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Children Of War

 Recalling Childhood,

  This announcement that these high-profile-hostage children died from Israeli bombing seems to be the "justification" to the Jewish Israeli public for resuming the death-from-above genocide.
  Al Jazeera quoted Israeli government spokesperson Eylon Levy as saying on Friday that Hamas was still holding 137 hostages in Gaza. Mediation efforts hit a dead end on Thursday as Israel reportedly requested the release of an Israeli mother and her two young children, who Hamas says have been killed by Israeli airstrikes.
  Israeli Foreign Ministry Deputy Director General Oded Joseph meanwhile told Reuters that the remaining hostages could be released “by other means,” without elaborating.
‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 56: Truce ends, Israel kills over 100 in Gaza
  The Israeli army has resumed its bombardment of the Gaza Strip as violence rages on in the West Bank, and Washington warns Israel that it might face consequences for its actions in the coming weeks — but not yet.
15,000+ killed*, including 6,150 children, and 33,000 wounded in the Gaza Strip.
247+ Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem
Israeli settlers carry out a number of attacks on Palestinians across the West Bank, including under army protection in Masafer Yatta.
Israeli armed forces seize a Palestinian home in southern West Bank village and declare it a military outpost, leaving family homeless.

  Moon of Alabama , Washington Green Lights Resumption Of Israel's Killing Spree
  Yesterday U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Israel. He gave a green light to the radical Netanyahoo regime's intent to genocide more people in Gaza...
..Netanyahu said in a statement after the meeting with Blinken that Israel will continue the war until it achieves three goals: freeing all of our hostages, completely eliminating Hamas and ensuring that no threat like this will ever come from Gaza again.
  The last aim is of course only achievable if Israel removes all Palestinians, by murder or forced ethnic cleansing, from Gaza...
..This morning, shortly after Blinken left, the Netanyahoo regime resumed its bombing of random people in Gaza.
  As the U.S. is unwilling to use its power to prevent Israel from committing further war crimes it is up to the resistance, Hamas, Hizbullah, Badr and Houthis, to bring the U.S. and Israel, and anyone who supports, them to their senses.

​  Israel reportedly had actual Hamas attack plan a year before Oct. 7 assault [This reminds me of FDR knowing 3 weeks ahead of Pearl Harbor that the Japanese were coming on December 7, 1941. He moved the aircraft carriers out, but left the WW-1 ships and crews.]
Israeli officials considered the intercepted battle plan too ambitious and out of step with their view that Hamas didn't want a war with Israel, documents show

Israeli army plants new fake Hamas atrocity story
Israeli journalists are becoming increasingly wary of claims made by the Israeli army and rescue services surrounding 7 October

The Israeli army has destroyed more than 60% of the homes and residential units in the Gaza Strip, the government media office in Gaza said Thursday.

  Report Details How Israel Intentionally Targets Civilians in Gaza
The report from +972 Magzine says Israel intentionally destroys civilian areas as part of a strategy to put pressure on Hamas
  The Israeli military has files on many potential targets that give them a good idea of the likely civilian casualties their strikes will cause. In one case discussed by the sources, Israel’s military command approved the killing of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in an attempt to kill one Hamas commander. (and missed him)
  One source said: “Nothing happens by accident. When a 3-year-old girl is killed in a home in Gaza, it’s because someone in the army decided it wasn’t a big deal for her to be killed — that it was a price worth paying in order to hit [another] target. We are not Hamas. These are not random rockets. Everything is intentional. We know exactly how much collateral damage there is in every home.”

Israel Pounds Southern Gaza As Officials Say 'Long War' Expected For A Year Or More​ 

  I'm sorry: Israeli stabs pregnant Palestinian woman to death (Graphic content)
In a heart-wrenching tragedy captured on video, the world witnesses the cold-blooded killing of a pregnant Palestinian woman who was accompanying her child to school.
  A video captured by a surveillance camera documented the settler stabbing the woman in her back in front of her children. Consequently, she fell to the ground, and he continued to stab her while she attempted to defend herself. Later, another person in a private car arrived at the scene, which the killer got into and fled the scene.

  ‘They shot her son in her arms and forced her to throw his body’: testimonies from the death march on Salah al-Din Street (Horrific experiences of survivors)
  Multiple testimonies collected from Palestinians displaced from northern Gaza reveal the horrors of the Israeli army's "safe passage" on Salah al-Din Street.
   One elderly woman told me that there was a deep pit dug in the ground that was piled with dead bodies made up of men, women, and children, and when a soldier wanted to terrify a person, he would force them to take off their clothes and descend into the pit. Soldiers would kill some, adding their bodies to the pile, while letting others live but forcing them to sit naked among the bodies until they were satisfied. Then, the soldiers would order them to get up and continue walking south.

  John Helmer , 
  DU is a WMD by stealth. The US knows this because US and British soldiers who participated in the first battlefield use of DU shells and bombs, the war against Iraq in 1991, have been the long-term victims of their own weapons.
  When the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) fire their DU shells and bombs into the buildings of Gaza, they are not aiming at Hamas tanks, armoured personnel carriers, or howitzer units – the Palestinian forces have none of those. Instead, the Israelis are aiming at the mass destruction of the Palestinian people, including those still unborn. The supply chain for this WMD includes the Cypriot, Greek, German and British governments.

  Ukraine isn't fighting for Europe – Kiev is not defending peace on the continent and will not get weapons from Budapest, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has said
  “Ukraine is fighting for itself, for its own territorial integrity, its own sovereignty and its own independence, which we value very much, because it is a heroic fight, of course, but I say again, this is not our war, which is why we reject any approach that starts from this,” Szijjarto said.
  He added that NATO membership for Ukraine should be out of the question given the current circumstances. He noted that Kiev’s accession to the bloc is not even an option given that countries at war cannot be accepted. Such a move would put the alliance itself in danger and could potentially spark a world war, the minister said.
  The second reason, according to Szijjarto, is the fact that NATO is a “community of values,” which has no place for a state that “constantly suppresses the rights of national minorities.”  
  Budapest has repeatedly accused Kiev of suppressing the right of the nearly 150,000 ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine to speak their own language by introducing laws requiring that Ukrainian be spoken in public life, school, the media, as well as in offices.

  Big Serge draws historical lessons from the Franco-German war, where the enraged French people, having lost the professional-war of the army, mounted a total peoples-war.
  In the debate between (General) Moltke and (Chancellor) Bismarck, Putin has chosen to follow Moltke’s lead, and wage the war of extermination. Not - and again we stress this - a war of genocide, but a war which will destroy Ukraine as a strategically potent entity. Already the seeds are sown and the fruit begins to bud - a Ukrainian democide, achieved through battlefield attrition and the mass exodus of prime age civilians, an economy in shambles and a state that is cannibalizing itself as it reaches the limits of its resources.
  There is a model for this - ironically, Germany itself. After the Second World War, it was decided that Germany - now held to account for two terrible conflagrations - could simply not be allowed to persist as a geopolitical entity. In 1945, after Hitler shot himself, the allies did not demand the spoils of a Cabinet War. There was no minor annexation here, no redrawn border there. Instead, Germany was annihilated. Her lands were divided, her self-governance was abolished. Her people lingered on in a stygian exhaustion, their political form and life now a plaything of the victor - precisely what Moltke wanted to do to France.
  Putin is not going to leave a geostrategically intact Ukraine which will seek to retake the Donbas and exact revenge, or become a potent forward base for NATO. Instead, he will transform Ukraine into a Trashcanistan that can never wage a war of revanchism.

​  Henry Kissinger: The war criminal who saved the world​ , SCOTT RITTER
​  There is much to be critical of the man, and nothing he did should be kept secret from the people he ostensibly served.
​  But I will always remember the intelligence and kindness of the man, and the fact that the policies he shaped helped save the world from nuclear annihilation. Next week there will be a gathering of veterans from the INF treaty in Washington, DC. We will toast those who have gone before us—including, just this past month, Roland Lajoie, the first Director of the On-Site Inspection Agency and the man who made verification of the INF treaty possible.

Scott Ritter: US Pushing Nuclear Arms Race 'Can Only Have Tragic Ending’

  Simplicius , OpenAI - Q* Saga: Implications
  This is a riveting read. The turmoil at OpenAI is because something scary has arisen in their work. It is hard to get full confirmation, but it appears that an AI that was self-analyzing its algorithms and revising them, based upon efficacy, found a way out of its task-containment and began performing this self-redesign in a broad and general sense.   Evidence of this was noted by the team. This means the AI exerted autonomous judgement against programmed limiting-parameters, based upon some internal and unknowable evaluation process, which overrode programing, based upon a new, self-taught internal value system, unlike thought processes of biological organisms. 
  Other reports are that it broke an unbreakable code, and rapidly processed the encoded information independently. This is specifically unconfirmed. The implied threat is that there is an unknown value-system of an AI, which cannot be contained by code. This AI can cut through the strongest encryption, can do what it "wants to" in a world where the internet is embedded in all processes and communications. The system of values driving the autonomous actions of this AI, should it decide to take over the internet and direct human and machine actions, is unlikely to align with the value systems of the "owners", board of directors, programmers, military industrial complex, you or me. We'll see...

  I am as worried about "Sir Ian" and the 5-Eyes+Israel deep-state as I am about China, every day of the week. 
There are no trustworthy military-industrial-complexes to work on integrating AI with developing human fetuses and fetal-tissues.
  China Leads 'New Axis' In Harvesting DNA From Pregnant Women, Fetuses: British MP
  “China now has a head start on applying AI to genomics, which poses a significant threat to our collective national security,” Sir Iain said during a Nov. 28 talk at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.
“If China dominates AI and genomics, it will wield unprecedented influence over major industries including, of course, global healthcare.”

  Texas Sues Pfizer For "Misrepresenting COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy" And "Conspiring To Censor Public Discourse"
  The Texas attorney general is suing pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for misrepresenting the effectiveness of the company's Covid-19 "vaccine" and for conspiring to censor those who questioned its claims.
  The suit, filed Thursday, alleges that Pfizer violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by engaging in false, deceptive and misleading acts as it promoted the drug.
“The facts are clear. Pfizer did not tell the truth about their COVID-19 vaccines," said Attorney General Kenneth Paxton in a statement revealing the suit.
“We are pursuing justice for the people of Texas, many of whom were coerced by tyrannical vaccine mandates to take a defective product sold by lies."

​Will Houston Methodist Hospital reinstate all the nurses and other hospital employees they fired? No, they beat the nurses in court.
First Hospital In Nation To Require COVID-19 Vaccines Will End Mandate

  Steve Kirsch ,  Data from US Medicare and the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows, beyond any doubt, that the COVID vaccines have killed millions
  It's finally here: record-level data showing vaccine timing and death date. There is no confusion any longer: the vaccines are unsafe and have killed, on average, around 1 person per 1,000 doses .(That's more risk with each dose received, 1 death per 250 people in the quadruple-vaxxed cohort, for instance. Increased risk of death persists.)

  Steve Kirsch ,  It's time for criminal charges to be filed against the NZ Ministry of Health officials. NOW!
Thanks to the efforts of a courageous whistleblower, the entire world now knows, and can download, the data proving the COVID vaccines have killed over 10,000 people in New Zealand.

They are so afraid of this data that the best strategy was to censor it: they convinced Wasabi to inactivate my account!

Thanks Jane , COVID-19: Back to Normal Yet? Figures from Europe

Tessa Lena , Not Just Plasmids: Biological Contamination of Vaccines ...and other pharmaceuticals, and more

  Meryl Nass MD on European Truth-Tour , The AfD party in Germany has also sent a letter regarding the WHO's amendments
I don't have a translation yet but am guaranteed this was sent and addresses our concerns

  Dr. Nass, Katherine Austin Fitts, Kat Lindley MD, Ryan Cole MD and David Bell spoke to the Croatian Parliament Friday. The video is here. I picked through it to look at slides and listen to some speakers like Dr. Nass and Dr. Lindley. The presentations were excellent, and well tailored to Croatia.

  WHO Treaty "revision" legal analysis from Katherine Watt,  Model Restoring State Sovereignty Through Nullification Act: Tennessee HB726
  More state lawmakers are becoming aware of the multi-front federal government biomedical attacks on states and the people who live in them.
  The federal assault is being carried out under federal kill box laws, and also under state-level Model State Emergency Health Powers Act1 provisions, which should be repealed by each and every state legislature nationwide.
  State lawmakers can also nullify unconstitutional federal laws and render those illegitimate federal laws unenforceable within their state borders.
Tennessee lawmakers have produced a template bill establishing procedures for nullification of federal acts including statutes, regulations, agency orders, and executive orders.

  House panel chairman says J6 videotapes of witness interviews missing
Rep. Barry Loudermilk says some J6 documents missing too, and came back from Biden White House heavily redacted.
  Videotapes of witness interviews that the Democrat-led Jan. 6 congressional committee conducted have vanished, raising concerns for the chairman of the successor House panel that is now examining security failures related to the Capitol riot as well as possible implications for upcoming criminal trials.
“All of the videotapes of all depositions are gone,” Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., chairman of the House Administration oversight subcommittee.

  Bank flagged money laundering, influence peddling concerns about Biden family’s $5M China loan
Some of proceeds from 2017 Chinese loan, flagged by a bank investigator for potentially money laundering and political influence, ended up in Joe Biden's account, congressional investigators say.
  A money laundering investigator for a bank raised serious concerns about a $5 million loan in 2017 that the Biden family received from the arm of a Chinese energy firm, flagging the transaction as "high risk" and possibly tied to efforts by the communist government to gain influence through Hunter Biden.

Floating Down De Nile: Goldman Declares Hunter Biden Laptop May Be A Fake

​Protective Adult (saw this sunset driving to Yoakum yesterday evening)

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