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Israel Nuked Palestine


  John Helmer has this story, mostly introducing the documentary and analytical work of nuclear scientist Christopher Busby.
  The neutron bomb was invented in 1958 by Samuel Cohen of the Livermore Laboratory of California and then RAND...
​  Abstract
​  Since 200​3 measurements made by Green Audit in Fallujah, Iraq 2003, Lebanon 2006 and Gaza 2008 have provided unequivocal evidence of Uranium residues which show anomalous Uranium U-238/U235 isotope signature ratios.  Results from independent laboratories in Europe and the UK, using different techniques, revealed the presence of enriched Uranium in biological materials and environmental samples including soil, bomb craters and air (as recorded in vehicle air filter dust). More recently, 2021 results published in the journal Nature, show that Uranium enrichment levels in background samples from Gaza have been increasing markedly since 2008. Since enriched Uranium is an anthropogenic substance which does not exist in nature, the question arises as to the source, in the weapons employed by the USA (Fallujah) and Israel (Lebanon, Gaza). It is proposed that the only logical answer is that a Uranium-based weapon exists that produces U-235 by neutron activation and has been deployed. Such a weapon must be some kind of neutron bomb.​..
​..Conclusion and further investigation.
​  An inevitable deduction from the consistent findings of enriched Uranium in samples from Gaza, Lebanon and Iraq, is that a neutron weapon of some kind has been employed since the second Gulf War, and possible before then. This is an Israeli (and US) secret weapon, as was reported by Robert Fisk in The Independent in 2006 [7]. The increases in congenital effects seen in the Fallujah population [8,9,10] and also in Gaza [20,21] can plausibly have resulted from exposure to neutrons as well as to the Uranium particulate aerosols. The weapon is ideal for armies employed in methodological destruction both of fighters hidden in urban environments (where neutrons pass through walls) and for any state which has the aim of destroying the civilian population using a genetic mutation weapon (cancer, fertility loss, birth defects). It is, however, a nuclear weapon,  and those deploying it are using a nuclear weapon against civilian populations as part of a project to destroy an enemy state population without acknowledging this. This is a war crime.

​  Celia Farber:  RT Interview With Former Mossad Agent Ari Ben Menashe (Of Iran Contra Fame) Surfaces, Confirming Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein Worked For Israel To Control USA With Kompromat
Why Doesn't Anybody Ever Ask ISRAEL For Those Flight Logs? Epstein, Unfurled, Would Reveal Israel (I Believe) As A NON FRIEND Of The United States​.

Tony Hall on Spotlight, Extermination Mission​ , Iranian Television Asks Some of the Hard Questions About the "Extermination Mission" in Gaza​  [​See ​Hospital video]

Israel Starts Pumping Seawater Into Gaza Tunnels, After Russia Warned Against 'War Crime'

​  United Nations demands humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza
​  The United States does not have a veto in the General Assembly. It voted against the resolution, along with Israel and eight other countries. The resolution was adopted to a round of applause with 153 votes in favor, while 23 countries abstained from the vote.

Anti-Zionist Jews Block Major LA Freeway To Demand Gaza Ceasefire

Netanyahu Says Israel Received Full US Support for Ground Operation in Gaza Strip

  ​Simplicius, from yesterday, has lots of details and context regarding the convulsions in Kiev.  Zelensky Circus Comes to Town for One Last Encore
​  So as part of Ukraine’s plans going forward into next year, they intend to create ‘surprising’ new symbolic victories, including “very daring ones”—a full admission that their entire program consists of merely performative token triumphs for global media consumption. Thus, we’re put on notice to expect some new ‘clever’ terrorist attacks in the coming months, which will have no effect on the calculus on the ground.
​  But as a final consideration for where things are headed into 2024, one other idea in relation to U.S.’s attempt to slow down the conflict to buy time for itself is the following. If worst comes to worst, and the U.S. is not able to get Russia to accede to a negotiations next year, there’s a chance that the U.S. will retool the negotiations effort as a deliberate trap with the understanding that Russia will reject them for the purpose of using the rejection as a torch to inspire Europe in rising up to the ‘threat’ posed by a resurgent Russia. They will say “See! Russia has no intention to ever stop, they will conquer all of Europe next.”

​  Gilbert Doctorow's Russian TV view of Zelensky's Washington visit:
​  Last night’s Vladimir Solovyov show indulged in that kind of analysis to the full. In particular, this relates to the coverage of the joint press conference by Biden and Zelensky in which, quite exceptionally, they did not look at one another, they did not shake hands and appeared to be in a frosty relationship which, according to the Russian commentator, Valentin Bogdanov, Russian television’s bureau chief in New York, indicated that behind closed doors Zelensky had been called out on the carpet and told to freeze the conflict with Russia before the start of the U.S. presidential electoral season in January ‘or else.’
​  The Solovyov show’s interpretation of Zelensky’s visit is that he was ordered to come by the Biden administration so that he could see for himself the political realities of today, namely that there is little or no support in Congress for further military and financial aid to his country.
​  The ‘or else’ mentioned above is clear from footage of the pooled television feed that the Russians put on air but which has been systematically omitted by Western broadcasters. In this footage, Bogdanov called attention to the prominent presence at the meetings of Zelensky’s chief of the presidential administration Andrei Yermak, who should not have been there. And he showed us how Yermak was caught on video shadowing his boss when Zelensky and Biden exited from the press conference. His big, fat head was for some reason not put on the screen by CNN.
​  Per Bogdanov, Yermak is one of several Ukrainian politicians and military men that the United States is cultivating to replace Zelensky when they have truly had their fill of him and his only utility will be as scapegoat for the disaster of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. Another candidate said to be favored by Washington is, of course, the military commander Zaluzhny, whose public spat with Zelensky over the present situation on the battlefield has been widely reported in Western media on orders from ‘you know who.’ Then there is also candidate Aleksei Arestovich, a former Zelensky aide now living in the States and biding his time.

​  Dima, at Military summary Channel, has the most novel view, which he explains in the first 5 minutes, that Zelensky was pulled to Washington DC for protection during a large Russian attack, since all the details were not known, but it could have involved a coup d'etat. It was the biggest hacking attack in history. Ukraine is somewhat "paralyzed".
​  Zelensky Was Evacuated While Ukraine Is Paralyzed. Military Summary For 2023.12.12

Scott Ritter: Why the Pentagon is a multitrillion-dollar fraud
The US Department of Defense has failed its sixth annual audit in a row, but taxpayer money will keep going down that drain

​  Final COP28 Deal References Transition Away From Fossil Fuels​ , By Tsvetana Paraskova ​  
(We will inevitably use less oil as less oil ​is pumped to use.)
​  COP28 ends with a historic compromise text, marking the first global call for transitioning away from fossil fuels.
The United Arab Emirates, as the summit host, celebrates the agreement as a groundbreaking deal to reduce emissions.
The final text reflects a significant step but faces watered-down language due to objections from oil-exporting countries, particularly led by Saudi Arabia.

​  IBM Slapped With Federal Civil Rights Complaint After Racist CEO's "Obviously Illegal" Hiring Practices Leak
​  IBM has been hit with a federal civil rights complaint after James O'Keefe posted video leaked by an insider of CEO and Chairman Arvind Krishna outlining racist business practices.
​  "On December 11, 2023, a tape of IBM Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman Arvind Krishna was released on X.4 In the video, Krishna promises to fire, demote, or deny bonuses to corporate executives who either fail to meet the corporation’s racial and national origin hiring quotas or who hire too many Asian individuals," reads a letter from America First Legal Foundation.[Indians and Chinese have been in a culture war for thousands of years. Indians are technically "Asians", but...]

​  When you need an emergency appendectomy or cholecystectomy to save your life... 
  There is a major controversy brewing in Canada over a proposal in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons that schools shift from emphasizing “medical expertise” in favor of teaching “anti-racism” and social justice values.

  Celia Farber ,  Whistleblower Nurse: Kaiser Permanente Had Computer Systems Manipulated/Programmed to Push Covid Agenda And Lies: 
Impossible To Log Sick Patients As "Vaccinated."
Describes Colleagues As Having "Glazed" Eyes To Not See What Was Happening, Wanting To Be Accepted And Cool, Partook In Mass Euthanasia

​Meryl Nass MD has numbered bullet-points  
Important points regarding the WHO's Proposed Pandemic Treaty and major changes to the International Health Regulations
2.  The WHO's proposed treaties are unconstitutional
a.  They demand that nations perform surveillance of their citizens' social media footprints and censor them to prevent 'infodemics' (too much information, according to the WHO's definition), misinformation and disinformation, surveil
b.  They say that nations should give up the intellectual property rights of their citizens.
c.  There is no due process for the declaring or ending of public health emergencies of international concern, for which no standards exist​...
4.  The 2 proposed treaties ignore existing internal law prohibiting the proliferation of biological warfare agents (the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention and the 2004 Security Council Memorandum 1540) and demand that nations search out new agents (a.k.a. "potential pandemic pathogens") and share them with the WHO, which will "share them globally."  The WHO has already established a BioHub for this purpose and a Pathogen Access and Benefits System.​..
6.  The proposed amendments remove the guarantee of "Human rights, dignity and freedom of persons" that are found in the current international health regulations.
7.  The two proposed treaties are both binding, whereas the earlier IHR were recommendations only, apart from minor requirements for notification of certain outbreaks to the WHO.  The two proposed documents would give the WHO and particularly its Director-General vast authority to manage healthcare globally.  The current Director-General is not a medical practitioner and instead has a PhD in Community Health.​..
9.  The proposed treaty calls for rapidly produced vaccines and for nations to implement domestic legislation to permit the use of unlicensed medical products without manufacturer liability...
10.  It is apparent that in the process of developing the “Pandemic Accord” and amendments to the IHR, WHO/WHA positioned itself in a combined law-making/executive/expert/censorship role, which is a well-known path to usurpation of unrestrained power. It should not be surprising, therefore, that the proposed Amendments grant expressly such power to the WHO.
11.  The WHO receives 85% of its funding from voluntary contributions, and only 15% from dues paid by its 194 member nations.  Most of the voluntary contributions are earmarked for special projects that the WHO carries out.  When President Trump withheld US funding in 2020, Bill Gates became the WHO's top funder.  The (unelected) WHO serves many private masters, yet seeks to govern the world's population.
12.  Virtually every recommendation the WHO made for managing the COVID pandemic was counterproductive.  Why would we give the WHO the power to enforce the same bad advice on the US and world?

​Marked for Elimination (pictured this morning with Jenny, omelette and garden-fresh chard I cooked for our breakfast)  


  1. As one recovering military brat to another: You're a good man, John Day. Thank you for expanding my understanding of this contentious world.

    1. You are welcome. There is no "recovery" from growing up on military bases during wartime, but it gives a useful perspective and skillset. BS-detection is typically enhanced.

    2. John, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your insightful and principled stance during the early days of the covid madness. Your insights and actions helped a great number of us take a similar stand against the massive breach of medical ethics and the principle of informed consent.

    3. You are most welcome. That is what I was trying to do.