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Countering Dysinformation Empire

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​  Aleks , Black Mountain Analysis(Serbia) ,​  Chickens in the Middle East [i]​  How dare you? 

​  Let’s focus on the recent attack on the American base in Syria. Syria? The US Government is insisting that these three Americans were killed in a base in Jordan close to the Syrian border. In a camp called Tower 22… Bullshit. These troops were killed and injured in Syria in the illegal occupation base in Al-Tanf. ​ Here, “resistance fighters” (this is what Al-Qaida is called nowadays) are being trained to fight “against Assad.” Meaning: Conducting Terror attacks against Syrians and Iranian IRGC officers within Syria.
​  Now, why does Washington insist that the attack (Drone? Missile? We will never know!) by the resistance axis has been conducted on the base in Jordan and not in Al-Tanf in Syria? That is very simple.
The Americans have no business in Syria. From an international law perspective, they are sitting ducks there, free to shoot—legally. They are occupying another country to “protect” (steal) its oil and to “free” (kill) Syrians. Whatever happens to them is legal from the perspective of international law...

..There are reports from Iran that the Americans tried hard through the Swiss Embassy in Tehran to convince the Iranians to let them hit some empty building in Iran and not to retaliate. To save face...
Moreover, the
Americans are trying to convince regional actors to stop the attacks against them, and MAYBE, as a reward, the Americans will eventually withdraw from the region... No regional player will buy into that any longer...
On October 7th, a war was started by the Axis of Resistance. It was started against both Israel and the Western occupation of the Middle East. As stated above, it will not end before all occupation forces are out of the Middle East, the Two State Solution has been implemented in Israel, or all people in the Middle East are dead...

..Israel’s prime minister condemned his country to strategic defeat. I acknowledge that Iran, with Chinese help and Russia’s approval, showed a red cloth to the Israeli raging Bull (Netanyahu). And this bull made a fatal but entirely predictable error and charged right into this red cloth—right into Gaza. This was a fatal mistake! And it can’t be reversed...

​..Israel’s next goal would be to conquer southern Gaza. From a military perspective, the logical move would be to cut it off from the Egyptian border. And yes, Hamas withdrew to southern Gaza and would commit to a last stand there. But then… Israel began to withdraw from several places in Gaza. It withdrew significant brigades to reposition them to the Lebanon borders. Why?...

..I assume that Netanyahu received credible intelligence, perhaps from the Americans or others, that Hezbollah is ready to enter Israel from the north as soon as the Israelis are fully committed to the battle for Southern Gaza. Which essentially would deal a death blow to Israel.
​  Now, we must understand that
Israel does not have the forces left to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon. It has already lost significant armored resources; it has no experience in peer-to-peer combat. And it is far too small. Hezbollah is battle-hardened, as it learned through its ground operations in assaulting occupied Syrian cities. They are well-equipped, organized, and trained. Moreover, they have the modern missiles needed to decapitate Israel’s infrastructure and airfields within days.
​  Frankly, I think this is a very tense situation.
I don’t know whether Israel will invade Lebanon. Israel is physically not able to do that but still, Netanyahu could decide to do it out of desperation.


​  Gilbert Doctorow ,  U.S. Military Strikes in Iraq and Syria:  A discussion on Iran’s Press TV

​  U.S. support for Netanyahu and the Israeli genocide in Gaza will end not because humane considerations have taken the upper hand but because domestic U.S. politics so dictates if Biden is to have any chance of being re-elected.  As always, domestic U.S. politics account for 90% of the direction of foreign policy, with the remaining 10% driven by the actual state of affairs in the world outside U.S. borders. In present conditions, underweighting the risks of provoking full-on war with Iran may have devastating consequences for U.S. power in the region and beyond.

​  US Strikes Killed At Least 39, Including "Many Civilians," As Iraq Warns Stability Is On "Brink Of The Abyss"

Widespread reports say at least 39 were killed in the Friday US airstrikes on Iran-linked targets across Western Iraq and Eastern Syria, which used over 125 bombs and precision munitions, according to a Pentagon statement.

​  The Iraqi Armed Forces stress that these "strikes" flagrantly violate Iraqi sovereignty, undermine the efforts of the Iraqi government, and pose a significant threat that could drag Iraq and the region into highly undesirable consequences.

​  Iraqi parliament calling to ditch US dollar for oil trade​ , Washington has exercised strict control over Iraqi oil revenues for the past two decades

​  The Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament made a statement on 31 January calling for the sale of oil in currencies other than the US dollar, aiming to counter US sanctions on the Iraqi banking system.
“The US Treasury still uses the pretext of money laundering to impose sanctions on Iraqi banks. This requires a national stance to put an end to these arbitrary decisions,” the statement said.
“Imposing sanctions on Iraqi banks undermines and obstructs Central Bank efforts to stabilize the dollar exchange rate and reduce the selling gap between official and parallel rates,” it added.
​  The Finance Committee affirmed its “rejection of these practices, due to their repercussions on the livelihoods of citizens,
" and reiterated its "call on the government and the Central Bank of Iraq to take quick measures against the dominance of the dollar, by diversifying cash reserves from foreign currencies.”
Washington imposed sanctions on Iraqi Al-Huda Bank this week, under claims of laundering money for Iran.

​  The Three Strands to the ‘Swarming of Biden’

The U.S. seemingly aims to find a way to hurt Iranian and Resistance forces just enough to show that Biden is ‘very angry’, Alastair Crooke writes.

​  “The Iranians have a strategy, and we don’t”, a former senior U.S. Defence Department official told Al-Monitor: “We’re getting bogged down in tactical weeds – of whom to target and how – and nobody’s thinking strategically”.​..

​..The strategy to ‘swarm’ the U.S. on multiple fronts was plainly stated at the recent ‘Astana Format’ meeting between Russia, Iran, and Turkey on 24-25 January. The latter triumvirate are busy preparing the endgame in Syria (and ultimately, in the Region as a whole).

Israel Bombs Belgian Agency in Gaza After Belgium Refuses to Cut Funding to UNRWA

​  Israeli Defense Minister: Two-Thirds Of Hamas Have Been Taken Out​  
(Straight face​, firm voice, and steady eye contact are essential to effective lying.)
​  He said in the remarks that the military has effectively neutralized 20,000 of the estimated pre-conflict total of around 30,000 fighters. He essentially declared the defeat of Hamas in their southern stronghold of Khan Younis, saying that in addition to the 10,000 killed there's been another some 10,000 wounded. Currently, there is no way of verifying this and Hamas does not publish on its own casualty rates...
"Hamas' Khan Younis Brigade boasted that it would stand against the IDF," Gallant said, but then declared instead the group has been "dismantled."​  "I am telling you here, we are completing the mission in Khan Younis and we will also reach Rafah and eliminate everyone there who is a terrorist who is trying to harm us," Gallant told a gathering of Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

​  The paramedics sent to rescue a five-year-old Palestinian girl, who was trapped with her dead family in a vehicle surrounded by Israeli forces, have not been heard from for five days, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported on Friday.
​  Hind's mother, Wissam Rajab, told Middle East Eye that
the family decided to flee when tanks approached the area they were staying in.
Due to poor weather, she had put her daughter in the vehicle along with her uncle, his wife, and their children, while the rest of the family, including Hind's grandmother, fled on foot.​..
​..Rajab thought they were all dead until
she got a call from Layan Hamadeh, her 15-year-old cousin, saying; "Hind and I are wounded, and all my family is dead, I don't want to die. Please call an ambulance to save us. I'm scared, the tanks are 500 metres away from me."
​  The line went dead, Rajab thought they had both been killed. But when she called again, Hind answered and said:
"I'm alive, but Layan was martyred. Mum, I'm afraid, they are all dead. Come and get me."​..
..She recalled that Hind said she was in pain, and that her arm, leg, and back were wounded...
​.."I'm scared of the dark, come get me," she said.​.. "Don't leave me, I'm cold, hungry, and afraid."

​  Mike Whitney,  
Israel’s Starvation Strategy
​  “It’s not a coincidence that the attacks on UNRWA took place after the ICJ ruling. Israel is trying to discredit the International Court of Justice, and one way of doing that is by rubbishing UNRWA. But UNRWA has fulfilled the heroic role of providing health, education and all other services to the Palestinian refugees since 1948.
​  And
it’s really heartbreaking that Israeli propaganda is now demonizing UNRWA and leading some countries to cut off aid. So, my sympathy and support is entirely on the side of UNRWA, and I hope it can long continue to play the vital role it has always played in supporting the Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression.” —Avi Shlaim, Israeli historian​...
..Israel is boldly laying down its cards so the entire world can see the strategy it plans to employ to eradicate the native population and fulfill the Zionist dream of a Jewish state from the river to the sea.

​  Israel Announces It Will Attack Gaza Border City of Rafah
​  Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Israel was winning in Khan Younis, and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) would move on to Rafah. “We are achieving our missions in Khan Younis, and we will also reach Rafah and eliminate terror elements that threaten us,” he proclaimed.
​  When Israel began its military campaign in Gaza, it ordered all Palestinians to leave the northern half of the Gaza Strip.
Most of the internally displaced Gazans fled to Khan Younis, the largest city in the southern half of the Strip. Now, following the IDF bombardment of the city, most residents and refugees have fled, many to Rafah.
The last remaining city and refugee camp in Gaza is Rafah, a city along the enclave’s border with Egypt. Before the war, Rafah was home to 250,000 people. Currently 1.7 million Palestinians are packed into the city. Jens Laerke, a UN spokesperson for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, explained, “Rafah is now a pressure cooker of despair, and we fear for what happens next.”​...
​..Gallant has claimed that Israel needs to attack Rafah to rescue hostages held by Hamas...
​..The IDF has yet to rescue a signal hostage through its military operations
in Gaza. The IDF has killed several hostages, including three who escaped and were waving white flags. Hamas has offered to release the hostages if Israel ends the war and allows aid into Gaza.

​  Moon of Alabama (Germany) , Boycott, Divestment And Sanctions
​  Despite its utter cruelty and destructiveness Israel is far from achieving its goal of ethnic cleansing Gaza. It also has not even dared yet to attack Hizbullah in south Lebanon. This while Zionists settlers had to move out of the areas surrounding Gaza and from the ground near to the Lebanese border.
​  Netanyahoo is in a trap. He has to 'do something' to allow for the return of the internal refugees to their homes. But any action towards that will cause more death of his troops and may well hurt Israel's strategic viability.
It seems that the Zionist idea of a settler colony exclusively for Jews is coming, slowly but surely, to its inevitable end.
There have long been signs of this. The boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign (BDS) against Israel has been continuously growing.

The Ethical Skeptic,​ What is Dysinformation?
​  Dysinformation (alternately, ‘dystinfo’ or ‘dystinformation’) encapsulates a specific and nuanced concept within the realm of information distortion. It’s a form of disinformation that is particularly insidious because it uses facts or mostly-truths in a way that is misleading or deceptive. This approach is distinct from outright falsehoods or fabrications, as it relies on the selective presentation of truth to shape perceptions or narratives – particularly when applied to future events or a progression of adverse conditions.
Dysinformation proliferates under a circumstance wherein a single Party has gained excessive amounts of power (cultural, political, social, scientific, and/or industrial) and is aligned with a servile and corrupt media, under a legal condition defined as State (Joint) Action.
​    Example:
WHO Warns Cancer Cases Will Jump 77% by 2050 – Here’s Why
“Tobacco, alcohol and obesity are key factors behind the increasing incidence of cancer, with air pollution still a key driver of environmental risk factors.”​   
~ Agence France-Presse: Science Alert, 2 Feb 2024​ ...
​..In the context of “Dystopian Disinformation,” this term suggests
a deliberate strategy to manipulate collective awareness or create a mass formation paradigm. The aim here is to condition the public’s understanding or expectations in a way that aligns with certain agendas or prepares the populace for future adverse events or developments. By doing so, the orchestrators of dysinformation seek to control the narrative in advance, influence public opinion towards acceptance of a simple and easy-to-understand explanation for the state of things, and potentially mitigate backlash or resistance when these events unfold.

 (Butt) Cracks Begin to Show at Davos​ , Trepidation flows like honeyed vinegar at the elite's annual humanity-hating bash.​   (Dark) Simplicius
Officially, climate and mis-/disinformation dominated their program’s agenda, which was sponsored under the byline: “Rebuilding ​(Enforcing) Trust.”
….So if you're a Davos class type — in finance, private equity, multinational business, certain think tank/academic/nonprofit types who depend on political connections — your gut instinct is to SURVIVE at all costs. If that means a deal with the populist, well then...
​..WHO director general Tedros Ghebreyesus got accosted on his way to Schwab’s soiree by an intrepid reporter: “When will you release Disease X?”​...
An environmental lobbyist told viewers of British News channel GB News Tuesday that having children presents a “moral issue” because of the amount of carbon they will produce over the course of their lifetime.
​  Donnachadh McCarthy argued that people should have fewer children, and that having only one child is “great”.
In the meantime, European capitals have been blazing—supermarkets in dystopian Paris empty owing to the widespread farmer strikes​...
​..Rubber bullets and water cannons were deployed against hundreds of
European farmers protesting outside the EU Parliament building in Brussels on Thursday.​..
.. The White House, for one, is setting an example by replacing John Kerry with a new more ‘wholesome’ Climate Czar​, John Podesta...
​..But the final most immediately troubling focus from the globalists was on ‘disinformation’.

 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Organ was warned that he would be stripped of the right to vote within the European Union should he refuse to support financial assistance to Ukraine

​  Von der Leyen celebrates ‘a great day for Europe’ as farmers trash Brussels
The unelected European Commission head made her priorities crystal clear by praising another cash dump on Ukraine

​  Orban linked to farmers’ protests ​-- The Hungarian leader personally met with demonstrators in Brussels ahead of an EU summit on aid for Ukraine
Close associates of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban are reportedly responsible for organizing the farmers’ protests in Brussels over the past week, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

​  The German parliament, Bundestag, said on Friday it had passed in the final vote the 2024 budget which envisages cutbacks in subsidies for farmers.
​  In December 2023, the German government announced plans to scrap diesel subsidies for farmers amid the budget crisis, which would bring 440 million euros ($476 million) to the federal budget. The government also planned to end tax breaks on vehicles for forestry and agriculture, gaining an additional 480 million euros.

​  Around 90,000 public transport workers at over 130 companies in Germany staged walkouts on Friday to demand reduced working hours and extra days off.

​  The leaders of several EU countries spoke against the import of Ukrainian agricultural products at the summit in Brussels, while Belgian farmers asked Ukraine's neighbors to block such supplies at the EU borders, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said​.

Polish farmers announce Ukrainian border blockade​ , Brussels’ position on cheap imports is unacceptable, the Solidarity trade union declared​

​  Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick was recently grilled by Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo about where this is headed on the show Sunday Morning Futures.
She asked:
“What is this going to turn into a civil war? I mean, you've got the Texas rights versus federal rights, both sides with guns?”
​  Patrick explained that the state intends to assert its authority in defending Texans, noting:
'We have a right to defend our citizens. We have a right to defend this country. And we're just doing the job.”
​  He added that he considers the influx at the border to be a full-fledged invasion:
“It's a cartel army. You know, the founders never dreamed we'd have a president like this one who would just open the door to everyone.​"​  "And they said, well, ​'invasion if an army came​'. Well, we're facing an army. We're facing an army, but they're well-armed. They're well coordinated. Don't mess with Texas. We're serious about securing our border.” (Dan ma​kes patriotic sounds.)
​  He added that they do not want to get drawn into a confrontation with the Biden administration and simply want the federal government to let Texas authorities do their job of protecting citizens.

​  "This Is Not Friendly" - Bret Weinstein Shows Tucker Carlson How China & The UN Are Driving The Invasion Of America
​  The Darien Gap is a crucial yet perilous passage for migrants traveling from South America to North America that acts as a natural barrier (where, for 60 miles, the Pan-American highway ends and deadly jungle begins) that saw over half a million migrants traverse its challenging terrain last year alone.​..
​..The United States government is facilitating this economic migration. And it's unmistakable, as is an organization called the IOM, which is the International Organization for Migration. It's a branch of the UN.
​  And if you read their charter, you will discover that this organization believes that migration is an inherently good thing, that it's always good. And so they see it as their job to bring it about to facilitate it.
​  And in this case,
that's particularly tragic because their desire to induce people to migrate is causing people who are woefully unprepared for the Darien Gap to try to make that journey. And, the the humanitarian tragedy is, is immense."
Weinstein then pivoted to contrast that experience with a second one, highlighting for Carlson how it had been "built as a transit camp" for "almost" all Chinese migrants.
"The SENAFRONT, the Panamanian border control, actually forbid us to go into the camp. So we had to stay on the outside of it. We were also forbidden to photograph it. So what photographs we have were taken covertly," Weinstein explained.
"These, Chinese folks who are overwhelmingly male, military age... It is not a friendly migration... This felt like people who did not want to share information, because it would be a mistake to do so."

​  Putin: it hurts to say what happened in the Kharkov region after the withdrawal of the Russian Armed Forces
In Russia they know what the Ukrainian military “did” in the Kharkov region after the withdrawal of Russian troops from there, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.​

​  The attack on the Russian IL-76 shot down near Belgorod by a Patriot surface-to-air missile system (SAM) was planned and prepared by Ukraine’s armed units, TASS wrote on February 2, citing information from military agencies.
​  “There is a concept of ambush in air defense. The SAM was moved to the positional area in advance. The SAM was standing with the radar system switched off,” the source told reporters.
​  According to the representative of the military agencies, the Patriot complex did not turn on the radar station so as not to give itself away. It did not need to monitor the sky because Ukraine had data on the plane, as Moscow had given them to Kiev while agreeing on the exchange of Ukrainian prisoners on board.
​  The source told the publication that the Patriot system needed little time for deployment. Having received the command, the Ukrainian militants shot down the Il-76.

​  On Thursday, Russia’s Investigative Committee released a report claiming that the plane was brought down using two MIM-104A surface-to-air missiles launched from a Patriot missile system deployed at a staging area in Kharkiv Region, Ukraine near the village of Liptsy, around 10km from the Russian border.
​  Following the Investigative Committee’s report, a source within Russia’s security services told TASS that
it is very likely that as usual the crew operating the Patriot system represented a mix of Ukrainian and American specialists.
​  The agency’s source explained that
Ukrainian officers are likely placed in lower positions while Western specialists, including Americans, sit at the control and missile guidance stations.
​  They added that
as standard procedure Ukrainian servicemen are often only allowed to be involved with these systems as drivers or operators of transport-loading vehicles.

​  US P-8 implicated in latest strike against Russian missile boat
​  The recent attack launched by a cluster of Ukrainian kamikaze drones led to the sinking of a Russian missile warship named Ivanovets from the Black Sea Fleet.    Tragically, all 44 crew members on board went down with the ship. Some speculate that US P-8A Poseidon technology may have aided the Ukrainian side in this operation.​ The Ivanovets has been responsible for a series of missile attacks on Ukraine. Therefore, its loss provides temporary relief for the residents of southern Ukraine...
(Previously, the Russian Black Sea Flagship)  The Russian cruiser Moskva was hit and capsized on April 13, 2022, according to confirmed reports, after being struck by Ukrainian Neptune missiles.
​  The Daily Mail reported on
April 20, 2022, that a P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft from the US Navy was dispatched to support the Ukrainian strikes. As stated by The Times, the Moskva was being tracked by the P-8 before the attack, and then the aircraft relayed its position to the Ukrainian Military.
In a combat zone, clear situational awareness is key, and the P-8 assumed this role for the Ukrainian forces. Despite being stationed well beyond the reach of Ukrainian radars, the Moskva was identified and tracked by the maritime patrol aircraft, which then relayed its position.
 The P-8A reportedly took off from Italy for this operation, turning off its trackers en route to avoid being monitored online as it approached the Black Sea coast. For three hours, it remained off the radar before reappearing on Flight Radar 24.​  After reappearing, it stationed itself along the Romanian coast of the Black Sea.

 ​  The
production of tanks in Russia has grown fivefold since the beginning of the special military operation, and automobile production has increased sevenfold, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with the participants of a forum devoted to the special military operation.
​  "Since the beginning of the special operation, the
supply of various types of drones and artillery ammunition to the troops has increased significantly, as for personal armor protection <...> the increase was tenfold, for automotive equipment <...> - sevenfold, but for tanks - fivefold. {An increase of] five times for tanks is a decent figure," the head of state said.​  He also noted that the production of in infantry fighting vehicles increased more than 3.5 times.​

​  This is battlefield warfare two iterations beyond what NATO is capable of.  
Assault detachments of the Russian Armed Forces will be covered from drone attacks by separate air defense units

​  COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign
.. In retrospect, the most concerning revelation from the registrational trials that led to the EUA was not the apparent overstatement of 95% efficacy, but rather the indication within those trials that the vaccines carried a significant risk of SAEs and premature death, even among a relatively healthy group of participants. Based on the extended Pfizer trial findings, our person-years estimate yielded a 31% increase in overall mortality among vaccine recipients, a clear trend in the wrong direction. Moreover, the Fraiman et al. analysis showed a significant 36% higher risk of SAEs (including deaths and many life-threatening conditions) in the vaccine group for the Pfizer trial [50]. The Michels et al. analysis found a nearly four-fold increase in cardiovascular SAEs among subjects in the Pfizer trial who received the BNT162b2 injection compared to placebo, a fact never reported to the public at the time of the rollouts in December 2020 [54]. Notwithstanding these grave concerns, the Moderna product has shown even more frequent AEs when compared to its Pfizer counterpart [116-120,135]. Both mRNA products were linked with increased risks of ischemic stroke, brain hemorrhage, acute coronary syndrome, and other conditions known to reduce life expectancy...
.. Indeed,
one might have expected the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines to have been withdrawn from the market following the Fraiman study’s revelation of one SAE in 800. The 1976 swine flu vaccine was pulled after being associated with Guillain-Barré Syndrome at a rate of approximately one in 100,000 [250]. The rotavirus vaccine Rotashield was withdrawn following reports of intussusception in one or two in 10,000 vaccinees [251]. In the case of the mRNA vaccines, Fraiman’s team reported their preliminary findings to both the FDA and EMA.​..
..According to a 393-page confidential document requested by the EMA and released in August 2022 [114], Pfizer had by that time documented approximately 1.6 million AEs covering nearly every organ system [114, 252,253]. One-third of the AEs were classified as serious. Among the many findings were 3,711 tumors, 264 categories of vascular disorders (73,542 cases total), over 100,000 blood and lymphatic disorders, 127,000 cardiac disorders (including 270 categories of heart damage in addition to myocarditis and pericarditis), 77,000 psychiatric disorders (including psychoses, depression, suicide and suicidal behaviors), and hundreds of categories of neurological disorders (696,508 cases total), many of which are considered very rare, a clear indication of grave hazards.​..
..The adverse impacts on younger segments of the population were also reflected by the extraordinary reports from US life insurance companies for the latter half of 2021. According to the Group Life survey data, during Q3 and Q4 of 2021, the general US population experienced a 32% increase in mortality compared to 40% in the Group Life count (8% difference) [264]. Group Life Policyholders are well-employed, young, and generally healthy adults, previously dying at about one-third the rate of the US population...
..On a precautionary basis, we agree with
recommendations for the immediate removal of the COVID-19 vaccines from the childhood immunization schedule along with the suspension of boosters and a full investigation of the vaccine industry’s and regulatory agencies’ misconduct regarding safety assessments and data from the founding trials. It is unethical and unconscionable to administer an experimental vaccine to a child who has a near-zero risk of dying from COVID-19 (IFR, 0.0003%) but a well-established 2.2% risk of permanent heart damage based on the best prospective​ data  available.​

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