling Fight is Truly Different This Time​ , Tom Luongo

​  Financial crises are managed by wars, and all wars are "banker's wars". Anecdotally, there is more money to be made in the ruin of a nation, than in it's construction. I see globalist interests behind the push do divide Ukraine, divide Russia and divide the US. The people who are pushing citizens to quarrel with each other are not crazy. They seek to profit from the breakdown of civil societies, and they seek to be protected from the concerted action of a nation-state in the interest of its citizens and productive industries. I see the Russian leadership resisting this patiently, even as they reluctantly carry out the Special Military Operation in Ukraine/Novorussia.
  The US has some politicians who seek to act in the national interest, whatever their own strengths, weaknesses, foibles and histories may be, and they are grab-bags of lived-life. From myperspective, a presidential race between Trump and Kennedy would signal that some lossof power had already taken place, and the globalist courtiers now exercising power in Washington​ were relinquishing their positions as managers-of-empire. That would be some kind of best-case scenario.

  Consider who makes decisions for US foreign policy, and how those "deciders" might value millions of American lives, as they put those lives at risk. :-(
Russia and US on verge of ‘open armed conflict’ ​... It is time for Washington to think about its own safetyDeputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov 

Washington responsible for attack on Kremlin – Moscow
Ukraine’s actions are coordinated and approved by the US, Putin’s spokesman has claimed

​  ​Moscow accuses EU’s top diplomat of ‘colonialist mindset’​   (Borrell is not ignorant. Borrell is a wholly-factotum.)
Josep Borrell is geopolitically ignorant, the Russian Foreign Ministry has suggested

​  ​Was the Tucker "Take Down" a Deep-State Hit?
​  ​According to former Fox host Megyn Kelly, Carlson is not free to negotiate with other potential employers because he’s still technically under contract with Fox. Check out this blurb from Red State website:
​"​There’s a report from 19FortyFive from John Rossamondo that Tucker Carlson texted them, “I’m still employed by Fox,” that he had not been fired. Now, we’re not seeing anyone else reporting on that, so we relate that report with that proviso. That report does, however, fit with what Kelly said. 19FortyFive also said Carlson did not explain the reasoning for the parting of ways, just as Kelly said.​"​​..​
​  ​What Kelly seems to ignore is that “silencing” Carlson was the primary objective from the get-go. The fact that he is still under contract simply makes it easier for his enemies to control and censor him. Many readers have noticed that Carlson has not posted another video on his Twitter account since last week’s 2-minute blockbuster that raked in over 70 million views. That probably means that he’s been advised by his attorney that anything he produces will be construed as a violation of his contract with Fox. In other words, keeping Tucker on the payroll may be the most effective way to shut him up which is precisely what they want.

​  Andrew Korybko, via The Automatic Earth, where many of my links may often be found.​ (Does RFK Jr. know about Gonzalo Lira? Has he heard of him?)
​  Dual American-Chilean national Gonzalo Lira was recently arrested by Ukraine’s secret police on charges pertaining to “wartime propaganda”, for which he faces the possibility of 5-8 years in jail. The US Government’s (USG) silence on this incident completely contrasts with its hysteria over Wall Street Journal (WSJ) employee Evan Gershkovich’s arrest in Russia last month on charges of espionage after he was caught red-handed soliciting classified military-industrial information from a regional lawmaker.
​  This is a betrayal of American principles since the freedom of speech is regarded as a sacred right of all its citizens no matter where they might be at any given time. Regardless of whatever one might think about Lira’s views and the particular piece of Ukrainian legislation that was cited as the basis for arresting him, the USG is supposed to support the rights of its nationals abroad. This is especially so whenever they’re arrested for expressing an opinion and/or practicing journalism like he was.
​  Its silence in the face of this scandalous incident suggests a degree of complicity in, or at the very least tacit approval of, Lira’s arrest since nothing else cogently explains the conspicuous lack of any response. These suspicions are further reinforced by the fact that one of the USG’s leading information warfare assets in Ukraine, transgender mercenary Michael John Cirillo, admitted to the Daily Beast that he colluded with the SBU on its case against Lira and even plans to testify against him.
​  ​In his exact words, “I’ve already given my sworn statement to SBU about Gonzalo Lira several months ago and expect to be called as a witness in his prosecution.” Cirillo also added on Twitter that “When I’m on Capitol Hill in 10 days, no doubt the arrest of Gonzalo Lira will be a prime topic of conversation.” Instead of seeking his release, the USG is relying on one of its top propagandists in that country to pursue Lira’s conviction, prior to which their proxy brazenly plans to boast about this to Congress.

​  ​The FBI has been sitting on a report detailing a scheme involving then-Vice President Joseph R. Biden to accept money in exchange for policy decisions on behalf of a “foreign national,” two senior Republicans said Wednesday.
​  ​Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican, and Rep. James Comer, Kentucky Republican, said their information was “highly credible” and came from whistleblowers who pointed to a confidential human source report that the FBI has had for several years.
​  ​They did not say when the alleged dealing occurred nor what country was involved.They did say the information that the FBI obtained was detailed enough to have been verified.
​  ​“Based on those disclosures, it has come to our attention that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) possess an unclassified FD-1023 form that describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions. It has been alleged that the document includes a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose,” the lawmakers wrote.

Former Intel Heads Brennan, Clapper To Testify To House Panel Over Role In Hunter Biden Laptop Letter​  (Careful; these guys have license-to-lie.)

​  This is a long, good, informative interview with RFK Jr. answering so many questions about his life, long years of heroin addiction, the assassinations of his father and uncle, but I will only pick out this. He knows. Bobby Jr. knows this truth. Thanks Christine.
​   ​I was in the environmental movement for many years, and I had many friends who were soul-crushed. If you’re an environmentalist, every victory you have is temporary, and every loss is permanent. You lose a species, it’s not coming back. You lose a piece of landscape, it’s gone forever. And people would get just destroyed by the losses, and burn out. 
​  ​And I learned at that time that the only thing I control is this little piece of real estate inside my own shoes. And that’s literally the only thing I control.
​  ​So I have to let go of the outcomes and not get invested in them, and I just have to keep fighting. The outcomes are in God’s hands. They’re not in my hands.
​Q: ​Was that a lesson that came out of recovery?
​  ​A lot of my lessons come out of recovery. I go to a lot of meetings, I go to nine meetings a week, and that keeps me spiritually centered. I do an hour of meditation every day, and I do it while hiking in the wilderness with my dogs. And I do other stuff. I know all my strength comes from that spiritual center, and that is the one thing that I really need to put effort into.

​  This also came from a link at TAE, and it is long, but you might scroll to headers  to read details. Itis chock full of details, particularly all of the vessels that would directly be instrumental in the complicated task of explosive e=demolition of the Nordstream pipelines, and everything else. It's all there, just like Hersh d=said, and there is a good section at the end about "who benefits". It's not things that I knew. It is new information, and casts the destruction in a fuller light.
PART 2 – Smoking Guns: Nord Stream Sabotage ‘Secret Teams’ Revealed

Steve Kirsch: The data in VAERS can be used to prove the vaccines are killing people. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Here's how to respond to all their arguments and turn the tables on them.

​  ​Risk assessment of retinal vascular occlusion after COVID-19 vaccination​   Thanks Jeremy.
​  ​Individuals with COVID-19 vaccination had a higher risk of all forms of retinal vascular occlusion in 2 years after vaccination, with an overall hazard ratio of 2.19 (95% confidence interval 2.00–2.39). The cumulative incidence of retinal vascular occlusion was significantly higher in the vaccinated cohort compared to the unvaccinated cohort, 2 years and 12 weeks after vaccination. The risk of retinal vascular occlusion significantly increased during the first 2 weeks after vaccination and persisted for 12 weeks. Additionally, individuals with first and second dose of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 had significantly increased risk of retinal vascular occlusion 2 years following vaccination, while no disparity was detected between brand and dose of vaccinesThis large multicenter study strengthens the findings of previous cases. Retinal vascular occlusion may not be a coincidental finding after COVID-19 vaccination.

​  If you live in Texas you can call and email the Govorner in support of getting this bill to a vote before the end of the session. I think it should be good for Texas, good for Texans, and may be very useful as an easy way to "hold" physical gold through a more trustworthy counterparty, who would always hand it over if you came to the depository to get it. (I called and emailed.)​ It should eliminate capital-gains taxation upon re-conversion to $US, also.
​  ​On May 2, a Texas House committee passed a bill to create 100% reserve gold and silver-backed transactional currencies. Enactment of this legislation would create an option for people to conduct business in sound money, set the stage to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money, and possibly create a viable alternative to a central bank digital currency (CBDC).
Rep. Mark Dorazio (R) introduced HB4903 on March 10 and it has since garnered a bipartisan coalition of 42 cosponsors. The legislation would require the state comptroller to establish and provide for the issuance of gold and silver specie and also establish digital currencies that are 100% backed by gold and silver, and 100% redeemable in cash, gold, or silver.

​King Midas In Reverse  (pictured endurance-lawn-mowing at dusk)

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