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High Water Mark

Treading Water,

  The Ethical Skeptic presents: Hidden in Plain Sight , in which he carefully makes the case that only ocean waves above a sea level about 330 feet higher than the base of the Khafre Pyramid could have caused the peculiar erosion effects, which have never been adequately explained, and which hypothetical "explanations" he refutes. His arguments are based upon structural engineering, different erosion characteristics of different kinds of limestone, and the wave-height characteristics of the oceanic surface. 
  What is not explained is how and when the ocean would have been flooded to the requisite height, nor does he pretend to know how old the pyramids are, though he makes the case that their construction was human, and how it would have been done, which other humans have also done in history at smaller scales.

  Ben Davidson explains the hypothesis that our earth shifts rotational axis from time to time, based on the 12,000 year recurrent cycle of the rotating galactic-current-sheet wave within our Milky Way Galaxy. This causes huge sloshes and shifts of the oceans.  The Earth Turns Over | Advanced Catastrophism

THE NEXT DISASTER | Part 2 - Applied Galactic Astrophysics
explains the workings of the galactic-current-sheet upon our terrestrial and solar ​electro-magnetic​ relationships.

THE NEXT DISASTER | Part 1 - Ice, Fire, Magnetism​ looks at what changes take place on the planet when magnetic and rotational axis resets are induced.

THE NEXT DISASTER | Part 3 - When Will it Happen?​ (2040ish?)

​  Dima, at Military Summary Channel, opens with the case, presented at the command-level in Russia, that Ukraine has spent its credit-line, that which it can reasonably be able to service in the longer term, which is the fundamental reason that western funding, essentially war-loans, is drying up. This is the banker's approach to wars. 
I see the potential counter-attack to the western/global financial regime (Russia's "real adversary", I believe) as being that the "Ukraine" will cease to exist as such, and all debt claims will be repudiated as "odious debt", by whatever political entities arise to replace "Ukraine", one of which is already Russia. The massive debts will be defaulted on, and the collateral, the lands, factories and people of Ukraine, will not be seized, because the "Ukraine" as a party will have ceased to exist, and foreclosure will not be possible against Russia and allied states. This will be another factor to hasten the collapse of the global $US financial regime.
  Also, Dima says that Commander of Ukrainian Forces, General Zaluzhny, has said that the army needs 500,000 more soldiers. Zelensky balked, but seems to be accepting that today. However, it is politically impossible to carry out, so Catch-22 for the Zelensky puppet-regime...
​  Ukraine's Losses Are 383K Soldiers And 203 Billion Dollars. Military Summary 2023.12.19

Ukraine’s Intelligence Chief admits there are no More Troops without “Forced Mobilisation”​ The levels of force are already grossly excessive, and have been all year.

Ukrainians tell MP they would give up citizenship to avoid conscription
Some 74% of men and 65% of women said they would opt to hand over their passports in Facebook surveys

​  Scott Ritter ,  Ukraine - Another Lost US/NATO War With No Regrets
​  It is now rapidly losing legitimacy, relevance and credibility in the eyes of most of the world outside US/NATO/EU/ANPO/AUKUS. Firstly, all these imperial militarist adventures have been woefully anti-intellectual and imbued with the arrogance of power, elements of racism and hubris. Secondly, after quite predictable fiascos and defeats - such as in Iraq - there comes a time when propaganda, psychological operations (PSYOPS), media influencing, and psycho-political projection no longer do the trick.
​  There comes a time, too, when even the biggest military spender and economy cannot finance its weapons addiction and its arsenals of weapons and ammunition dry up.
It's called over-extension and diminishing legitimacy in the eyes of others, it's called militarism to death and is transforming into imperial decline and eventual fall. No empires have lasted forever and that of the US/NATO world will be the last...
​..Weapons depots are becoming emptied, and now, to put it crudely, the Union looks increasingly wobbly politically while undergoing its deepest ever economic crisis. Germany's economic and political situation looks bleak. The EU area is likely to also be heavily hit by the long-term repercussions of the violence in the Middle East.
​  The EU's helter-skelter knee-jerk reaction to Russia's military operations in Ukraine prevented any analyses of likely consequences in the short-, mid- and long-term of these measures, which were as ill-considered and irrational as they were drastic. Russia, on the other hand, will get out of this quagmire much better than the EU.
While the US is comparatively well protected from the negative consequences of its policies, its European allies are not. The burdens on the civilian economy caused by warfare, militarism, tremendous re-armament, and refugee flows - and thereby, depletion of resources urgently needed for European infrastructure, climate change measures and welfare investments - paint a dark picture of the future.
​  It will likely become a guns-before-butter society, and future generations will have to pay the bills.

US national debt jumps $2.6 trillion in six months​ , The overall figure is approaching $34 trillion, according to the Treasury​   How will th​is default be structured?

​ US Escalation in the Red Sea – A Lose/Lose Proposition​ The US ​can los​e its navy and the EU ​can lose fuel and other imports.​ Yemen has the right to interdict war materials.
​ The US and UK have moved at least 24 combat ships into the seas off the coast of Yemen, ostensibly "to protect global shipping lanes". This is a lie. The Houthis have clearly stated that, one, that they are only targeting ships serving Israeli interests, and that all other shipping is under no threat, and two, that they are willing to cease all military operations against Israeli shipping as soon as Israel stops its attacks on Gaza and the West Bank.
It is ONLY Israeli shipping that is under threat, and it is ONLY Israeli shipping that US and UK naval forces are deployed to protect. But by escalating the situation in the Red Sea, they are putting at risk ALL shipping passing through the Red Sea and Suez Canal, which accounts for 12% of all global trade and 30% of all container shipping, as well as about 8% of world trade in both oil and LNG, for a total annual value of over a trillion US dollars.
​  As things stand now, only Israel-linked shipping is at risk, and even that risk can be completely eliminated by the cessation of Israeli attacks on Gaza and the West Bank. But if the US attacks Yemen, the Houthis will respond, and they do have the capability to sink US Navy ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. And once that happens, the Red Sea becomes an active war zone, and then, all bets are off, along with all shipping in the Red Sea, and 12% of all global trade.

​  A $2M missile vs. a $2,000 drone: Pentagon worried over cost of Houthi attacks
​  “My guess is the [destroyers] are shooting SM-2s for as long as they can — they are not in [the] business of taking chances on hostile targets getting close,” the former official said.
​  Experts also point out that destroyers are limited in how many missiles they can shoot before needing to return to a U.S. weapons pier to reload, and each ship contains 90 or more missile tubes. But with so many destroyers in the region — at least four as of Tuesday — magazine capacity likely won’t be a problem in the near future.

​  Houthis vow to attack US-led Red Sea maritime forces​  
​  Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis (aka "the Yemeni government") on Tuesday promised to strike at US-led Red Sea maritime troops if they sought to prevent the militia from implementing its embargo on all Israel-bound ships.
​  Mohammed Abdul Sallam, the senior Houthi negotiator, said that the group would continue to block the Red Sea to ships heading to Israel, and would attack any forces that attempted to impede the militia.
​  He added on X: “Whoever attempts to escalate the confrontation must pay the consequences of his actions, and America’s coalition is to defend Israel and militarize the sea for no reason, and (this) will not prevent Yemen from continuing its lawful activities in support of Gaza.”

​  These are not even the Mach-5 Iranian missiles.
​  Tel Aviv has decided to deploy four new Sa'ar 6-class corvettes - Magen, Oz, Atzmaut and Nitzachon, built in Germany by German Naval Yards Holdings and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS). These ships are heavily armed, but Israeli authorities sent them to an area under threat of attack from Yemen's Houthis.
​  The width of the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, through which corvettes are expected to pass and which separates the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, is only about 26 kilometers at its narrowest. This creates the potential for Yemen's Houthis to use cruise missiles to attack ships.
​  The Houthis have P-15 (P-15U) anti-ship missiles of the Termit complex, the range of which reaches 40 kilometers. Yemen also has coastal missile systems "Rubezh" armed with these missiles.
​  History already knows examples of the use of such weapons against Israeli warships. In 1967, the destroyer Eilat was attacked by four missiles and quickly sank

An Open Letter to Israelis from Israelis: We Deserve the Truth About October 7
​  As Israelis we demand an official commission into the events of October 7. Genocide is being perpetrated in Gaza in the name of Israeli victims and we still do not know who was killed, how they were killed, and who killed them. We demand answers and so should you...
..To our fellow Israelis,
​  We call to you from the fog of genocide. We grieve and we fret for “our own”, as well as those most of you ignore or regard as “animals.”

​  When Israeli military officials began spreading rumors through English-speaking Israeli media about “beheaded babies,” we were immediately struck. We realized our government’s propaganda would not be the same as it was in previous murderous attacks on Gaza.
​  While Israel continues churning out images of supposed ‘Hamas buildings’ in the Gaza concentration camp (what isn’t, in Israeli eyes?), to excuse their bombing, Israel’s domestic and international rhetoric now contains something much more akin to Nazi extermination propaganda.
​  We know what the purpose of this propaganda is. More than 8,500 indigenous Palestinian children, women, and men have been exterminated – and the number rises as we write. Many are trapped under the rubble of their homes, dying slowly. Others are facing thirst, starvation, and infectious diseases. At the same time, senior Israeli figures, even our president, keep howling that there are ‘no innocent civilians’ in Gaza.​..
​..Lastly, the question of who killed some Israeli civilians haunts us. It emerges from several reports that some were killed by the Israeli military. Whether they were caught in the crossfire, or deliberately shot at with tanks or helicopters in order to eliminate Hamas fighters or prevent Hamas from taking more captives, we deserve an answer.
​  We demand answers because a genocide is being perpetrated in Gaza in the name of Israeli victims, even though bereaved families are strongly opposed to this vengeful atrocity. We demand answers and so should you.

​  New Oct 7 Footage Shows Israeli Tank Firing at Settler Homes in Kibbutz Be'eri
​  Israel Defense Forces tanks on Oct 7 shelled settler homes full of noncombatants in Kibbutz Be'eri while some 500 IDF soldiers "waited outside doing nothing," new video obtained by Israel's Channel 12 reveals.

​  Ex-Israeli hostage: My mother was killed by our army on 7 October
​  An Israeli who was released in the recent prisoner swap between the occupation and Hamas said that her mother was killed as a result of the occupation army shooting at the car that was transporting them to Gaza, as they were being taken as prisoners of war on 7 October.
​  In an interview broadcast on Israel’s Channel 12 yesterday, she said: “Al-Qassam Brigades fighters put the hostages in a truck on October 7, and Israeli forces opened fire on the vehicle.”
​  She added, “My mother, whom I loved very much, died. I was injured in my back, and my brother was injured in his leg.”

​  A Palestinian baby girl, born 17 days ago during Gaza war, is killed with brother in Israeli strike​   Tears are in my eyes.
​  RAFAH, Gaza: She was born amid war, in a hospital with no electricity in a southern Gaza city that has been bombarded daily. Her family named her Al-Amira Aisha — “Princess Aisha.” She didn’t complete her third week before she died, killed in an Israeli airstrike that crushed her family home Tuesday.
Her extended family was asleep when the strike leveled their apartment building in Rafah before dawn, said Suzan Zoarab, the infant’s grandmother and survivor of the blast. Hospital officials said 27 people were killed, among them Amira and her 2-year old brother, Ahmed.
“Just 2 weeks old. Her name hadn’t even been registered,” Suzan said, her voice quivering as she spoke from the side of her son’s hospital bed, who was also injured in the blast.​..
​..“We found the whole house had collapsed over us,” Suzan said. Rescue workers pulled them and other victims, living and dead, from the wreckage.

  ​Normal humans who murder innocent people get "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder". It is one of the causes. Why is that so hard to understand?
Israeli organization: Over 10,000 Zionist soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorderThe “Army Disabled Organization” of the Israeli occupation reported on ​  Tuesday that it expects more than 10,000 soldiers to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as the occupation continues its aggression against Gaza and launches violent raids.
​  Hospitals discharge injured Israeli occupation soldiers faster than required due to the number of injured, according to what the organization announced.
The organization added that the current war on Gaza “is unlike any previous battles,” as it put it.

​  What will The Club do this time to protect their blackmail files?
US judge orders names of more than 170 Jeffrey Epstein associates to be released
​  The names of more than 170 associates of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein could be made public next month after a ruling from a US judge.
Prince Andrew is expected to be among them, if evidence is released from a woman who claims he groped her in 2001.
​  The identities are being revealed under a settled lawsuit against sex trafficker and Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell.
Anyone on the list has until 1 January to appeal to have their name removed.

  "Sundance" explains the Colorado Supreme court decision to exclude​ former president Trump from the 2024 ballot, based upon alleged "insurrection".
​  It was a 4-3 decision. Meaning it was the politics of the court, literally the political makeup and perspective therein, that determined the outcome of the decision.  This is showcased in point #3, which is the funniest part.
  The entire framework of the case against Trump in the Colorado decision is predicated on this: “[the complainants] asserted that he was ineligible under Section Three because he engaged in insurrection on January 6, 2021, after swearing an oath as President to support the U.S. Constitution.”  [pdf, page 6]  REMINDER – President Donald Trump was not charged with “insurrection,” is not accused of “insurrection,” does not fit the complaint under the definitions of “insurrection,” and has never been found guilty of insurrection.  The complaint is moot before the court.  But hey, it’s Lawfare… and we all know Lawfare is created for public media consumption, so that takes us directly to the biggest point​...
​..Wait, what?
​  Yes, that’s correct.  As long as President Trump appeals the decision to the Supreme Court, the appeals court stays their own ruling – essentially indefinitely.
 The Colorado primary ballots printed, and the primary election will be over, before the Supreme Court puts this on their docket.
​  In addition to the virtual guarantee the high court will overrule this political nonsense, SCOTUS can make the entire issue moot before them by following their own normal schedule for submissions, arguments, deliberation and opinions delivered by the court.
​  The Colorado appellate court knows this, that’s why they put this self-stay into their 4-3 ruling.  It’s a politically correct way of giving the optics of telling their tribe, ‘hey we’re with you,’ without the ramifications of the political backlash.  In other words, psychological lawfare stuff – intended for media consumption.

​Keeping Up Appearances (presenting a picture of little tomatoes, and jalapenos, which we are still harvesting)    

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