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  Jonathan Cook,  The Israel-US game plan for Gaza is staring us in the face , The western media is pretending the West’s efforts to secure a ceasefire are serious. But a different script has clearly been written in advance ["Good-cop", "Bad-cop"]

  Congress threatens ICC over Israeli arrest warrants
  The International Criminal Court is being warned by members of Congress in both parties that arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials will be met with U.S. retaliation — and legislation to that effect is already in the works, Axios has learned.
  Why it matters: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has gone so far as to urge President Biden to intervene to help prevent the warrants, Axios' Barak Ravid reported.
  The ICC has been investigating allegations of war crimes against both the Israeli military and Palestinian militia groups dating back to 2014.
The White House declined to comment on Netanyahu's call with Biden but said "the ICC has no jurisdiction in this situation and we do not support its investigation."
  Driving the news: House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) issued a statement on Monday calling the reported warrants "disgraceful" and "lawless."

'  Israel' warns US it will punish PA if ICC issues arrest warrants Two US officials reveal that the Biden administration told ICC officials privately that it would be a mistake to arrest Israeli leaders.

  With Walls Closing In Around Him, Netanyahu May Start ‘Even Larger Regional War’  (Is the US "threat" to Netanyahu real, or just theater?)
  “A deal with Hamas would mean Israel’s defeat in the war with Hamas, and the cancellation of the operation in Raffah, and an uprising of the right-wing camp against Netanyahu, the exit of right-wing politicians and ministers from the government, its collapse, and new elections. Such a chain reaction, such a domino effect would transpire if he makes a deal with Hamas,” Tsipis told Sputnik.
  If Netanyahu doesn’t make a deal, Washington will move forward with the sanctioning of the IDF unit, the ICC will go ahead with its arrest warrants, the military operation will likely begin in Raffah, and Israel will face internal uprisings from the political left flank, including “more violent demonstrations, and demands for Netanyahu to resign,” the observer said.
  That puts Netanyahu in a “very difficult, one might say hopeless situation,” Tsipis stressed, warning that “whatever he does, it will mean a big crisis inside Israel and abroad.”
“In this context, the situation becomes even more dangerous, since his only chance to survive politically in this fight and under this pressure is to unleash an even larger regional war. This cannot be ruled out, since Israeli provocations toward Iran under Netanyahu’s leadership are continuing. It’s quite possible that a third outcome in this situation may occur: provocations against Iran and the beginning of a large-scale regional war with Iran. This is the only thing that can save Netanyahu, allow him to remain in power, escape responsibility and prevent the collapse of the government.

  Zionist Mob Attacks Pro-Palestine Protesters at UCLA While Screaming 'Second Nakba' 
I like the smiling guy in the picture, who stood his ground until a dozen Zionists jumped him, the first video. Lots of documentary evidence in short clips, but I had to stop looking.

  Israeli pro boxer identified as assailant intimidating UCLA protestors in video
David Kaminsky, an Israeli boxer who goes by the moniker “The Lion of Zion” was seen hurling racial slurs and spitting at pro-Palestine demonstrators during a UCLA protest on Sunday.

"Antisemitism" is not defined in the act. House Approves 'Antisemitism Awareness Act' Aimed At Cracking Down On Campus Protests

Iran Checkmates US Warmongers, Offers Scholarships for Students Expelled for Protesting Gaza War

  Professor remains hospitalized after being beaten by police during pro-Palestinian protest at US campus
Steve Tamari, professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, brutally beaten by police at Gaza encampment, his wife says  
  "This professor is in the hospital due to his injuries. The only violence that happened on Saturday was by police at the behest of Washington University administration," Megan Green, president of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, said.

  Scott Ritter: Student Protests Among ‘Most Important Things’ to Happen in US in Decades
  The growing student protest movement against the continued bombardment of Gazans by the Israeli government is among one of the most important things to happen in the US in “many, many decades,” former UN inspector and military expert Scott Ritter told Sputnik’s The Critical Hour on Tuesday.
  “If you were an American like myself, who is not inclined to go out and protest and hold signs and disrupt things, man, we have to wake up,” he explained. “I have to wake up. We have to join these students one way or another and join their cause in letting the government know that we will not stand silent in the face of police oppression of the right of American citizens to speak out, to assemble, to hold their government account."

  Google Workers Sacked Over Israel Protests File Federal Labor Complaint
  The workers are seeking reinstatement of their jobs and back pay, alleging that Google had “unlawfully retaliated” against them for engaging in “peaceful” protest, Jane Chung, a spokesperson for No Tech for Apartheid, was quoted as saying by the New York Post.
  No Tech for Apartheid, the group organizing the protests, claimed that Google fired over 20 workers on April 23, including non-participating bystanders.
  This adds to the 30 workers fired last week for their involvement in sit-in protests at Google offices in New York and Sunnyvale, California, bringing the total number of terminated workers to over 50 people.
  Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
The protests targeted a $1.2 billion deal known as Project Nimbus that provides artificial intelligence technology to the Israeli government.

  How Israel violates International Law in Gaza: expert report
  In a sober but scathing 76-page report, publicly released on April 24, the Independent Task Force on the Application of National Security Memorandum-20 (NSM-20), details “multiple credible incidents constituting violations of international humanitarian law, military best practices, and [improper] restrictions on humanitarian assistance.”
  The volunteer and unaffiliated task force of prominent experts — including two recently departed senior State Department officials, legal scholar Noura Erekat, and a former senior “joint terminal attack controller,” Wes Bryant — was rapidly formed after President Biden signed NSM-20 on February 8, 2024...
..The panel reported that its “aggregate analysis of credible reports involving U.S-provided weapons by Israeli forces indicates a context of systematic disregard for fundamental principles of international law, including recurrent attacks launched despite foreseeably disproportionate harm to civilians and civilian objects, wide area attacks without prior warnings in some of the most densely populated residential neighborhoods in the world, direct attacks on civilians…and attacks against civilian objects, including those indispensable for the survival of the civilian population.”
  The experts further reported: “Israeli intelligence sources cited by credible media reports indicate that these patterns of unlawful attacks reflect reliance on an unyielding and unconditioned supply of U.S. weapons, relaxed rules of engagement, application of collective punishment, and the use of artificial intelligence technology to generate thousands of targets (including civilian police and civil defense personnel), at maximum speed and with minimal human oversight.”
  The findings are illustrated by 17 specific, horrific “incidents” and 18 pages of additional incidents.

  Israel's Far-right Minister Smotrich Calls for 'No Half Measures' in the 'Total Annihilation' of Gaza
Speaking at an end of Passover event, Israel's finance minister Bezalel Smotrich also said the current talks with Hamas are 'with someone who long ago should have ceased to exist'

  Israel hampers Gaza field hospitals by providing insufficient sites
Designated plots are either too small or are inhabited by displaced Palestinians encouraged to settle there by Israeli authorities, say regional sources

  Israeli settler gang in attack on Jordanian aid convoy for Gaza
“Two Jordanian aid convoys carrying food, flour and other humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip were attacked by settlers,” the ministry said
Both convoys continued on their way and managed to reach their destination in Israeli-besieged Gaza

  Colombian Government Severs Relations With Israel   On Wednesday Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced that his country will cut relations with Israel over what he called its "genocidal" war against Palestinians. He said this will be formally initiated starting Thursday.

Turkiye to join South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at World Court, minister says

Turkey Halts All Trade With Israel As Relations At Breaking Point

  1,000 Palestinian workers from Gaza missing: NGOs
  In a joint statement released on Wednesday, the Commission for Detainee’s Affairs, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, and the Ramallah-based Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association (Addameer) disclosed that around 10,300 Palestinian workers from Gaza were present in the occupied Palestinian territories before October 7.
  The statement added that “3,200 of them [workers] were released at the Kerem Shalom [Karem Abu Salem] crossing at the beginning of November 2023 from the detention centers where they were being held, some still wearing zip ties on their wrists bearing numbers.”
  “Approximately 6,441 workers were deported to the West Bank, and approximately 1,000 workers remain missing in light of the ongoing crime of forced disappearance against Gaza detainees,” it stressed.

  Simplicius, SITREP 5/1/24: The Russian Steamroller Rolls On
  Some contractors do not want to enter into long-term contracts with the US Department of Defense with fixed prices to replenish weapons supplied from the Pentagon stockpile to Ukraine, according to a report by the GAO Congressional Accountability Office...
..NATO never perceived this war as something in which it was absolutely necessary to invest all its resources, and its industry still follows a cost-minimizing path that does not involve actively improving the transferred equipment, much less rapidly improving it. Pan-European bureaucratic processes, which have turned almost any Western military project into an endless bagpipe of papers and meetings, only exacerbate the problem...
..On the other hand, Russian supplies, strikes, and groupings continue to increase...
..In fact, the U.S. is reportedly running out of Ukrainian men to train... Rezident UA reports that up to 35% of AFU servicemen went AWOL during European training and were never found—a number that increases each year...
..A brief mention about the Kerch Bridge. There continue to be ‘reports’ that Ukraine is gearing up to strike the bridge as early as May 7-9 in time for Putin’s inauguration, in order to mar it...  A strike on the Kerch is not out of the question as the above rumor mill indicates. But it’s unlikely to succeed as the accuracy of the missiles is not high enough to do concentrated damage. Furthermore, reports continue to stream out about just how badly Western tech has been degraded by Russia’s progressively improving EW capabilities. Last time we wrote about the GLSDB debacle, now the vaunted Excalibur GPS-guided 155mm artillery round has been exposed as well... The effectiveness of Ukraine's Excalibur GPS-guided rounds decreased from 70% to 6% within six weeks as Russia adapted and employed various EW assets...
..A source in the Ukrainian Armed Forces told Bild that he fears an attack on Kharkov involving 20-40 thousand Russian soldiers. "Then we will have to decide whether we want to defend the north or the east. It is impossible to do both," he said... This isn’t enough to capture the entire region or Kharkov city itself, however that may not be the point.  As the implication goes, the force may merely be to divert Ukrainian troops from the deteriorating Donbass line in order to create much bigger breakthroughs.....“The Russians will take over Donbass by October, then the conflict will freeze and we will have to negotiate with Putin,” the publication (Blick Zeitung) quotes the words of an officer of the 5th assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which holds the defense in Chasovy Yar...
..Russian Iskanders reportedly destroyed a huge Novaya Pochta mail warehouse in Odessa that, according to some sources, was housing one of the large new weapons shipments—particularly 155mm ammo—from NATO... Detonations are still ongoing. $61 billion well-spent...
..Mobilization commissars complain that no one at all wants to join the army...
..Russian engineers continue being the world’s fastest at updating equipment on the fly as per requirements fed directly from soldiers on the ground. The new T-90M iterations being sent to the troops now come factory-stock with a completely redesigned anti-drone grill that even has its own entry ports on top. After finicking with it over the course of the SMO, it can be said Russia now has by far the most sophisticated and battle-proven anti-drone defensive attachments and alterations for armor of any country in the world. All it takes is one look at other country’s sophomore efforts to note how far behind in the adaptive chain they are.

  Around 30 Ukrainian men have died while trying to illegally cross the border in order to avoid military service since the outbreak of the conflict with Russia in 2022, Andrey Demchenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s border service, told Ukrinform news agency... People who attempt to illegally leave the country rarely do so on their own, and often use the services of criminal organizations that offer help in crossing the border. However, most of these groups do not provide real assistance, he said, leaving the draft dodgers at the mercy of nature and wild animals.
  “They receive some instructions, transfer funds somewhere... and when they reach the border, they find that they would have to cross a mountain river… Many lose their lives when trying to cross rivers or scale ridges. In total, since the beginning of the [war], about 30 people have died trying to cross the border illegally,” the spokesman stated.

  "Rotsa Ruck, Joe!"   US Imposes Sanctions On Chinese Companies Vital To Russia's Defense Industry
  "The almost 300 targets being sanctioned by both Treasury and the Department of State include sanctions on dozens of actors that have enabled Russia to acquire desperately needed technology and equipment from abroad," the Treasury Department said in a press release.

  India has saved billions of dollars on oil imports in the past two years by purchasing discounted crude from Russia, the Times of India reported on Tuesday, citing data compiled by ICRA Research ratings agency. The country saved an estimated $5.1 billion on oil imports in the 2022-23 financial year, and a further $7.9 billion in the first 11 months of 2023-24, according to the report. Analysts explained that the savings were due to increased purchases of Russian oil.

"It Was Brutal": 2nd Boeing-Linked Whistleblower Dies:  [How would a young, healthy person catch something like that?]
  A whistleblower at Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems died Tuesday morning following a struggle with a 'sudden, fast-spreading infection,' the Seattle Times reports...
..He had been in good health, and 'was noted for having a healthy lifestyle,' according to the report.
  He had been in critical condition for two weeks, according to his aunt Carol Parsons, who said he became ill and went to the hospital due to breathing difficulties. He was intubated, after which he developed pneumonia and then MRSA, a serious bacterial infection.
  His condition deteriorated rapidly, and he was airlifted from Wichita to a hospital in Oklahoma City, Parsons said. There he was put on an ECMO machine, which circulates and oxygenates a patient’s blood outside the body, taking over heart and lung function when a patient’s organs don’t work on their own. -Seattle Times
  Doctors had considered amputating both hands and both feet. "It was brutal what he went through," said Parsons. "Heartbreaking."

  "Divide and Rule", same as the British Empire always did...  Irish Villagers Attacked and Pepper Sprayed by Police. Conflict Over Hundreds of ‘Unvetted Migrant’ Centres Being Planted Throughout Ireland and the UK

  Professor Anthony Hall, Reiner Fuellmich Emerging from German Jail to Take Back Leadership of International Prosecutions of the Covidian Cabal
The famed German-American jurist, Reiner Fuellmich, has headed up the Corona Investigative Committee and its outgrowths. Just as the Gaza Debacle got started, Fuellmich was arrested in Mexico and whisked to Germany to face trumped-up criminal charges concerning financial matters.
  Fuellmich outlines below the circumstances he is facing while still in jail. In his statement below the lawyer outlines his vision of the much-needed criminal proceedings for the many Covidian violations in the international power grab...
.."Well, last week, the intelligence services approached the presiding judge and his number two judge on the panel, in my case, and put them under pressure to, or at least he manipulated or they manipulated them. As a result of this presiding judge just informed us that despite all the evidence to the contrary, he will definitely find me guilty of whatever crimes.
  If any further proof was required to show that this is a fake trial that undeniably started with my kidnapping in Mexico, here it is: My attorney, Dr. Miseré, who defends me in this trial alongside my colleague Katja Woermer, just received a text with the warning ‘he should take care of his daughter,’ clearly a threat that something will happen to her if he continues to defend me. I will publish the details of all of this still unfolding crime story in my next statement.
  For now, let me conclude not with another list of my favorite songs, but by telling you that my favorite book is Harper Lee's novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird". And my favorite movie is the movie by the same name, starring Gregory Peck. There will be justice. And if the system is too corrupt to deliver it, it'll come another way. Call it karma or poetic justice, but it will come. See you soon...

  In an interview with The Defender, Jessica Sutta, a former member of the multi-platinum girl group The Pussycat Dolls, shared her life-altering journey of pain, confusion and advocacy after being injured by Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.
   In August 2021, Sutta decided to get the COVID-19 shot, believing it was the right thing to do for her community. “I was very much focused on mainstream media, believing everything they were telling us, believing all the propaganda,” she said.
  Three days after her first shot, Sutta woke up with a muscle spasm in her back, breathing difficulty and brain fog that left her feeling dizzy and unable to think coherently.  She spent a day in the hospital, but the medical staff was unable to make a definitive diagnosis.
  Despite mentioning the vaccine to her doctors, they didn’t believe it was the cause of her symptoms. “So they sent me home with antibiotics,” she said. "I didn’t know it was a vaccine injury for at least a month,” she said. “I thought it was MS” — multiple sclerosis.
  Despite her initial symptoms, Sutta received her second dose of the vaccine three weeks later. “And that’s what completely did me in,” she said.
  The second shot marked the beginning of a cascade of symptoms, including double vision, burning in her rib cage, muscle fatigue, skin sensitivity and joint pain. “It was just a living nightmare,” she recalled.
  Sutta’s journey through the medical system was a frustrating and disheartening experience. She struggled to find answers for her worsening condition, and doctors were quick to dismiss her concerns.
  Sutta went to the hospital again in May 2022 due to the unbearable burning sensations. “It was ripping and coursing through my ribcage up and down my spine,” she said. “I couldn’t sleep. I felt like I was dying.” Despite her pleas for help, the medical staff treated her with skepticism and dismissal. “They ran all these tests, catching nothing, and kept telling me I’m healthy, I’m crazy,” Sutta recounted. “I’m like, ‘Please make the pain stop!’”   The medical staff answered, “What pain? We don’t see it.”

  Sutta eventually connected with a neurologist who, upon hearing her symptoms, asked if she had been vaccinated.
“I asked him, ‘Are there a lot of us?’” she recalled. “Well, there are about 50 of you,” he answered.
However, when she later consulted him, he clammed up and wouldn’t discuss it — “as if he were being recorded,” she said.
The hospital medical staff not only dismissed Sutta’s physical symptoms but also began to question her mental health.
“They put me on a lot of psychiatric meds as well, because they said I was making it up,” she recalled. The medications only exacerbated her already debilitating symptoms.
  Eventually, Sutta was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy and fibromyalgia.
  The hospital experience was a turning point for Sutta, as she realized the medical professionals’ lack of awareness and compassion. “That’s when I knew,” she recalled. “I looked at my husband and I said, ‘We’re at war. These people cannot see what’s going on in my body and everybody is gaslighting.’”...
..“It feels so isolated, and especially out here,” she said, referring to her community in Los Angeles. “They don’t want anything to do with you if you’re not going with the narrative.”  “In my personal life, I’ve lost a lot of friends,” she said.
  Gradually, Sutta began sharing her story with close friends, one of whom asked her to watch a video of vaccine injury testimonies. “It was like a thousand women saying, ‘Dear Pfizer,’ and listing their adverse reactions that were very similar to mine,” she said. She was so upset by the video, she couldn’t even finish watching it...
..With the support of React19 and a newfound network of doctors and researchers, Sutta began to explore various treatments and therapies to address her ongoing symptoms. However, the road to healing was not without its challenges.
  “I found a doctor that did all the treatments — vitamin drips, glutathione, peptides, methylene blue, ozone — but my body rejected everything,” she said.
  Sutta said that time and a good diet have helped her condition significantly, “but connection to God is the most important because everything else hasn’t worked.”...
..Sutta highlighted the trend of people taking their own lives and medically assisted suicides that are “promoted in many places.” “I understand why people want to die,” she said. “That’s a big reason you can’t let them win.”
  She also emphasized the importance of having a strong support system, particularly her husband. “His having my back throughout this has been the most important piece,” she said. “I’m very lucky to have someone who’s so awake.”

​  New Study Links Pfizer RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women to Preterm Births​  [I have reason to believe this is more common than it is thought to be.]
The first post-authorization safety analysis of Pfizer’s Abrysvo RSV vaccine found the average time between vaccination and preterm birth was three days. Two-thirds of reported cases occurred within a week.​

​  Steve Kirsch,  The CDC lied; people died   The CDC *knew* the COVID vaccines were killing people. But despite that, they outright lied to the public and said they had "no evidence" that the COVID vaccines killed people

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