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Thinking About Tyranny

 Scaling Down,

  Jim Kunstler says "Think About it". Massive hierarchical structures of governance and wealth extraction cannot be sustained, due to the decline of energy and increasing energy-cost of other resources. They desperately need to enlarge and take over the entire global economy, but to do so they need total control of all people and resources.
  The WEF-Globalist cabal is losing the battle to control and dominate the rest of us. They are trying to power straight into the opposing currents of reality. Above all, they seek to centralize power and decision-making. But the world is moving in the opposite direction. All of the WEF’s aims founder on the macro trends unspooling in history.
  The rising rule for human affairs now is that anything organized at the giant scale is going to wobble and fail. There will not be any world government run by the creatures of Davos or Brussels, or Washington DC, or any other place that the grandiose imagine would be their seat of global power. It’s not going to happen so you can stop worrying about it. But you’d better prepare for what is happening: everything in our world wants to get smaller, slower, finer, and more local. Anything that opposes these trends is pissing into the wind...
..American oil production may be at an all-time peak now at about 13-million barrels-a-day, but most of that — about 8-million — is shale oil, which is a manifestation of our tremendous debt roll-up since 2009. Now that we’re at the absolute limits of debt, we’re also at the limits of shale oil. The production of shale oil paralleled the accumulation of all that debt both in size and rate of increase, and as the debt goes bad — meaning, unpayable — the organized capital sector will blow and shale oil production will fall as sharply as it rose. It is also a fact that shale oil is subject to natural limits — we’re out of “sweet spots” to drill.
  That’s America. Europe is way worse because aside from whatever oil is left in the North Sea (not much), Europe has no oil. Europe’s largest gas field — Groningen in the Netherlands — is scheduled to cease operations in October of this year. You all know what happened to the Nord Stream pipelines. And then Germany, in some psychotic fugue state, shut down its entire nuclear power industry, while France is just not replacing its nuke plants as they age-out. Europe is completely screwed. They won’t have anything we might call modern industry...
..Our federal government is not really getting more powerful, it’s cracking up, starting from the very top, with a mentally incompetent president — the secret that everybody knows. Agencies like the DOJ and Homeland Security may seem more tyrannical for the moment, but they are actually breaking as institutions because in their lawlessness they’ve lost the trust of the people — and nothing is more fundamental to a civilized society than trust in the law. That’s what consent of the governed  means.
  So, the period of disorderly transition we’re in is not moving toward greater dominance by giants, but to the survival of the small and nimble. We will not see capital formation like the orgy of recent times; rather the vanishing of things falsely presumed to be capital, contraction not expansion. You’ll be struggling to identify and preserve real wealth, which you’ll find in unexpected places, like the friends you can count on, your reputation for honesty, your dependability, acquired skills, and your health, physical and psychological.
  The WEF won’t be able to impose its Globalist nightmare of elite transhumanism and surveilled bug-eating serfs, and they know it now. They’re running scared.

​  Farmer Uprising Threatens the Globalist West with Nasty Surprise in Election
​  The history of farmer outrage is long and deep, but this year the protests of agricultural workers play a special role:​ Their distinctive feature is their scale and influence on numerous elections around the world. And while those in power are unsuccessfully trying to pacify the farmers, their opponents, from Donald Trump to nationalist parties in Europe – are enlisting their support to win elections.
​  The Farmers’ Revolt has become a central issue in a broader culture war centered on economic and social transformation. Protests affected countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Romania and many others.

  Barghouti: Biden gave Netanyahu the green light to invade Rafah
​  Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative and former presidential candidate, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, stated that US President Joe Biden has given Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the green light to begin an invasion of Rafah.

​  'Zionist' Biden Calls Netanyahu an 'Asshole' in Private, But Continues Full Support of Israel's Genocide
The White House needs to try to present the president of being opposed to the Gaza massacre, even though there has been no policy change in Washington

​  US Opens Probe Into US-Supplied Weapons & Possible Israeli War Crimes
​  The U.S. is investigating several Israeli airstrikes in Gaza that killed dozens of civilians and the possible use by Israel of white phosphorus in Lebanon, as part of a probe by the State Department to determine whether America’s closest ally has misused its bombs and missiles to kill civilians, U.S. officials told The Wall Street Journal.

Israel Massacres Civilians in Gaza 'Safe Zone' While Advertising Their Own Victimhood During Super Bowl

Netanyahu Unilaterally Vetoes Further Hostage Deal Talks
A group representing hostage families said the move was a 'death sentence' for the Israelis remaining captive in Gaza

​  An independent Geneva-based human rights organization says Israeli forces allow settlers to watch the torture and humiliation of Palestinians who have been abducted from the Gaza Strip during the regime’s ongoing genocidal war.​..
..According to Euro-Med, the development took place at the Zikim military base used as a public forum to the north of Gaza’s border with the occupied territories and the Negev prison to the south of the besieged Palestinian territory.
  Released Palestinian abductees told Euro-Med that groups of settlers were brought into those detention centers on many occasions. They were allowed to watch and even film and take pictures of the prisoners who were being subjected to various types of inhumane and degrading treatment.
Instances of ill-treatment of Gazan abductees ranged from being forced to appear naked before the settlers to being beaten with metal batons and electric sticks and showered with hot water.
​  ‘I was subjected to torture and abuse at all stages. The arrest lasted for about 52 days,’ 43-year-old Gazan Omar Abu Mudallala told Euro-Med, pointing out that Israeli troops brought settlers to watch ‘our nude torture.’
​  Upon bringing in the settlers, the Israeli forces would claim the prisoners were the same Palestinian fighters, who staged Operation al-Aqsa Storm against the occupied territories on October 7, 2023, following which the Israeli regime launched its genocidal war on Gaza, the rights body said.

​  South Africa submits urgent request to ICJ regarding attack on Rafah
​  The Zionist attack on Rafah threatens with genocide in the presence of more than 1.5 million displaced people in the city.​ The International Court of Justice confirmed on January 26 that the Zionist entity must take all the measures stipulated to prevent genocide in the Gaza Strip, stressing that it must do so immediately.

​  Russia does not see any prospects for a quick stabilization of the situation around the Gaza Strip, especially against the backdrop of Israeli plans to expand the military operation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.
​  "Taking into account the uncompromising attitude of the Israeli leadership to continue the military operation in Gaza, now extending it to Rafah, we do not see prospects for the rapid stabilization of the situation in this sector," Lavrov noted.

​  Russia and Hamas: a strategic alliance of convenience​ , Hamas has asked Moscow to act as guarantor to a Gaza ceasefire. 
Growing Russian ties with West Asia's resistance actors should be no surprise; within the context of the global power standoff, they share common enemies.
​  Despite the long-term collaborative nature of Russo-Israeli relations, the Ukraine war has rejigged Moscow's geopolitical calculations significantly. Today, Russia views the Gaza war and its regional implications from the perspective of its competition with the US and, therefore, considers Israel a critical tool of American influence in West Asia. The Russian leadership considers the current conflict to be as much Washington’s battle as Tel Aviv's – a weakened Israel would mean the further disintegration of US power projection from the Levant to the Persian Gulf, a strategic Russian objective.
​  Although Tel Aviv and Moscow still retain common interests of value to both, it is the US–Russian strategic competition that currently holds the most sway over the Kremlin's decision-making.

​  Israel Kills Elite Hezbollah Commander, But Unleashes Single Deadliest Day For Lebanese Civilians
​  Israel on Thursday announced that it killed a senior commander of Hezbollah’s elite Radwan Force, identified as Ali al-Debs, along with at least two other fighters in his group...​..Al Jazeera reports that at least ten civilians and fighters were killed, and that five among the civilians were children. "Seven of the civilians were killed in Nabatieh late on Wednesday when a rare Israeli attack on the city hit a multistorey building, sources in Lebanon said."
​  "The dead were from the same extended family, and included three children," the report continues. "A boy initially reported missing was found alive under the rubble."
​  Hezbollah on Thursday warned that Israel will soon "pay the price" for the deadly day of air raids as the situation continues to rapidly escalate, after months of daily tit-for-tat drone, rocket, and mortar fire.

Yemen's Houthis Claim to Have Stopped Ship Traffic to Israeli Ports​  (Only from the Red Sea, not the Mediterranean)

​Simplicius points out that Zelensky's plan to reinforce Adveevka comes too late, and up to 1500 (Azov?) reinforcements were killed at a remote staging area by Russian missiles.
SITREP 2/13/24: Avdeevka Turns Critical as Iskander Strike Devastates AFU Staging Area

Iskanders with cluster warheads hit a large concentration of Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel

​They did, and apparently coordinated by a US surveillance drone overhead. (Caesar Kunikov died fighting a noble holding action on February 14,1943 in Novorossiysk)
Ukraine military says it used sea drones to sink Russian landing ship​ , Caesar Kunikov

​  Drones replacing Army helicopter program
​  “We absolutely are paying attention to (world events) and adjusting because we could go to war tonight, this weekend,” head of Army Futures Command Gen. James Rainey said.​ Rainey’s statement was seconded by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Randy George in a press release, where he stated, “We are learning from the battlefield, especially Ukraine, that aerial reconnaissance has fundamentally changed. Sensors and weapons mounted on a variety of unmanned systems and in space are more ubiquitous, further reaching, and more inexpensive than ever before.”

​  Russia bolsters Northern defense with 1,000 Yurka drone detectors
​  A spokesperson for the design bureau detailed the benefits of this game-changing product, revealing that it efficiently thwarts covert approaches made by various civilian helicopters toward Russian fighters. “This unique characteristic considerably reduces the threat of unexpected assaults. The detector has shown effectiveness against drones produced by manufacturers such as Mavic, Autel, and DJI, as well as FPV drones operating on the monitored frequencies. Despite Yurka’s current restrictions to detect all brands of drones, we are resolutely working towards mitigating this problem in our forthcoming product update.”

​  Pepe Escobar: Life During Wartime – On the Road in Donbass
​  The first thing that hits you when you arrive in Donetsk nearly 10 years after Maidan in Kiev is the incessant loud booms. Incoming and mostly outgoing. After such a long, dreary time, interminable shelling of civilians (which are invisible to the collective West), and nearly 2 years after the start of the Special Military Operation (SMO), this is still a city at war; still vulnerable along the three lines of defense behind the front.
​  The “Road of Life” has got to be one of the epic war misnomers in Donetsk. “Road” is a euphemism for a dark, muddy bog plied back and forth virtually non-stop by military vehicles. “Life” applies because the Donbass military actually donate food and humanitarian aid to the locals at the Gornyak neighborhood every single week...
​..In one of the back rooms, Svetlana carefully arranges mini-packages of food essentials to be distributed every Sunday after liturgy. I meet Mother Pelageya, 86 years old, who comes to the temple every Sunday, and would not even dream of ever leaving her neighborhood.
​  Gornyak is in the third line of defense. The loud booms – as in everywhere in Donetsk – are nearly non-stop, incoming and outgoing. If we follow the road for another 500 meters or so and turn right, we are only 5 km away from Avdeyevka – which may be about to fall in days, or weeks at most.
..So yes: deep down in the Donbass countryside, in communion with those living life during wartime, we feel the enormity of something inexplicable and vast, full of endless wonder, as if touching the Tao by silencing the recurrent loud booms. In Russian there is, of course, a word for it: "загадка", roughly translated as “enigma” or “mystery”.

​  US spies behind ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy – reportThe CIA asked its ‘Five Eyes’ allies to monitor Trump campaign aides, according to a new investigation
​  Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi and Alex Gutentag – of ‘Twitter Files’ fame – published the first part of an investigation on Tuesday, in which they claim the so-called 'Five Eyes' were operationalized against Trump staffers, citing anonymous sources close to the House Intelligence Committee.
​  According to their report, President Barack Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan, had sent America’s partners – the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – a list of 26 Trump associates to target with data collection, misinformation and manipulation.

​  US Govt Is Hiding Documents That Incriminate Intel Community For Illegal Spying & Election Interference, Say Sources
Part 2: U.S. Government Is Hiding Documents That Incriminate Intelligence Community For Illegal Spying And Election Interference, Say Sources
Former CIA Director Gina Haspel blocked the release of “binder” with evidence that may identify her role in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax

​  Former US President Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric regarding NATO is a continuation of his policy as the head of state, former US National Security Advisor John Bolton said, adding that Trump had come close to withdrawing the United States from the alliance back in 2018.
​  On Saturday, Trump said that during his presidency, the leader of an unspecified NATO nation had asked him whether Washington would protect that or other countries in the event of a possible attack by Russia, if they do not meet their defense spending obligations. Trump responded he would not and would encourage Russia to "do whatever the hell they want," stressing that NATO members "got to pay."
​  "At the NATO summit in 2018, he came very close to withdrawing from NATO right there at the summit. So each of these comments, as he makes them now over six years, to me simply reinforces that the notion of withdrawing from NATO is very serious with him," Bolton told Politico on Tuesday.

​  House Speaker Says Requested Meeting With Biden About US Border Security, White House Rejected​ 
 “I’ve been requesting a meeting with the president for weeks now, a month. I’ve been asking to sit down with the president to talk about the border and talk about national security, and that meeting has not been granted,” Johnson said during a press conference.​ Johnson said he will continue to insist on a meeting, adding that it is a “problem” if the Speaker of the House cannot sit down with the president.

​  Ex-Biden Business Associate Throws the President under the Bus: ‘The Family Business Was Joe Biden, Period’
​  Tony Bobulinski, who worked with Hunter Biden and brother James, testified that Joe Biden was “the Brand” which enabled the door to be opened for massive salaries, bonuses, and board positions in China and Ukraine.
​  “I want to be crystal clear,” he said.​ “From my direct personal experience and what I have subsequently come to learn, it is clear to me that Joe Biden was ‘the Brand’ being sold by the Biden family.”

​  “It's hard to fathom who the big guy could be but Joe Biden. So we've known about this,” independent journalist Dr. Jim Kavanaugh told Sputnik’s The Critical Hour on Wednesday. “[Bobulinski] confirms that the big guy is Biden, which means [...] [Joe] Biden was getting paid from his son’s activities with [these Chinese businesses].” This, combined with the President’s cognitive problems that have become “impossible to deny” will cause him to step aside before this November’s Presidential elections.
“He’s not going to be the Democratic nominee,” Kavanaugh asserted, adding that the only question left is “How much longer is he going to last as president?”

​  Biden must be removed – US state’s attorney general
West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has called on US Vice President Kamala Harris to declare Joe Biden physically unable to perform his duties as president. The demand was issued in a letter sent to Harris on Tuesday.  

​  Most Americans believe Biden and Trump too old to be president
​  According to the poll, which was conducted last week and involved a representative sample of 528 US voters, 86% of respondents said Biden should not run for a second term because of his age. Of that number, 27% believed only Biden – who is already the oldest US president in history – is too elderly, while 59% insisted that both he and former President Trump are too old. The Republican frontrunner was considered to be too old to run by 62% of respondents.

​  Inside the chaos of Robert F. Kennedy Jr's campaign: How 14 members of staff have quit his longshot bid for president and more are 'fleeing' over 'lavish' spending and 'amateurish' leadership
​  Campaign complaints center on campaign manager Amaryllis Fox Kennedy and communication director Del Bigtree
The campaign is struggling to get RFK Jr.'s name on the 2024 ballot in every state
One resignation letter complains of a 'cavalier, and out of touch' operation
​  Sources close to the campaign blame campaign manager Amaryllis Fox Kennedy, the candidate's daughter-in-law, and the campaign's communication director Del Bigtree for mismanaging the campaign, according to a report from Mediaite. "There is no one with any political experience and it shows,' one source close to the campaign told the outlet.​..
..Fox Kennedy (still CIA?) replaced former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (non-Zionist peacenik) as the campaign manager in October(after Bobby tacitly supported genocide), shortly after RFK Jr. decided to end his challenge to President Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination and run for president as an Independent.

​  Exactly a week after a failed attempt, the House has impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, under whose tenure more than 10 million illegal immigrants have entered the US - doubling the existing population of migrants.

​  EPA’s Final Witnesses Concede Fluoride’s Harm, Admit to Flaws in Key Study as Trial Closes
​  A risk assessor for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency admitted fluoride is neurotoxic at relatively low levels and the agency’s key expert on fluoride’s neurotoxicity conceded flaws in his own study as the landmark fluoride trial drew to a close.

​  NIH in Early 2022 Abruptly Stopped Responding to People Injured by COVID Shots
Documents obtained by Children’s Health Defense via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit reveal officials at the National Institutes of Health corresponded with people injured by the COVID-19 vaccines throughout 2021, even launching a study only to pull the plug on it before finishing and reporting on it.

​  WHO Exhibiting Signs of ‘Desperation’ as New Zealand, Iran Reject Amendments to International Health Regulations
New Zealand and up to three other countries have rejected controversial amendments, proposed in 2022 by the Biden administration to the World Health Organization’s 2005 International Health Regulations.
​  “In May 2022, the WHA voted to adopt the amendment to Article 59 of the IHR (and consequently other articles), which reduces the timeframe for future amendments to come into force from 24 to 12 months. Consequently, the period to reject or reserve future amendments was reduced from 18 months to 10 months,” Murfitt said.
For states that did not reject the amendments by Dec. 1, 2023, “the amendment comes into force in May 2024 by way of ‘tacit acceptance,’” Murfitt added.
​  Recent statements by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also suggest a growing unease with the progress of negotiations and the likelihood of reaching an agreement on the proposed 2023 IHR amendments and “pandemic agreement” by this year’s WHA, scheduled for May 27-June 1.
​  Others, including Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), warned during a Feb. 5 press conference that the proposed instruments pose a fundamental threat to national sovereignty, including that of the U.S.

​  Meryl Nass MD, her medical license suspended for treating COVID patients with antivirals like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine,  has been taking her message about the WHO becoming a super-sovereign entity if the IHR (international health regulation) amendments are passed, which mandate massive yearly funding, and national compliance if a pandemic or other health emergency is declared by WHO Director Tedros or some appointed successor. The Pandemic Treaty amendments might simply be signed by "Joe Biden" without senatorial debate, since a "Pandemic Treaty" already exists, but this would give the WHO supranational powers without legal recourse.
​  Lawfare goes wild. I have not had a medical license in Massachusetts for 25 years. But now Massachusetts wants to initiate disciplinary action against me, because... Quoting from their letter:​  "This Board has the authority to discipline a physician who has been disciplined in another jurisdiction"

​Over The Target and Taking Fire (pictured planting black beans) 

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