Thursday, July 4, 2024

Interdependence Day

 Cooperative Humans,

  The first link below looks at whether Americans would respond compliantly to a military draft, or would go to war against the regime which tried to impose it. This is the knife-edge of the human condition in hard times, which our species is entering. The ruling elites seek to maintain power by directing the frustration of young men to killing other frustrated young men until they are largely dead or exhausted. Staging provocations and pumping fear and anger are classic, little-changed from Romans to Nazis. This is what happened in the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and what then backfired repeatedly in France, until Napoleon turned the revolution into a broad war of European conquest, which harnessed those energies.
  This channeling of frustration into organized murder and theft is inelegant, in that it is greatly destructive of the goods which society needs, and the environment, itself. All across the world there are many who realize that they are being used against their own interests, and are unwilling to kill other peers from foreign armies. It is this way in Ukraine now, and the world can see the kidnappings of fathers on the streets, fighting to stay with their children. The slaughter of innocent Palestinians, mostly women and children, under military orders, also remains clearly in view.
  There are hopes for a cooperative solution with cooperative human leaders, not merely the ruling elites we have known as our masters for so long. The hope for cooperation is reasonable, and the ruthlessness of our known history under Apex-Predatory Elites calls for a test of the Cooperative Management Concepts. 
  Personally, I have not seen a bureaucratic approach which seems convincingly competent, though steps in that direction are likely to be productive of better nd better further steps. The first steps are to stop using brutal militarism to force people into compliance with a parasitic financial regime, which has extracted and concentrated wealth in the hands of a few for the past few decades, while actually contracting the productive capacity of large areas, especially North America and Western Europe.
  Energy from the master-resource, crude oil, has peaked (end 2018) and will soon decline. Trading fear of brutality for economic efficiencies of cooperation will be tried if humanity can avoid a devolution into nuclear world war, the threat which current elites are able to actualize if they feel that they have nothing to lose by killing everybody.

  Brandon Smith, Americans Are More Likely To Go To War With The Government Than Submit To The Draft
​  Public trust in the US government is at all time lows in 2023-2024. Less than 20% of the US population supports a return to the draft similar to what we witnessed during the Vietnam War. People have to care about motivations for a war before they’re willing to die in one. This has never been more true than it is today. Beyond that, we have to take into account who the war fighters are – Who does America typically send to fight and die?
​  In the past it has always been majority conservatives who joined the cause; the people who had the mental and physical capacity to fight along with the patriotic motivation. These are the front line combat soldiers – Not the rear echelon people. Not the logistics people. Not the mechanics and cooks and people working at a desk; the guys who actually pull the trigger.
​  The US military has spent the better part of the past seven years driving conservatives away from military service in favor of woke ideology and DEI propaganda. So who is left to do the real fighting? Well, what about progressives?
​  As the DC think-tanks are well aware, social media outrage over the mere mention of a new draft shows clearly that Gen Z isn’t going to comply with conscription. Progressives are terrified of the idea while conservative are highly suspicious. Not to mention, 70% of Gen Z is physically or mentally unfit to meet basic training standards anyway.
​  What about adding women to the draft? Doesn’t that double the conscription pool? No, it actually weakens the conscription pool because in order to draft women into combat roles basic training standards would have to be lowered dramatically. As the Marine Corp discovered experimenting with mixed gender units, inclusion of women in combat roles greatly reduces unit performance.  Any military that fields a large number of women under front line conditions will lose, badly.
​  The men that are qualified to fight are mostly conservatives and they aren’t going to go to war for the current administration. They certainly aren’t going to die for Ukraine and I doubt many are interested in dying for Israel either. If they fight a war it’s going to be here at home to remove pervasive and corrupt puppet officials along with their globalist puppet masters.​..
​..Recent surveys show that around 30% of adult Americans are now preppers. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported a 50% increase from just 2017 to 2020 in people capable of up to 30 days or more of self-reliance. That’s a HUGE concentration of liberty minded people, tens of millions. Along with the 50 million+ gun owners in the US, it’s the largest army in the world by far.
​  To be sure, there are foreign threats out there. But, it’s hard to take the government’s cries for military readiness seriously when our borders are wide open and they are allowing millions of foreigners into the country every year without knowing who they are. No, the fight is going to be here at home, not overseas, and I think there are a number of political elites that understand this. A global war and forced conscription is their attempt at removing the “malcontents” before we cause them too much trouble.​

​  Multiple US Presidents Have Admitted the US "Government" Is Run By Inter-Generational Organized Crime
​  The facts are that American history is replete with whistleblowers who have courageously risked their lives to bring organized crime’s activities to the public’s attention but whose testimony has been buried by the “propaganda matrix” of the organized crime’s monopoly media’s “news” and 24 x7 distractions of weaponized media and children’s games played by adults. Here are some verifiable quotes from those who have tried to warn us, including multiple US Presidents, confessions from the criminals themselves, including some mind-blowing confessions on video...
​..“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an Invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul this unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today.” – Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt - US President The Progressive Covenant with  the People speech, 1912- Audio –  Library of Congress
​  “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”– Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US President​  Letter to Col. Edward Mandell House (21 November 1933)​

​  Putin & Xi Meet Again, Plot Countering US, While White House Consumed With Crisis Of Biden's Decline
  In their second face-to-face meeting in as many months, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that "Russian-Chinese relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation are in the best period of their history." Russian state media subsequently likened it to a golden age in relations.
  The two are meeting once again at the annual session of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which runs Wednesday through Thursday in the Kazakh capital of Astana. "Russia-China relations are on the highest level in history, and they are not aimed against anyone, we do not create blocs or unions, we just act in the interests of our nations," Putin stressed...
..Collectively the SCO countries account for some 20% of global GDP, and importantly many of them have remained uncooperative with US-led sanctions related to punishing Moscow over the war in Ukraine.
  "I would like to recall that our countries were behind the creation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization," Putin continued in his remarks to Xi. He said the SCO has "strengthened its role as one of the key pillars of a fair multipolar world order."
  The bloc is looking to expand in the coming years and decades, as currently over a dozen countries hold SCO dialogue-partner status
, allowing them also to be observers at the summit...
..Meanwhile there are reports that Xi told the conference that China is on the "right side of history" in Ukraine. This is not the first time he's said this phrase (for example, he also said it back in March of 2023), but it comes at a moment Ukraine's President Zelensky has been urging that China take a lead role in achieving ceasefire and peace.​

Biden may drop out of presidential race – NYT​  The White House has told the outlet that the claim is “absolutely false”

"No One Is Pushing Me Out" Biden Tells Staff As New NYT Poll Shows Trump Lead Widening
Former President Obama has expressed concerns over Joe Biden
White House staff is freaked out that Hunter Biden (clearances?) has been sitting in on meetings
Kamala Harris' odds have been soaring in betting markets as a result of the above malarkey​

​  Only Michelle Obama can beat Donald Trump – poll​   (Michelle Obama c​an't necessarily handle the abuse that she knows she will get if she runs.)
Many Democrats believe US President Joe Biden should drop out of the race after his poor debate performance​

​  $91 million of campaign funds has "Biden/Harris-Only" stamped on it.  Kamala Harris delegate Areva Martin said they are going to blow up the Democrat Party if they choose a white man that isn’t Joe Biden as the party’s nominee.

​  Leaked Video: Trump Says Biden “Quitting Race,” Kamala is “So Fucking Bad” , Paul Joseph Watson
​  Sitting in a golf cart, Trump responds to one of his supporters who told him he did “fantastic” during the debate.
“Look at that old, broken down pile of crap,” Trump says, referring to Biden, adding, “He’s a bad guy, he just quit you know, he’s quitting the race…and that means we have Kamala.”​  “I think she’s gonna be better, she’s so bad, she’s so pathetic, she’s so fucking bad,” he says of Harris.
Switching back to Biden, Trump asserts, “Can you imagine that guy dealing with Putin? And the president of China—who’s a fierce person. He’s a fierce man, very tough guy. And they see him.”
​  “They just announced he’s probably quitting,” Trump concludes before driving away and saying, “Keep knocking ’em out, right?”

​  Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signaled her support if Ukraine attempted to dig up dirt on GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. She made the comment in a phone call with Russian prankster duo Vovan and Lexus, one of whom posed as ex-Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko.​

​  Andrew Korybko,  Trump’s Reported Plan For NATO Is Already Being Partially Implemented
​  Although the Biden Administration is controlled by liberal-globalists who believe that the US should continue letting the EU freeload off of it as a reward for their ideological alignment, military-strategic imperatives vis-a-vis China have already prompted the Pentagon to partially implement Trump’s plan. This has taken the form of promoting the rapid resumption of Germany’s military leadership in the EU via the “Fortress Europe” project, which the two preceding hyperlinked analyses describe at length.
​  In brief, the idea is for the US to rely on a German-led sub-bloc for containing Russia in Europe at the US’ behest as the US “Pivots (back) to Asia” to contain China, which would be facilitated by its “friendly rival” Poland’s comprehensive subordination as Berlin’s “junior partner”. Like Germany, Poland also wants to build the EU’s largest land force, and these two’s efforts can complement one another if they’re coordinated by the US through the aforementioned hierarchy.
​  The “military Schengen” that those two and the Netherlands agreed to in February, which was recently joined by France, could soon foreseeably expand to include the Baltic States and thus accelerate the construction of the planned “EU defense line” along the bloc’s eastern borders. These processes are already unfolding despite the Biden Administration’s ideological agenda precisely because the Pentagon realized that this is the most optimal way to maintain America’s military leadership in the New Cold War.​

​  Gilbert Doctorow,  Russia’s Next Moves: today’s edition of Judging Freedom with Andrew Napolitano
​  The United States enabled the Ukrainians with intelligence and with feeding in this data to the missiles for targeting. It could not be done by Ukrainians, since they don't have that technology. So, this was stated by President Putin, and if we had any doubts about the persistence of the United States in this very risky threat to Russia, yesterday, once again, the Pentagon gave its sanction to strikes by Ukraine on the Crimea, specifically Crimea.
​  So, the United States policy is clear. The Russian understanding of that policy is clear, and this is something which can explode at any time.​..
​..I think they will establish a no-fly zone, by the very threat that you've mentioned. I don't think they have to physically eliminate any given drone. But the United States was put on notice that the Russians are prepared to do so, and that's probably sufficient. As for Mr. Putin in general, he is a firm believer that revenge is a meal best served cold.​..
Okay. What are the other means of responding that they have? Are you talking about military means or economic means or geopolitical means like the trip to North Korea?
Well, I think all of the above. The Russians insist that they have the possibility of clawing back valued assets by the United States and its allies that are worth the same or more than the 350 billion dollars in Russian state assets that are frozen and are now facing the possibility of confiscation by the West. As regards military means, what has been rumored, and I think you're aware of it, what has been rumored in the last week or so is that the Russians have already shipped or are about to ship their hypersonic ship-killing missiles to the Houthis, that they are prepared, if necessary, to intervene in the Middle East, depending on Israel's level of attack on Hezbollah.​..
​  Let's talk about Hezbollah and the likely Russian response or probable Russian response -- you choose the word that you think is more appropriate. What do you think will happen if the Israelis mount a serious invasion of southern Lebanon in order to attempt to defeat-- I think, suicidally, but you know this better than I-- the Hezbollah forces?
​  Well, the involvement of Iran has already been flagged by government spokesmen for Iran in the past couple of days. That is to say, Iran is not ready to watch Hezbollah take a beating by Israelis. Iran will intervene. And by the same logic, Russia cannot entertain Iran being battered by Israel. So, the Russians will intervene. This will make it a region-wide war.
​  In the meantime, as I mentioned a couple of minutes ago, it is rumored and good reason to believe that the Russians are shipping their hypersonic Zircon missiles to the Houthis, who seem to be very proficient in using missiles. Depends on the quality of the missile. What they've had till now coming from Iran or their own homemade drones were insufficient in power to cause great damage to US naval vessels in the region, in particular to the aircraft carriers in the region, even though there are rumors that the Eisenhower had been hit by this or that.
​  However, if the Houthis are now being given Zircon-- The American Navy in the Mediterranean and in the Red Sea can be sent to the bottom by the Houthis, using outside-supplied weapons and acting as proxies, in the same way as Ukraine is being used as a proxy in the war on Russia...
Here's Prime Minister Netanyahu, who doesn't seem to fear the type of resistance you expect the Houthis and Hezbollah to present him.​..

​..Netanyahu (speaking in English):
​  And Iran is fighting us on a seven-front war, obviously Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis, the militias in Iraq and Syria, Judea, Samaria, West Bank, Iran itself. They'd like to topple Jordan, and their goal is to have a combined ground offensive from the various fronts, coupled with a combined missile bombardment...
..The axis doesn't threaten only us, it threatens you. It's on the march to conquer the Middle East, conquer the Middle East, conquer, that means actually conquer, conquer Saudi Arabia, conquer the Arabian Peninsula, it's just a question of time. And what's standing in their way is the small Satan, that's us, on the road to the middle- sized Satan, that's the Europeans. They're always offended when I tell them that. You're the great Satan, not them. OK. And we have to stop them.​

Yemeni Houthis Vow USS Theodore Roosevelt 'Primary Target' Once it Enters Red Sea​

​  Gilbert Doctorow WION interview, New truce possibilities in Gaza: a step to peace? Or a sidestep to war in Lebanon?
  Russia’s influence has till now been to calm things down, not to become a party to the conflict, since Moscow has its hands full with the war in Ukraine.  We are told, in particular, that Russia has applied pressure to its friend Bashar Assad in Syria, to keep Damascus on the sidelines, out of harm’s way. However, an all-out Israeli attack on Lebanon, which may be Mr. Netanyahu’s next move if there is a lull in the Gaza, would likely raise the Russian profile in this conflict sharply: at a minimum as supplier of missiles to the Houthis that can prevent an active and much needed U.S. intervention on Israeli’s behalf if the country goes to war with Hezbollah, and at a maximum by lending support to the militias in Syria and Iraq which participate in the Axis of Resistance under the aegis of Iran.

  Simplicius, Ukraine Bleeds Troops and Territory as New Russian Tactics Prove Unstoppable
​  Now there’s talk of 8 Israeli Patriots being transferred to Ukraine—remember, these are the same Patriots Israel decided to toss into the trash because they proved useless during Iranian attacks.
​  But among manic cheers, the one tiny wrinkle pro-UA commentators overlooked was Blinken’s comments yesterday in regard to this: he stated that the new Patriots would be used to protect U.S. economic interests, not Ukrainian cities or assets. Whoops.
​  “We are trying to attract private investment to Ukraine to make sure its economy can grow and prosper. But you need to make sure you have air defenses to try and protect the areas you're investing in.”
​  Let me get this straight: Blinken is bogarting defective Israeli Patriots to defend the new Black Rock economic extraction operation sites in Ukraine?
You can’t get much more on brand for Ukraine than that.​..
..Given the fact that reports now claim Israel has “chosen a date” for the second half of July for the big Lebanese operation, we can only surmise that soon all the world’s munitions will flow to their beloved golden child. Where will that leave Ukraine? Up a brown creek without a paddle.​

​  Explosion Rocks General Dynamics' Hellfire & Javelin Missile Factory In Arkansas
​  US defense companies have been ramping up weapons production (read: here) to arm Ukraine and Israel and replenish depleted Pentagon stocks. There is no word yet on how the disruption in Camden will affect overall US supplies of Hellfire and Javelin missiles. ​

​  ‘Hamas has never been stronger’: Israel is stuck in a war it can’t win
West Jerusalem claims it’s close to defeating Gaza’s militants but the facts show otherwise
​  “I don’t believe Israel can destroy Hamas completely,” said Shadi Abdelrahman, a political analyst and native of Gaza who left the Strip shortly before the war.
“Hamas is not like any other group. They are not outsiders. They have an ideology connected to a cause, and that cause is to fight for their lands or to avenge the death of their loved ones,” he added.​

Tucker Carlson vs. Zelenskyy: Kyiv says no interview agreed​, Ukraine laughs off pundit’s claim that he is close to securing a chat with the president.​

Le Pen Accuses Macron Of Preparing 'Coup D'Etat' After Series Of Last Minute Appointments​

​  Sisi's vision has crippled Egypt, a nation teetering on the brink of economic ruin, Millions more people have been pushed into poverty as a severe debt crisis strangles the state budget
​  Last autumn, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi gave a speech in the New Administrative Capital in Cairo, the $300bn project that will ultimately define his presidency.​  He said hunger was a small price to pay for progress: “If progress, prosperity and development come at the price of hunger and deprivation, Egyptians, do not shy away from progress! Don’t dare say: ‘It is better to eat.’”
​  This horrifying vision of hunger and deprivation is what awaits millions of Egyptians in the coming years.​ A decade after ascending to the presidency, Sisi has pushed the economy to the brink of collapse.​

​  Scientist Tanja Benton, 52, is awarded $700K after being fired from her health insurance job for refusing the COVID vaccine
​  Tanja Benton, 52, was terminated by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BSBST) in November 2022, at a time when many companies were mandating staff receive the vaccine to go back to work following the pandemic.
​  She claimed in a lawsuit that she could not 'in good conscience' get the vaccine because of her religious opposition to abortion, and said that 'based upon personal research, all COVID-19 vaccines are derived from aborted fetus cell lines.'​

  ​Physicist, Josh Mitteldorf keeps exploring the chicken and egg of mind and brain:  The Hard Problem, Inverted​ (Part 2)
​  I believe the Hard Problem is hard because it is framed based on a false premise. Consciousness is not a product of a brain; consciousness has an existence more fundamental than physical matter. It was consciousness that brought the physical world into existence. I believe that, based on what we know, this is already the most economical.
​  The most obvious weakness of this paradigm is that it is framed in terms of “consciousness” as a unitary phenomenon; yet we as individuals experience separate consciousness.​

Sharing Consciousness (pictured installing archaic style "inbox" with poured concrete base yesterday) 



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