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​  The Great Dessert: The Geopolitical - Financial Endgame​  [Thanks Michael R.]
These 3 parts are well laid out and bullet-pointed, and fairly concise, a valuable overview to share around:
  Part I: Reviews
...Fragility of the Global Financial Structure
Fragility is built into the global financial system which is dominated by one privately held company: The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), which through its subsidiaries controls the markets, including:
  DTC: Central Securities Depository, CSD
NSCC, FICC and Deriv/SERV LLC: Central Clearing Counterparty, CCP

  Part II: The Transition
2014 The Pivotal Year

  By 2014, thirteen years rather than five had already passed and none of Wesley Clark’s seven countries were “taken out.” The Empire’s armies had been defeated in Iraq, Afghanistan was a quagmire, and the Empire’s “Arab Spring” terrorist proxy war was heading for failure too. The G7 real economies had been shrinking since 2007, while the Russia, Iran and China (RIC) economies were growing robustly. The RIC’s global influence was expanding at the expense of the Empire. It was thus clear to the Empire by 2014 that total global dominance was out of reach and that an alternate geopolitical plan was needed...
..More significant to the Protected Class than hundreds of millions of deaths, is the fact that unlike previous global wars, the global financial structure that will emerge subsequent to this war will be developed by the Sovereigntist states with Russia, Iran, and China (RIC) at their core, ending a millennium of global financial domination, and it is this defeat that the Protected Class will avoid at all costs.
  The only feasible strategy for the Empire to preclude its capacity for domination from melting away completely would be to terminate the competition by splitting the world into two regions: the Western Realm over which the Protected Class has ironclad control, where “their rules” rule, and the Sovereigntist Realm, which is completely separated from it.
  It has been shown that the alternate plan is the establishment of “Two Worlds”: a Western realm and a Sovereign world of self-determining countries protected from the deteriorating Empire by the RIC core.[xii] The current global geopolitical turmoil reflects the transition phase towards the “Two Worlds”. The West’s objective in the current transition is to lock-in as many resource-rich countries of the Global South within the Western realm as possible. It is to this end that a hyper-crisis consisting of combined energy, food, economic, and monetary crises has been engineered by the Protected Class.[xiii]
  It is therefore posited that there will not be a global war. The current regional wars, and the hawkish war rhetoric of the Empire are merely intended to cement the ideological basis of the “Two Worlds”, namely RICophobia: Russophobia, Islamo-Iranophobia and Sinophobia.[xiv]

  Part III: The End Game
Realizing that the alternate plan is “Two Worlds”, a Sovereign World and the Western Realm, the end game for each differs.

  End Game for the Sovereigntist World
A blueprint for the Sovereigntist World emerged from the President Xi – President Putin meeting of February 4, 2022.[i] From Why the West Can’t Win:[ii]
  As reflected in the diverse political and economic models of the RIC, the Sovereign World will see a variety of development models coming into existence, reflecting the civilizational diversity of the world. It is this civilizational diversity, where each civilization has its own unique fea­tures, that is the cornerstone of an egalitarian world and a key component of the right to self-determination. Inherent in civilizational diversity is the acceptance of the cultural and religious orientations of the different civilizations, hence an acceptance of the “others” as they are...

..End Game in the Western Realm
The end game will be ushered by implosion of the extremely fragile global financial structure, the consequences of which are presented by David Webb:[iii]
  Comprehensive “collateral management” systems have been implemented which assure the transport of all securities cross-border through the mandated linkage of CSDs[iv] to ICSDs[v] to the CCPs[vi] (where the risk of the derivatives complex is concentrated), and on to the anointed secured creditors which will take the collateral when the CCPs fail, having assured for themselves that their taking of assets cannot be “legally” challenged.
  Once prices of essentially everything crash and all financial firms rapidly become insolvent, these collateral management systems will automatically sweep all collateral to the Central Clearing Counterparties (CCPs) and Central Banks.
  It is about the taking of collateral, all of it, the end game of this globally synchronous debt accumulation super cycle. Included are all financial assets, all money on deposit at banks, all stocks and bonds, and hence, all underlying property of all public corporations, including all inventories, plant and equipment, land, mineral deposits, inventions and intellectual property. Privately owned personal and real property financed with any amount of debt will be similarly taken, as will the assets of privately owned businesses, which have been financed with debt. If even partially successful, this will be the greatest conquest and subjugation in world history.
  Thus, the end game in the Western realm can be thought of as the Great Equalization, or Great Reset as labeled by Klaus Schwab and the WEF. Neoliberalism has resulted in historically unprecedented wealth concentration, with the top 10% of the population owning about 70% of wealth.[vii] The Great Equalization will go further down that path, further consolidating the wealth of the top 10% and concentrating it in the hands of the miniscule group that owns the major hedge funds.
  The Great Equalization can also be labeled the “Great Dessert” as expressed by David Webb:[viii]
  “If you are wealthy, you might assume that, because the system has allowed you to accumulate wealth, you will be protected in some way, that you are special. You are special. They’re saving you for dessert.”

  War has become NATO’s agenda – Orban
In an op-ed published on the same day as his visit to Moscow, the Hungarian PM warned that the military bloc risks committing “suicide”

​  'Kill-Crazy' Foreign Mercs in Ukraine Bragged About Murdering Russian PoWs - Report
​  Foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of the Kiev regime reveled in executing Russian prisoners, the New York Times has reported.
​  The atrocious killings are believed to have been carried out by members of the so-called "Chosen company." One incident in August 2023 was described to the outlet by a witness, the unit’s medic, a German called Caspar Grosse.
​  Grosse explained that a wounded and unarmed Russian soldier seeking medical help from his foreign captors was shot in cold blood. First one mercenary shot the Russian in the torso, and then, as he slumped still breathing, another soldier “just shot him in the head,” Grosse recalled.
​  According to several accounts, video footage and text messages exchanged by members of the unit and reviewed by the outlet, such “unwarranted killings” continued.
In another episode, a Chosen company fighter “threw a grenade at a surrendering Russian soldier who had raised his hands, killing him,” the outlet stated, referencing reviewed drone footage. It was added that the Ukrainian military published a video of this episode, but edited out the surrender moment...
..Ryan O’Leary, the American who claims to be the de facto commander of Chosen company, denied to the outlet that his fighters had committed war crimes. However, after being contacted by The Times, O’Leary reportedly vowed in a group chat to “cast a wide net” to “snare the rabbit” who had been speaking to journalists.
​  Any footage showing the killing of a surrendering soldier should have triggered an investigation in the US, underscored the publication.
As for the so-called "Chosen company," the report described it as a motley band of “deserters, thrill seekers and aging soldiers.”​

​  They all came out alive on the other side. Ukrainian soldiers swim across Dnieper River to surrender to Russia (VIDEO)
​  A group of Ukrainian soldiers have braved the waters of the Dnieper River in a bid to surrender to Russia, RIA Novosti reported on Sunday, citing security sources and sharing a video.
​  Black-and-white footage apparently taken from a drone at night shows the four men swimming to the opposite side of the river. The clip then shows them coming out of the water with their hands behind their heads as Russian soldiers are already waiting for them on shore.
​  According to RIA, the Ukrainians used makeshift rafts made of empty plastic bottles to cross the Dnieper. The sources told the news agency that the four soldiers surrendered in the Kherson Region.​

​  Hungary's Orban unexpectedly visits China, backs Xi's peace plan​  
Orban meets China's Xi after Moscow visit stirs EU anger
​  Calls Beijing visit third leg of 'peace mission'
Hungary does not represent EU, says German vice chancellor

​  Trump likely ‘sincere’ on Ukraine pledge – Putin
​  Donald Trump’s claims that he wants to end the Ukraine conflict deserve Moscow’s attention, Russian President Vladimir Putin told journalists on Thursday.
​  The former US president has accused the incumbent Joe Biden, his presumed Democratic rival in the November election, of having allowed hostilities between Russia and Ukraine to flare up in 2022. Trump has claimed on numerous occasions that this would not have happened if he were in office, and that, if elected again, he could end the fighting in 24 hours.
​  ”The remarks that Trump made in his capacity as a candidate, that he wants to stop the war in Ukraine – we take them quite seriously,” Putin said during a press conference in Astana, Kazakhstan.
​  ”I certainly don’t know what, exactly, his proposal would be and how he plans to achieve that. And that is the key question. But I don’t doubt his sincerity and we welcome” the sentiment, the Russian leader added.​

​  Netanyahu and his bet on Trump
​  It seems that the repercussions of the debate recently held between current US President Joe Biden and his rival, former US President Donald Trump, which caused a crisis for the former, fuelled a campaign led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against the current US administration, and aims, among other things, to hold it responsible for Israel’s failure to achieve absolute victory in its war against the Gaza Strip. In light of this campaign that those close to Netanyahu have continued to ignite over the past few days, we have come across two related features.
​  The first is accusing the Biden administration of being the one preventing Israel from achieving the “desired victory” in the war it has been waging against Gaza since 7 October by placing conditions on Israel and delaying arms shipments to it. Looking at what is written by those closest to Netanyahu, other suspicions arise before our eyes regarding that administration’s positions on Iran.​..
​..The second feature is publicly declaring Netanyahu’s bet on Trump’s return to the White House, after his victory in the upcoming elections. The two will then return to what has been described as the “golden era” of their relationship which prevailed during Trump’s presidency.
​  According to what an analyst wrote in the Israel Hayom newspaper, there are those who have begun to rub their hands with anticipation in Israel and expect Trump to be elected president. They believe that if he becomes president of the US, all the problems of arms shipments and humanitarian problems imposed by the Biden administration on Israel will disappear. On the other hand, it was stated in other analyses, especially by military analyst Ron Ben-Yishai, that it should be remembered that Trump has many reservations about Netanyahu. Likewise, Trump’s position on the war on Gaza was contradictory. At first, he supported it, then he said that Israel must end it. Now, he is back to supporting the continuation of the war and the destruction of Hamas.
​  Hence, the big problem with him is that he does not know which side he will wake up on every morning, and what decision he will make before drinking his coffee.​

  Israel and the enforced disappearance of Palestinian from Gaza
  Israel has used all means to target Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, in addition to internationally prohibited weapons that wiped out people, trees and stones, Israeli forces have randomly arrested thousands of civilians including women and children, doctors, journalists from different areas of the Strip during the ground military operations since the beginning of the war. And the violations did not stop there, as they turned into enforced disappearances, with families left with no information about the fate of their loved ones.
  What is enforced disappearance?
  Enforced disappearance means making a person disappear beyond his or her will, and the International Convention for the Protection of all person from Enforced Disappearance defines it as “the arrest, detention, kidnapping or any form of deprivation of liberty carried out by state officials, or by persons or groups of individuals acting with or without permission support or approval by the state followed by a refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of a person’s liberty or concealment of the fate or whereabouts of the disappeared person this depriving him of the protection of the law.”
  It is a strategic method that dates back centuries and was a feature of dictatorships in Latin America and is used in wars to spread terror in society as a whole, but Israel claims it is arresting fighters or people connected to Hamas to investigate them. This is false. Israel’s first and primary goal is to violate the civil rights of Palestinian civilians and deliberately humiliate them, and undermine their freedom in a manner that violates humanitarian and legal standards.

  Israeli strike on UNRWA school kills 16 Palestinians in Nuseirat camp
The Gaza Government Media Office says the Israeli occupation has bombed more than 17 schools and displacement centers in the Nuseirat camp since the beginning of the genocide.​

​  'Israel' kills Palestinian detainees from Gaza after their release
​  Palestinian captives were murdered and many others were injured on Saturday after being struck with an artillery round in eastern Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, hours after being released by the Israeli occupation, Anadolu Agency reported.
​  Among those released was a survivor who informed Anadolu that the Israeli occupation freed about 15 Palestinians who were detained days ago while securing aid trucks.
​  “We were workers securing aid trucks and were arrested four days ago in the Gaza airport area, east of Rafah, while awaiting their arrival​", the survivor who spoke on condition of anonymity narrated.
​  He explained that when they reached the main road in Rafah, the IOF "fired a shell at us, resulting in the deaths and injuries of approximately seven individuals. The other workers fled the area.”
​  Describing their treatment while imprisoned, he explained how the IOF "subjected us to physical torture and humiliation, throwing us on the ground, walking over our bodies, and even urinating on us."​

​  Report Confirms Israel Ordered ‘Hannibal Directive’ During October 7 Response​  (To murder a person and blame ​it on another is a "vicious black lie" in CIA parlance.)
​  The directive allows Israeli forces to prevent Israelis from being taken hostage, even if that means putting their lives in danger. The directive had historically only applied to soldiers, but it was also used on Israeli civilians during the October 7 response.
​  A “very senior” source in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed to Haaretz that the Hannibal directive was ordered on October 7. The report also cited documents and testimonies from soldiers and officers and found that the order was given multiple times throughout the day.
​  One of the orders came at 11:22 am, hours into the Hamas attack, which said, “Not a single vehicle can return to Gaza.” The report said that at this point in the attack, “the IDF was not aware of the extent of kidnapping along the Gaza border, but it did know that many people were involved. Thus, it was entirely clear what that message meant and what the fate of some of the kidnapped people would be.”

​  Saudi Arabia calls for Western nations to sanction Israel over Gaza war crimes
​  Speaking on a panel at the European Council on Foreign Relations’ (ECFR) meeting in Spain’s capital Madrid this week, Saudi foreign minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, stressed that Israeli forces are violating the “basic principles” of international humanitarian law every day in Gaza and highlighted how Western nations could easily impose measures to prevent such crimes from further taking place.

​  Hundreds of thousands march for Palestine in London
​  The streets of London witnessed a powerful display of solidarity on Saturday as hundreds of thousands gathered to march for Palestine. Organised by the Palestine Coalition, the march called on the government to take immediate action to stop the genocide in Palestine and to cease arming Israel.
​  The demonstration saw a diverse range of speakers who passionately addressed the crowd, urging for justice and peace. Among them was Jeremy Corbyn, the recently re-elected MP, who emphasised the urgent need for political action and support for Palestinian rights.​

Iran: (Cardiothoracic surgeon and Iran-Iraq War veteran) President-elect Pezeshkian vows to 'extend hand of friendship to everyone'​

​  Archbishop Vigano has steadfastly sought the truth:  Vatican excommunicates a former ambassador to the US and declares him guilty of schism
​  The Vatican on Friday excommunicated its former ambassador to Washington after finding him guilty of schism, an inevitable outcome for Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. The conservative had became one of Pope Francis ' most ardent critics and a symbol of the polarized Catholic Church in the United States and beyond.
​  While once enjoying support in the Vatican and U.S. church hierarchies, the Italian archbishop alienated many as he developed a fringe following while delving deeper into conspiracy theories on everything — from the coronavirus pandemic to what he called the “Great Reset” and Russia’s war in Ukraine.
​  The Vatican’s doctrine office announced the penalty after a meeting of its members on Thursday and informed Vigano of its decision on Friday.
​  It cited Vigano’s public “refusal to recognize and submit to the Supreme Pontiff, his rejection of communion with the members of the church subject to him, and of the legitimacy and magisterial authority of the Second Vatican Council.”​  
("No current Pope​" after the February 2013 globalist coup against the "last real pope", Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). The current "pontiff" is the first Jesuit to ever "hold" that position.)

​  Joe Biden's Former Stenographer Speaks Out About Biden's Diminishing Capacity "He Can't Say Afghanistan Anymore." Thinks He Will Choose Hillary As VP And Offer To Bow Out Later​  ("Dat's OK, Joe, I can't say "Chebroray")

​  Team Biden Goes On Monday Offensive, Declares "Firmly Committed To Staying In This Race"
​  "I want you to know that despite all the speculation in the press and elsewhere, I am firmly committed to staying in this race, to running this race to the end, and to beating Donald Trump," Biden 'wrote' in a Monday letter to congressional Democrats, undoubtedly penned by his cabal of unelected officials who can't fathom releasing the ring of power.​

​ I'm waiting here by the fan.  "The Sh*t Is Going To Hit The Fan On Monday": DC In Turmoil As Biden Says Only 'Act Of God' Will Dislodge Him
On one hand, the Bidens now say it will take an 'act of God' (so, the CIA) to remove him from the race.
On the other hand, seven major news organizations have staged a mockingbirdian PR coup against the man for whom they've spent five years running cover.

​  Philly Radio Station Cuts Ties With Host Who Admitted Being Fed Questions By Biden Admin
It appears telling the truth about Democratic Party shenanigans remains verboten in America's media still.
​  Philly radio station WURD announced Sunday they would be cutting ties with host Andrea Lawful-Sanders after she revealed she asked President Biden interview questions sent earlier by his campaign for her approval.​

Revolt Strengthens: In Private Meeting, Senior House Dems Say Biden Must Quit​

  ​Celia Farber:  Walgreens Sends Out Grooming Texts To Customers Inviting Them To Offer Up Their Children To A Moderna Funded Study For A NEW Covid Vaccine: K. Paul Stoller, MD Asks: At What Point Do We Accept... the Overwhelming Evidence Of Covid As Mass Occult Event? Children Are 4,423% MORE Likely To Die If Injected With These Serums

​  Covid-Vaxxed Children 4423% More Likely to Die Than Unvaxxed
The admission was buried in an official report compiled using data from the UK government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS).
​  The data shows that children who received the shots are 4423%/45x more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated children.
Additionally, vaxxed children are 13,633%/137x more likely to die of COVID-19 than those who didn’t receive an mRNA injection.​

​  Doctors Warn of ‘Alarming 3000% Increase in Unexplained Child Deaths’
A group of prominent Canadian medical doctors and scientists has just held a press conference to warn the public about a staggering spike in child deaths.
​  The doctors issued an emergency warning over an “alarming 3000% increase in unexplained child deaths.”
The press conference featured Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. William Makis, Darrell Komick, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, Dr. David Speicher, and Dr. Mark Trozzi.
​  The doctors took questions from reporters about the surge in child deaths which emerged after the Covid mRNA shots rollout started in early 2021.​

“Cardiovascular, Neurological Damages from Transfusions with Blood of Vaccinated People”​, Warning from a Disturbing Research by Japanese University Hospitals​

​  Meryl Nass MD,  Negative COVID vaccine efficacy. When the remedy becomes the poison
These vaccines poison in multiple ways, but here I am confining the evidence to the vaccine-caused increase in susceptibility to the infection it was intended to prevent​

​Meryl Nass MD,  How do you know the FDA is a captured agency? Just have a look at its home page. Why were these topics chosen?  Prepare to laugh.

"That just means the vaccine is working."  Euthanasia Soars Among Covid-Vaccinated​

​  Meryl Nass MD,  Raw Milk 'containing bird flu' has made nobody sick, to the dismay of our federal agencies
Who are spending hundreds of millions (so far) on unnecessary vaccines for the exaggerated bird flu plague.​

​  Bill Gates launches “maggot milk” to replace dairy products
Gates announced a new food-like liquid product called "EntoMilk" that he says can replace milk from animals. EntoMilk, by the way, is made from crushed up maggots.
​  This "dairy alternative" is made from either maggots or "black soldier fly larvae." Once blended and processed, the result is a "rich and creamy liquid which looks and acts just like dairy."
​  "It's got a very creamy mouthfeel," said someone in the promotional video for EntoMilk below.
According to Gates, EntoMilk is necessary because traditional dairy milk comes from farms that he claims are destroying the planet.
​  "The world needs alternatives to survive," the below promo further claims. "Insects are vital for the future of food because they require very little land and they don't damage the environment like livestock. They don't produce greenhouse gases."​

​Resisting Nudges (pictured in garden today, missed by Hurricane Beryl)

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