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Short Term Trust

 Increasingly Wary,

  This article below is like many you have seen, and it is clearly the case, as far as it goes, but what cannot be repaid, or even serviced for interest, will be defaulted upon by some mechanism when others refuse to continue to lend more money to service debt payments. We can see that spending has been "pulled forward from the future" by means of buying-on-credit. We can likely see that the loans can't be "repaid" for many reasons, and we can see that many nations are servicing their debts by borrowing money to pay the interest. 
  Lending requires faith that the contract between lender and borrower will be honored. There are many reasons not to have such faith, but one might still want to stay in the game if it would not crash this year, or in the next 6 months, or before one would get a clear enough sign to exit immediately. Many investors have exited, already.
  What form(s) will debt default take this time around? It is likely that the complexity of derivatives contracts and asset-"ownership" structures will leave most "holders" of stocks and bonds without a claim which they can actually exercise on a pool of real-wealth which is some small fraction of the claims held upon it. 
  How will this be managed politically? Will all retirement plans lose everything? The structure would hold them to be mostly unsecured-creditors after the holders of derivatives contracts, and the holder-of-record of the securities they "own", which means "have an unsecured claim upon financial-returns from".
  When Roosevelt collected all of the gold in America and then devalued the dollar against gold, that was a default on debts. When Nixon took America off the gold standard, that was a repudiation of debt-payable-in-gold, another default. This upcoming debt-default will necessarily be larger, since the economy of the future will be contracting, not expanding, and borrowing has been on a vast scale, never seen before..
  In whose hands will the power lie to decide how the real wealth remaining will actually be divided among the many weak and powerful holders of excess-claims upon that wealth.
Soaring debt pushing wealthy nations to ‘fiscal death’ – economist​ , Global borrowing topped a record $300 trillion last year
​  “I would expect that some of the bigger countries that don’t address their debt issues will die a slow fiscal death,” Laffer said, adding that some emerging economies “could quite conceivably go bankrupt.” While low-income countries are at high risk of debt distress, repaying debt would be particularly problematic for high-income countries due to an aging population and a lack of workforce.

​  Farmers bring Poland to standstill​  [Farmers have already been maximally bled. Figure out some other strategy to service debt and pay for wars.]
​  The trade union called out the Polish government for readily accepting the EU’s guidelines on the “import of agricultural produce and food products from Ukraine.” The protesters also called the position adopted by Brussels at the latest EU summit “unacceptable.”
​  Similar rallies were held across Poland in January. A separate protest by another group of farmers and truckers blocking a key border crossing with Ukraine saw Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s government capitulate to the protesters’ demands, which included reinstating a permit system for Ukrainian truckers, adopting government subsidies for Polish corn, and a moratorium on tax hikes.

  ​Paul Craig Roberts presents the case that sociopaths only respond to force which resists and thwarts the exercise of their will. [Non-violent farmers are getting results.]
  Peaceful Protests Are a Waste of Time and Energy
​  It appears that one-tenth of a million Gazans have already been killed or maimed by the American-financed and militarily-supplied Israeli intended genocide of the remnants of the Palestinian population, a people who have been evicted from their lands and villages bit by bit since 1947.  
​  This time the violence is massive, and only the Houthis, a poor population in Yemen that survived years of Washington-inspired attacks from Saudi Arabia, has lifted a hand to help the Palestinians.  
​  The “civilized West” responded to the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians by cancelling their contributions to the UN agency that provides Palestinians with humanitarian aid.  Consequently, now 1,000,000 Palestinians are facing starvation as Israel has blocked food deliveries and medicines, knocked out the water supply, hospitals, sanitation, and intends to drive any surviving Palestinians into Egypt.

​  A bold assertion here, but "Biden" already can't "be president".  Deep-state-club-member Obama needs a new puppet.
Texas Lieutenant Governor Says 'Deep State Run by Barack Obama' Has Pulled the Rug Out from Under Biden
​  Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas said a Department of Justice report that described President Joe Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory” is proof enough for him Democrats are going with a different candidate in November.
​  The memo, along with Biden’s late Thursday news conference, means that those who are pulling the strings in the Democratic Party are forcing Biden out, Patrick claimed. He specifically blamed former President Barack Obama and the deep state.
​  Patrick made the comments on social media Friday morning, where he also predicted Americans could see former first lady Michelle Obama on their ballots this fall.

​  Bobby Kennedy Jr. Points out that BlackRock owns the American military contractors that get a captive customer base from every new NATO member, and are getting the great majority of the money allocated for the war in Ukraine. That's why "we" have to have wars and NATO has to keep expanding.

Ceasefire or truce? Any Gaza deal could break Netanyahu’s coalition​ , The fate of Israel’s coalition government now hangs on a Gaza agreement. 
A short truce will continue the war and Tel Aviv’s global censure. A full ceasefire will deliver a Hamas victory.

​  Netanyahu Doubles Down on Plans to Attack Rafah Despite Growing Criticism
It's estimated 1.5 million Palestinians are packed into Rafah, which had a pre-war population of 275,000

​  Israeli army approves plan for ground offensive in Rafah
​  “The plan will be presented when the army is requested to do so,” Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi said during a Cabinet session as cited by the Israeli public broadcaster KAN.
The Israeli army plans to launch a ground offensive in Rafah, home to more than 1 million residents seeking refuge from war, to defeat what Tel Aviv calls the remaining "Hamas battalions."

​  Egypt Threatens to Suspend Key Peace Treaty if Israel Pushes Into Gaza Border Town, Officials Say
​  Egypt is threatening to suspend its peace treaty with Israel if Israeli troops are sent into the densely populated Gaza border town of Rafah, and says fighting there could force the closure of the territory's main aid supply route, two Egyptian officials and a Western diplomat said Sunday.
​  The threat to suspend the Camp David Accords, a cornerstone of regional stability for nearly a half-century, came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said sending troops into Rafah was necessary to win the four-month-old war against the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

​  War on Gaza: Families of Israeli captives are beginning to turn on Netanyahu
Anger is getting louder over government's approach to bringing back captives after the prime minister called Hamas's proposal to end the war 'delusional'

​  Thousands demonstrate in Tel Aviv, Haifa against Netanyahu’s government
​  Thousands of Zionist settlers demonstrated on Saturday in Tel Aviv and Haifa in occupied Palestine for the eighth week in a row.​ The demonstrators demanded the dismissal of the current Zionist enemy government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, holding early elections, and reaching an exchange deal to return prisoners from the Gaza Strip.

​  Israel frees two hostages, Gaza officials say airstrikes kill 67
​  An Israeli rescue operation freed two Israeli-Argentine hostages held by Hamas militants in Rafah on Monday, but supporting airstrikes killed nearly 70 Palestinians in the southern Gaza city where about one million displaced civilians have sought refuge from months of bombardments.
The mission by the Israeli military, the Shin Bet security service and a special police unit freed Fernando Simon Marman, 60, and Louis Hare, 70, the military said.

Israel Steals over $54 million from the Bank of Palestine in Gaza
The robbery was launched after a sniper had targeted Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the bank. Following the incident, the occupation forces raided the bank and ransacked the money.
​  Houthis Say "American Ship" Hit By Missiles In Red Sea 
​  On Monday morning, Houthi militants claim to have hit an "American ship" (Star Iris) with missiles in the critical waterway.​ According to Bloomberg, the Marshall Islands-flagged vessel owned by US-listed Star Bulk Carriers Corp. was hit by two missiles that caused "minor damage." The ship was transiting the Bab el-Mandeb Strait at the time of the attack.

​  Jordan’s King Abdullah participates in Gaza aid airdrop
​  Jordan’s King Abdullah participated in an air drop of humanitarian aid to Gaza, Jordanian broadcaster Al-Mamlaka said on Sunday.​ A video showed the monarch in military gear on board a plane in the latest mission by the Jordanian air force to drop urgent medical supplies to field hospitals it runs in the war-torn enclave. According to official media, the latest airdrop was on Feb. 6.
​  The kingdom, which has been among Arab neighbors pushing Israel to allow more aid into Gaza, is the only country that airdrops aid to the enclave, channelling it through these two medical facilities.​..
​..The king, who has been vocal in calling for an end to Israel’s campaign, left on Thursday on a tour of major Western capitals and is due to meet US President Joe Biden in Washington on Feb 12. to lobby for an immediate ceasefire.
​  Jordan succeeded in getting Israel to allow the World Food Programme (WFP) to send deliveries to Gaza through another land route that begins from Jordan, helping ease pressure on the main Rafah border crossing which is limited in capacity.

​  Pentagon's Tower 22 'logistics support base' is a secret drone base
What was described by the Pentagon as a "logistics support base" turns out to be a secret drone base for long-range surveillance of fighters in neighboring Syria and Iraq and for conducting airstrikes.

​  Karaganov presents a serious case for building up industry in central Asia, and rail routes to the rest of the world to service it. Pushing rail service costs down to approach ocean transport costs, and getting rail lines to markets like India and other Asian destinations, already underway, will enable this.
​  Sergey Karaganov: Here’s why Russia must permanently abandon Europe and turn fully to Asia
Europe is finished, and Russia’s geographical and cultural advantages means it doesn’t have to go down with the sinking ship

​The chain of command is breaking down in Ukraine.  Nuland told Zelensky not to fire top general – The Times  
The notorious neocon reportedly tried to save Valery Zaluzhny’s job

​  EU leaders threatened to ‘politically rape’ us – Hungary
​  Several EU heads of state directly told Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that they would crash the Hungarian economy if he blocked a €50 billion ($54 billion) economic aid package for Ukraine, his adviser, Balazs Orban, has revealed.
​  EU leaders signed off on the mammoth four-year aid package earlier this month, after the Hungarian leader lifted his veto in exchange for some minor concessions from the bloc’s 26 other member states.

Tucker Carlson is a ‘traitor’ – Boris Johnson​ , Boris Johnson has invoked Hitler in denouncing the journalist’s sit-down with the Russian leader as an “unholy charade”

​  Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a mini-meltdown after being exposed during the Tucker Carlson-Vladimir Putin interview for sabotaging the Ukrainian peace deal.​ During the interview, Putin confirmed reporting that first emerged last year about Johnson’s role in prolonging the war.
​  David Arahamiya, the leader of Ukraine’s ruling party, revealed that Johnson had scuppered a peace deal that would have put an end to hostilities just a few months after the Russian invasion.​ Putin reiterated in his interview with Tucker Carlson that Russia supports a negotiated settlement with Ukraine, and plans were very much underway to making that happen before Boris Johnson stopped it.

  Russian political philosopher​ Alexander Dugin , whose daughter was killed by Ukrainian assassins, presents a stripped-down analysis: Tucker, Putin, and the Apocalypse
​  It is not about the content of the interview with Putin. It is the fact that a person like Tucker Carlson is visiting a country like Russia to meet a political figure like Putin at such a critical time. Tucker Carlson's trip to Moscow might be the last chance to stop the disappearance of humanity. The gigantic billion-strong attention to this pivotal interview from humanity itself, as well as the frenzied, inhuman rage of Biden, the globalists, and the world's citizens intoxicated with decay, testify to humanity's awareness of the seriousness of the situation.
​  The world can only be saved by stopping now. For that, America must choose Trump. And Tucker Carlson. And Elon Musk. And Abbott. Then we get a chance to pause on the brink of the abyss. Compared to this, everything else is secondary. Liberalism and its agenda have led humanity to a dead end. Now the choice is this: either liberals or humanity. Tucker Carlson chooses humanity, which is why he came to Moscow to meet Putin. The whole world understood why he came and how important it is.

​  Eleni sent the Russian analysis of American politics above, which is oversimplified in her view, and these 3 essays from Russia-specialist, Andrew Korybko, which are not.
Putin Subverted The Mainstream & Alternative Media’s Expectations In His Interview With Tucker
​  The first takeaway for average viewers/readers is that American foreign policy is actually controlled by elite members of its permanent bureaucracy (‘deep state’) such as those in the CIA, not the President, since Clinton and Bush’s initial interests in cooperating with Russia were scuttled by that agency. The second point is that foreign meddling in Ukraine turned the question of its people’s identity into a geopolitical weapon for weakening Russia, which wants to live in peace and prosperity with that country.
​  Third, President Putin only commenced his country’s special operation after feeling that the failure to do so would lead to irreversible security challenges that risked culminating with time in Russia’s Balkanization, which he explicitly claimed that the West is pursuing as a means of containing China. The fourth point is that it’s this obsession with dominance among its policymaking elite (i.e. CIA) that’s responsible for destabilizing the world, with the final point being that he wants peace via diplomacy.
​  As was pointed out earlier, he isn’t the monster or madman that the MSM portrays him as, though he also isn’t the anti-Western revolutionary mastermind that the AMC claims either. President Putin is simply an apolitical pragmatist that solely wants to preserve his country’s conservative-nationalist society, robustly develop its economy, and ensure its objective national security interests, all while cooperating with others in pursuit of mutual benefit. He’s neither a villain nor a hero, but just himself.

​  Why’d Putin Spend So Much Time Talking About Poland In His Interview With Tucker?
​  Warsaw’s nostalgia for its interwar control over what’s nowadays’ Western Ukraine as well as its earlier control over a swath of that modern country during the Commonwealth era is why it plays a leading role in this conflict.
​  Prior to the special operation, the Polish intelligentsia were the first external actors to plant the seeds of Ukrainian identity into its people’s minds, which they did as a means of legitimizing their control over the former lands of Kievan Rus whose people’s ethno-religious identity was different than their own. As President Putin explained, Warsaw’s meddling played a major part in the events that later gave rise to some of its own people’s self-proclaimed separate identity that others then exploited for their own ends.
​  It's therefore impossible for anyone to have a solid understanding of current events and the historical processes that gave rise to them without learning about Poland’s inextricable role in both. The past laid the basis upon which present developments are unfolding since modern-day Ukrainian identity wouldn’t have taken shape nor would the ongoing proxy war have unfolded without Poland’s participation. These facts suggest that peace isn’t possible without Poland playing some sort of role in this process as well.

​  Did Putin Really Compare Himself To Hitler & Justify The Nazis’ Invasion Of Poland?
​  Hitler could have backed down, but he wasn’t one to take no for an answer, plus he was obsessed with reincorporating Imperial Germany’s lost regions prior to expanding into the Slavic East for “Lebensraum”. That’s why he decided to push his plans forward instead of risking the scenario of them becoming unattainable if the incipient (but at that time illusory) anti-Nazi alliance strengthened. This is a valid point that doesn’t equate to President Putin comparing himself to Hitler or justifying the latter’s invasion.
​  Only ill-intentioned propagandists would draw a parallel between the events leading up to the Nazis’ invasion of Poland in 1939 and those that preceded Russia’s special operation in 2022. These are two completely different conflicts that can’t be compared by any honest observers. President Putin brought up the first-mentioned simply to correct the historical record after Poland led the EU in laying equal blame on the Soviets for World War II in 2019 and to add further context to the ‘Ukrainian Question’.
​  As a history buff who rarely gives interviews to Western journalists, the Russian leader probably didn’t realize at the time how his impromptu summary of events leading up to that conflict would be spun, but he obviously didn’t intend to compare himself to Hitler to justify the Nazis’ invasion of Poland.

​  Kyle Young has another update of the view from his farm on the Arizona-Mexico border. More instructive video from a hidden camera is explained.
​Biden's socialist border bait is destroying the ​U.​S.​  Pima ​County takes the bait, hook, line and sinker​.
​  Here’s how it works. Biden invites the world to cross illegally into the US from Mexico. That puts a crushing weight on border counties to provide services. Biden then invites those counties to go on the Federal dole to pay for services. Some do. Those that do get highly processed USDA food and money for minimal, crowded, shelter. This causes a rise in disease. Hospitals then get overrun with migrants unable to pay. Some hospitals are pushed to the brink of collapse.​ Everyone suffers.

​  Def. Sec. Austin Turns His Duties Over to His Deputy
​  Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon for a bladder issue, the Defense Department said in a statement.
He transferred his duties to Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks at about 4:55 p.m. Sunday, and all notifications were made.

​  Meet Dr. Kathleen Hicks - SecDef Austin's Presumptive Replacement Woke Deep-Stater
​  Hicks established the Deputy’s Management Action Group (DMAG) to be the Defense Department’s principal governance body to address topics from diversity to extremism. You would be correct if you consider Hicks’ role similar to the Soviet Union’s political commissar.

​  Harvard Renews COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, Joining 69 Other Schools​  [An easy way to cull yourself?]
​  Students at Harvard University will continue to be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine in order to register for the upcoming semester, the school has recently announced, joining 69 other schools around the country that still require the shot. “Harvard requires all students who will be on campus to have some protection from COVID-19 through vaccination.”

​  Peter McCullough MD,  Indoctrination of Vaccine Ideology was Successful on College Campuses
Isolation, Propaganda, Shaming, Coercion, all Drove Moralistic Fallacy

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