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Anything That Moves

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​  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 60: Israel surrounds Kamal Adwan hospital, ‘shooting anything that moves’
Israel cut off internet and phone signals in the Gaza Strip as it pummeled areas across the Strip. Israeli forces have surrounded Kamal Adwan hospital in the north, shooting “at anything that moves.”
15,899+ killed*, including 6,150 children, and 42,000 wounded in the Gaza Strip.
260 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem
Israel revises its estimated October 7 death toll down from 1,400 to 1,147​  
[many killed by IDF tanks and helicopter-gunships]

Safe Corridor in Central Gaza Turned Into Battlefield - IDF Statement
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Avichay Adraee said on Monday, calling on the population of the enclave to evacuate along the coast.

Israel Bombs Areas of Southern Gaza Where It Told Palestinians to Flee
Israel's defense minister suggested Israel's onslaught in the south will be more intense than in the north
" A dead toddler’s bare feet and black trousers poked out from under a pile of rubble. Men struggled with their bare hands to move a chunk of the concrete that had crushed the child.”

​  'Israel' gives WHO 24 hours to remove medical supplies from south Gaza
​  Our correspondent reported that a new Israeli massacre was committed at the gates of the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza. The Israeli occupation carried out strikes targeting the hospital's entrance, killing and wounding tens of civilians.

​  IOF cuts off means of communication, launches fire belts across Gaza​  [Fire-Bombing Gaza]
​  The occupation aircraft executed incendiary attacks throughout the entire sector, in its north, center, and south, amid a cut-off of all means of communication, according to Al Mayadeen's correspondent.

The Iranian Foreign Minister reveals that documents obtained by the Resistance during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood operation showed pre-set Israeli plans to displace Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank.

Israeli bombardment of south Gaza 'worst of the war right now': UNICEF

​  Palestinian prisoners in dire conditions; West Bank arrests skyrocket​ 
 Six Palestinian detainees have been tortured to death by the Israeli occupation, according to the WAFA news agency, citing a statement by the Palestinian Commission for Detainees and ex-Detainees Affairs, while they were held in Israeli occupation prisons. This comes as part of the systematic campaign of assaults against Palestinian detainees and prisoners since October 7.
​  The six Palestinians who were martyred as a result of Israeli torture are Omar Daraghmeh from Tubas, Arafat Hamdan from Ramallah, Majed Zaqoul from Gaza, Abdel Rahman Marei from Salfit, Thaer Abu Assab from Qalqilya, and a martyr whose identity remains undisclosed.

'Israel' destroyed 80% of rescue vehicles, equipment in Gaza​ :  Government Media Office
Office in Gaza says equipment and mechanisms belonging to the relief, emergency, and civil defense teams cannot reach disaster and massacre areas in the Strip.

​  Israel using AI to identify potential civilian targets to maximize Palestinian casualties
  According to intelligence sources, Habsora generates automatic suggestions to attack private residences where individuals suspected of belonging to Hamas or Islamic Jihad reside. Israel then conducts extensive assassination operations by heavily bombing these homes, said the report.
​  Habsora can process "vast amounts of data that tens of thousands of intelligence officers couldn't handle" and suggests attack targets in real time, it added.
​  When Israel launched massive attacks, many top-level Hamas officials turned to underground tunnels, allowing the use of this system to locate and target other Hamas members' homes, the report said.

'Israel' destroys Gaza to control world’s most important shipping lane
Why won’t Western leaders even call for a ceasefire? The answer is that this genocide in Gaza is their project too.

​  Resistance rocket struck IOF base suspected to house nuclear arms​ 
​  The "Sdot Micha" base is believed to house many of the regime's nuclear-capable missiles, although "Israel" has never officially acknowledged the existence of its nuclear arsenal.​..
​..The "Sdot Micha" base, located 25 miles northeast of Gaza and 15 miles west of occupied Al-Quds, is considered one of the most sensitive military locations in occupied Palestine.
​  Through visual analysis of satellite imagery, the report noted that the rocket's impact caused a fire that approached the missile storage facilities and other sensitive areas of the base.

​  Moon of Alabama: Right Before Hamas Attacked Someone Shorted Israeli Stocks And Funds
Giant gambles against Israel on the markets in Tel Aviv and Wall Street days before Hamas’ attack made billions. Somebody seems to have known about the plan in advance​...The short options were only for a very limited period. At least some would have expired on October 13.
So it definitely looks as if on Monday, October 2, someone was sure enough on that soon something 'bad' would happen to Israel. That someone had enough market knowledge and money to take the risk of a false alarm in exchange for a huge potential profit.
​  Who that person or group was is for anyone to guess.

​  Half of Americans under 35 see Hamas attack as ‘justified by Palestinian grievances’
​  Democrats are terrified because they are losing their grip on the young.
A new poll says half of Americans under 35 see Hamas's October 7 attack as justified by Palestinian grievances. Young Americans are seeing the enormity of genocide.

​  John Helmer at Dances With Bears has analysis of Russian Strategic shift to Ideologically Driven National Policy
​  Ilnitsky’s remarks are the clearest sign from the Stavka of what he describes as the turning of Clausewitz’s dictum on its head. “Yes, the popular widely quoted ideology of the 19th century military analyst Clausewitz that war is the continuation of politics by other means is no longer relevant. Today, war is politics itself. The most important element of such a policy is mental warfare.”​...
​..“Ideology is a field of mental warfare. Highly organised states do not exist without ideology.  On the territory of the USSR, we are waging an ideological/mental war precisely for our Russian — in the ontological sense — understanding of how we live. We are fighting against the world of lies, waging a civilisational war in which the events on the territory of the USSR are only a stage of global confrontation with the West.
​  Following Ilnitsky at the Congress, Putin explicitly adopted the idea that the ideology horse is now pulling the national survival cart – and not only for Russia. “Friends,” the President declared,  “our fight for sovereignty and justice is, without exaggeration, one of national liberation, because we are upholding the security and well-being of our people, and our supreme historical right to be Russia – a strong independent power, a civilisation state. It is our country, it is the Russian world that has blocked the way of those who aspired to world domination and exceptionalism, as it has happened many times in history.
We are now fighting not just for Russia’s freedom but for the freedom of the whole world. We can frankly say that the dictatorship of one hegemon is becoming decrepit. We see it, and everyone sees it now. It is getting out of control and is simply dangerous for others. This is now clear to the global majority. But again, it is our country that is now at the forefront of building a fairer world order. And I would like to stress this: without a sovereign and strong Russia, no lasting and stable international system is possible.”...
​..What end-of-war  terms was Putin setting out?
​  “We know the threat we are opposing. Russophobia and other forms of racism and neo-Nazism have almost become the official ideology of Western ruling elites. They are directed not only against ethnic Russians, but against all groups living in Russia: Tatars, Chechens, Avars, Tuvinians, Bashkirs, Buryats, Yakuts, Ossetians, Jews, Ingush, Mari and Altai. There are many of us, I might not be able to name every group now, but again, the threat is directed against all the peoples of Russia. The West has no need for such a large and multi-ethnic country as Russia as a matter of principle. Our diversity and unity of cultures, traditions, languages, and ethnicities simply do not fit into the logic of Western racists and colonisers, into their cruel plans for total depersonalisation, separation, suppression, and exploitation. That is why they have started their old rant again: they say that Russia is a ‘prison of nations’ and that Russians are a ‘nation of slaves.’ We have heard this many times throughout the centuries. Now we have also heard that Russia apparently needs to be ‘decolonised’. But what do they really want? They want to dismember and plunder Russia. If they cannot do it by force, they sow discord.”
​  “I would like to emphasise that we view any outside interference or provocations to incite ethnic or religious conflict as acts of aggression against our country, and an attempt to once again wield terrorism and extremism as a weapon against us, and we will respond accordingly.”
​  In theory, this new doctrine of Russian national liberation and Russian support for the national liberation of others fighting against the US empire ought to back the Hamas fight against  Israel in Gaza, the Palestinian struggle against Israel,  and the wider Arab and Iranian fight against the American-Israeli combination.
​..What is a stumbling block in current Russian thinking and planning is the war in Palestine, and what stance – military, ideological – Putin should take towards Israel and Palestine. Ilnitsky did not mention the Arab-Israeli conflict in his speech last week, nor in his May interview. Putin did not refer to it either. Putin did mention Jews, however, but only in a list of groups comprising Russia’s multi-ethnic society. Putin’s implication was that he is preserving Russia’s even-handed support for both the Jewish state and the Muslim states of Palestine, the Arab world and Iran in order to forestall and combat “any outside interference or provocations to incite ethnic or religious conflict as acts of aggression against our country, and an attempt to once again wield terrorism and extremism as a weapon against us, and we will respond accordingly.”​...
..A well-connected Moscow political analyst concedes there is a potential contradiction between national liberation and terrorism in Russian policymaking and ideology, and that the Kremlin has yet to resolve it between its apparent sympathy for Israel and the majority of Russians and the military who support Palestine. “Being for or against Hamas now makes no difference at all,” the source says, “because its ability to provide any administration in Gaza is now decimated, even if its guerrilla warfighting is not. Statements of a two-state solution carry even less potency and credibility. The government’s actions and narrative must shift to keeping Gaza alive, then autonomous without Israeli occupation,  and then pumping in enormous aid and support into the West Bank while beefing up the Northern forces [Hezbollah].”“I believe the Russian and Chinese failure is not in being critical of Hamas.
​  Hamas is an entirely different matter and you can understand that no one is willing to identify publicly with them. The failure is in not supporting the Palestine cause through the decades. To go into Syria and not defend all of it, this is a failure. To not stand up to Israel in Syria is an even bigger failure. To not stand up against US phobias in every shape and form executed through their wars has been a  failure – until now.”
​  “For Russia, what we are looking at is the start of a new decade-long cycle – the Fatah leadership is old and terminal. Hamas will be largely destroyed. No one will come to its help. Hezbollah will emerge intact – even if it fights now. I therefore see the necessity for an intervention – purely humanitarian – to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza which is at once significant and yet does not provide a military cover to Hamas. The future should be an overwhelming domestic and international movement within Russia and China to break the blockade of Gaza; followed by an air cover against the Israelis for Gaza, Syria and Lebanon.”

​  Seymour Hersh,  Anatol Lieven and the desperate DC gambit to end hostilities in Ukraine while claiming ‘victory’
​  Several days ago, the renowned, Pulitzer prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published on his substack.com account an article entitled “General to General. A potential peace is being negotiated in Ukraine by military leaders.”
​  To be specific, Hersh said that secret talks about a possible peace are presently being conducted by Ukraine’s military commander-in-chief General Valery Zaluzhny and Russia’s highest military officer Valery Gerasimov.
​ The main attention grabbing paragraph in the article was the following:
​ “The driving force of those talks has not been Washington or Moscow, or Biden or Putin, but instead the two high-ranking generals who run the war, Valery Gerasimov of Russia and Valery Zaluzhny of Ukraine.”
​  The next most sensational point in the article was that part of the settlement foresees Russian acceptance of Ukraine joining NATO on condition that NATO formally commits ‘not to place NATO troops on Ukrainian soil’ or to put offensive weapons in Ukraine.
​  And the final key element in the settlement that would reward Russia for its acquiescence on NATO membership would be Ukraine’s recognition of Crimea as irrevocably Russian and the holding of a referendum in the Donbas and Novorossiya (Zaporozhie and Kherson) oblasts that were liberated by Russia and then joined the Russian Federation, a measure which in effect would be a fig-leaf for formal settlement of the fate of these territories as Russian once and for all...
​..The elements in the concessions to Russia that Lieven proposes are somewhat vague. They are considerably more generous than what Seymour Hersh is proposing.  No matter.  Both gentlemen and dozens of their peers are being encouraged by the policy formulators in the Administration to prepare the Russians to enter into talks and to prepare the American and European publics for an end to the war that is a defeat dressed up as a victory.
​  As I intimated above, it is entirely possible that there have been direct talks about ending the war between Gerasimov and Zaluzhny in the past couple of weeks, though neither would be an independent actor as Hersh mistakenly believes.
​  I will go one step further and say that it is entirely possible that the Russian side suggested that it could accept Ukraine’s entry into NATO if there was a public commitment never to post NATO forces on Ukrainian territory and not to deliver offensive weapons to Ukraine.  Such things can be monitored and if there are violations they can lead directly to revocation of the agreement before any harm is done to Russian security interests.
​  The possible advantage to the Russian side would be to offer the Americans a face-saving exit ramp, thereby ending any possibility of dangerous escalation of American – NATO involvement on the ground should the Ukrainian forces collapse.
​  Vladimir Putin has been very cautious in conducting this war precisely because the Russians have a decidedly low opinion of the professionalism, and at times even of the sanity of their American counterparts. Putin is strong enough in his entourage of elites and in the broad Russian public to make a persuasive case for any settlement that ensures Russian security interests are served and that the sacrifices in men and fortune that this war has cost will be justified by the outcome.
​  Even in the less attractive peace terms set out by Hersh, the positive results for Russia would be the definitive liberation of most of the Russian speaking territories of Ukraine from rule by Kiev and their incorporation into the Russian Federation, the de facto demilitarization of Ukraine given its losses on the order of one million men dead or incapacitated, and the confidence that Ukraine can no longer be used as an advance attack platform of NATO against his country.

The Ukrainian Army is officially on the brink of collapse as both the US and the EU "pull the rug from under its feet".

​  Ukraine deal negotiations fail in US Senate
​  Negotiations between the US Democratic and Republican parties on a bill to protect the border and combat the migration crisis have failed, NBC News reported . The bill is necessary to agree on US President Joe Biden's request for funding to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.
​  Republicans, according to the story, say they will block Joe Biden's request for security and foreign aid "without adequate immigration changes."

​  Russia sent a robot in Ukraine to transport wounded soldiers
New images shared on Telegram by Russian sources reveal that the Russian military is using ground robots to safely transport injured soldiers from battlefields.

​  All Four "Pillars Of Civilization" Are Under Attack By An "Anti-Human Death-Cult"; Shellenberger, Carlson Unload On Global Elites
​  "We know that the pillars of civilization are cheap energy, meritocracy, Law and Order, and free speech and all four of those pillars are currently under attack," warns Shellenberger in his typically erudite and fact-based manner.​ The hypocrisy is simply Orwellian.
​  As Shellenberger recently wrote on his Public substack, flying on private jets to a climate conference to announce plans to make energy even more expensive for working people is bread-and-circuses, except there’s no bread, and the circus consists of rich people celebrating their wealth, morality, and superiority.

​  It’s official: United Arab Emirates STOPS using the U.S. dollar for oil trades
​  According to reports, the U.A.E.'s decision to switch away from using U.S. dollars in the oil trade marks a broader pivot among the BRICS economic alliance to transition to the use of local currencies for oil transactions.
​  Along with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran and Argentina, the U.A.E. is now part of the original five BRICS nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. (Related: Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran among six countries invited to join emerging BRICS global superpower.)
​  For many years, the U.S. dollar has been the long-established currency used in the global oil market. As increasingly more countries shift away from it, this de-dollarization process puts America at an ever-worsening economic disadvantage.​..
​..Up to 15 countries are on the U.A.E.'s list of new potential oil and gas deals, including China, Russia and Egypt – all of which are members of BRICS and advocates of de-dollarization.
​  "This isn't just about diversifying trade; it's about making a statement on the global stage," Hamid adds. "The U.A.E. is not just following a trend – it's setting one."
​  Chances are that de-dollarization, which is gaining momentum on the world stage, will not stop with oil. All global trade is likely to be affected by this shift away from U.S. economic dominance, and Americans need to take notice of what this could mean for their wallets.
​  The U.S. dollar is already rapidly becoming worthless due to constant dilution by the Fed.

​  MOSCOW, December 4. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay working visits to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia later this week, Putin’s aide Yury Ushakov said.
​  "This will be a working visit. First of all, he will have talks with the Saudi Crown Prince. Prior to that, we will pay a working visit to the United Arab Emirates. I hope these talks, which we deem extremely important, will be useful."

​  Subtle Like a Brick Through a Window - CIA Outlet Approves Donald Trump Assassination , Sundance
​  Everyone in/around U.S. politics knows the Washington Post, owned by Big Tech Amazon, is effectively the PR firm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). No one inside the DC beltway does not understand this basic truth. Therefore, when the husband of State Dept official Victoria Nuland, a man named Robert Kagan, writes an op-ed in the CIA newsletter, effectively calling for President Trump to receive the Julius Caesar treatment, the non-subtle message is for the CIA to repeat their Kennedy performance and kill President Trump. As alarming as this acceptance might sound, there are no intellectually honest people who would deny it. ​ 
  "A Trump Dictatorship is Increasingly Inevitable. We Should Stop Pretending. Robert Kagan"
...Are we going to do anything about it? To shift metaphors, if we thought there was a 50 percent chance of an asteroid crashing into North America a year from now, would we be content to hope that it wouldn’t? Or would we be taking every conceivable measure to try to stop it, including many things that might not work but that, given the magnitude of the crisis, must be tried anyway?

​William Makis MD ,  Fetuses Are Developing Cancers. These May be Turbo Cancers. Worse, DNA Contamination, Contained Within Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP), May be Crossing the Placenta Into the Fetus
​  Pilar Peters was pregnant with triples in 2022. However, in Dec. 2022, doctors found a lump on one triplet, and babies were born via emergency C-section on Dec. 27, 2022.
Baby Theo was diagnosed with Stage 4 Sarcoma and died on Jan. 31, 2023.
Baby Milo, Theo’s identical twin was diagnosed with Stage 2 Sarcoma on Feb. 1, 2023 and had 6 rounds of chemo, 4 surgeries, 89 hospital inpatient stays.
“In an incredibly rare finding, it was determined that Milo’s tumor was a metastasized site from Theo’s cancer, since they shared a placenta in utero.”
-- several more sad cases are presented --
​..COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated pregnant women are having babies that develop aggressive cancers while still in utero.
These may be Turbo Cancers, but it is too early to tell.
​  I will raise a very serious concern that I believe has not been raised by anyone yet:
Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) cross the placenta
​  When a pregnant woman is vaccinated with an mRNA Vaccine, the LNPs in her blood cross the placenta and deliver Pfizer & Moderna mRNA to the fetus which can then produce the toxic spike protein.
DNA Contamination is also contained within Pfizer & Moderna LNPs, in addition to the mRNA
DNA Contamination is therefore also crossing the placenta, potentially integrating into the genome of the developing fetus.
This could lead to the initiation of an aggressive cancer in utero.

​    Air Force’s Missileer Cancer Study Now Looking at 14 Different Cancers and Environmental Risks at Other Bases
​  The Air Force said it is now examining whether 14 different cancers may be more prevalent among its active-duty and veteran missileers and expanding an ongoing study to see if service has put their health at increased risk.
​  Carcinogens that likely cause cancer -- such as polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs -- were detected and cleaned up at three Air Force nuclear missile bases in the U.S. over the past year, the service said in an update Friday. But officials said they've only scratched the surface...
..In the 36 cancer cases among missileers the Space Force officer detailed in January, 10 were diagnosed as non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Two developed Hodgkin lymphoma, and 24 developed another form of cancer.
​  Overall, eight of the 36 missileers with cancer diagnoses, the majority of whom served at Malmstrom sometime between 1997 and 2007, have died

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