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The Matrix Is Failing

 Not Swallowing Pills,

  There has been another failure in the control matrix of humanity with the emperor-has-no-clothes performance of "Joe Biden" still sending shocks through a command and control structure with no "good" plan-B. Michelle Obama is reluctant to face a million hecklers, shouting "Hey Big Mike". There is $91 million in a Biden-Harris campaign fund, which can only fund Biden and/or Harris, both seemingly intransigent and unelectable.      

The "leaders" of the world are reacting as though Donald Trump will be the next President of the US, and will actually do a lot of what he has been talking about this time.

  Meryl Nass MD,  If you want the unvarnished truth about what I and others really think is going on, Professor David A Hughes provides it.
This is heavy. But it is refreshing to see that someone coming at the analysis from a completely different place drew the identical conclusions.
  The Third World War started in 2020. It is not about territory, but about control over the human mind. It is waged by a transnational ruling class against the rest of the population. This is what academic David Hughes argues in an impressive new book, Covid-19, Psychological Operations, and the War for Technocracy. Hughes, building on the work of Professor Kees van der Pijl, argues that we are dealing with a globalised class struggle. “World inequality has become so great, the oligarchic capitalist system is so skewed, that the ruling class must adopt a new model of governance, a global technocracy, a kind of bio-digital form of totalitarianism.”
  It is not often that an academic is able to publish a book from university that argues that events such as Covid policies and the 9/11 attacks were deliberate actions part of a ruling class war.

More from Dr. Nass,  Who is THEY? /Corey LynnGood summary of who runs the world with tons of links and references  

  People want names, so let’s start here. This is a big part of the hierarchy, leaving some unknowns hidden behind the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). In Corey Lynn’s 3-part report on Laundering with Immunity, it explains in explicit detail as to how and when BIS came about and how BIS and 63 central banks devised a plan to hold immunities and privileges. Shortly thereafter, in 1945 the UN was manifested by some of the plotters for this grand takeover, and immunities and privileges came right along with it the following day. This was the beginning of the control framework and how they would be able to carry out their agendas while operating entirely outside the law. All arms of the UN have these immunities and can extend them to organizations working with them.

  I don’t need a mandate to promote peace – Orban   (But might he become despondent and kill himself in a parked car?)
  European Council President Charles Michel condemned the purported trip, claiming in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday that despite holding the rotating EU presidency, Hungary “has no mandate to engage with Russia on behalf of the EU.”
  “The European Council is clear: Russia is the aggressor, Ukraine is the victim. No discussions about Ukraine can take place without Ukraine,” the senior bureaucrat added.
During his weekly interview with Radio Kossuth on Friday morning, Orban rejected the notion that he should not vie for peace.
  “What I do looks like negotiations in format, because we sit at tables and discuss issues, but we don’t negotiate,” he explained. “That’s why I don’t even need a mandate, because I don’t represent any party.”
  Hungary is aware of its relatively limited political clout and expects larger powers to eventually hold peace talks to end the Ukraine conflict, he said.
“But we can be a good tool in the hands of God, we can be a good tool in the hands of people who want peace,” the prime minister added.

  Orban’s surprise visit to Moscow sparks fury in Brussels: Key takeaways from Hungarian PM’s ‘peace mission’
  Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban unexpectedly visited Russia on Friday and met with President Vladimir Putin to discuss ways to resolve the Ukraine conflict. The surprise trip caused major outrage among Orban’s fellow EU leaders, as it came only days after the Hungarian premier made a similar unannounced trip to Ukraine. Hungary holds the rotating EU presidency for the remainder of this year...
..“We cannot sit back and wait for the war to miraculously end,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter) before meeting Putin.
  Orban visited Kiev earlier in the week, where he urged Vladimir Zelensky to seek peace with Russia, arguing that a ceasefire could serve as a first step in the right direction. The Ukrainian leader didn’t take his proposal well, Orban said later. Kiev insists that only a military victory will result in a “just peace.”...
..The Hungarian premier said he wanted to hear directly from Putin how Russia perceives various peace initiatives, calling it an important step, even though the frank discussion confirmed that there was a major rift between the conflicting sides.
  Putin and Orban discussed the “shortest way out” of the conflict, which the latter later revealed to journalists. Moscow’s and Kiev’s positions remain very “far apart,” the Hungarian admitted...
..The proposal he (Putin) was referring to was to suspend hostilities immediately after Kiev renounces its bid to join NATO and orders its troops to pull back from all territories claimed by Moscow. Then a comprehensive discussion of a new security architecture in Europe could be held, Putin suggested. The Ukrainian government has rejected the offer.
..The Russian president has reiterated Moscow’s readiness to resolve hostilities through negotiations. The Ukrainian leadership, however, appears to be still incapable of abandoning its idea of waging a war “until the end,” Putin noted.
  Moscow is seeking to reach lasting, sustainable peace rather than opting for a temporary ceasefire or a “frozen conflict” of any sort, the Russian president warned.....European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has accused Hungary’s prime minister of “appeasement” with regards to Putin. “Only unity and determination will pave the path to a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in Ukraine,” she claimed. ("I'm MELTING, MELTING")...
..The enduring conflict between Russia and Ukraine is affecting the broader European region, according to the Hungarian PM, who said the continent has enjoyed the most rapid and sustainable development only during peacetime.
  In previous public remarks, Orban expressed concern that Western determination to escalate the Ukraine conflict may result in a direct clash with Russia, which could have catastrophic consequences for everyone involved.
  Budapest has argued that the economic restrictions spawned by the conflict have hurt EU nations more than Russia and have failed to compel Moscow to capitulate. 

  Orban and Putin discuss ‘shortest way out’ of Ukraine conflict
  “A lot of steps have to be taken to get closer to a resolution of the war. Still, we’ve already taken the most important step—establishing the contact, and I will continue to work on this in the future,” Orban stated...
..“As I’ve already told Mr President, Europe needs peace. Yet this peace will not emerge by itself, we must work to reach it,” the visiting premier said.

  Gilbert Doctorow,  Viktor Orban’s peace mission to Moscow  
  I find Viktor Orban’s visit to Moscow remarkable for its demonstration that courage and decency have not utterly disappeared among European elites. His riposte to taunting by Josep Borrel and Charles Michel was exemplary for its reasonableness and moderation. They had denounced Orban for traveling to Moscow without a mandate to speak on behalf of the European Union. He responded that he was speaking on behalf of humanity which is deeply interested in the return of peace to Europe and was not speaking on behalf of the EU in his capacity as holder of the six-month revolving presidency.
  Let us hope that such boldness will enable other heads of state and government in Europe to depart from their slavish conformism and do the right thing, namely withdraw military and financial support from Kiev unless it enters into negotiations with Russia to end the war with immediate effect...
..Vladimir Putin reiterated that Russia stands ready to declare a ceasefire and enter into peace talks at any time, but that Kiev refuses to do so. And he identified a reason for Kiev’s refusal that we have not heard before: namely the by ending hostilities, Kiev will have to end rule by martial law and to hold presidential elections which were cancelled in March precisely because of the martial law conditions. The chances of the current Kiev regime winning such elections are, in Putin’s estimation, nil and this is understood perfectly well by Zelensky and his minions.
  As regards the talks with Orban, Putin stated only that Orban set out the West’s positions on the international situation, including the Ukrainian conflict. He called their talks ‘frank,’ which in diplomatic lexicon means that the sides remain far apart.
  What Viktor Orban had to say was important because it broke new ground, moving from the Brussels chant of ‘war, war’ and ever greater arms shipments for Kiev to recognition of the need for peace through diplomacy. In this first visit to Moscow since the start of hostilities in Ukraine two and a half years ago, he insisted on the necessity for reopening dialogue, saying that peace will not come of itself but will require hard work to be achieved, for which dialogue is an essential precondition.
  He set the task of bringing peace to Europe as the purpose to which he dedicates his term as head of the EU presidency.  He claimed that the war had negatively impacted Europe, undermining its prosperity and global competitiveness.

  Slovakia’s Fico laments not visiting Putin with Orbán
  Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico appeared in public Friday night for the first time since he was shot almost two months ago, delivering a speech celebrating the country’s Slavic and Christian roots at craggy Devín Castle outside the capital Bratislava.
  After railing against progressive ideologies in his 20-minute speech, Fico praised this week’s visits by Viktor Orbán to Kyiv and Moscow, where the Hungarian prime minister met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  Orbán’s Moscow visit in particular drew almost universal condemnation from EU leaders, but Fico was not among the critics.

  Donald Trump's team appear to be talking through mutual friends to Vladimir Putin's team, not "negotiating", but seeking to better understand each other.
  In ancient rhetoric classes, and ever since, it has been taught that combining two negatives in a sentence produces a positive, albeit a version of the truth which has been made ambiguous enough to allow its opposite, a lie.  
  So when President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman issues two negatives on two succeeding days in answer to a question about Donald Trump’s plan for ending the war in the Ukraine, the positive truth is the one which the Russian oligarchs, the Central Bank, state officials with family links to the US, and leftovers of the Yeltsin administration are pressing Putin to accept. He is telling them he may do what they ask.
  Against them stand the General Staff. Also,  Russian public opinion. Putin is telling them he may do what they ask.  This is what forked tongues are for saying.

  Eleni sends this from Rachel Marsden,  Why EU voters are rebelling against the establishment
In the face of an election tsunami, officials in Brussels are scrambling to save their special interests from the electorate
  European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced earlier this month in Berlin that European banks would be able to get “budget support” totaling €1.4 billion from European taxpayers when they invest in equity funds active in Ukraine, so that the risks are removed for the banks. And by risks being removed, she means transferred. To the European taxpayer.
  Meanwhile, Kiev has been promoting the need for more foreign cash for “reconstruction.” These jokers probably think that the general public would hear the word “reconstruction” and get all warm and fuzzy and not realize that the cash is also being used to reconstruct a $20 billion spending hole that Team Zelensky has dug – what do you expect from a guy who shows up at world summits dressed like he literally digs holes professionally and whose international bond repayments to Western countries are coming due this summer. So EU debt would effectively be paying for Ukrainian debt, which would repay bonds from the US and the 22-nation Paris Club, who are in debt. It’s like the movie Inception, but with debt: Debtception.  
  And what better way to help shakedown the taxpayers than for Ukraine, one of the black sheep of the global corruption index, to promote the need to raise money for reconstruction in the middle of a war. So people can pay to build stuff that gets blown up? Minor detail after all the requisite special interest pockets have been stuffed, I guess...
..Brussels keeps looking for the Russian or “far-right” bogeymen whenever the people democratically oppose them. It should be pretty clear right now that the only ones opposing the democratic will of voters is the EU officials. And it seems that they’re doing everything in their power right now to ensure that whatever happens, their special interests find life rafts and don’t go down with the sinking establishment ship.

  Trusting the ‘Five Eyes’ (+Israel) Only
  Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden sought to portray the conflict there as a heroic struggle between the forces of democracy and the brutal fist of autocracy. But while he was generally successful in rallying the NATO powers behind Kyiv — persuading them to provide arms and training to the beleaguered Ukrainian forces, while reducing their economic links with Russia — he largely failed to win over the Global South or enlist its support in boycotting Russian oil and natural gas.
  Despite what should have been a foreboding lesson, Biden returned to the same universalist rhetoric in 2023 (and this year as well) to rally global support for Israel in its drive to extinguish Hamas after that group’s devastating October 7th rampage. But for most non-European leaders, his attempt to portray support for Israel as a noble response proved wholly untenable once that country launched its full-scale invasion of Gaza and the slaughter of Palestinian civilians commenced...
..Although largely a Cold War artifact, the Five Eyes intelligence network continued operating right into the era after the Soviet Union collapsed, spying on militant Islamic groups and government leaders in the Middle East, while eavesdropping on Chinese business, diplomatic, and military activities in Asia and elsewhere. According to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, such efforts were conducted under specialized top-secret programs like Echelon, a system for collecting business and government data from satellite communications, and PRISM, an NSA program to collect data transmitted via the Internet.
  As part of that Five Eyes endeavor, the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Australia jointly maintain a controversial, highly secret intelligence-gathering facility at Pine Gap, Australia, near the small city of Alice Springs. Known as the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap (JDFPG), it’s largely run by the NSA, CIA, GCHQ, and the Australian Security Intelligence Organization. Its main purpose, according to Edward Snowden and other whistle-blowers, is to eavesdrop on radio, telephone, and internet communications in Asia and the Middle East and share that information with the intelligence and military arms of the Five Eyes. Since the Israeli invasion of Gaza was launched, it is also said to be gathering intelligence on Palestinian forces in Gaza and sharing that information with the Israeli Defense Forces. This, in turn, prompted a rare set of protests at the remote base when, in late 2023, dozens of pro-Palestinian activists sought to block the facility’s entry road.
  From all accounts, in other words, the Five Eyes collaboration remains as robust as ever.

  "Israel" will inevitably devolve from what the government and military have already done, unless it demands to be immediately-destroyed by invading and devastating Lebanon, to keep Netanyahu in power a few more months, according to longtime friend of Israel, Scott Ritter.
  War with Hezbollah will destroy Israel! 
Scott Ritter, famous political analyst: Israel will be destroyed by war with Hezbollah. Because this will not be just a war with Hezbollah. 
The era of Zionism is over, finished and discredited as an ideology. The world will not tolerate it anymore.

  Andrew Korybko,  Israel Should Think Twice Before Sending Some Of Its Patriots To Ukraine Via The US
  Netanyahu and those around him might not realize what a game-changer that could be in terms of drastically changing Russia’s regional policy considering the way in which everything is increasingly being perceived by the Kremlin given the evolving context of the New Cold War.
  Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzia warned Israel of “certain political consequences” should it send some of its Patriots to Ukraine via the US like CNN recently reported is presently being negotiated between them...
..To summarize, Israel began misportraying Russia’s balancing act in the latest conflict and flirting with the idea of sending early warning systems to Kiev, which prompted Russia to escalate its rhetoric against Israel and flirt with arming its Resistance Axis foes. Thus far, their spat has remained within the realm of mutual perceptions and rhetoric, but Israel’s potential arming of Ukraine with air defense systems could lead to a reciprocal Russian arming of the Resistance Axis.
  The prerogative rests with Israel since it’s easier for it to indirectly arm Ukraine than it is for Russia to indirectly arm the Resistance Axis. Moreover, Netanyahu might calculate that sending defensive weapons there won’t cross Russia’s political red line but might earn him some relief from US pressure.

  UN Says Israel’s Evacuation Order ‘Wiped Out’ Efforts To Distribute Aid
  Israel’s latest evacuation order for eastern Khan Younis has “wiped out” the UN’s efforts to improve aid deliveries via the Kerem Shalom border crossing in southern Gaza, the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said on Wednesday.
  “We have been engineering a lot of solutions and trying and testing, improving and failing – at times – and now with this evacuation order, all this has been, again, wiped out,” Andrea De Domenico, head of the OCHA for the Palestinian territories, told reporters, according to Reuters.

  ‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 272: Israelis urge Netanyahu to accept U.S. ceasefire deal as Hamas gives its response
Hezbollah has fired hundreds of rockets on the Galilee after Israel's assassination of one of its senior commanders.

  China calls on US to stop plundering Syria’s resources
  “Syria was a wheat-exporting country, but currently nearly 55% of its population is facing food insecurity, and the US bears responsibility for this and cannot be evaded.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said at a press conference  on Wednesday.
  Ning added,” Facts have shown that Washington is planning to plunder resources under the pretext of combating terrorism. It talks about human rights all the time, but it violates the right to survival and the right to life of the people of other countries. It claims to defend democracy, freedom and prosperity, while in reality it is constantly creating humanitarian crises.”
  The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson called on the US to respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, immediately end its illegal military presence in the country, and stop plundering Syria’s national resources.

  This is a really long weekend in global politics, and money is tight... NATO Members Agree To Give Ukraine $43 Billion in Military Aid for 2025
The pledge will be made at next week's NATO summit, where Ukraine is also expected to be told it's too corrupt to join the alliance

  Pepe Escobar: The SCO Summit in Kazakhstan 
  As much as SCO members state "tectonic shifts are underway" in geopolitics and geoeconomics, as “the use of power methods is increasing, with norms of international law being systematically violated”, they are fully engaged to “increase the SCO’s role in the creation of a new democratic, fair, political and economic international order.”
  Well, there could not be a sharper contrast with the unilaterally-imposed “rules-based international order”.
  The SCO 10 – with new member Belarus – are explicitly in favor of “a fair solution to the Palestinian issue”. They “oppose unilateral sanctions”. They want to create a SCO investment fund (Iran, via acting President Mohammad Mokhber, supports the creation of a SCO common bank, just like the NDB in BRICS).
Additionally, members that “are parties to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty stand for compliance with its provisions” 
(Ahem, Israel?)...
  new Eurasia-wide security architecture is an upgrade of the Russian concept of Greater Eurasia Partnership – involving a series of bilateral and multilateral guarantees and, in Putin’s own words, open to “all Eurasian countries that wish to participate”, including NATO members.
  The SCO should become one of the key drivers of this new security arrangement – in total contrast with the “rules-based order” - alongside the CSTO, the CIS and the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU).
  The road map ahead of course includes socio-economic integration and the development of international transportation corridors – from the INSTC (Russia-Iran-India) to the China-supported “Middle Corridor”.
  But the two crucial points are military and financial: “To gradually phase out the military presence of external powers” in Eurasia; and to establish alternatives to “Western-controlled economic mechanisms, expanding the use of national currencies in settlements, and establishing independent payment systems.”
  Translation: the meticulous process conducted by Russia to deliver a fatal blow to Pax Americana is essentially shared by all SCO members.  President Putin laid down the basic tenets further on down the road when he confirmed the “commitment of all member states to forming a fair world order based on the central role of the UN and commitment of sovereign states to mutually beneficial partnership.”...
..It’s a long way from the original Shanghai Five – Russia, China, plus three Central Asian “stans” - setting up the organization back in 2001, essentially as an anti-terrorism/separatism body. The SCO has evolved into serious geoeconomic cooperation, discussing in detail, for instance, supply chain security issues.
  The SCO now goes way beyond a Heartland-focused economic and security alliance, as it covers 80% of the Eurasian landmass; accounts for more than 40% of the world’s population; boasts a 25% share of global GDP – and rising; and generates global trade value of over $8 trillion in 2022, according to Chinese government numbers. Add to it SCO members hold 20% of global oil reserves and 44% of natural gas.
  So it’s no wonder that a key development this year at the Palace of Independence in Astana was the first meeting of the SCO +, under the theme “Strengthening Multilateral Dialogue”...
..Astana once again revealed how the main drivers of the SCO are advancing fast on everything from energy cooperation to cross-border transportation corridors. Putin and Xi discussed progress in the construction of the massive Power of Siberia 2 gas pipeline as well as Central Asia’s need to have China as a provider of funds and technology to develop their economies.
  China is now Kazakhstan’s largest trading partner (two-way trade at $41 billion, and counting). Crucially, when Xi met Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, he backed Astana’s bid to join BRICS+.
  Tokayev was beaming: “Deepening friendly and strategic cooperation with China is an unswerving strategic priority for Kazakhstan.” And that means more projects under BRI.
  Kazakhstan – which shares a border of more than 1,700 km with Xinjiang - is absolutely central on all these fronts: BRI, SCO, EAEU, soon BRICS and last but not least, the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route.
  That’s the famous Middle Corridor linking China to Europe via Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, Georgia, Turkiye and the Black Sea...
..The strategically important China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway – a BRI project – developed slowly, but now will be on overdrive, by a mutual Putin-Xi decision. Moscow knows that Beijing – fearing the sanctions tsunami – cannot use the Trans-Siberian as the main overland trade route to Europe.
  So the new Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway is the solution, reducing the journey to Europe by 900km. Putin personally told Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov there’s no Russian opposition; on the contrary, Moscow fully supports interconnected projects launched by BRICS and/or financed by the EAEU.
  It’s fascinating to watch the Russia-China dynamic in play at the heart of multilateral organizations such as the SCO. Moscow sees itself as a leader of the coming multipolar order even if it does not consider itself, technically, as a member of the Global South (Lavrov insists on “Global Majority”).
As for Russia’s “pivot to the East”, it actually started in the 2010s, even before Maidan in Kiev, when Moscow started to seriously consolidate relations with, well, the Global South.
  It’s no wonder that now Moscow clearly sees the new evolving multi-nodal reality – SCO and SCO+, BRICS 10 and BRICS+, EAEU, ASEAN, INSTC, new trade settlement platforms, the new Eurasian security architecture – as the beating heart in the complex, long-term strategy of meticulously shattering the domination of Pax Americana.

  Simplicius,  Regime Media Utters the Un-utterable 
  It’s quite shocking what’s happening in American politics right now, but only because processes long buried ‘behind the scenes’ have come to the forefront like never before. The Democrats and establishment in general are panicking amid the crisis to extricate Biden from his roost...
..There are two telling revelations from recent events: the first is how the regime is using the current political crisis merely to preserve its own power, and find ways to save face and shield itself, rather than even remotely acknowledging the utter damage being done to the country and its people by what they’ve wrought. This includes the national security damage of having a clearly cognitively disabled ‘leader’ in power, whom they’ve protected up to now. And then there’s the fact they’ve compromised years worth of American development, letting society wither and degrade at the hands of a clearly demented sockpuppet. The country has been utterly wracked by historic crises, from hyperinflation to crime and drugs, rampant illegal migrant invasion, and more—and this corrupt self-serving and self-saving political class has knowingly enabled a puppet to preside over it all, who was mentally incapable of doing anything about it.
  The second mother of all revelations is the now openly verbalized reality that an oligarchic ‘donor class’ and deepstate actually run the country. Last time we saw Axios make the blatant acknowledgment that Biden’s rule is at the behest of an oligarch class. Now, everywhere you turn are headlines describing the ‘donor class’ as scrambling into secret conclaves to discuss some coordinated strategy on shooing off their formaldehyde-preserved commander-in-chief.
  Over and over we hear the “donors” have decided this, or are going to do that—and it becomes clear that the so-called ‘Democracy’ we’ve been bamboozled with is a figment, and in fact is nothing more than a kind of auction for the elites, where the highest-bid puppets are given privilege to entertain billionaires like Ari Emanuel—the Democrat ‘megadonor’ who’s not only brother to chief Obama-handler Rahm Emanuel, but son to arch terrorist Benjamin Emanuel of the infamous Israeli Irgun terror group.

..The only thing on the regime’s mind is self-preservation of its power, nothing else matters.
  In fact, the best theory proposed thus far for why they pulled the rug from under Biden just now is the establishment was hoping to prolong the charade of Biden’s ‘competence’ to buy themselves time to derail Trump’s campaign via the criminal convictions ploy. They had hoped that piling felonies on him would tarnish Trump’s ratings such that Biden would have nothing to worry about, and the act could continue on unchallenged. But since plan A didn’t work, and they realized Trump may be here to stay, the only thing left was plan B: throw Biden under the bus and swap him for someone that can go blow-for-blow against Trump without soiling his or her pants. 
[But it's Biden/Harris or no $91 million.]

  Not making his own case favorably... ‘Everything I do’ is a cognitive test – Biden
  In the highly anticipated sit-down with George Stephanopoulos, the 81-year-old leader explained the debate fiasco as entirely “my fault, no one else’s fault,” insisting that it was simply a “bad episode” because he was “exhausted” and “sick” with a “bad cold” – and in no way an indication of any serious condition.
  Biden said he has “medical doctors trailing me everywhere I go” and after the debate they told him he was “exhausted,” but nothing more serious. “I have an ongoing assessment of what I’m doing. They don’t hesitate to tell me if something is wrong.”
  When asked directly whether he was ready to take a neurological test to prove to Americans that he is up to the job, Biden dodged the question by claiming, “I have a cognitive test every single day.”
  “Every day I have that test,” Biden reiterated when pressed again. “Not only am I campaigning, but I’m running the world, and that’s not hyperbole.”

  SCOPING THE COMING CRISIS, Surplus Energy Economics
  As you may know, the central contention of the Surplus Energy Economics thesis is the absolute necessity of thinking in terms of two economiesThese are the “real” economy of material products and services, and the parallel “financial” economy of money, transactions and credit.
  In purely intellectual terms, exploring and quantifying this conception would have been interesting at any time. It’s fascinating to watch political and commercial decisions being taken in deference to a set of classical economic precepts which remain resolutely trapped in pre-industrial conditions.
  But, by dint of timing, the ‘two economies’ distinction has taken on enormous practical significance.
  One of the things that it tells us is that the contradiction between ambition and possibility makes another financial crisis, far more serious than that of 2008-09, wholly inescapable.
  Another is that we’re witnessing epic levels of capital misallocation, primarily into supposedly ‘growth-capable’ activities whose only plausible future is contractionary.
​  The salient facts in the situation are (a) that material economic growth has long been decelerating towards contraction, and (b) that decision-makers remain determinedly engaged in wholly futile efforts to reinvigorate the material economy with monetary tools.​..
​..You will have your own views on which areas of economic process interest you most. My own fascination is with the looming financial crisis, and the roles that economic fallacy, and self-defeating objectives, are playing in ensuring that it happens.
​  In short, the dust had barely settled on the global financial crisis of 2008-09 before strenuous efforts were being devoted to the building of a bigger and better crash.​..
​..The authorities’ response to the events of 2008-09 was to flood the system with cheap liquidity, and to carry on doing so, even after the immediate crisis had been contained.​..
​..A similar rebalancing was engineered between the owners of assets and those who depend on earned incomes. Decision-makers seem to have believed that they could, not just temporarily but in perpetuity, get away with “bailing out Wall St. at the expense of Main Street” without anyone in Main St. having much to say about it.
​  Meanwhile, the market capitalist system was undermined, because investors could no longer earn satisfactory income returns on their capital, whilst markets were no longer free to exercise their critical functions, which are price discovery and the pricing of risk.​..
..The inevitability of a financial crisis is just one of the consequences of disconnecting policy from economic realityIf monetary expansionism is the tool of first resort in a contracting economy, the devaluation of the purchasing power of money becomes a given.
​  At the same time, the decline in material prosperity – combined with relentless rises in the costs of energy-intensive necessities like food, water, housing, transport and distribution – must compress the affordability of discretionary (non-essential) products and services.​..
​..We’ll carry on misallocating capital because we’re unable to distinguish between real and illusory growth capability. Hard-pressed households will find it ever harder to support the burdens of their commitments to the financial system.​

​  Charles Hugh Smith presents an alternative pathway, one he endeavors to follow, himself.  Living Well on Less Than $30,000 a Year--One American Family's Story
"It's all because of our low cost of living that I can feel relatively secure."
​  To state the obvious: it's easier to live on less than it is to earn big bucks.
​  Confirming that it is possible to live well on less than $30,000, correspondent M.C. shared how his family lives well on a modest income. Their lifestyle and financial choices are within reach of pretty much any couple / family willing to make the required trade-offs. Yes, it can be done in inflationary America 2024, but it requires redefining "financial security" and "wealth," and trading the insatiable desires of conspicuous consumption and the desire to live in places coveted by the wealthy for much different sources of both inner security and financial security.
​  Here is M.C.'s commentary:
"Yes, it's certainly possible for a couple to live on 30k annually.
​  My wife and I have been doing this the past 4 years on a single $13.65 an hour job (up from $12 a few years ago) in a retail hardware store a few blocks away. (No benefits except an employee deduction on purchases.) We live in a rural area near the center of the USA.
​  We bought the house we are living in for 14k cash in 2011. Further, we can replace it (in our rural community with a population of 3,000 and continuing to decline) without breaking the bank (not much housing demand here).
​  Taxes. We pay nothing to the IRS. For 2024, the standard deduction for a two person household is $29,200.​"

​  A Midwestern Doctor revisits: Dermatology's Horrendous War Against The Sun
Story At a Glance:
​  Sunlight is crucial for health, and avoiding it doubles mortality rates and cancer risk.
•Skin cancers are the most common cancers in the U.S., leading to widespread “advice” to avoid the sun. However, the deadliest skin cancers are linked to a lack of sunlight.
​  •The dermatology field, aided by a top marketing firm, rebranded themselves as skin cancer (and sunlight) fighters, becoming one of the highest-paid medical specialties.
Despite billions spent annually, skin cancer deaths haven't significantly changed. Likewise, the Dermatology profession has buried a variety of effective and affordable skin cancer treatments.
​  Note: this is an abridged version of a longer article on this subject (with a few important details that were not in the original or the recent publication on Dr. Mercola’s website)​

  Sasha Latypova,  ​General Perna and Colonel Hepburn speak about Operation Warp Speed​, Pentagon video release from October 27, 2020
  As you may also recall, the ostensible reason to have the US military involved in the vaccine development was sold to the public as the need to rely on the US military’s alleged unparalleled logistical capabilities, and specifically the distribution of super-frozen vials. Now, in October 2020, Perna states that he selected a commercial distributor, McKesson, to actually do the job! So much for the cover story of amazing military logistics. The military was never needed for a civilian job that a commercial company has done since forever, in a field where the military has no real expertise. Of course, deluded and brainwashed public, journalists, most OWS staff, in other words - everyone, just blindly nodded along. It has never occurred to the Heritage Foundation’s interviewers or any journalists at the Pentagon press events to ask: “if McKesson is capable of doing the distribution task, why do we need the US military operating in our neighborhoods”? There wasn’t anyone to call the king naked and things for what they were - a treasonous military coup overturning the Constitutional Republic under pretenses of faked pandemic. And it never occurred to anyone to look into the reality of McKesson, a pharmaceutical distributor, performing its regular job (normally regulated by state pharmacy distribution laws) while not being subject to any normal consumer safety laws and regulations under the PHE/PREP Act/Defense Production Authority extended to them by the DOD.
​  That was the real reason for having military-lead OWS. The reason was not that the military can do a better job than an established civilian company. Re real reason was that the military occupiers can kill and maim civilians and face no liability for it.​

​  Alex Krainer,  Inject nothing!​  A brief report from a stunning recent lecture on health
​  Over the last three years I have participated in bi-weekly zoom meetings of a group of medical professionals focused on rigorous scientific review of many issues pertaining to public health, including vaccines. Among the lecturers, we had dozens of high-caliber experts like Carrie Madej, Pierre Kory, Sucharit Bhakdi, Wolfgang Wodarg, Peter McCullough, and many, many others. I thought I had heard as much information as I could digest about the subject matter, until…
​  Last month we had a presentation by the British data scientist Craig Paardekooper (the whole 2h presentation is available at link) which may have been among the most important of all these lectures. Paardekooper, who created the website How Bad is My Batch, analyzed data from the US VAERS database which contains extensive records of adverse reactions to vaccines.
​  Among other things, he focused on the reports' "recovery" status. Namely, for people who reported an adverse reaction, they can also report whether they have recovered or not by entering either a YES (I have recovered from the adverse reaction) or a NO (I have not recovered).  Paardekooper counted all these yeses and nos for every year from 1991 to 2022 for all ages between 0.08 and 85 years old.
​  What it shows is that over the last 30 years, fewer and fewer people have recovered from adverse reactions to vaccines. Paardekooper then constructed a boxplot chart showing the recovery rates for all ages for each year from 1991 to 2022, which could be the most important chart in the world:

​  The trend could not be clearer: for over three decades, fewer and fewer people are recovering from vaccine adverse effects... With time vaccines have been getting less and less safe. Why is this? Evidently, vaccine manufacturers are immune at law and risk no liability lawsuits if they distribute flawed products. We also know that producing shoddy products is a lot cheaper than producing quality ones.​

​Peter McCullough MD,  Population Mortality Worsens Over Pandemic Years,  Data from Germany Suggests COVID-19 Vaccination is a Determinant

  Meryl Nass MD,  Bird Flu Has Been Deliberately Built Up As An Extremely Dangerous Threat To Humans 
​  Bird flu has been deliberately built up over 20 years as an extremely dangerous threat to humans. It was once a threat, but only to a few chicken farmers. Currently it is no threat at all, and if we were not seeking it out so vigorously, we would probably not even know about it.
​  US Navy scientists in Egypt tested over 8,ooo birds that had been trapped or shot between 2003 and 2009, and found that almost 10% tested positive for H5N1 bird flu! But they were healthy.
​  US federal agencies are following 9,000 farm workers in the US looking for bird flu cases. So far they have only found 4 in the past 2 years. All had mild illnesses.​

​  Meryl Nass MD,  Germany Creating Capacity to Produce Over One Billion mRNA Vaccine Doses Per Year   [When your only tool is a hammer...]
The globalists are not giving up on this technology and the only way it can work for them is with mandates coupled to fear campaigns.​

​Not Fearful (picturing Tyler with tomatoes)

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