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  Simplicius has an update on the Ukraine War, and Russian military corruption-purge:  Putin Cleans House
Putin has sealed his new government, with Belousov given his first marching orders...
..Before he could hardly step foot into the Duma hall, news broke of a further MOD official being cuffed for corruption: high ranking Yuri Kuznetsov, as well as some affiliated underlings swept up in his alleged corruption scheme. Meanwhile rumors fly that deputy of Shoigu's inner circle Tatyana “Chief Accountant” Shevtsova has resigned... with further rumors of other MOD-linked officials to potentially be taken down in the near future as part of the widening dragnet...
..Even as cell doors were still slamming shut, as if by design, Belousov quite symbolically proclaimed “You can make mistakes, but you can’t lie” to rousing Duma cheers.....This was all followed by news that Putin has elevated both (longtime FSB chief) Patrushev and rising star Aleksey ("godfather of Russian Special Forces" & Crimean operation) Dyumin to be his personal ‘presidential aides’...  In short: Putin appears to have effected a coup in cleaning out a very diseased strain within the MOD, fortifying his executive station with a cadre of ultra hardline loyalists with proven track records...
..Scott RitterA New Revolution in Military Affairs
  The appointment by Russian President Vladimir Putin of Andrei Belousov goes beyond simply trying to bring economic structure and discipline to an expansive and expanding military industrial base.
  True, the rapid growth of Russian defense industry over the course of the past two years has created concerns that a fragile yet expanding Russian civilian economic sector still recovering from the shock of stringent U.S. and European sanctions in the aftermath of Russia’s initiation of the Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine could find itself held hostage by unconstrained defense spending that artificially skewed supply chains and pricing in a manner which could see the Russian economy go the way of its defense industry-heavy Soviet predecessor.
  Belousov, an accomplished economist in his own right, has been brought in to manage the intersection of defense and civil economies to make sure that civilian industry remains viably healthy even as the need for robust defense industry output remains high.
  But perhaps the most important aspect of Belousov’s appointment is his role as an industrial innovator.
  Russia is heading toward a new Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) which will be defined by the nexus of a Technological Development brought on by the experiences of the SMO (drone warfare, electronic warfare, increased lethality of munitions), b) Doctrinal Innovation that has emerged as the lessons learned on the SMO battlefield are studied, and required changes incorporated into formal military education systems responsible for producing up-to-date doctrine; and c) Organizational Adaptation which involves major structural and intellectual changes that reflect the reality of new technologies and doctrine.
  Under Sergei Shoigu, the Russian military made important progress in the first two legs of the RMA trio. But the kind of structural innovation needed in the Russian military to transform systemic changes into a true RMA are Belousov’s forte. Russia is on the cusp of implementing a new RMA that will be every bit as transformative to the modern battlefield that the German Blitzkrieg was to the conduct of the Second World War.
  This is good news if you’re Russian. For the collective West, facing the prospect of undertaking an expensive expansion of NATO, a Russian-driven RMA would be tantamount to disaster...
..On the front, Ukraine is facing one of its most rapid collapses of the war thus far... As of this writing, the Ukrainian General Staff has announced a withdrawal of Volchansk, the largest city and stronghold of northern Kharkov region...
..Frontline troops are frothing with anger at command...
..Russian forces have now even gotten within artillery range of Kharkov city itself, and there are reports they are hammering AFU positions on Kharkov outskirts from about 22-24km in Glyboke/Hlyboke. There are even reports of blocking detachments now waiting in the rear to intercept fleeing troops... There are reinforced checkpoints on the main roads of the region with “armed men without identification marks” who are looking for Ukrainian soldiers fleeing en masse from the battlefield...
..“The situation is on the edge,” Gen. Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence agency said in a video call from a bunker in Kharkiv. “Every hour this situation moves toward critical.” “All of our forces are either here or in Chasiv Yar. I’ve used everything we have. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone else in the reserves.”...  Budanov further admits that Russia will start the long-awaited Sumy operation within days...   On the heels of that, whispers from the Sumy border have grown deafening...  
..Kirill Budanov has left Kharkov with a scandal and is heading to Sumy. There he will organize the contraction of Russian DRGs and deploy detachments for TRO and OMBR, which Syrsky is transferring from the reserves. The Ukrainian armed forces have just under 54,000 in reserve, stretching from Kherson, which may end up back in the hands of the Russian armed forces, to Sumy and Chernigov...
..The part about Seredina-Buda checkpoint is quite interesting. The question was always whether Russia would come in on the east or west side of Sumy. If the east—perhaps even on the Grayvoron region—it would entail a giant pincer of Kharkov city. But the above checkpoint is far to the western side of Sumy—in fact, closer to Kiev:  

..If Russia really entered that deep, it would seem to necessitate a Kiev push. The truth is, sieging Kiev could be one of the most fatally unexpected coups de grace, as Russia has very little territory to cover on that side and Ukraine—as Budanov himself admitted—has few reserves. Russian forces pushing in on the outskirts of Kiev would cause panic to ripple through not only Ukraine but the entire West, potentially destabilizing the situation catastrophically.
  Think about it this way: Russia doesn’t have to capture Kiev, or even attempt to do so. Simply by bringing its forces to the outskirts, it could sow enough chaos and panic, civilian flight, etc., so as to finally unseat Zelensky in some kind of destabilizing coup, or force him to show his hand by fleeing with a government-in-exile, to Lvov or elsewhere—which itself would be politically fatal... 
..Amid the ongoing collapse, Blinken sped to Kiev to deliver another round of vapid “reassurances” to keep Ukrainian morale from catastrophically plunging. This ‘reassurance’ ended up consisting of nothing more than Blinken jamming out an uplifting rendition of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In a Free World” in a Kiev dive bar...
..I had reported that Ukraine is only replenishing about 50% of its losses via its lackluster mobilization drive. The latest figures claim this has dropped to a disastrous 25%. However, the newly signed mobilization bill is said to take effect on May 18th, which could initiate a much more far-reaching and heavy-handed campaign to grab bodies off streets. Interestingly, this almost exactly coincides with the May 21st deadline to Zelensky’s legitimacy, after which there are fears things may become quite a free for all.

  This morning's update about Sumy Offensive and Wunderwaffen (guitarist Blinken)  The USA Sent The Most Powerful Weapons To Kyiv. Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.05.15

"The Russians Just Walked In": Ukraine Border Defense Funds Diverted To Fake Companies In Massive "Betrayal"​

That super-giant Antarctic oil field Russia just found? Putin To Visit China To Discuss Energy Ties

  (MINE!)  Argentina Threatens to Involve US and China in Antarctic Dispute with Chile
​  The agreement between Buenos Aires and Washington to install a logistics base in southern Argentina could involve the US and China and bring greater external influence to southern South America. This planned logistics base is worrying Chile, which plans a legislative session in Antarctica to strengthen its sovereignty on the isolated continent.​  When Argentine president Javier Milei visited the southernmost city of his country, Ushuaia, to announce the United States’ participation in an Antarctic logistics base, concerns were sparked in Santiago, whose claim of sovereignty over Antarctica partially overlaps with that of Argentina. Chilean concern was consolidated when Milei stated in an interview with the Neura Media that US support in the south not only strengthens, according to the president, the claim of sovereignty over the British-held Islas Malvinas, more commonly known as the Falkland Islands, but also “endorses the claim over Antarctica.”​

​  Slovak PM Fico in life-threatening condition after being shot, government says 
​  Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico suffered life-threatening injuries when he was shot and wounded in an attempted assassination on Wednesday, the government office said.​ Slovak media said the shooter was a 71-year-old man but the motive was not immediately clear...
​..Fico, who returned as prime minister last October for the fourth time, has drawn criticism in some quarters for taking a more pro-Russian stance in the Ukraine war and initiating reforms of criminal law and the media which have raised concerns over the rule of law and prompted street protests.​

​  The identity of the shooter has been revealed in national media, and video of the actual moment the shots range out and PM Fico went down has emerged.
Several local media reports, citing visuals and witnesses at the scene, report that the man who shot the Slovak PM is a writer and activist named Juraj Cintula.

​  On Wednesday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the controversial Rafah offensive, which has been criticized by a number of Western allies including Washington, is expected to "last weeks" and not not months or years.
​  The Israeli leader appears to be trying to calm the storm of condemnation coming from the West, especially in Europe at a moment at least 500,000 Palestinians have been forced to flee Rafah. On the same day the European Union issued a call for Israel to stop the Rafah operation "immediately".

Israel Prepared to Launch Full-Scale Incursion in Rafah in Coming Days ​

​  UN warns ‘all humanitarian aid could stop in few days’ in Gaza​ , Following the closure of the Rafah border crossing, around 2,000 trucks loaded with aid are stranded.​

Israeli Ministers Join March Calling for Settlements in Gaza, Expulsion of Palestinians​ , Ben Gvir and a minister in Netanyahu's Likud party joined the march​.

​  “To end the problem, in order that the problem won’t come back, we need to do two things: one return to Gaza now! Return home! Return to our holy land!” Ben Gvir told the crowd. “And second, encourage emigration. Encourage the voluntary departure of Gaza’s residents…It is ethical! It is rational! It is right! It is the truth! It is the Torah and it is the only way! And yes, it is humane.”​

​  President Joe Biden and his administration have been accused of being complicit in enabling a famine in Gaza by failing to sufficiently act on repeated warnings from their own experts and aid agencies.​  Interviews with current and former US Agency for International Development (USAID) and state department officials, aid agencies working in Gaza and internal USAID documents reveal that the administration rejected or ignored pleas to use its leverage to persuade its ally Israel – the recipient of billions of dollars of US military support – to allow sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza to stop the famine taking hold.​

​  Biden Moves Forward Over $1 Billion in Weapons for Israel as Tanks Push Deeper Into Rafah​ , The weapons package includes tank ammunition, tactical vehicles, and mortar rounds​

​  Who’s Funding AIPAC’s Political Spending Barrage?
Here are the tech industry founders, Republican megadonors and others funding AIPAC and its closely-tied allies this election cycle.

​  RFK Jr. Cries 'Collusion' After Biden And Trump Ditch Him For Debate
​  With recent analysis from both Goldman and TS Lombard suggesting that 3rd party candidates could have a huge impact on the 2024 election, wildcard candidate RFK Jr. has accused Trump and Biden of 'colluding to lock American into a head-to-head match-up that 70% say they do not want.'

​  US warns India over Iran deal​ , The White House brought up the threat of sanctions while commenting on New Delhi’s latest port agreement with Tehran​                Iran’s first deepwater port, Chabahar is also a strategic hub for the upcoming International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC), developed by New Delhi, Tehran, and Moscow.​ The INSTC is projected to reduce transit times between Mumbai, India and St. Petersburg, Russia by 40%, shortening average trips and helping cut down on freight costs drastically, according to data. It will also become an alternative to the Gulf of Aden-Suez Canal route, which has remained unsafe since the outbreak of the war in Gaza.

​  The head of a German rail union warns that the country’s train system is turning into a “battleground” thanks to a wave of violence and intimidation being unleashed by male asylum seekers against female staff.​

​Who benefits? 7 In 10 Europeans Say Governments Allowing Too Much Immigration​

​What is the end-game of the immigration-weapon? 30,000 People March in Dublin in Defiance of the Mass Plantation of ‘Unvetted’ Migrants into Ireland and Europe

(Not Pfizer or Moderna​?) "They Left Us No Choice": Woman With Vaccine Injury In Clinical Trial Sues AstraZeneca​

A new universal-risk diagnosis: Mysterious Brand-New Heart Syndrome Reportedly Affects 90% of U.S. Population​

​  Environmental Working Group Study Reveals Ubiquitous Pesticide Exposure in U.S. Population​ , 80% of persons tested had significant levels of Chlormequat. Expect male infertility.​

Magnetic Pole Shift - Extinction Event (8:31 min. on nature's Agenda 2030)

North American HF radio and agricultural GPS took hits. Biggest Flare Yet - X8.8, Big Volcano | S0 News May.15.2024

Avoiding Chemical Attacks (pictured cleaning onions last weekend)

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